DIY Blossoming Belly Butter Recipe for Pregnant & Postpartum Mamas

For this belly butter recipe, I chose neroli, frankincense and lavender essential oils because they are safe during pregnancy and have a calming effect on the skin.

DIY Blossoming Belly Butter for Pregnant and Postpartum Moms via

Today’s post is by Sarah from Real Food Outlaws. She’s a Certified Health Coach, Natural Living Consultant and Herbalist. As the owner of 90210 Organics, an Eco-boutique and Apothecary, she knows a thing or two about super natural products (and postpartum essentials too). So when she agreed to share her belly butter recipe here, I jumped at the chance to feature her. Enjoy!

Enter Sarah

If you’ve had a baby, you know that an itchy belly and stretch marks come with the territory for a lot of us. There are products on the market that claim to remedy these little annoyances, but most of these contain parabens and other not-so-nice ingredients that have no business being anywhere near baby! Research shows that unborn babies are exposed to nearly 300 toxic chemicals in the womb! This is when it’s time to DIY!

Making my own personal care products is something that I enjoy doing because they work and I control what goes in them. I like to use essential oils because I know that they are safe when used properly, and effective as both a natural fragrance and for therapeutic benefits. Some of my favorite products to make myself are clay toothpaste and sugar scrubs. They are simple to make, the ingredients are easy to source online, they work great and smell fabulous!

Essential oils are very concentrated and must be handled properly. Most essential oils are safe for use during pregnancy but there are a few that should not be used. My friend, Nina of Shalom Mama compiled a list of which essential oils should and shouldn’t be used during pregnancy that I always refer to. You can bookmark that information here.

For this belly butter recipe, I chose neroli, frankincense and lavender essential oils because they are safe during pregnancy and have a calming effect on the skin. They are also very effective when blended with the butters and oils in this recipe to help keep and restore the skin’s elasticity and lessen the chance of stretch marks. It’s light and fluffy like whipped cream! You are so going to want to eat it right out of the bowl!

Blossoming Belly Butter Recipe


Belly Butter Recipe Directions

  1. In a double boiler (or in a large glass measuring cup inside a pot of water) on medium-low heat, melt mango, cocoa, and shea butter.
  2. Add coconut oil and melt completely.
  3. While oil is melting, mix arrowroot powder with the avocado oil and stir until dissolved.
  4. Remove melted butters and coconut oil from heat and stir in avocado oil/arrowroot mixture and rosehip seed oil.
  5. Transfer to a mixing bowl and place in the refrigerator until completely cooled (up to a few hours).
  6. Remove from refrigerator and add vitamin E and essential oils.
  7. Using a hand-held or stand mixer, whip the butter on medium-high speed until light and fluffy, like whipped cream.
  8. Transfer to jars with airtight lids and store away from direct sunlight and heat for up to one year.

Makes about 2 cups of body butter.

To Use: Rub a small amount into belly. It can also be used as a full body lotion during and after pregnancy to help restore moisture to the skin.

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Genevieve Howland

About the Author

Genevieve Howland is a childbirth educator and breastfeeding advocate. She is the bestselling author of The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth and creator of the Mama Natural Birth Course. A mother of three, graduate of the University of Colorado, and YouTuber with over 130,000,000 views, she helps mothers and moms-to-be lead healthier and more natural lives.


  1. Hi what can I use instead of mango butter?

  2. Does this help with previous stretchmarks? Also, any recommendations for substituting coconut oil? We have coconut allergy.

  3. Hi, thank you so much for the great recipe. I can’t wait to try it! The links for the oils don’t work anymore by the way.

  4. I made the belly butter recipe from the Mama Natural book, and really liked that a lot. I have very dry sensitive skin and never had a problem with that recipe.

    This new recipe looks similar with a few different / additional ingredients. I want to try this recipe- my baby has really dry skin and nothing seems to work to make it better so far. Since belly butter worked so well for me maybe it will be good for keeping baby moisturized too? Would this be ok to use on a baby?

  5. Any recommendations of tweaking this recipe for a body lotion solid stick? And what’s the shelf life of this when it’s completed? Thanks!!!

    • I believe you could just add beeswax to the double boiler while melting down the butters and before the coconut oil. Also, I wouldn’t whip it after cooling ?

      PS I used the melted butters and coconut oil (and no beeswax) to make a natural deodorant. Add 2 TB arrowroot and 2 TB aluminum free baking sodas to a small mason jar and fill with the hot oil, essential oils, and stir. This is the best stuff I’ve ever used!

