The Truth About Pregnancy Weight Gain

Pregnancy weight gain is a controversial subject. What’s too much? What’s too little? Find out what’s right for YOU.

Pregnancy weight gain can be a controversial subject. What's too much and what's too little? Find out what the right amount of weight gain is for you.

In today’s society, women’s bodies are judged and scrutinized. It isn’t healthy, it isn’t fair, and it isn’t likely to stop anytime soon. This obsession with a “perfect” body can make the topic of pregnancy weight gain a touchy subject for some mamas.

But here’s the truth: Most women need some extra weight to be healthy during pregnancy.

Your Body Is Amazing

During pregnancy you are nurturing a new life! What better reason to stop worrying about body image and just follow your body’s lead and trust that you are gaining the right amount of weight. Trust your body!

A one-size-fits-all approach to pregnancy weight definitely doesn’t work. However, there are some general guidelines.

Recommended Pregnancy Weight Gain

Many women have heard that the magic number for weight gain during pregnancy is 25-35 pounds. This is based on the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommendation for a “normal” weight woman, but there are many variables at play that may make it healthier for you to fall outside of that range. (I gained 40 pounds during both of my pregnancies.)

Consider your pre-pregnancy weight

  • If you are within a normal weight range before becoming pregnant, 25-35 pounds may work for you.
  • If you are underweight, you may need to gain more.
  • If you are overweight, you may need to gain less.

Note: Many women lose weight in the first trimester due to nausea and are just fine through the rest of the pregnancy. That said, losing weight during pregnancy is not usually a good sign. If you experience weight loss, consult your midwife or doctor.

Focus on your diet

Also, many women begin eating more healthfully and exercising more when they become pregnant. Their bodies are going to change for the better, whether that means gaining more weight (in the form of muscle) or gaining less.

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When Should You Gain Pregnancy Weight?

Conventional wisdom says that you should gain 1-5 pounds in the first trimester and 1 pound per week for the rest of the pregnancy. However, few women follow this pattern exactly, so don’t stress out about it.

  • Some women gain little or no weight (or even lose weight) in the first trimester.
  • Some women gain as much as 10 pounds in the first trimester.

Women who gain weight rapidly during the first trimester often slow down in weight gain as pregnancy progresses. So if this is your experience, know that it doesn’t guarantee you will follow this pattern throughout your pregnancy.

How Is Pregnancy Weight Distributed?

Is all of that pregnancy weight gain fat? No! In fact most of it isn’t. Here’s the breakdown.

Pregnancy weight gain distribution chart by Mama Natural

Stored fat for breastfeeding: Your body prepares for breastfeeding by storing some fat during pregnancy. It makes sense biologically, since postpartum moms are not as able to go out foraging—they have to be able to survive and feed baby on stored fat. This will add about 5-10 pounds.

Blood supply: During pregnancy your blood supply will increase by 50 percent! That can pack on another 4 pounds of weight (this can also contribute to swollen feet).

Larger uterus: Of course your uterus is growing—it will increase by 2 or more pounds in weight.

Baby: Your baby will weigh around 7-8 pounds at birth.

Placenta: You are growing a whole new organ during your pregnancythe placenta! It will weigh 1.5 or more pounds.

Amniotic fluid: The amniotic fluid that your baby is living in weighs about 2 pounds.

Breast tissue: Your breasts will grow to prepare for milk production, contributing about 2-3 pounds of weight.

“How Do I Stick to a Healthy Pregnancy Weight Gain?”

Here’s the thing: You really don’t have to worry—as long as you are eating enough high quality foods everyday and exercising moderately. Your body knows what it needs, and will tell you. Follow your body!

Looking for info on diet? Here’s a deep dive on your perfect pregnancy diet, but you’ll find a few guidelines to get you started below.

Eat real food

Stick with nutrient-dense foods from healthy sources like pastured meat and poultry, eggs, wild-caught fish, raw pastured dairy, and organic fruits and vegetables. Real food nourishes your body and gives you and baby the nutrients you need, so that your body doesn’t continue to tell you it’s hungry and cause you to overeat nutrient-empty foods.

This doesn’t mean you can’t have treats, though. Stick with natural sugars, like raw honey and maple syrup, which provide your body with trace minerals and help regulate blood sugar.

Get enough fat

Your baby’s brain needs lots of fat to grow optimally. Stick with healthy fats from sources like organic butter, avocados, coconut oil, and raw nuts and seeds.

Take a prenatal

Though it’s best to get your nutrition from real food sources, sometimes it’s not possible to get everything from food. This is where a high-quality, food-based prenatal vitamins come in. Find out which prenatal is best for you here.

Do Not Diet During Pregnancy!

This goes without saying, but dieting during pregnancy is downright dangerous for you and baby (but mostly you, since baby will pull from your reserves). Pregnancy is not a time to focus on weight loss; it’s a time to focus on eating healthy, life-giving foods.

How Long Does It Take to Lose Pregnancy Weight?

  • Some women lose their pregnancy weight and more before baby hits 6 months old.
  • For others, it takes about a year to get back to pre-pregnancy weight.

The body, in its wisdom, doesn’t drop all of the weight at once. It took 9 months to gain the weight, so give yourself time. Crash dieting postpartum be very taxing on the system—it can lead to health issues, low milk supply, and even gallbladder disease.

Does breastfeeding help you lose pregnancy weight?

Breastfeeding, with all of it’s amazing benefits, can be your friend when it comes to losing pregnancy weight. But even then, don’t expect to lose the weight overnight. It’s also important to note that some women find they hold onto about 5-10 pounds while breastfeeding, due to larger breasts and/or your body keeping reserves for milk production.

The Bottom Line on Pregnancy Weight Gain

Trust that, if you are eating healthy foods, your body will gain the perfect amount of weight for you and baby. I loved eating during pregnancy and postpartum, since I knew I was nourishing my child at the most basic level. With care, your body will return to its best weight in due time.

How About You?

Were you concerned about pregnancy weight gain? Did your pregnancy weight gain follow the “normal” pattern of 1-5 pounds in the first trimester and a pound per week for the rest of pregnancy? Share with us in the comments below!

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  1. I see a lot of women here who gained the “suggested” or even more. What advice might you have for first timers who aren’t gaining? It’s incredibly distressing. I’m 29 weeks + 4 days and lost two lbs this week, when I already had only gained like 1-2 pounds overall. My midwife recently said to keep protein between 80-100 g (I was doing 120-130 daily for most of pregnancy) when I asked due to concerns about excessive protein harming the baby, and told me to increase my complex carbs. Been doing that for over a week and lost weight, and I feel like I’m losing my mind. Literally can’t get more than 2000 calories while staying in protein budget (I probably ate about 1700 a day pre pregnancy). My family also has gallbladder issues so I want to be mindful of that too.

    Broke down in the shower this morning and husband agreed we might want to find a dietitian…but our insurance doesn’t seem to cover any. The ones online are all wanting like $150+ a month. Any suggestions where to look?

    • I’m a dietitian, although not specialised in pregnancy, and from the context of the nordic countries so I follow the nordic nutrition guidelines (NNR).
      It might sound like very simple advice, but I would generally advice you to try adding good sources of fat like olive oil to meals that are already part of your usual diet. If you eat salads, add olive oil, pasta? add olive oil. Making a sauce or frying vegetables? Add extra olive oil, as much as you can tolerate taste-wise. It adds upp to a few hundred extra calories per day.

  2. Thank you so much for this post! It’s one of the only things I’ve found online that makes me feel okay about how my body does pregnancy. I’m 40, on my third (and last!) pregnancy. At 12 weeks I’ve gained 12 pounds. I started out at 132 lbs, which is healthy for my 5’7” height. I gained 10 lbs in the first trimester with my first two pregnancies, but wasn’t nearly as tired as with this one. I have to eat every two hours to avoid insane nausea, and I at a snack overnight just to sleep through the night. Overall, I gained 40 lbs with my other pregnancies, and was back to my usual weight in a year without much effort. My babies were both 9.5 lbs, big babies run in my and my husband’s families.

    Trying to accept my first trimester pregnancy gain even though I hate it. I wish the media and modern medicine helped pregnant women feel less shame and celebrate listening to our bodies, especially those of us who gain a lot right away!

    • I’m 34wks currently with my first and I feel relieved to read your comment because I relate. I can’t go more than 2hrs without eating unless I want to be puking the rest of the day, and I also continue to snack throughout the night. My husband is much bigger than I am, everyone thinks I’m going to push out a 10lb baby because I’m a relatively small person (I’ve been told that I’m all belly) before getting pregnant I was 100lbs, now I’m 153.9lbs. We don’t eat junk, we eat nutritious foods I’m just relieved that someone’s situation is similar to mine

      • Such a relief to hear other stories! I am 23 weeks and have gained 38 pounds so far I’m 5’2 and started at around 115-117 pre pregnancy. Everyone keeps saying that too that I’m gonna have a huge baby lol but honestly I didn’t exercise first trimester because of feeling so tired, nauseous, and would cramp when trying to workout. But energy levels are back up and nausea has subsided so I’m moving more now. But the normal of what I “should” gain really plays a mind trick and comparing to women who barely gained anything has been hard

  3. With this second pregnancy, I only gained about 4-5 pounds in the first trimester. However, I bloated so badly that I had to buy maternity clothes super early because none of my bottoms fit me. I’m now 16+2 and have gained another 5 pounds.

    With my 1st I gained about 30/35 pounds total. So I’m curious what this one will continue to look like.

  4. Definitely, everyone gains differently! Some of the weight is causal, and some is out of our hands.
    With my first I gained 15 lbs total. My daughter was born at 6 lbs 11 oz and completely healthy. One lovely midwife at an appointment asked me “Are you EATING??” as if I was intentionally limiting my food. I honestly just lost my taste for sugar, ate when I was hungry, and left it at that.
    And the amount of hostility I got for that was bewildering to me.
    My next pregnancy I gained about 20 lbs, maybe a little less. My son was born at 7 lbs 8 oz, again perfectly healthy. People at least seemed a little happier with 20.
    On my third pregnancy, not really keeping track of my weight. It’s like when I’m pregnant, I go into a different mental place and that stuff doesn’t really hold my interest. But I expect I will again gain on the low end (though I could be surprised lol). I’m not interested in sugar, and the breads that were keeping me sustained during the first 14 weeks now completely put me off.
    Please be kind to pregnant women who aren’t high gainers! It seems like it’s more accepted socially to interrogate a woman for being skinny. It’s not helping, and it doesn’t change anything. But many of us are just as sensitive as any other woman in any other body. <3

    • YES! I was told with my 1st that I wasn’t “Doing pregnancy right” because I wasn’t gaining tons of weight. People are crazy

  5. I gained 35 lbs in my first trimester…(12 weeks) I still exercised, I walk at work everyday, and I eat generally the same. I indulge here and there but I don’t even eat fast food. My Ob claims it’s normal but I am constantly swollen and in pain in my legs and it’s like nothing I do has helped. I thought this was such a ridiculous amount of weight gain so quickly..i haven’t met anyone like me

    • I’m a fast gainer too and it’s mKing my anxiety horrible. I go on two hour brisk walks/7 days a week (8-9) miles a day. And STILL I am at 23lb at 20 weeks. It’s making me so depressed.

      • If it helps I put on a total of 84lbs during last pregnancy and had a healthy baby weighing 8lbs 12. I lost 70lbs of my weight gain in about 9 months. We are all different. As long as you’re happy and healthy try not to worry.. although easier said than done.

  6. Well, I definitely don’t fit in any of these “recommendations”.
    Ethnicity: African
    Personality: Cerebral and Type-A
    Diet: vegetarian/semi-vegan (i.e no eggs/cow milk other than cakes/cheeses)
    Routine activities: Daily yoga and odd weekly walks.
    Height: 5ft3″/160cms
    Routine weight: 80kgs
    Pre-conception weight: 81-84 kgs (i.e 2 cycles of IVF).
    First trimester weight: 83->80 kgs
    Second trimester weight: 80-> 83 kgs
    Third trimester weight: 83->85kgs (i.e stagnant since week 30 and I am currently at week 33).

    Apparently, baby is growing fast, amniotic fluid supply is sufficient, breasts are well enlarged, but my metabolism doesn’t slow down enough for me to put on weight elsewhere. I barely have any BH contractions/round ligament pains/back aches/heartburn episode. Truth speaking, if I didn’t have a very active baby and the odd pelvic aches when sleeping, I would totally forget that I am pregnant. >_<

  7. I ate healthy and still gained almost double the recommended weight. Weirded out the midwife because I was healthy in every other way. Even good medical professionals sometimes forget to account for generics. My grandmother and mother gained more weight than usual with all of their pregnancies too. Its genetic and likely just excessive water retention becuase all of the weight I gained was gone by six weeks even though I was eating more becuase of breastfeeding. That weirded out my midwife too lol

  8. I was 140-145lb (5” 7’) normal range at the beginning of pregnancy and gained 40-45 lbs (184 at last weigh in at my doc). It definitely came on but by bit and feels odd — while I feel heavier I’ve never lost energy through the 2nd and 3rd trimester and even kept jogging, doing yoga, long walks, etc and am continuing yoga and walks at 37 weeks now. I hope I can lose at least 30 lbs over the course of the next year but am trying to accept my bigger body! At the beginning I loved the newer curves! Now it’s a little harder feeling so incredibly round but it’s temporary!

