Addison Name Meaning

A trendy choice from English origins, Addison means “son of Adam.” Despite her masculine roots, she’s made the transition into the female column, slowly gracing more and more birth announcements since first hitting the U.S. top 1000 charts in 1994.

Like her rhyming sister Madison, Addison is a surname name, a trend that has taken the world by storm. She’s also unisex, a trend that isn’t going away anytime soon. By hitting these two marks, Addison is a stylish choice for any little girl. She’s a bold choice in a world of frilly names, standing apart as a strong, posh moniker without the cutesy -ee or -ella endings dotting the charts.

Addison is a natural-born leader, ready to command any room, even if it’s just an audience of dolls and stuffed animals. She unwavering in her strength, equipped with a name that she can wear through adulthood with pride. She’ll never seem too young by her name, easily presiding over a courtroom or treating a patient alike.

Addison comes with the precious nickname of Addie and various alternative spellings like Addyson and Addisyn which may make her a more popular choice than one might think. Similar names include Avery, Emerson, and Peyton.

Infographic of Addison name meaning, which is Originally an English surname, Addison means son of Adam.
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Addison Name Popularity

How popular is the name Addison? Here’s everything we know.

Year Rank # Births % Births
1910 0 0%
1911 0 0%
1912 0 0%
1913 0 0%
1914 0 0%
1915 0 0%
1916 0 0%
1917 0 0%
1918 0 0%
1919 0 0%
1920 0 0%
1921 0 0%
1922 0 0%
1923 0 0%
1924 0 0%
1925 0 0%
1926 0 0%
1927 0 0%
1928 0 0%
1929 0 0%
1930 0 0%
1931 0 0%
1932 0 0%
1933 0 0%
1934 0 0%
1935 0 0%
1936 0 0%
1937 0 0%
1938 0 0%
1939 0 0%
1940 0 0%
1941 0 0%
1942 0 0%
1943 0 0%
1944 0 0%
1945 0 0%
1946 0 0%
1947 0 0%
1948 0 0%
1949 0 0%
1950 0 0%
1951 0 0%
1952 0 0%
1953 0 0%
1954 0 0%
1955 0 0%
1956 0 0%
1957 0 0%
1958 0 0%
1959 0 0%
1960 0 0%
1961 0 0%
1962 0 0%
1963 0 0%
1964 0 0%
1965 0 0%
1966 0 0%
1967 0 0%
1968 0 0%
1969 0 0%
1970 0 0%
1971 0 0%
1972 0 0%
1973 0 0%
1974 0 0%
1975 0 0%
1976 0 0%
1977 0 0%
1978 0 0%
1979 0 0%
1980 0 0%
1981 0 0%
1982 0 0%
1983 0 0%
1984 0 0%
1985 0 0%
1986 3,183 5 0.0003%
1987 3,013 6 0.0004%
1988 2,910 7 0.0004%
1989 2,075 22 0.0014%
1990 2,208 21 0.0013%
1991 1,746 39 0.0024%
1992 1,440 64 0.004%
1993 1,158 102 0.0065%
1994 803 203 0.0132%
1995 655 281 0.0186%
1996 538 396 0.0264%
1997 466 499 0.0337%
1998 400 652 0.0436%
1999 368 772 0.0516%
2000 323 951 0.0623%
2001 271 1,132 0.0751%
2002 219 1,442 0.0962%
2003 189 1,693 0.1113%
2004 161 2,035 0.1335%
2005 107 3,006 0.1966%
2006 28 7,616 0.4864%
2007 11 11,946 0.7571%
2008 12 10,759 0.6961%
2009 12 10,659 0.7131%
2010 11 10,324 0.7164%
2011 13 9,297 0.6525%
2012 14 8,175 0.5737%
2013 19 7,727 0.5427%
2014 24 6,983 0.4793%
2015 24 6,713 0.4614%
2016 29 6,316 0.4381%
2017 34 5,593 0.4007%
2018 35 5,203 0.3787%
2019 47 4,473 0.3304%
2020 47 4,348 0.3416%
2021 45 4,186 0.3424%
2022 54 3,937 0.2984%

Alaska (AK)

Alabama (AL)

Arkansas (AR)

Arizona (AZ)

California (CA)

Colorado (CO)

Connecticut (CT)

District of Columbia (DC)

Delaware (DE)

Florida (FL)

Georgia (GA)

Hawaii (HI)

Iowa (IA)

Idaho (ID)

Illinois (IL)

Indiana (IN)

Kansas (KS)

Kentucky (KY)

Louisiana (LA)

Massachusetts (MA)

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Missouri (MO)

Mississippi (MS)

Montana (MT)

North Carolina (NC)

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Nebraska (NE)

New Hampshire (NH)

New Jersey (NJ)

New Mexico (NM)

Nevada (NV)

New York (NY)

Ohio (OH)

Oklahoma (OK)

Oregon (OR)

Pennsylvania (PA)

Rhode Island (RI)

South Carolina (SC)

South Dakota (SD)

Tennessee (TN)

Texas (TX)

Utah (UT)

Virginia (VA)

Vermont (VT)

Washington (WA)

Wisconsin (WI)

West Virginia (WV)

Wyoming (WY)

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Names Like Addison

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What names are diminutives of Addison?

A diminutive is a name that’s like Addison sounds, you might also like these names that sound like Addison, but shorter.

Name Meaning Origin Popularity Other Gender

Noble one



Noble; son of Adam



Noble; noble; son of Adam; noble kind


What names are variants of Addison?