  6. Hello! I thought I would post my question here. I can’t seem to find any or many straight answers on mango butter having vitamin A and using it during pregnancy and whether that’s okay or not. My raw mango butter, I think it’s raw, says it has vitamin A, I’ve read that mango butter is rich in vitamin A and has other vitamins, I’m assuming naturally occuring. With the concern of Vitamin A in pregnancy, is mano butter safe to topically use during all points of pregnancy?

    • I don’t see why it would be an issue. If you have concerns. reach out to your provider.

  7. I gave birth at 48 years old, so far from young skin, i used this recipe though out the pregnancy and after and i did not have one stretch mark, thank you so much

  8. This looks like a great recipe and trying it soon! It would be helpful to have the amounts in oz or grams as well. It’s so difficult to measure these ingredients and a kitchen scale makes it so much easier. Glad I saved my conversion website!

  9. Hi, I.know I’m late but can I add the helichrysum EO to this recipe? I’ve read that neroli and helichrysum go great together for stretch mark treatment and prevention. If so, how much helichrysum oil would you suggest me adding?

  10. I’ve made a few different body butters, and this recipe is my favorite! It’s like silk! I skipped the essential oils, and replaced avocado oil with grapeseed because that’s what I had on hand. It solidified in the fridge and then whipped beautifully.

  11. The link to the mango butter is empty. What mango butter is it that you use?

    • Updated link. Thank you!

  12. If I can’t find mango butter what can I use instead?

    • I didn’t have mango butter either so I used cupuacu butter instead and it whipped up beautifully. From what I read, cupuacu butter is safe during pregnancy and helps with stretch marks too!

  13. Can someone please tell me why the ingredients include arrowroot or cornstarch? Why are they needed in the recipe? Will that ingredient negatively affect me if I am gluten intolerant? Thanks for your help.

    • Cornstarch and arrow root are both gluten free, so you should be okay to use them. They are most likely in the recipe as an element to bind and solidify all the ingredients.

  14. What bitter almond oil do you use? Plz share a link.
    Thank you

    • Use sweet almond. I was told by my nurse practitioner never use bitter almond pregnant or not

  15. Hi, this is a great recipe! Can I use beeswax or another wax instead of arrowroot powder and cornstarch? Thanks!

  16. I am trying to whip it but the consistency is still very liquid. How long does it take to change texture?

  17. Oh my God, who has time for that!? Just reading the ingredients list made me skip the post and go to bio oil on Amazon. Boo me! I know. Also, I’d rather spend that kind of money on food I’m putting in my body, not on it.

    • Funny. You should try it – it’s not as hard as it looks or sounds. It’s fun to make, and it works so well!

  18. Im using this on my postpartum belly. Is it safe for baby too?

  19. When my wife was expecting our first child, she was very nervous about stretch marks. We started late having children (Im 34) and she was afraid that her body body would not bounce back. She started using the Lady Soma Stretch Mark Treatment in in her first month of pregnancy. I would look for stretch marks on a daily basis and did not see any! I couldn’t believe it. She continued to use it through her entire pregnancy and even after the first month of delivery. It wasn’t until she had lost the baby weight that I was 100% convinced that she was stretch mark free! I was overjoyed.

    I firmly stand by it and I think if you use if everyday, you will have great results.

    • Hi i have followed this recipe to the letter but I cannot get it to whip. Can u suggest something. I let it cool in the fridge for 3 hrs. Should I put it back?

      • This has to be almost totally solid before you start to whip it up.

  20. Are the measurements correct? (1/4 Cup of Rose Hip Seed Oil) That’s A LOT, and expensive!

    • It does end up being a bit pricey… but it’s so worth it. My daughter loves it so much… she ran out, tried to used other creams and they just didn’t keep her skin from drying out…

  21. What is the role of the cornstarch or arrowroot powder?

    • The purpose of the arrowroot powder or cornstarch is to make the butter less greasy. The arrowroot powder has a sillier consistency, the cornstarch is more gritty and can leave behind residue.

    • The arrowroot powder keeps it from being too oily. Gives it a creamery texture.

  22. Is it possible to over whip it? It looked beautiful! Then it started melting too fast. Maybe I could add something else for better consistency? More cocoa butter or even beeswax? Thoughts?

  23. For oil lovers check out doTerra oils. I used these to make butters, hand sanitizer, baby sunscreen, battle nausea, teething remedies, and hemorrhoids too. This belly butter recipe looks great and I will have to make just to have!

  24. This looks like a good recipe! I love making my own natural products. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Perfect timing Sarah!!! I was just about to make some of this for myself using many of the same herbs and oils… only now, I won’t have to formulate the recipe for myself since you’ve already done it for me! Thanks so much… sharing!

    • Thanks, Meagan!! It really is a fabulous belly butter!

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