  9. I gained 65lbs with my son and he’s now 14 months and I’ve lost 78lbs! I’ve been overweight or obese my entire adult. Now we are looking at trying for another soon so I’m going to keep trying to get in better shape until that day comes and hopefully I can not gain 65lbs again because is it ever hard to lose. Covid really hasn’t helped anyone this past year and a half. I gained most of my weight during major renovations that got pushed back because of covid and we finished 2 weeks before my son was born. He was late thank goodness.

    • I’ve been the same my entire adult life and before pregnancy I lost 176 lbs. I’ve now gained around 30 lbs in the first trimester and I’m just at the beginning of the second. What did you do to help you lose the weight exactly?

  10. Raw dairy during pregnancy? …bro that’s terrible advice.

    • 34 years old here 1st pregnancy. I had a similar experience in the early weeks of pregnancy. My bloat was unreal and I think I was up about 5-6 lbs at 6 weeks. I looked six months pregnant! It was all digestive issues and just my body adjusting to this new experience…doing it’s thing. I started craving sugar and all things dairy and ate whatever I wanted. I’ve since adjusted my diet a bit aka eating healthier, cut back on sugar and feel much better. No gestational diabetes either. Right now I am 26 weeks and up 18 lbs. Totally normal and healthy. Weight fluctuations do NOT follow this nice and tidy scale which most Doctor’s follow. Every body is different and your body knows what to do! Focus on a healthy diet and movement. Weather that means walking, yoga or pregnancy safe strength training, whatever your thing is, even vacuuming and cleaning the house! Daily prenatal and lots of water are also key. Before you know it you will be bearing your third trimester and getting read to meet your little one 🙂 You got this! Praying for the best for all us momma’s to be!

    • Why is this bad advice? Raw dairy has all of the naturally occurring enzymes that make it easier to digest and maintains all true nutritional value unlike conventional products. If you’re worried about pathogens, let me remind you that the fda allows 750 million pus cells in every liter of pasteurized milk.

  11. Oh goodness I’m freaking out cause I barely found out I’m pregnant (6weeks) and already gained 4pounds when I stepped on the scale this morning. I work out 4 days a week and have not changed my diet at all, but my face and hands feel swolen. My boobs are definitely bigger and sore and my stomach looks bloated. I think it’s just bloat or water retention but it’s really freaking me out. I have a history of eating disorders and I’m so scared of getting crazy fat.

    • I am currently 19 weeks. I am about 5’9” and started out around 138 lbs. I used to be a dancer and have a fairly strong core and stay a bit lean naturally, even with extra weight. However…. However lol…. I immediately gained 4-5 lbs also. I had a miscarriage prior to this pregnancy, and the exact same weight gain occurred, so I think that’s just how I get pregnant. Don’t fret. I eventually stopped with weight training and jogging at the gym and now just hike and walk, and sometimes stretch. By the end of trimester one, and a month of raging appetite, I gained almost ten pounds. Now at 19 weeks, it’s not only stabilized, but I’ve seemed to have lost a couple pounds just from my appetite stabilizing and my energy levels increasing.

    • I too have a history of obsession over my weight and controlling it/limiting food. This pregnancy I’m gaining faster than I ever did for my other 3 and it’s killing my anxiety.

  12. I am 33 weeks in my first pregnancy, and I have already gained 45 pounds! I eat fairly healthy, though I do indulge in less healthy foods now and then, but I am trying to be more careful about that now. During my second trimester I had no idea I was gaining way too fast, and I was not eating as healthy as I needed to. If I gain a total of 45 pounds throughout my pregnancy, I will not be concerned about that. But with still a few weeks to go I am afraid that I will gain far too much. Trying not to worry and just be as careful as I can.

  13. I got to my goal weight of 144/145 just when I got pregnant. I am now 2 day shy of 18 weeks and I have gained almost 10 lbs! I have been experiencing nausea pretty much this whole time with very strong food aversions so my diet has done a complete 180. I am still trying to stay active 4-6 days a week but I am pretty shocked I am at 10 lbs already. According to a pregnancy calculator I am over my ideal weight gain pattern. Feeling pretty stressed out :/

    • Hey Ashley,
      I started out at my lean weight of 138, and I’ve gained about ten pounds at week 19 also. I look and feel great, however, and I know that I’m eating good foods and getting in lots of steps, so f*** the calculators. I come from a background of disordered eating, so I was constantly checking the calculators for a while, too. Every body is different, and I’ve gained weight regardless of healthy eating habits. If you know your bases are all covered, then forget the one-sized-fits-all advice from the internet. One source told me I don’t need more than 2,000 calories a day in trimester 3 LOL Even though I regularly ate way more before pregnancy. I’m sure that you’re glowing and healthy.

  14. It’s amazing. I am a midwife who has delivered >300 babies and taken care of tons of pregnant women of all shapes and sizes and this is my first pregnancy. I gained 10 pounds in the first trimester with 5 days a week of intense exercise and no nausea and vomiting. I had a huge appetite right before I even missed my period.
    I rarely saw my clients gain this much so I was shocked! But because I wasn’t “sick” I figured it was ok.
    Now I’m 18 weeks and gained 20 pounds(though since the 12 weeks insane bloating stopped I hardly feel bigger!) and eating less than before.

    I am just expecting to gain 40-45 pounds at this point- it seems most people around my size don’t get away with 25-35 pounds despite our silly recommendations!!!!!

    All this to say, I am trying hard not to focus on it while still trying to keep my “indulgence validation” tendency on track so that I am not feeling yucky or regretful during the postpartum for extra pounds I could have avoided from ice cream and pizza! Especially as I’ll be having baby in October and the winter won’t be easy to stay as active. ??

  15. I was doing keto or at least super low carb then I got unexpectedly pregnant at almost 38 so the only thing that I could eat was simple carbs so I gained 5-10 pounds in the first month but you must keep in mind how much is water weight. I’ve list two pounds now at 11 weeks. I’m eating a lot more fruits and veggies and yes bread. Just saying it fluxuates so keep it in mind

  16. I’m so glad I read this article! I have been overweight or obese since grade school. I finally got my nutrition in track and was able to lose 50 lbs in 6 months in a healthy way. I was FINALLY at a normal BMI and felt confident in my own skin. About 6 months later after my weight loss I got pregnant with my first. Pre-pregnancy weight was 130 lbs at 5ft4in and now I am just a few days away from 13 weeks pregnant and I’ve already gained 5-6lbs. I have had so much anxiety about this. Like many have mentioned, I have dealt with food aversion to veggies and have been very fatigued. I love being outside and walking or jogging but it’s now below zero here in MN so I haven’t been doing any exercise and it seems like the only thing that sounds good are bagels and cream cheese LOL! I do eat healthy snacks too, but pretty much have not eaten any vegetables and eating a lot of carbs–the exact opposite of what I was doing pre-pregnancy!! I have my appointment in a couple days and I’m nervous my OB will be concerned about my weight gain too!

    • I’m 34 weeks pregnant and I’ve referred to this baby as “the carb baby”. In my first trimester I thought about lasagna daily. Rice, bread and pasta oh my…. prior to pregnancy I ate lots of veggies, proteins and healthy fats. Ugh… it was frustrating but I trusted that my body knew what it needed. First trimester I walked 5k a day and I gained 5lbs.

      In my second trimester I was constantly hungry and all I wanted was soup and sandwiches. Mmm creamy tomato soup and grill cheese yum! I made sure in my second trimester that my bread was whole grain and I couldn’t get enough pie which is not my sweet of choice usually. I gained 20lbs in my second trimester and my exercise pretty much stopped other than moving around at work (on my feet all day). My legs, feet and back were so sore, I thought my body was going to fall apart and I was still early in my pregnancy I felt to be feeling like this. If I walked I was only able to do 1k and I went when the weather was nice but I’d get quite light headed and dizzy so I wouldn’t go by myself. I’d try to work out at home up and down the stairs and do legs and arm workouts the best I could (10mins) but I was so exhausted many days. Not sure if it helped but it was good to be moving when I could.

      In the third trimester at one point I stopped gaining weight and one weigh in lost 6 lbs. that was shocking and my Doctor said I lost some water retention. At the next weigh in 2 weeks later those 6 lbs we back on. I’ve definitely gained less weight in my third trimester however I’m no longer constantly hungry and I have much more energy now so I’ve been able to workout moderately daily. Right now I’ve gained a total this pregnancy 40lbs. I’m eating healthy with the occasional bowl of ice cream or handful of kettle potato chips ( except when the chips gave me heartburn). I do my walking at the mall and walk around for 1/2h a few times a week (it’s not cold in the mall) and I do a daily workout 10-20minutes daily.

      I don’t feel like myself when I look in the mirror but hey I’m pregnant. I’m healthy and my baby is healthy. Forgot to mention I drink 80 0z of water each day. Once in awhile I’ll have a cup of coffee or if we were going through Starbucks I’d get an iced green tea no sweetener.

    • Claire, I feel your anxiety – I’m 13 weeks and have put 5lb on in the first trimester, well into my fitness, 5ft5in and was 57kg. It was a shock on Wednesday when I stepped on the scales! I’ve been trying my best to work out as much as I can, but the cereal and salt and vinegar crisp cravings got for the better of me – I can stomach veggies but not fruit and prefer all the things you’re told to stay away from when pregnant. I feel like I just can’t win, NHS websites say here’s a list of foods we suggest you eat for good brain development etc etc, this is the weight you should gain during the 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimesters….. and then on the other hand healthy advice elsewhere…eat what your body’s telling you too, there’s a reason your body’s asking for that! Well this in itself has caused me anxiety, advice isn’t at all consistent, not helped by the fact I’m not seeing a midwife until 16 weeks. I’m sure the extra pound will be weight on my breasts to be honest, but it’s very disconcerting and it’s all I’ve been thinking about this week. I hope your appointment went well and they’ve put your mind at rest x

      • I put on almost a stone in the 1st trimester… also ran a half marathon in the first trimester 😆 I knew I was pregnant because of my appetite, I could eat so much more!

        Before this I had lost 3 stone over the course of a year because of training/eating less and became so athletic.

        Before pregnancy I fluctuated 8st10 – 8st12 depending on what I had eaten. Now I’m 31 weeks and I’ve gained 3 stone basically… still train just don’t run as much, work full time on my feet and people are always shocked by how far along I am and always compliment my “neat bump”. The midwife always says everything is perfect.. bump growth, blood, heart rate… So fuck the “recommended” weight gain during pregnancy. Can really effect your pregnancy experience. I felt depressed with the weight gain because it was more than usual but I’ve read that athletes tend to put on a lot of weight during pregnancy. Everyone’s body can work differently depending on genetics ect.. as long as you are trying your best to be a healthy pregnant mama then I wouldn’t worry.

        I say this, but next week I’ll be crying about being fat 🤷‍♀️😆 Pregnancy is beautiful but challenging

  17. I finally got my doctor to admit that it’s unrealistic to think we’re going to be able to stick to medical weight gain goals while being pregnant during a pandemic. Many of us are experiencing daily burn out and trauma, not to mention those who are lost loved ones and/or employment, housing, healthcare, etc. I’ve really had to stick up for myself while being pregnant because I have gained a lot of weight, some of it I’m convinced I would have gained regardless of being pregnant because I feel like this past year many of our bodies have been in fight or flight mode which causes us to hold on to excess weight, not to mention I’m working from home now and the gyms and yoga studio are closed. Being away from a normal routine is def not easy on top of everything else going on in our country and globally, especially for empathetic people who can feel the suffering of others intimately.

    We have to stand up for ourselves and also reassure ourselves and each other that our bodies are going to change and sometimes it doesn’t fit into what doctors learned about in medical school. I feel for anyone who has been shamed by a practicioner about their weight, especially while pregnant. It just makes everything harder and makes it easier to doubt your abilities even more. We got this! We can do it. We can have autonomy over our bodies and minds but it’s not easy and it takes a lot of community support to keep reminding yourself that you’re doing the best you can

    • Tawna I really appreciate reading your post about this. I am currently 16 weeks pregnant and at the last check up it was said that I had gained 13 pounds I think, maybe more, I tried not to hear the numbers. The doctor said I was putting on too much weight too fast, which definitely triggered a part of me that has an eating issue. He said I need to slow down and weigh myself twice a week. This was hard because I had been purposefully reintroduced meat and dairy to help with getting enough nutrition, not to mention I haven’t owned a scale in years. I am trying to remember that the doctor doesn’t know the whole story but just sees a number on a piece of paper. But the part of me concerned thinks the doctor is the authority to know what is best and I must be doing something wrong. I’m trying to be compassionate with myself and not go overboard with trying to moderate. I should also say that the doctor had a flyer with his picture on it about weight loss so was not sure what to make of that either.