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Name Meaning Origin Popularity Other Gender

Son of Adam



Son of Adam



Son of Adam



Son of Adam


What names sound like Addison?

If you like how Addison sounds, you might also like these names that sound like Addison.

Name Meaning Origin Popularity Other Gender

Noble one



Noble; noble kind; noble, soft, tender



Noble kind; small winged one



Noble one



Noble one



My coming has opened the way



Woman from Magdala



Son of Maud


What names are similar to Addison?

Find a name that’s like Addison, but just a little bit different.

Name Meaning Origin Popularity Other Gender




Broken land



Harp Player



Helmeted head



Son of Coinneach



Pipe player



Priest clearing



Descendent of Conn



Descendent of Riagan



Rye clearing


Lists With Addison

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Siblings of Addison

Mamas with kids named Addison also have kids with these names.

Name Meaning Origin Popularity Other Gender

Free man



Form of Peyton






Son of Jack



Brave ruler



Son of the steward



  1. I had an interesting pregnancy! About 14 years ago, I was pregnant for the first time. When I found out I was having twins, I was surprised and scared at the same time. I remember my husband walking into the doctors room and I held up the number 2 telling him we were having twins and his reaction was priceless. One day before I gave birth (c-section), the doctors found out something special and VERY rare (They see very rarely). My twins are the rarest type of twin called Monochorionic and Monoamniotic (Mono Mono Twins). This means that the twins shared a placenta and the same sac. 70% of identical twins share the same placenta, but only 1% share the same placenta AND sac. And Mono Mono twins share both. This is a very difficult pregnancy because only 50% of mono mono twins survive because of many complications. One twin could get more nutrients than the other, and the umbilical chord can tangle easily. Thus after I found that out I got quite a little nervous considering the high risk of my babies not surviving. Thankfully God was watching over them and they came out safe. I decided to name our kids Addison Marie and Caroline Sere. After they were born, I did some researching on Mono Mono twins. One mom had to be on bed rest for about 50 days before giving birth. I realized that I am so lucky that they were safe considering we found at they were mono mono a day before their birth. Fast forward to today, less then 0.1% pregnancies in the world and less than 1% of identical twins. We went to twins fest last year and it was so much fun and it was such a cool experience! I love my girls and I am so lucky I still have them today.

    • Wow

  2. I was going to go with Adeline and had started calling baby bump Addie. However my niece really wanted the name for her baby. So we went with a different variation of Addie for her name.

  3. My father picked my daughter’s name

  4. I loved some old school names like Adaline but they didn’t feel quite right for our daughter. Addison is to us a nice update on those type names and reminiscent of Madison

  5. Before i was born my parents were going through the list of names and i was originally going to be Mia , but one day my dad was talking to my mom about the Cubs from Chicago and have they play on 1060 west Addison street and everything. And when my mom heard the name she said ” that’s it that’s her name addison .” So that’s how i got my name . I also have a little sister and she was going to be Wrigley as in the felid they play on .

  6. Hmm, ? Well, I’ve had the name “Addison” picked out since I was pregnant with my 1st. I’ve always LOVED the name because it’s unique & not many people have that name where I’m from. Well, my Dad came up wit the name “Leeanah” & asked me how I liked it. I’m guessing because MY name is Savannah & there’s a BUNCH of “Lee’s” in my family also. My mom, who passed away in 2012 of Melanoma skin cancer, her Father’s middle name is Lee, My Grandfather’s middle name is Lee, & My brother named his son Lee as well. Sooo, I think my Dad just combined my name with Lee & came up wit Leeanah. I came up wit her middle name “Letty” like from the movie “The Fast & The Furious” & because my mother’s name was “Betty” middle name “Louise“.
    So, that’s how I came up with my eldest daughter, Leeanah Letty’s, name!??
    But back to the story of my 3rd daughters name “Addison Sophia” I had the name picked out since I was pregnant with my first daughter but when my dad introduced the name Leeanah to me, I decided to go with that name for her instead & then when I got pregnant with my second daughter I fell in love with the name I had came up with, “Hailynn Brook” I thought it was so you need going to have never heard it before and I just took the E off of Brooke just to change it up a little bit so her name will be more different, more unique. Sooo, when I got pregnant wit my 3rd daughter I finally decided to use the name Addison and middle name Sophia because that was also ANOTHER name I had since my 1st daughter lol & because my sister asked me one day when I was deciding names if I chose one and asked me what did I think about the name Sophia and I told her I had already had that name on my list so I went with that name for her middle name for sure then! ????

  7. When your name is Addison and you were born in 2007 and see the chart for popularity and see that it was highest in 2007 and there are like 5 other people in your grade named Addison:

  8. My husband and I wanted to find a name that could make a nickname easily from the formal name. We like Addison because we have given the nickname of addie or addie cat and it makes our baby smile

  9. I chose Addison because I have always thought it’s pretty and I like a lot of A names. I don’t particularly like that it means son of Adam. It was once considered a boy’s name, now it’s unisex.

  10. As my name is Addison I think they should have another meaning for girls. I found in another baby name book that a girl named Addison meaning is Awesome. But Son Of Adam makes no sense for a girl. But otherwise It is a fun name.

    • Addison, I love your name! Now I am not going to use it for a new baby girl, but I am going to rescue a cat and my sister offered this as a name for her. Right now she is known as “Unknown” as she is a rescue. This just broke my heart. She deserves a home and a loving family. She is beautiful as her name will be!

  11. I spell my daughters name Adyson. Beautiful name for a beautiful daughter

  12. As a boy’s name it means; son of Adam. And her daddy’s name is Adam, so it was a perfect fit for us!

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