  18. I’m at 23 weeks and have gained about 19 lbs which is a bit more/faster than the doc prefers, but they only mentioned this when I pressed for it; initially the doc said everything looks good. I was a healthy weight (not overweight) before I got pregnant, but I have food aversions for much of the healthy foods I used to eat pre-pregnancy, such as grilled chicken, certain roasted veggies (brussel sprouts), avocado, etc. It’s frustrating because more of what I’ve been able to eat and enjoy is carbs vs lean meats and veggies. I’m trying more soups now to see if I can “trick” myself into getting more veggies that way. I’m exercising 5 days a week too. If anyone else has any tricks/recommendations, I’m all ears!!

  19. Thank you for sharing this!
    I am on my 1st pregnancy at 38 y/o, 27 weeks pregnant. I have both a midwife and also go to the OBGYN. My midwife is a godsend, my OBGYN and staff are a nightmare. Every time I leave their office, I am in tears. Last appointment, they said I was gaining weight too quickly, and even though my glucose and protein levels are normal & my blood pressure and heart rate are also low (below average), but they are going to test me for gestational diabetes anyways. The nurse scared me so much about GB, and then at the same time, had no idea how to feel for where the baby was positioned in the placenta! I honestly do not believe I have GB, and I am so appalled by the one size fits all approach to obstetrics. I have already gained 30 lbs in my pregnancy, but not by sitting on my butt and eating junk food. I work out almost everyday and eat nutrient dense, organic, local foods, it’s simply how my body is making room for
    baby. The OBGYN is fat-shaming my pregnancy process, & they have added unnecessary stress every step of the way. My midwife assesses my pregnancy through the holistic lens and let’s me know my pregnancy is progressing normal for me. She looks at my entire body, how it was prior (I am naturally very strong and muscular with lotsa curves), knows my diet, and knows I exercise 5x/week. I have had absolutely no issues with my pregnancy at all, it’s been pretty smooth sailing. Plus baby is active and healthy too. But the OBGYN has no sensitivity to my body type or my history of eating disorders, it truly is disempowering and humiliating to be in their office. And they focus solely on my weight, not on mental health or care or consideration for the individual. It makes me feel like they are trying to coax me into thinking I am a high risk pregnancy and must therefore have a CSection (which would make them more $$). We are planning on a home birth with our midwife now, because I completely trust in the birthing process. I completely trust my body and how it is adapting and creating life. I completely trust all the wombs who gave birth before me for centuries! My midwife completely trusts me and is an amazing practitioner who has given me WAY, WAY more information, ease, respect, and support on my transition into motherhood. OBGYN is an outdated practice! And this journey has helped me
    To see that it needs a drastic revamp!

    • Awesome post. Hang in there and trust your gut on this… no pun intended. Lol I almost want to ask if your medical insurance extended you through a Kaiser Permamente as I, myself, along with many others I know, have experienced many medical issues with their practice both small & large. Regardless, you should not have to go through this kind of experience especially with it being a covered medical expense! I mean, what’s the point then, right? Stress truly can have a strong negative impact on anyone, let alone someone expecting and hormonal in nature. Your experience actually even angers me to a certain level. I’m just glad you have the support you have with your midwife and smart enough to trust in her advice. It sounds like you guys got this and I wish you a beautiful & healthy offspring with many rewards to come. Thank you so much for sharing! Your message is valuable to us all… xo

    • I needed this post so badly today. 38, first pregnancy, very active athletic momma. Gained 5 pounds at week 13, no nausea and feeling great-except for food and weight anxiety (history of eating disorder). But i eat healthy and exercise, so its good to know there are no rules. Thank you for sharing. Im feeling much more at peace at the moment, and know that baby and i are doing good and exactly where we need to be.

  20. I am 38 years old and this is my third pregnancy. I had my first two 14 months apart and this baby will be exactly 2 years apart from my youngest. All 3 of my pregnancies have been close together and I can tell anyone who is worried not to worry because your body tells you what it needs. I am usually 111 lbs 5’5” and very fit. I always gain 10 lbs in the first trimester and have gained 35 lbs total with each pregnancy. I have lost all the weight and even plus some after my second pregnancy within 5 months because of a clean diet and exercise. Don’t be afraid to gain weight, especially if you are slightly underweight like I am. You need the fat for a healthy baby and if you plan to breastfeed. And your bump evolves with each pregnancy. At the end of the day enjoy the time being big and round because you have precious cargo in there! We are all beautiful and unique and I promise you- no two pregnancies are the same!

    • This is so encouraging, thank you!

    • You have no idea how much I needed to hear this! I am the same as you about 5’4 and 110 pounds and I have gained about 10 pounds in the first seven weeks and it really scared me! Thank you again, I definitely still feel nervous for how this is all going to happen but your story made me feel leagues better!

  21. hello I am 13 weeks today. However have been concerned that i may not be gaining weight like i should. I am eating but i started at 179lbs and am 5’5 and am right at the same weight today. this is my first pregnancy.
    Is this normal, should i be concern? I haven’t have morning sickness, at the beginning a few foods made me feel a little sick, but no morning sickness. I don’t see my OB for another 3 weeks, when i am 16wks.

    • Whenever you have concerns in pregnancy it’s a good idea to reach out to your provider. They work for you and are there to answer your questions.

    • I was 17 weeks before the scale started changing, then I rapidly began putting on weight (up to 20 pounds at 24 weeks). Everyone is different, try to trust your body while doing what you can to be healthy!

  22. Third pregnancy- 14.5 weeks and I’ve gain 9.5 lbs. Glad to read many of these as I have felt horrible about my weight gain so far. I was a pretty healthy eater before this, quite fit too. Didn’t have morning sickness at all but Stopped most of the exercising right away though due to fatigue and no time, and I have an unsatisfiable hunger! I need to get this weight gain instead control! Not gaining 50 like first last pregnancy damn it! Lol

  23. I’m 35 year’s old on my second pregnancy. I’m 5’0 and was about 110lbs before pregnancy. I am now 13 weeks and weigh 126lbs. I’m only 3 months pregnant yet look 6 months pregnant. Anytime I eat or drink something my stomach looks huge. I feel absolutely disgusting looking at myself and seeing the overall fat in places it wasn’t before. I’m active I work everyday I bike ride or walk with my son. I’ve cut back or have removed foods and drinks from my diet. I’m terrified that I’m only going to get bigger my main focus right now is to lose weight. I don’t understand why I’ve put so much weight on so fast? Please tell me I’m not alone 🙁

    • Wow, lol I’m so happy I just read this, you literally sound just like me, I actually said those exact words to my boyfriend last night . I’m 16 weeks and have gained 17lbs and look 7 months preggo ?. Not sure what is going on.

      • I am 10 weeks, feel completely exhausted and bloated. My boyfriend just said I am getting fat… I am eating less than without pregnancy, and trying to keep on with my workout. And yes, my belly started to look fat…

    • Im glad you posted this!! This is the reason im on here researching, im only 8 and a half weeks and ive already put on 5 pounds and bellt is large and swollen! I was wondering if its foods im eating because i exercise 5 days a week, 4 of those weight training with some cardio so couldnt understand it ?

      • I had gained 7 pounds by 9 weeks. And my belly was big because of bloat. It’d be almost normal in the morning and the moment I ate BAM bloat. I think we might gain a bunch in the first because we didn’t have enough fat to support the hormones we need. I was super sick (still sick at 19 weeks) and still gained that much. I hate it.

    • Wow For me, pregnancy has been a huge wake-up call to love and appreciate my body more than ever! (And I’m not thin by any means) Please please don’t attempt to lose weight right now ladies. Obviously keep eating healthy and staying active, but your body will continue to change and it’s a good idea to just surrender to it. Remind yourself that your body is wise. You’re growing a HUMAN!

    • You are not alone!!!! I too started off at 5’11 155 pounds and at week 13 I am 172 pounds!!!!! It is very hard to see that weight gain and to see the big belly and fat rolls .. I understand you!!! But , please try to get rid of the scale and instead focus on health promoting behaviors. Eat well!!! Eat when hungry and stop when satisfied!!! Exercise!! Spoil yourself if you can with a good book or a manicure or whatever makes you happy!!! And trust your bodies’ wisdom.. you will gain what you need to!!! Just so you know, this type of weight gain happened to me my first pregnancy also… I gained a total of 45 pounds… within two weeks postpartum, I lost 25of the weight.., within 3 months I lost all of it.. within 6 months I was skinnier than before my pregnancy, and I did not engage in dieting… you’ll get yourself back!!! I believe it without a doubt… this is just for now – our bodies doing what they were designed to do…

    • You are definitely not alone. I have been a pretty curvy girl since my teenage years. Before I got pregnant I was 209 and I am now 221. I am 10 weeks into my 4th pregnancy and look in am 6 months along already. We will get through this. *breathes deeply*

      • Your comment just gave me the reassurance I needed ? I am 195 and 3 months along I also look like I did when I was 6 months with my first . I’m so worried the doctors will comment on my weight being unhealthy or that I will have preeclampsia or something due to being “overweight” . Thanks for sharing .

        • I feel the same way I’ve been bigger my while adult life and I’ve lost 90lbs this past 6 months and started this pregnancy at 190 but I’m now only 8 weeks and already up 8lbs. I’m worried the doctor will say the same thing. It’s nice to know there’s someone else who feels the same way

    • You’re not alone. <3 I started at 115lbs, I am 14 weeks along and I am at 128lbs. My clothes don't fit and I have had to switch workouts because seeing my body in the mirror daily was mentally difficult. Its not the belly I am concerned about, its the fat everywhere else. Arms, face, back, thighs. Its really hard to have your body change so rapidly. I am just trying to remind myself that it is just a season and the weight gain might slow down.

    • I’m pretty much the same! I am 5ft3 and weighed 112 lbs pre pregnancy, I’m currently 15 weeks pregnant and 123lbs, so I’ve gained 11 lbs which is quite a bit more than ‘recommended’. My bmi was on the cusp of underweight pre pregnancy, so I don’t think midwives are concerned as I probably needed to gain a bit extra. I was super fit pre-pregnancy but the exhaustion and nausea that came with the first trimester had me eating beige and with no energy to exercise, the times I did I felt awful for days afterwards. Now I’m in the second trimester I have less nausea so I’m eating healthier again, but still knackered! Hoping I can get back to doing some more exercise soon!

    • I am 11 weeks and already gained 15 lbs and look huge and fat. I’m exercising and eating healthy but just keep blowing up. I have history of eating disorder so this is very hard for me

  24. This article is perfect especially for those first time moms! All my pregnancies are different! Baby no 1 I gained 67 and ate stupidly! I lost 77 by the time she was 1! No 2.. I ate extremely clean and worked out 6 days a week and gained 52! Lost 48 by the time she was 8 months and never could lose the rest but did get down to 20% body fat! Now on my 3rd at 24 weeks I’m up 16lbs! I’m just as active as no 2, (weights 4x and cardio 3x/week and daily walks) only difference is I’ve cut out gluten in the past year due to gut issues!
    I’ve learnt as long as I’m not going crazy my body will do it’s thing and gain what it needs, then when baby is here continue to do my thing and it will come off!!!

    • This is so encouraging to me my first pregnancy I gained 50 pounds my second pregnancy I gained 60 lbs. I was eating really well and reasonably active. I had to work really hard but it came off over the next year. This is my third pregnancy and so far I’m following the same pattern I’m right at 20 weeks and have gained nothing. pretty quickly here, if it’s anything like my last two pregnancies, I’ll gain twice the amount of recommended weight in half the amount of time. I guess that’s just how my body works and I can be okay with that!

  25. Thank you for this article! I have also been stressed about my weight gain during the first trimester. I am 5’10” & athletic & have already gained 6lbs entering week 10. I was very careful with my diet pre-pregnancy, measuring carbs & eating very little fruits due to their high sugar contents, but with baby now I am not limiting myself carbs or fruits, because I know they’re nourishing. So with this diet change alone, I somewhat expected this weight gain, but have been afraid when I go for my 12 week apt they would say “dang girl! Slow down with the eating!” I’ve been nauseous off & on, but am usually hungry every 2-3 hours. I am working out 4-5 days a week with weightlifting & cardio for ~1.5 hrs & am careful to keep my BPM below 130-135 (per doctors orders). My bra size pre-pregnancy was 36DD & now it’s got to be off the charts. My breasts are very swollen! Long story short, this article has made me feel much better about this weight gain & to keep doing what I’m doing & worry less.

  26. I am 10 weeks pregnant and 34 years old. My pre-pregnancy weight was 116lbs (5”2 tall) and when I weighed in at 8 weeks, I had gone up to 123lbs. Now at 10 weeks, in the evenings before bed, my belly honestly looks as if I could be about 6 months along. My pants already do not fit. I have not told anyone yet that I am pregnant, but my parents have commented on my recent weight gain around the belly. I look for research supporting unusual water retention in the first trimester, which might explain the unusually large belly, and have not found much evidence. My doctor is not receptive of my concerns, so I generally do not bother her with this. But it scares me that at 10 weeks, I visibly walk around with a significant belly bump. Having had difficulty with body image and eating disorders in my younger years, I feel nothing but anxiety. In addition, I was vegan before pregnancy, but now can’t stop craving fried chicken. It keeps me up at night. My husband is still fully vegan and eating whole foods, while I eat struggle to not eat meat. I would sneak over to my parents’ home to have some chicken, and lie about it later. This whole pregnancy weight and diet thing is causing me so much distress. I feel less alone after reading this article and the comments. Thank you.

    • Please do what you think is best for you and your baby. Do not let other people’s opinions hurt what you want for yourself or your baby. If you truly want to remain vegan I suggest you try your hardest to avoid meat but if your not 100% then I say do what is best for you and your baby. Be comfortable and live your own skin And stay healthy

    • In another website I read of several vegan moms that ate meat during pregnancy because of cravings and then went back to breing vegan after pregnancy. A lot of them seem to agree that this was very common.

  27. This is just what I needed to read. My first pregnancy I weighed about 110 and was very active and enjoyed healthy eating. I delivered at 38 weeks weighing 127. I stayed active throughout my pregnancy and was lucky to only have a short bout of nausea in the first trimester (no emesis). I dropped all my weight very quickly and have kept my baseline weight since getting pregnant the second time. I’ve been stressed that I’m weighing 120lb right now and 11 weeks. I’m still working out most days of the week and going for walks. But we are also in the covid19 pandemic and staying home which has decreased my overall activity level. I’m still eating whole/natural foods but definitely not salads and all the veges I used to. Thinking about eating sometimes just makes me queasy. I will continue to listen to my body and go from there. Keeping my figures crossed my weight gain will taper off after this trimester.

    • I’m in the same boat. I weighed 111 lbs pre pregnancy and I’m 11.5 weeks and am 120. The pandemic has decreased my overall activity too. Seeing the scale hit 120 this morning was HARD.

      • I’m in the same boat as you! I was 115 now I am 125 and ten weeks pregnant. Now that I’m out of work due to pandemic I’m also gaining weight. I do try to swim and do as much walking and yoga as possible! Good luck with you pregnancy! God bless

    • I am just over 12 weeks, and gained 17 pounds already. The lockdown has me very depressed about my weight, because I am not working and am nowhere near as active as I’d like to be. I sit home and constantly stress and stress about my weight, so seeing what others are going through helps me know I’m not alone! I do believe at least 3-4 of those pounds have gone to my breasts, going from 34c to a 38 double sports bra needed… (not sure exact size but WOW)

      Another note- my first pregnancy, I gained 60 pounds, and lost 70 (I truly believe from breastfeeding). I know I need to relax about this issue, but the pandemic and boredom have me stick in my head. Thank you all, ladies!

      • I am about to hit 16 weeks tomorrow and I am 15 lbs already. I also think the stress of what is going on in our world contributes. And I also feel a bit depressed about my weight gain. Thank you for sharing. It is nice to know there are others out there. I have faith we will get through this and our babies and bodies will be just fine.

        • I am the same way. I’m 15 weeks and I’ve gained a pound a week and I do believe the quarantine has a lot to do with it. Ughhh and I feel sooo bloated but it’s ok I guess lol it’s the baby that’s important

          • I’m 36, 5th child, was 133lb before pregnancy and now 24wks im weighing 165lb. According to stats I should not be this til delivery! I was vegan and limiting carbs before pregnancy so I expected a huge weight gain when I upped carbs and started eating meat. Considering goin vegan from her on in as i do want to feel healthy and strong and I feel like a whale. Still in UK size 12 mateenity clothes and was a 10 priory to pregnancy. I hold onto weight during breastfeeding. Fed my 5yr old until she was 3yrs old and took a year to get back to prepregnancy weight. I hope you all can be happy within yourselves during pregnancy. Going vegan again will make me happy 🙂

      • Hey hey I’m 14 weeks and I’ve put on 15lbs! And this is with barfing and morning sickness hahaha. I started out slim and I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life so it’s an adjustment for sure. But my OB said don’t worry about it, pregnancy will do what it needs to do. I think that’s a good attitude to have- just listen to our bodies and they’ll do what they need to do. You’re not alone! Xox

        • Chelsea, I think we would be friends! I have constant morning sickness getting sick multiple times a day (sorry if TMI hahaha) and still have gained about 10 pounds by 14 weeks! It is mind blowing when you’re sick that much and can only survive on certain foods and not much food yet gain that much weight that fast! Crazy. But I was glad to read your comment! Made me feel like I’m not alone ?

  28. Hey all! I am 17.5 weeks into my second pregnancy. I’m finding that with both, I gained almost ten lbs in the first 4 months! I was 128lbs starting my first pregnancy and 118 lbs starting my second. This pregnancy seems to be packing the lbs quickly, as I was also pretty thin starting out. I still only gained 30 lbs in my first pregnancy so we shall see how this one turns out!! God bless?

  29. I’m days away from delivery with my 6th baby. Funny: I usually gain 35-40 lbs. This one, I’ve only gained 21 and baby is est. 8 lbs, plus I have excess amniotic fluid. Odd. I didn’t throw up constantly or have hyper enemies gravidum with this one, as I’ve had in the past. Other than my first baby at age 26, 5’4 and 125 lb to start, this is the thinnest I’ve started a pregnancy: age 40 and 127 lbs. Others I was 135-150 lbs when I started. I think it’s likely my celiac and food intolerances: I cannot eat gluten, dairy, eggs, oats, beef, beans, or cabbage … foods that cause distress have increased in number over the years, so I suspect an unresolved gut issue. So I eat lean meat, nuts, veggies, fruit, potatoes, rice, squash. I also don’t eat much refined sugar, just dark chocolate and some dairy free ice cream a few times a week. I am homeschooling five very active children, three of whom have ADHD and one also on autism spectrum. All of these I think are the reason. I’ll lose it all after birth (it’s gotta be all baby, placenta, fluid, blood volume), then gain 10 lbs. for reserved fat for nursing; that’ll go when he weans.

  30. I started at 130 lbs and am now 180 lbs. I gained 50 lbs in 26 weeks. Hope I am done with the weight gain for the entirety.

    My 1st baby was way different. Started at 130 lbs and ended at 156. So only a 25lb gain in total.

    Best rule of thumb is to eat what you crave and rest when you want. You can always shed the pounds later. Baby is worth it.

  31. I’m 27 weeks and have gained 20lbs, which I’m told is healthy and right on track. The first trimester I gained weight quick. I was one of the lucky ones and had absolutely no morning sickness. Only vast hunger! So I gained 10lbs by week 12. In the last 15 weeks I’ve gained another 10. Of the rule is generally 5lbs in the first and then a pound a week, then my body just evened itself out by gaining a bit less from weeks 12-27. Anyway, I also track my calories to ensure I’m getting enough nutrients and making healthy choices. I’ve been doing spin classes 3 times a week, and 1-2 at home BW workouts plus walking my dog about 5k most days. So quite a lot of exercise.

    • Also, pre pregnancy I was a healthy and athletic 5’5 and 130.

    • How many calories did you eat in each trimester?? Obviously, everyone is different in their needs but just curious. I’m athletic and 5’6.5” and don’t really trust the internet with how much to each. It varies with everything you read. ??‍♀️ I’m a calorie counter too.

    • This is my first pregnancy and I’ve recently been really worried about my weight after stepping on the scale at my 28 week appt. I weigh 165, and I was about 145 pre-pregnancy at 5’8”. My worry is that I still have the whole third trimester and I’ve already gained 20 pounds. I’m worried I’ve gained too much too quickly. As far as my health, I have some autoimmune diseases and I have felt better in pregnancy with my symptoms than I had before pregnancy. I’m not symptom free, I definitely get pains and vertigo and things but gosh I feel like God has shown such healing during my pregnancy. In that way, I’ve been able to do cardio about 5-6 days a week but I have to keep it at 30-40 min or I get overheated thanks to pregnancy. For me this is still a triumph being able to exercise and not feel sick afterwards like I used to from my autoimmune. Should I be worried that I’ve already gained 20 pounds and am only 28 weeks? I wish I was one of those cute ladies that put on all the weight in my belly, but actually I’ve gained the most weight in my boobs (2 whole sizes up) and also my hips are wider. I eat gluten free but I have definitely been craving sweets more than ever and I think I need to not listen to those cravings as much.

  32. Thank you so much for this article!
    I am 27 weeks pregnant, and have gained nearly 30 lbs already! Before I became pregnant, at 5’7 I was 150 lbs and an athletic hourglass build. I gained 10lbs during my first trimester, when I went from working out almost daily and eating a diet of lean meats and salads, to living off of saltine crackers/white bread, and sleeping/laying down whenever I wasn’t working. I tried to eat health during the first trimester, but would throw up every time I tried to eat anything fruit or vegetable related. I couldn’t even drink regular water without throwing it up! I was able to keep down lemonade and carbonated water, but that was it for liquids. I kept hearing how people hardly put on weight in the first trimester, and that many people lost weight from morning sickness. I felt guilt when I put on as much weight as I had! My doctor is awesome, and never shamed me, but I still felt awful about it (especially since I was hoping to only gain 25 lbs my entire pregnancy, being told that 25-35 lbs was normal and healthy).
    Second trimester I was still exhausted! I slept more in my second trimester than my first, and while I could eat without feeling sick, I was so tired I had no energy to cook/prepare healthy food and work out. I mostly had takeout broth soups with meats in them, and other easy to prepared foods. I definitely know I had days when I wasn’t eating as health as I should have, and had my times of giving in to craving, but didn’t think I was going crazy in the food department by any means! I started going back to the gym, about 3-5 days a week but at a much lower intensity (with no intention to lose weight, but hoping to keep myself in a healthy area Pregnancy weight gain track).

    When I found this article I instantly felt an emotional weight being lifted off my shoulders. It was so nice to know that I wasn’t the only one who gained in the first trimester, and found myself continuing to gain quicker than I would have ever dreamed. This is my first pregnancy, and I had no idea how weight gain was supposed to work. Thank you for being an uplifting voice to those of us who are completely taken off guard by what our bodies are doing!

    • Hi Jenn,

      Your story sound almost identical to mine! In the 1st trimester (despite exhaustion and nausea) I gained 4kg (around 8 pounds). I also generally eat very healthy and exercise ALOT, but during my 1st trimester I was only able to keep down bread, crackers and oatmeal. My lowish carb diet quickly turned into a no fiber carb frenzy. I craved the occasional pizza and ate bigger portions than normal, but I was by no means stuffing myself with sugar filled, junk or take out foods.

      Now I am at 18 weeks, I don’t work full time to sleep every day for 2-3 hours and every night around 9 hours. I weighed myself again this weekend and have gained another 3kg (around 6 pounds). Putting my weight gain at 9Kg (18 pounds) and I am not even half way (eeek!!!). I stress extra because years ago I lost about 20KGs but this put me on a path of dieting and over training which lead to an eating disorder which I only fully overcame about a year before getting pregnant.

      Reading these posts and how different each woman’s experience is makes me feel much more at ease. I also meditate and yoga alot to keep my thoughts from stressing me out during this special time. I really don’t want to think about weight now (so hard!) insteas there are so many other beautiful things to focus on.

      Let’s stay strong. Even if we gain 40KG! We will still be beautiful and would have created a little human. That is worth so much more than anything else.

      • You’re right, we are growing tiny humans! We should be kind to ourselves and realize this is all part of an amazing journey! Best of luck to you!

  33. I’m at 32 weeks pregnant & haven’t gained a damn thing. My pre-pregnancy weight was 124lbs, I weighed 123.1lbs at my last appointment (2 weeks ago). I’m measuring where I’m supposed to & baby is healthy but I’m still concerned that I’m not gaining (even though my doc doesn’t seem concerned yet). I’ve been eating & drinking as much as I can, but don’t really exercise (I’m a server so I’m constantly moving anyway). I’ve had no trouble gaining weight in the past when I wasn’t trying to, so i dony understand why I’m having trouble now.

    • I am the same. I am 13 weeks today. However have been concerned that i may not be gaining weight like i should. I am eating but i started at 179lbs and am right at the same weight today. this is my first pregnancy. Is this normal, should i be concern? I don’t see my OB for another 3 weeks, when i am 16wks.

    • Did you end up gaining weight?? I’m 21 weeks and only gained 2 lbs… my obgyn isn’t worried but my boyfriend and my mother will not stop worrying and now it’s gotten to my head… I suppose I’ll just gain later in the pregnancy?

  34. I’m almost 10 weeks pregnant and I’ve gained almost 10lbs! I am constantly starving, and unless food is bland it really turns my stomach. So I am eating a lot more bread, crackers, and cereal than my normal clean eating diet, and the second I started eating processed carbs, my body started packing it on for later!! I’m 5’7″ and my normal weight is around 125lbs. I’m honestly a little bit horrified by the number on the scale, and the fact that it’s crept up so quickly already, but at the same time, I would never dream of dieting or cutting back when I am hungry, because baby is priority number one 😉 So let’s see how the next few months go – I am hoping the scale slows down its climb in the next few weeks to balance things out!

  35. I am 32 weeks pregnant and I started out at 216lbs. I dropped down to 204lbs at my lowest and eventually got back up to 216 by 25 weeks when the mere sight of thought if food finally didnt make me nauseous. I am now at 2lbs up from my prepregnancy weight and I’m curious if I dont gain much during pregnancy (I havent gained any In over a month now) how it will effect my baby and if that means I’ll end up delivering and being less post delivery. My doctor measured me last Tuesday at my bi weekly appt and said I’m measuring big based on the fungal so shes mor worried baby ksnt taking what he needs

    • I am 32 weeks pregnant and I started out at 216lbs. I dropped down to 204lbs at my lowest and eventually got back up to 216 by 25 weeks when the mere sight of thought if food finally didnt make me nauseous. I am now at 2lbs up from my prepregnancy weight and I’m curious if I dont gain much during pregnancy (I havent gained any In over a month now) how it will effect my baby and if that means I’ll end up delivering and being less post delivery. My doctor measured me last Tuesday at my bi weekly appt and said I’m measuring big based on the fungal so shes mor worried baby ksnt taking what he needs

      I gained 50 with my first throughout (starting weight was 145 so much healthier)
      I gained 40 with my second (165 was my starting )

  36. I just had my first baby a few weeks ago. I started the pregnancy at around 160 lb. My last OB appt before baby had my weight at 226 lb so I gained around 60-65 lbs! I was 190 lb at my 6 week follow up today. My weight has always fluctuated a lot- my highest ever pre-pregnancy weight was 180 lb and my lowest ever pre-pregnancy weight was 140 lb. I will be happy if I can continue to lost about 1 lb per week. I am trying to eat around 1800 calories per day but I do go over sometimes, however, I think just being mindful of what I intake makes me eat less. I didn’t feel I ate that much when I was pregnant but somehow still gained a lot of weight.

    • This is really helpful! I’m so worried about my weight gain. I’m 32 weeks and weighing 196 lbs and started at 170 lbs. My concerns are losing the weight if I gain too much but also having a bigger baby. How much did your baby weigh? My baby is already estimating at 4.5 lbs.

  37. Thank you so much for this article! I’m 14 weeks tomorrow (so just ending my first trimester) and have already gained 10 lbs. I’m 5’2” and my prepregnancy weight was 120 (so within a normal weight/BMI) and all of the info I was finding online about pregnancy weight gain kept telling me that 0-4.5lbs is normal for the first trimester so being more than double that was scaring me to death. But after reading your article and the comments it seems that there is no such thing as a “normal” pregnancy weight gain- at least not one that can be broken down by trimester- so I’m going to do my best to just keep eating healthy and not worry too much about it. Thank you again for helping to ease my stress about this!

  38. I’m average weight, on the low side of overweight. I carry my weight well and no one could tell I was “overweight”. I’m only up 5 ish pounds from my starting weight. I did lose 8 lbs I believe in my first trimester and I’ve gained that back plus a tiny extra. Everyone says the baby is growing just fine and we have nothing to worry about 🙂 I’m 38 weeks now.

  39. I am 22 years old. I am 10 weeks pregnant and have already gained 10lbs. My fiancé says i am gaining weight too fast but I think I we are having a boy. I know with my last boy I gained a lot more weight then I did when I was pregnant with my daughter.

    • I suspect my weight gain is because I am having a boy also. I did not gain weight this quickly with my daughter. Nice to know others are having the same experience.

    • Hey girls! I’m ten weeks pregnant and I think I’m having a boy as well! I was 115 before I got pregnant currently 125. I’ve never gained weight my whole life until now. Completely shocked how fast I have gained weight. I am dieting with salon , rice, all veggies and all fruits. I suspect I’m having a boy due to the amount of weight I have gained and all the symptoms I’ve been having. No morning sickness though yay ?

    • Every pregnancy is different. With my girl I gained 40 lbs. With my son I am almost 35 weeks and I have only gained 12. Haven’t done anything differently. I also started out both pregnancies with a BMI of 21 (normal weight). I don’t think it has much to do with the sex of the baby. Just how our bodies are each pregnancy. 🙂

    • I hear that all the time but I am 4’11 and weighed 118 before my first a son I only gained 5lbs the entire pregnancy and was once again 118 before my second a girl I gained over 50lbs and I couldn’t get lower than 130 with this pregnancy another boy I am 20 weeks and have only gained 3lbs from my pre pregnancy weight but I also dropped down to 125 in the first trimester so technically I have gained 8lbs in all

  40. i am 22. now I am 27weeks pregnancy Before the pregnancy I was 54-55kg now I am 62kg i am worried about my weight

  41. I’m 9 weeks and I’ve already gained 4-6 pounds! (I’m a little fuzzy on my official pre-pregnancy weight.) It made me nervous, but this article helps!

  42. I gained 50lbs in my pregnancy and I really don’t know why. I’m 11 months postpartum and I’ve lost about 35 of that. Still breastfeeding. I ate healthy and was a normal healthy weight pre-pregnancy so I really don’t know why my body decided to pack on the weight and hold onto it while I see other moms effortlessly have “belly-only” pregnancies and are back to normal within 6 weeks :/

  43. Love this article. Agree 100%. Pregnant with #2. 13 weeks and have gained 10 lbs already. Identical to my first pregnancy with the high weight gain at the beginning. My first pregnancy I carried her two days past my due date and gained 25 lbs exactly my entire pregnancy so I am not worried. I get super sick at the beginning but I eat like a horse (healthy as possible). I think because I’m a few pounds under weight and workout 7 days a week-my body needs every pound. I breastfed my first child with not one problem for the first year of her life. I lost the 25 lbs I had gained in less than 6 weeks postpartum. Enjoy the ride.

    • Did you do anything to make sure you didn’t gain more than 25lbs?

      How soon after delivery were you working out?

      Im 6wks and weigh 108lbs. BMI normal. And I’m freaking out and want to make sure I am like you, pretty much.

      Never have been overweight in my life and I’m oanicking.


      • Eating a healthy whole food diet and maintaining your active lifestyle can help keep weight gain in the healthy range.

  44. This is a great article!! I agree 100% on eating whole foods to your appetite – trusting your body to tell you when, what, and how much to eat. My last pregnancy I gained 2 lbs in the first trimester and the “usual” 25 lbs overall. Little did I know though, that due to an unrecognized lifelong habit of restrictive eating, I was only getting an average of 1,300 calories a day! Not enough to support any adult, let alone while pregnant!! I started having contractions at 31 weeks and was put on strict bed rest for 6 weeks. It was miserable. My birth was difficult because I was so weak and unprepared physically, from lying on my side for a month and a half leading up to the birth. This led to a very difficult postpartum time and PPD. All that from the simple fact of not eating enough nutrients!! (I think that my body couldn’t get enough calories to make the necessary 50% increase in blood volume, so kicked in preterm labor.) The past two years I have worked hard at learning all I can about nutrition, eating enough, fueling exercise properly, etc and reversing a lifetime of undereating habits. This pregnancy (I’m 12 weeks) I am dedicated to fueling my body properly with real food and plenty of it, whatever my appetite says I need on any given day. I gained 10 lbs in the first two months but none since then. It really does even out on its own! I don’t know if eating well has anything to do with it, but I have hardly had any morning sickness this time around, as opposed to 24/7 nausea last first trimester. Our bodies can be trusted if we just learn how to listen to them!!

  45. I appreciate your article and feel like it has some good common sense information, however what I constantly find missing in articles about eating healthy in pregnancy, is for those of us with serious nausea, food aversions, and loss of appetite. What is your advice (or please get input from those who were sick during pregnancy) for those of us who feel they can only eat a select few highly processed foods to get any kind of nutrition and still feel the need to eat every two hours. I gained a ton of weight my first pregnancy and now am trying to avoid that but feel like I have to eat every two hours or my body is screaming at me and now I’m gaining weight! Help!

    • I had the same experience with my first and now with my second. I was nauseous until 25 weeks last time and am even more sick this time. If I am at all hungry, the nausea is a lot worse. So I am eating all the time and all I want is chips and bread. Fruit and veggies doesn’t help with the nausea. I’m trying to keep working out this pregnancy, but I just can’t restrict food and I only want processed foods. Oh well. I’m trying not to worry about it because I’m not willing to be sick all the time.

  46. I nearly started crying reading this article because i just needed to hear that I’m doing ok! Thank you! I was a healthy BMI to start and have always been active and a healthy eater. I’m 36 weeks pregnant and have gained 38 pounds (above the 25-35 recommended). At my midwife appointment today, I wanted to cry seeing the number on the scale because a lot of that weight has come on in the last few weeks, and I don’t know why. I’ve worked out 3-5 times a week throughout pregnancy, eaten whole, nutritious foods, taken supplements, and done all the right things. I need to remember that my body is doing what it needs to do for baby but seeing those numbers on the scale is tough! Thank you for reminding me not to stress about those numbers.

    • So helpful reading your comment! I’m at 25 weeks and had been doing SO well with weight gain until this last weigh in where I found I gained 3lbs in just 1.5 weeks. It’s so frustrating to be feeling like you’re still active, eating healthy and still the big jump in weight gain from week to week. Hang in there!

  47. I am 13 weeks pregnant, 40 yrs old, 1st pregnancy. My pre-pregnancy weight was 55-56 kg. I gained 7 kg by week 7 which made me quite worried and depressed, as I tried to eat healthy and did not increased portion at all. I went to the doctor and explained it, at first I was told that every one is different and every body is different, but I had a log of my weight note which was really scary, the last week (week 7) I had put on 200 gr every day, almost 1.5 Kg a week. ANyway it turned out that I developed gestational hypothyroid for which I was put on medication. Since I started the medication gaining weight stopped for 4 weeks. Last week I had another blood test for thyroid and the result was completely normal so the Dr said I am definitely on the right dosage. However since last week I have started gaining weight again. In one week I have put on 2kg ! I feel so frustrated about this, I dont know what else to do. I also try to go to the gym 2-3 times a week. Last week I just did it twice though and this week only once as I am actually feeling much more extremely tired than the beginning of the pregnancy (although I am starting the second trimester and supposedly I should have felt better energetic wise! I am trying not to concern much about it but honestly I cannot, and I am so freak out of putting on too much weight! It’s very frustrating when you see you are not eating too much or you exercise and your weight gain is way too out of normal weight gain !

    • I think it will even it self out. Just focus on eating nutritional foods and occassional treat foods when you want them. This is a 40 week pregnancy, we can always become more active if we want to. Most importantly know that the weight gain is probably necessary for your body structure. I am 5’0 tall, 39 yrs old and was 105 and now at 13 weeks I am 114 pounds. Just like when your not pregnant you can always adjust the types of foods you eat. I have been loving bagels with hummus but can always adjust to lighter foods like eggs and whole wheat but still get in enough calories for baby too. Look at the big picture. We are growing a baby inside of us. I am sure each baby is carried differently and distributes weight gain in the areas that will serve us through pregnancy and beyond.

  48. I had my first child at 27 and gained 70 lbs. I breastfed and lost the weight within a year. I’m now 35 and on my second child. I’m trying to be careful with my weight this time around. I have a really bad back and can’t afford to put on that much weight. I gained 6lbs in my first trimester. For me keeping food in my stomach kept the nausea at bay. I’m at 16 weeks now and already up 15 lbs. It is so depressing. I quit smoking which I know is part of it, and I work from home which makes the fridge a little too close for comfort. I have found that my portions are larger than before. My brain doesn’t seem to have the same off switch I had pre-pregnancy. I’ve been counting calories the last several weeks and seem to be on track, but my weight continues to rise…it is very discouraging. I am dreading my next prenatal visit when they give me the weight gain speech.

    • It sounds like you are well aware of why you don’t want to gain too much weight (it makes you feel depressed and back pain) and sound motivated to make changes. You dropped the weight before, so you know you can do this – it’s just a matter of deciding if you want to put in the effort now, or later. Getting into good habits is so so hard and takes dedication, but you JUST quit smoking which is the hardest habit to break – you have amazing dedication and drive. If you can do that, you can definitely beat the food cravings. You got this!

    • I feel like I could have written parts of this! I also gained 70lbs with my first pregnancy and lost it all within the year. This time my pre pregnancy weight was the same, 105 lbs, and I’m 12 weeks now and weighing in at 122lbs. That’s 17lbs already! I wasn’t eating very well my first time, but this time I’ve been trying so hard, tracking everything I eat to stay within maintenance calories, making nutritious and well-balanced meals, healthy snacks, exercising 4-5x/week, but it doesn’t seem to make any difference. It’s so discouraging.

  49. I’m so sensitive on this subject as prior to falling pregnant I was underweight and had an eating disorder , by the time I fell pregnant I was sitting around the 50kg mark (was 45kg at the start of the year) I’m 10 weeks now and probably around the 60kg mark as a few weeks ago I was 57kg so I’m gathering my body is in extra survival mode due to starving myself prior, ive been struggling to even get to the gym due to be so tired and just feel so down and yuck and the guilt that’s with this all is horrible and giving me bad anxiety I’m so embarrassed about gaining sooo much in only in the first trimester I’m so upset about it I’m not a big sweat eater so its like I’m eating that stuff every day mabey once a week at the most otherwise I’m eating around the 1600cal mark otherwise there are days I’m just so hungry and ide just eat anything like big bowl of spagehitti bog or chips or protein bars all day long or a bag of bread (I’m also gluten free so I’m kinda limited to what I can eat sometimes) I legit only snack on fruit all day I only have a few salad sandwiches a fortnight unless I have one of those days which seems to be a lot lately but I’m hoping in the couple of week ill be back at the gym few times a week and my eating will be better and a little less binge eating and more energy ect

    • I want to give you a big HUG because I know exactly how you feel. Try not to be too hard on yourself and focus on the number on the scale. You don’t need to look a certain way right now – you need to grow a baby! I have a lot of the same thoughts, as I am used to eating a pretty low calorie diet, but as appetite has increased and my pants have gotten tighter in the first trimester, I keep reminding myself that I don’t need to look my best right now, but I *do* need to be the best mother possible. So I am trying to focus on how I am doing such a fantastic job of taking care of my baby already, versus worrying about what I look like. The baby is more important than how I look, and I would do anything to make sure he/she is happy and healthy 🙂 Keep focusing on the positive, especially when you step on the scale – you are doing a great job, mama! Good luck in the next few months 🙂

    • I feel this so hard. I was 98 pounds pre pregnancy and I’m only 14 weeks and I feel the heaviest I’ve ever been. I won’t weigh myself because it will trigger my eating disorder. (That’s also some thing that I have not really conquered or dealt with pre-pregnancy. So it’s difficult to deal with now more so than ever) I don’t think I’ve ever been this depressed in my life about the way that I look, I have been realizing that I tend to say disgusting things to myself. And it has not been easy. I don’t know how to deal with this. I don’t even want to look at the mirror. I’m only 5 feet tall so I feel like a massive well. I don’t want to go to the doctors because I’m scared to tell me to get on the scale, and I know how effed up that is but I can’t help it my brain is wired this way. I don’t find myself over eating but I do find myself hungry or than usual. I was on a 500 calorie a day before I got pregnant so now it’s as it my body is just making up for lost time. so even eating a normal thirteen hundred calories will make me gain weight . my boobs went from a thirty two B to a thirty two double D / thirty four D. I’m LITERALLY losing my mind. I know the baby needs this but I hate myself right now. I keep thinking aboht my little boy and know I’m doing my best for him. It’s just gotten so insane to the point where I don’t even want to have a baby shower because I don’t want people to see how I look. Help me

  50. I’m just over 15 weeks and hovering at my pre-pregnancy weight. People keep commenting that I look too small, but I had a super rough first trimester. Gaines 4 pounds in the first 8 weeks, then lost that plus 6 more pounds by the end of week 11. I’ve just now gotten back up to where I started! The weight part is a little stressful, but I’m just so thankful to be able to keep down food again and feel more like a normal person!

  51. I gained 10 -15pounds with morning sickness bad till week 21 im currently 35 wks gained 45 pounds, iI started out 130-135 6feet tall, slim build, now feel like a truck 🙂 hope it melts away

    • I had my baby 6 weeks ago i lost 10 pounds the first 16 weeks then gained it back plus another 50, I weighed 150 and am 5”10 and I ran a few times a week, did yoga, played sports, and walked and ate my normal diet so. I think maybe some people just gain more, I have lost about 30 pounds since I had her and haven’t started exercising yet so there is hope.

  52. Is there a better gauge for appropriate weight gain than using the BMI at start of pregnancy? Most of us accept now that BMI is a load of BS, as it doesn’t account for body composition, but it seems like the weight-gain recommendations are still based solely on that as it’s the easiest metric for medical professionals to determine. I’d love to see a weight-gain recommendation based on percent body fat at start of pregnancy, for example, instead of BMI. Per BMI, I’m categorized as overweight – but I came into pregnancy with a good bit of muscle on my frame that I worked pretty hard for… body fat percentage in a ‘healthy’ range for my age by those who use it as a measure of health. All other testable metrics indicate I’m healthy and there are no complications, but I’m concerned that I’m crossing the threshold my doctor suggested for weight gain and still have 9-11 weeks to go. Thinking that if there were a better way of coming up with the recommendation, there would be less stress during third trimester for ladies who are actually more muscular under an appropriately healthy layer of fat. Last thing we need is added stress over weight gain for these last couple months, lol.

    • I totally agree with you! I hate that they use BMI to measure what type of weight gain you should have. I am 5’9” and weighed 150 pre-pregnancy, which is considered an average BMI of about 22, but my body fat was only 15.5%, which is quite below the Recommend 21-32%. According to BMI, I should only be gaining 25-35 lbs. I’m 24 weeks and have already gained about 23 lbs. I workout with weights 3-4x/week, cardio 1-2 days/week, and yoga or strictly walking the other days, so I am active daily. With coronavirus, I’ve also been walking at least 5k per day and reaching my 10k steps about 6/7 days of the week. Basically I felt like I was kicking ass until I went to the dr and stepped on the scale and saw my weight skyrocket past 170. I eat primarily plant based, with a serving of salmon or tuna about once a week. By all means I felt like I was doing well, but I am starting to feel like I have thunder thighs. I’ve been struggling to accept my body through this and have peace with the changes that are necessary to have a healthy baby boy. I’m just hoping it’s not terribly hard to bounce back and fit back into all my clothes in a few months. I wish I didn’t care so much! Reading that others are dealing with similar issues is comforting at least <3

  53. Thank you to everyone for your comments. I’ve been freaked out about weight gain with my current pregnancy and knowing that I’m not alone is amazing.
    I’m currently 9 weeks pregnant with my fourth child. I know what your thinking “it’s, your 4th kid surely you know what to expect!” But it’s been a decade since I was pregnant the last time and my entire world is different.
    With my previous pregnancies I was over weight and had weighed about 200 pounds since I was in 9th grade (I’m 5’10”). I didn’t bat an eyelash at gaining 40 pounds with each pregnancy and the weight always came off like my body was happy at 200 pounds.
    Now, I’m older and wiser. Over the last 2 years I’ve lived a low carb/ high fiber, active lifestyle and lost 50 pounds for my wedding in September 2017. I put some of it back on during the honeymoon, the holidays, my birthday, & valentine’s day since they are all back to back so when I found out I was pregnant I weighted in at about 167 and wasn’t happy about it. “I’ve got to gain weight from here? If I gain the minimum it will almost put me back at 200lbs!” So, I’ve tried to eat healthy, make sure I’m getting enough calories, and exercise when I’m not feeling awful but if I eat crackers to help with the morning sickness…. I gain 5 pounds of water weight from the carbs!! It takes me a week of avoiding high carb foods to get my weight back down to a healthy gain for my stage of pregnancy.
    So, thank all of you for reminding me that I am pregnant. Growing a human is hard and everyone’s body will do it differently. As long as I am eating healthy foods and doing everything I can to have a healthy baby and be a healthy mom that’s what’s important.

  54. I had my first at 18. Of course I barely gained and by the time she was 1 month old I was back to my size 3 (she was born at 7lbs 8oz). I had my second at 20, gained about 50 lbs but lost it within a year or less (he weighed 8lbs 14oz). I had my 3rd at 35 and gained 75lbs! I went from 135-205lbs. That was the worse pregnancy thus far. I was sick from 7 weeks to basically 8 month. Tired, anemic, I didn’t work out at all. I would work my FT job (sitting all day) go home, take a shower and lay down. I think though the drive to work really tired me out and got me extra sick (I drive an hour to and from work) I was not active at all bc I felt like I couldn’t be. I was SO sick. that baby ended up being 8lbs 13oz via C Section. he is now almost 3 (in May) and I just found out I am 5 weeks pregnant. I am worried bc I think I weight around 160lbs. I stopped getting on the scale MONTHS ago bc I was obsessing over the number. I have been working out and went vegan last June. I am hoping to keep working out with no problem so that I don’t gain so much and being that I am vegan now, hope that helps. But I am FREAKING out about the weight gain bc I know I never got back to my regular weight of 135lbs. SO STRESSFUL!!

  55. This weigh stuff can be stressful. I hate seeing my scale because it says I’m gaining. I know you have to gain during pregnancy but I feel I might be gaining too quickly. I feel like I’m eating healthy, I’m probably eating more often. I am also exercising. Can this weigh gain be from water retention? I don’t want to worry too much about it. I might have to start writing what am eating and using my fitbit 🙂

  56. I’m 22 weeks pregnant with a baby girl. It’s my second child and so far I’ve gained 24 lbs. I started off a size 0 at 120lbs and 5’5”. With my son (my first pregnancy), I gained 47 lbs and was able to lose it all plus gain a lot of muscle by the time he was 18 months old. I worked my butt off and dieted like crazy to do it. This time around, I’m working out 5 days a week and eating healthier than I did with my first pregnancy but I’m gaining the exact same amount of weight. I gained 10 lbs by 10 weeks again! My doctor told me to slow down weight gain but I would be starving myself to do it. It’s pretty discouraging but I know I’ve lost it once before and I can do it again. I feel good and I think everyone’s body carries differently. Mine is just designed to pack on the pounds and there’s not a whole lot I can do about it. It’s all worth it when I see that little face and feel her move.

    • Same boat! I’ve gained around a pound per week with both pregnancies, with the gain being slightly higher in the 2nd trimester. Glad I’m not alone!

    • This is exactly me! Same exact height and pre-pregnancy weight. With my first I gained around 50lbs, but I knew there were adjustments I could make in my diet and activity level to be healthier. Fast forward to now, and I’m 25 weeks and have been working out same as pre-pregnancy at 4-5x per week and keeping up my healthy eating habits and I’m gaining at the same rate as with my first! What gives?! It’s really discouraging, but since I know I’m making good choices I’m trying not to think to much about it. I guess this is just how our bodies make babies..?

      • Honestly, I believe the recommendations are total bs. Every woman is different and some women increase their blood volume by a lot more, and some just need more of that extra fat than others!! Don’t stress mamas, you’re nourishing your babies and staying healthy for them!

    • im also 22 weeks with a baby girl and gained 20lbs already! im very active and fit and eat no more than 1,500 – 2,000 cals a day of which i burn atleast 800 of that back off! my weight gain been really stressing me but i know i eat good and am active so trying to not read to much into it!

  57. Well ladies. I had my 1st very young, pregnant at 16, gave birth at 17. Second one, I had gone through a breast reduction, and then developed an eating disorder. I am almost 5’9 and I was about 130. I went in to the hospital at 219lbs with that baby!!! I couldn’t believe it. At his first birthday, without any exercise I was down to 158lbs. Since then he is now 9 and my oldest 16. My husband and I are expecting our first baby together in September 2018 🙂 I was strict dieting and constantly working out– sometimes 2x a day before our wedding this past July. I am packing on the pounds needless to say and the emotions are going crazy. It seems as the more kids you have the more ‘pregnant’ you look quicker cause your body knows what to do. I don’t know. I just know I didn’t sign up to lose weight when I agreed to get pregnant lol! I am in it for the long haul! I know how to eat right and lift/workout to sculpt my body the way I want like prior to the wedding. So no doubt I will be back and better than ever! Keep your heads up Mommas! We are killing it!

  58. I was 22 years old for my first son and gained 70 lbs with him. My pre pregnancy weight was 185lbs. I lost all my baby weight within a year but then hit a point about a year ago where I started ring on weight. I hit a stable 205lbs. Now I am 20 weeks pregnant with my second son and lost 25lbs in my first trimester from morning sickness. I still haven’t gained weight but it has stabilized at 180. I have no appetite what so ever with this pregnancy and have to force myself to eat. But hoping for the best! It’s just crazy how my first was all gain. I was hungry and could 1st anything. Now with my second I can’t eat anything and enjoy it!

    • Oh no, do you have HG?

  59. All these comments make me feel a lot better with my situation. Although I am still worried. I am still waiting on my doctor (who is away on vacation for another 5 days) to refer me to a obgyn. I’m not too sure how far along I am to be honest, due to irregular times of the month and the fact I was on the pill the whole time before finding out I was pregnant. I believe I am between 10 or 14 weeks pregnant. I have gained 20lbs so far in 12 weeks. Partially due to Christmas eating (which always just falls right off once end of January hits) as well as only being able to eat carbs during bad morning sickness. I was unable to go to work for 2 weeks! I started out in November at 110-115lbs at 5’7 with moderate excersize and quite the physical job. I tried visiting a clinic to see my restrictions at work (due to dangerous chemicals and risky jobs) and to curb my concerns but my 3 hr wait to see him turned into a doctor who wasn’t concerned at all about my situation. Didn’t give me a pregnancy test, nor checked my cold I had acquired, and just told me to wait for my family practitioner (who does not do any maternity) to return in 2 1/2 weeks time. He left the office mid question I had, after only 3 minutes of his time. I wasn’t rude, or being a hypocondriac. I just have so many questions, it is my first pregnancy, and no one to answer. I’ve rented books from the library and trying to research. My main concern is my weight gain and not getting in in time to do some specific tests.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


    • How did everything turn out for you?

  60. I am now 8 weeks and look like I am 4 months pregnant… I have started keeping a food diary to make sure I wasn’t going crazy with the food intake but I am definitely not overeating calorie-wise. I feel like I will be HUGE by the time I give birth.
    I am trying to be rational about this as I have had two miscarriages and want to go full term with this one (I am 41). It is hard though, especially as I am not telling people until later on).
    Thank you for this article – it has been very helpful 🙂

  61. I am 38 weeks pregnant. I’m overweight and was diagnosed with pcos and gestational diabetes in November. I have been talking Metformin since November. My sugar levels have been great and my total weight gain has been 12 pounds. I was a little nervous about having a big baby. My son who is now 11 years old was over 8 pounds. I will be induced next Friday. Can anyone tell me if my baby will be big? Feeling a little anxious.

    • There is no way to tell really. I was overweight with my first three pregnancies. I’m 5’10” and My start weight with each pregnancy was about 200 pounds. I gained 40 pounds with each pregnancy with no issues like gestational diabetes or PCOS.
      My first daughter was 9lbs 2oz
      My son was 8lbs 2oz
      And my youngest was 8lbs 15oz

  62. Do you know if, since I am a little overweight, my body recognizes that I have plenty of fat stores for breast feeding? Has that ever been looked at, studied, anything like that?

    • I would recommend looking into the Brewers Diet online – they have a lot of good information for women of all types, from underweight to overweight, and how to eat/exercise in a healthy way for you and your baby!

  63. Is anyone having the issue of not gaining much weight during the first trimester, but your body is expanding very quickly? I’m toggling between 131-134, and my pre-pregnancy weight was in the upper 120’s. I’m about 9 1/2 weeks now, and I’m looking about 5 months preggo with very little weight gain. This could be because this is my third baby and I’m in my early 40s, but I’m wondering if anyone else has gone through this.

    • I am going through the same thing. I am 39 yrs old, this is my third pregnancy not including 3 miscarriages. I am 11 1/2 weeks and look about as big as I did when I was about 6 months pregnant. I didn’t get real big or gain a lot of weight with my other two. This time around I am hungry all the time! I am scared that I am putting on to much weight keep telling myself that maybe that is what I need since I didn’t before and both my babes were born early due to complications. My son was only 2 weeks early but my daughter was 2 months and premature. Needless to say I am high risk and trying to do things different. I typically weight a steady 128 and worked out 2 to 4 times a week. Now I am tired all the time, have restrictions on my workouts and am left trying not to obsess about the weight gain. I am glad to hear I am not completely alone!

  64. This is my first pregnancy and in the first trimester I gained about 13 pounds, I wasn’t able to workout like I normally would 5 times a week due to light spotting, so I went from being active almost daily to nothing and being stressed along with that, I figured the rapid gain was from those factors. In the second trimester I did start working out again and and would gain about a pound a week, now at 33 weeks I don’t get to work out daily or even like I use to in the 2nd trimester (I still work out just not as often or as long) but the weight gain has slowed down to about 1/2 a pound a week. the total weight gain has been 31 pounds. My goal was to hopefully stay at 25 – 30 pounds since I started out overweight, but I decided that my body would put on what it needed and beside if I was able to focus to lose 45 pound before I got pregnant, I am sure I can work hard to get off any weight I put on as I’ve have manage to do so in the past.

    • I experienced something very similar. I am 32 very fit/active (5’9 usually around 150/155), love working out and did so 5-6 days a week. During my first trimester I lost all desire to workout, a lot of nausea and exhausted all the time. I gained 10 pounds very quickly, 2nd trimester started working out but was at 20lb weight gain and now just starting my 3rd trimester and have gained 30/35lbs.

      I feel great, I feel that I look great, I am still eating healthy, real food… (probably more food) but I am concerned about “risking” out of my birthing center because of weight gain. My midwives say that I need to “keep it in check” so that I don’t risk out but I am not sure how flexible the center is and because I feel great it is hard to think about “dieting” while pregnant.

      Anyone have experience with more than recommended weight gain at a birthing center? Or “risking” out of a birthing center because of weight gain?

      • Hi Sara! We’re the same height. I started my first pregnancy at 140 lbs (27 years old). When I arrived at the birthing center to deliver my son, I weighed 215! Labor was long and difficult, but everything was fine, and my son was healthy. I began my second pregnancy around 150 lbs (32 years old). I was super careful with my diet to avoid the same excessive weight gain and ended up weighing 195 lbs at the time of delivery. My second son was delivered at home with midwives. Labor was quick and relatively easy. Now I’m 36 years old and 18 weeks pregnant with my third. I was about 155 when I found out I was pregnant. After my two previous experiences with gaining (and then really struggling to lose) so much weight, I borderline obsess over it. Yet, despite my hyper-vigilance, at 18 weeks I have already gained nearly 20 lbs. My midwives encourage me to stop worrying about it and just continue to make the healthiest choices I can (including not stressing myself over weight gain). They same some women just gain more…I know just about every woman in my family has. In my case, the midwives did not get too concerned about the gain because my blood pressure stayed within a healthy range and all my blood work/urine samples were normal throughout my pregnancies. I really don’t think you’ll “risk out” of a birth center for gaining slightly more than the “recommended range” unless there are clear signs of serious medical issues (e.g. preeclampsia). You can always ask exactly what their criteria for “risking out” are. If your contract with your birth center is like mine, you pre-paid for all services (including birth) and deserve to know the exact terms under which your care would be transferred to another provider. I hope your pregnancy is going well and that your birth experience is amazing!

  65. I weighed 111 pre-pregnancy.. I lost 11 pounds in my first and second trimester due to nausea. I now weigh 126 at 31 weeks and barely look like I’ve gained a pound.. people don’t ask me if I’m pregnant, people don’t look at me as if I’m pregnant. Its odd but I know my body is getting enough nutrients and what not so I just let it be lol

  66. I’m halfway through my pregnancy and haven’t gained anything! My body has changed though, I’m more belly and less everything else. I started out slightly overweight, and I’m eating and drinking plenty of water. I’m hoping I can make up for lost time in this next half!

  67. I felt so bad about myself before coming to this page. I am currently 37 weeks with my first and I’ve gained 52 pounds.. my original weight was 130lbs now I’m 182lbs. I was so worried that I wouldn’t lose the weight but I’ve been reassured.

    • Do not worry about it! I am 5’6 and I was 130 pounds and the day I gave birth to my 6 pound 12 oz baby boy I weighed 190. My doctor was not worried about it. My levels were always normal and ate somewhat healthy. I have lost everything but 10 pounds and I am 3 months postpartum and exclusively breastfeeding. I have not started a workout routine except a 2 mile walk everyday.

  68. I started at 135 and lost 10 pounds during my first trimester due to morning sickness. I then gained a whole 60 pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight. I lost most of it within the first 6 months or so. I still have an extra 6 pounds, but I am breastfeeding my almost 1 year old so I’m telling myself that that’s what the 6 pounds is from. 😉

  69. I was 123 lbs before my first pregnancy. I lost 3 pounds during the first trimester (yeah nausea) and then gained 38 pounds. I lost all the weight by 10 days postpartum. I’m now 31 weeks with baby 2 and have only gained 11 pounds. I’m doing everything to gain (eating, eating, eating and more eating) and can’t seem to put the weight on. I have a very active 2 year old, though, and my midwife doesn’t seem too concerned. My ND has told me to sneak in grains whenever possible (even though we’re mostly a grain free home).

  70. I’m 5’1 and always been the same weight 97lbs-100. I had my 1st kid at 19 & hardly gained any weight. After one month I was down to 95lbs. I had my twins when I was 32 and gained 80lbs. Today my twins are 4years old and I weight 200lbs. Yes I eat healthy I exercise 5x a week. Now my doctor has put me on Phentermine & have to see him every month. I am so depressed & hate my body so much. Is like what ever I do I can’t loose this weight.

    • Karmen: Please don’t hate yourself. If you’re doing things right (eating properly and exercising) then it must be a hormonal issue… I’m sure your doctor will soon find what it is and help you. Society is really cruel on us women… they expect us to do it all: get pregnant, raise our children, look wonderful all the time… try not to listen. You truly are wonderful. Keep telling you that.

  71. I was normal to underweight to begin with for my first 2 pregnancies. I gained about 50 lbs during both from months 1-7 only 1-3 lbs from months 7-9. Lost baby weight with 1st one very quickly without trying. With 2nd baby I had to exercise and diet but lost weight plus some by 6 months. With this baby started out average 5’7 135 lbs bmi 21 during first 10 weeks lost 5 lbs due to nausea but from week 11 to now 13 weeks have gone up to 148 it makes me nervous but I’m guessing my body is just catching up because I couldn’t eat much to begin with. I’m exercising more than I did with first 2 and trying to stay positive hoping weight gain will taper off near end like before. These posts help a lot so thanks to all who share. Even though I feel like i gain more than I ought to due to media and “ideal weight gain ” charts I see I am not the only one who doesn’t fit into that mold. Try not to panic and keep positive your pregnancy body is beautiful and you will lose most of it or all of it after plus have such an amazing little blessing. 🙂

  72. I am 24 years old and 24 weeks into my first pregnancy. Prepregnancy weight was 123. Until 20 weeks I had not even stepped on to a scale and was pretty shocked to see I had gained about 25 pounds (147)! My husband would constantly nag me to eat more because for the greater portion of my 1st trimester I didn’t have a taste for anything. It was a terrible task shoveling food into my mouth that didn’t even satisfy. That being said, my weight gain has seemed to taper off as I’ve only gained about a pound/week for the past 3 weeks (150). At my latest ultrasound earlier this week, the tech said my baby weighed just over a pound. I eat healthy for the majority (besides the occasional french fries). I’ve added a lot of dairy into my diet to get the recommended calcium so that’s basically the only major difference in my diet. My portion sizes have also increased but all that means is I finish my plate and don’t have as many leftovers. I get a decent amount of exercise (mostly done sporadically). It seems my thighs, breasts and butt have really filled out (only me and my husband can tell), and of course my belly is showing off quite a bit and is carrying wide and low. I personally am not worried about excess weight gain because I trust my body and I know I am not eating unhealthily. I appreciate this article, it gave me more confidence and peace. Thank you!

  73. First pregnancy: I gained 9 pounds by 15 weeks. The by-the-book nurse told me to slow down. I panicked because I hadn’t been eating terribly; I’d had one Dairy Queen blizzard and one hamburger during that time period. But I also questioned her advice (and delivery of it!). I quickly dropped weight after delivering Baby #1 but held onto the last 7 lbs.

    Second (this) pregnancy: If I’ve gained any weight by 17 weeks, it’s only a pound or two. HOWEVER, several things to note: I am less gung-ho to let go and eat what I want; I know that I want to lose all the weight this time, so I’ve pulled in the reins a bit. Though I did more cardio pre-pregnancy, I recently switched it for weight-lifting 5x/week. I have stronger cravings and aversions, which means that I almost completely reject sugary desserts and coffee. AND, I decreased breastfeeding my toddler from 4 to 2x/day, so my body was probably dropping the breastfeeding pounds at the same time that I began my first trimester.

    I’ve gotten a ‘high’ from not gaining weight nearly as fast as I did the first time around, and I’m realizing THAT’S NOT HEALTHY. So more peanut butter and avocados for me. Seeing the ultrasounds motivates me to eat well and enough for my baby.

  74. I lost five pounds in the first trimester. I am now 21 weeks and have not gained a pound. I was overweight when I got pregnant. I was worried I wasn’t gaining and so I started adding a morning smoothie with fresh spinach, fruit, Greek yogurt, and protein powder. At least I know I am eating healthy and the baby and I are doing great. I wish there wasn’t such a focus on weight because I think each person has a unique journey. Thank you for the article.

  75. I worry because I’m over weight as it is I weigh 190 lbs I wonder if I have to worry I eat healthy and exercise in morning for a short amount of time . but I have a hard time loosing weight I heard it isn’t safe for the baby to weigh over 200 lbs which I’m for sure I will exceed further along in the pregnancy

  76. I packed on pounds right away. From around 4-7 weeks I was starving and mainly wanted greasy and sugary foods. Weeks 8-11 I ate so many sleeves of saltine crackers I should have bought stock in the company. I also had no energy from that time until around 18 weeks. From 11-18 weeks the only things that sounded good were white carbs, mozzarella cheese, and dessert, so I ate a lot of those while choking down good fats, veggies, and lean protein as much as I could. I’m probably up 15 pounds from 130 (having gained ~5 during the winter already) at conception to 145 now at week 21+2. I know I should have made healthier choices and done more exercise but the baby gets nutrients from me regardless and that’s what is important.

    • I’d gained 8 of those by my first doctor’s appointment.

  77. I’m 13 weeks and at net -1 pounds. I lost several the first 6 weeks and then gained a couple the past 7 weeks.
    At first I was eating what I was before finding out I was pregnant, around 1300 calories.
    When I knew I was pregnant I bumped it up to 1900, which was what it takes to maintain my weight PLUS the recommended extra 100 calories for the first trimester.
    Now that I’m in the second I’m adding another 200 calories to total the 300 extra calories recommended for the second trimester. So far it’s leading to .5 pound per week gain.

    It is weird feeling so full and bloated every day. I’m amazed I’m not gaining more with how stuffed I feel.

  78. Hi,
    I am 16 weeks pregnant. Before I found out I was pregnant I was strictly vegan and doing Hot Yoga or running 4-5 times a week. The first 8 weeks I was too tired to even move. I am still doing the no meat thing, but have been adding some cheese into my diet. I was 118lbs before pregnant and now I’m 140. The only thing that has visibly changed about me are: my chest has gone up 3 sizes and my baby bump is rather advanced. (My sister in law is 20 weeks and we’re the same size) My midwife told me that I have gained weight rather quickly and to ‘be careful’. All my life I have suffered with body dysmorphia and this news from her just put me in a puddle. I don’t know what else to do. Today I ate healthy all day, fruits, veggies, proteins, good fats. I don’t know why I am gaining so much but don’t see it anywhere other than my chest and baby bump. Am I crazy? I’m really feeling down since that appointment. Any advice would help. TY!

    • I would ignore the “be careful” comment and just eat healthfully. She may have struggled with her own body image while pregnant and is projecting that. Who knows. Just be healthy and you will be fine!

    • Your body needs the fat! Don’t worry for a second. I talked to a very educated holistic doctor the other day who mentioned his wife gained 60 in each of her 4 pregnancies and it fell right off afterward. I gained 45 with my first (and started at a very notmal healthy weight, muscular farmer…) It came off and my child is extremely smart (2 duck eggs a day for choline!) it sounds like your body needs the weight. My midwives would agree and they hide the # on the scale.

    • Please don’t let that warning from your doctor ruin your self esteem. I am 32 weeks pregnant and have gained 40 pounds. I feel so comfortable with my shape and I don’t feel my weight gain was at all excessive. I eat clean foods, I exercise lightly and I gain roughly 1 pound a week. My doctor lectures me on my weight at every visit and has done so since the beginning. Apparently according to the BMI calculator doctors use, I was overweight when I conceived however I felt I was in great shape. Not all bodies are the same and what’s normal for one may not be for another. Focus on having a healthful pregnancy and enjoy the journey. Any extra weight you have after birth will always come off with some work. It’s not at all worth the stress, just take comments like that with a grain of salt.

    • Don’t worry! It sounds like you were a skinny athlete to start and your body probably needed the weight right away. This was true for me and some of my friends who were also very fit with low fat. I pretty much gained 15 lbs immediately! I went from 123 and all muscle to 137 I think by my first appointment, to 143 by my second, and I have now stayed at 143 for a month! (I’m now 24 weeks). My boobs went from an A to a generous C. I have briefly wondered if it’s a problem that My gaining has slowed down so much but then I remember that my baby only weighs like 1 lb! He probably has everything he needs for now and he just needed it right away because I was so skinny. I think too much emphasis is placed on poundage as it relates to BMI and not enough as it relates to body fat %. If you are strong your BMI will be skewed! Although I was at the very low end of normal before pregnancy – BMI 19 – it was all muscle! I think everyone is different and more doctors should think about who they are talking to before they open their mouths.

      • I’m finding many of these comments encouraging. I was running 5 miles a day and using and elliptical trainer daily as well prior to pregnancy. I continued running until about 10 weeks but had to stop because I was struggling with nausea and exhaustion. My whole life I have struggled with my perception of my body. Since finding out i was pregnant i have tried to eat healthy and continue to exercise but I’ve gained 15 lbs at 18 weeks. I’m jiggly in places I never have been and I know the baby’s health is what’s important but looking in the mirror is a challenge. According to the weight gain chart I’m 3-5 lbs more than I should be. So many women seem to not follow that, and it gives me hope.

        • I’m really struggling. This is my 6th pregnancy but 4th baby. I am gaining very rapidly more than any of the others and pretty consistent pre pregnancy weight. The difference with this one. I had lost my weight but now I eat very healthy, workout daily, run 3-4 times a week in addition to that. I decreased running to 2-3 depending on fatigue and I can’t push quite as hard. I was so nauseous I ate junk. Salty junk was all that tasted good from 7-11 weeks. No I may have 1 more dessert than usual and back to healthy eating and I’m still gaining away. All the tone is covered in squishiness and nothing fits and I only have a bump if it’s the end of the night and you’re looking for it. I know skinny doesn’t = healthy. I’m was not rail skinny, but I did look athletic, now well it’s sad really. I’m so thankful for this sweet one growing but I want to feel and look healthy even when I’m eating all the nutrients my body doesn’t match up. Anything I’m missing?

  79. After lot of research I purchased dermalmd stretch mark serum for my daughter who was pregnant she gained 50 lbs from origally only 103 pounds before pregnancy. Not one stretch mark and I have to say it is because of dermalmd. My daughter lost all of her baby weight in 4 months and not one stretch mark .

    • I was 108 pounds when I found out I was pregnant. I am 7 weeks now and haven’t gained weight. Will that affect my baby. I eat healthealthy foods.

  80. It is NOT okay to advise pregnant women to eat raw diary. My sister only drank raw milk and continued to do so against the advice of her midwife. They trusted their farmer but developed a cause of E. coli from her milk. What presented as a stomach bug in my brother and law, landed her in the ICU with a kidney infection. They were so concerned about her developing spesis that they delivered my newphew my emergency c section at 27 weeks. She was in the ICU for 2 weeks and my newphe was in the NICU for 2 months. Thankfully two years later they are both doing well but she has switched to an organic pasteurized milk. Her story is rear but not unheard of. Pregnant woman are at higher risk of infection so you are much more likely to get very sick from something like E. Coli in pregnancy. Why would you advise women to risk that? At the end of the day it’s a personal choice but if it’s common knowledge not to eat lunch meat, I would think you would warn of the dangers of raw diary.

  81. What a great article! So many women do panic when they see the scale keep going up. I have been pretty positive about my weight gain but it’s still strange to see the number going higher and higher. I’m 36 weeks and have gained 45 lbs. I was a little under weight when I got pregnant. I’ve been eating healthy and working out a little a few times a week. I’m confident I’m healthy and feel great! Listen to your bodies you beautiful women!!!

    • Jacqueline: Thank you for writing your comment. I am 3 weeks pregnant, and have been going back and forth in my head with fears of gaining weight (as I was formally eating disordered for some time), and telling myself “Your selfish to worry, I have a living creature, a baby, that needs you healthy no matter the weight, stop worrying!” . I am an active and a athletic 34yr old, will most likely continue my regime of working out (as its my job at the moment) and despite the wisdom I’ve gained over my years, sometimes it is imperative to read such simple, but extremely impact-ful notions. (Such as Your: “Listen to your bodies you beautiful women!!!”) Thank you.

  82. I am 34 weeks pregnant, 30 years old and first pregnancy. Ive always had big strong legs but was a healthyweight and active. I did have a secret bad habit. We wanted a baby but I refused to carry that habit while pregnant! So, I quit smoking almost a year before getting pregnant. As a result, 15-20 lbs creeped up on me. At that point, I was overweight before pregnancy (but smoke free!)
    I lost weight first trimester due to loss of appetite. Mostly ate fruit, yogurt and some protein. I never had vomiting until week 12. Didn’t last long. I felt confident that I was doing ok. Didn’t gain anything until about the 6th month, then WHAM! I started to pack on quickly. Especially these thighs. I’m approaching week 35 and have gained right at 30 lbs. although it may not seem terrible, I feel horribly huge. I regret not trying to lose that 20 lbs beforehand. But of course don’t regret this pregnancy for one second (or quitting those nasty cigarettes!) Looking at that number has been the biggest struggle. Especially since I gained so quickly in the end. It’s hard to focus on all the positive with all the hormones raging. Not to mention we are closing on our new house next week, been packing and moving to another state. ?
    Babyboy is perfect weight right now, and I’m watching sugar and carbs due to borderline GD. I have to remind myself to stay positive and get through these last few weeks ? He is all I’ve ever wanted ??

  83. Thanks for this post!
    I’m in my first trimester, week 8. I haven’t had my second appointment yet, so I don’t know if I’m putting on weight, but I’m acquiring new and strange eating habits. At week 6 the morning sickness started, and it only gets better when I eat, but since I’m feeling sick, I can only manage to eat certain foods, mainly white bread, hot tea with milk and cheese. Sometimes bananas. I feel so guilty for eating so much bread! After I eat those things I don’t really enjoy and start feeling better, I always try to eat something else afterwards, something better for my body (more fruit, nuts, yoghurt, etc.), so I end up eating so much more than what I used to eat. But I can’t find any other way to deal with the nausea and the world doesn’t stop spinning because I’m now pregnant, so I need to keep on working, studying… so hard. I guess it’ll be better later on, once the nausea is gone. Again, thanks for this post.

    • Hi I’m 16 weeks pregnant now and coming out of the sickness period it still creeps up on me a little during the day but nothing like it was. Like you all I could eat was white bread with cheese on it and had the same anxiety all I was eating were empty cars. Now I’m feeling better I can eat far more nutritious foods. So don’t worry it gets better hopefully it has already. Good luck x

  84. I’m in my 11th week and have gained 10-11 pounds since week 6. I was very small to begin with a was doing daily intermittent fasting which means I only really ate for 6-10 hrs each day. But, I’ve been struggling with trusting that my body is gaining the proper weight. I eat a stellar diet. Super high quality and very nutrient dense. However, I have been limited with my mobility for several years due to a severe back injury. So the best I can do is take walks and do physical therapy. Since getting pregnant, my body has demanded far more food that I could have imagined eating in one day, all day, and all the food groups, including regular animal meat and carb consumption. Before, I was vegetarian and only ate carbs moderately. I have tried only eating protein and fat with fruit and veggie as the carb but the body says no and I get woozy easily without something more starchy. Does anyone have any words or encouragement or insight? At 5’1 it’s alarming to be putting on the weight so quickly. Plus this is my first pregnancy and I have no idea how my body will handle the next 6 months and the time of balancing the weight once the baby is born. Thoughts?

    • Hi Angela,

      I also started our super tiny (I’m also 5’1, and pre-pregancy always weighed around 42kg/92lbs), I’m almost 23 weeks, first pregnancy and now weigh 55kg/121lbs… And ‘alarming’ is definitely a great word choice. I eat like a saint (I don’t eat wheat, dairy, sugar, or anything processed at all, and plenty of good fat), but similar to you, since becoming pregnant my body has demanded a lot more food. I have found the weight gain was most extreme in the first trimester, when I first went from eating one/two meals a day and maybe a small snack to eating three solid meals and at least three snacks. I’ve kept up my reformer pilates routine throughout 2-3 sessions a week, and walk a couple of times a week, but I don’t feel it makes a difference to weight – though I do feel strong. I think my new strategy is to not worry about the number on the scale, and focus on feeling healthy and trust it’ll all even out in the end. It’s definitely hard to see such dramatic change though! We’re in a society that puts a lot of pressure on us as women to look a certain way and be a certain size and shape, and it really takes away from being able to appreciate the joy of what is actually happening with our bodies through this journey. Best wishes. x

      • Hi Kareena,

        Thanks for your reply. It’s inspiring and encouraging for me to hear of someone else with a similar situation handling it with such strength and grace. Your strategy sounds very healthy-minded and I will remember it if I notice a worry within myself. I want to enjoy what is happening 100% of the time and only generate positive vibes for me and baby. Bless. <3

    • Fetus’ preferred energy choice is glucose, so carbohydrates. Studies have shown ultra low carb diets, low enough to produce ketones, can cause birth defects. Do NOT fear carbs while pregnant.

  85. I am 25 weeks today. In my first trimester I gained abt 5 lbs, but once in my second I started inc how much weight each week, 1lb to 2 lbs for a couple weeks but the last 5 I have gained abt 3 lbs despite working out 4-5x per week with variety of activities ( moderate/high intensity walking 1+ hrs (2-3x wk), prenatal yoga 1x wk 75 min, swimming 1x wk, normal weight lifting for abt 30 min. I was in great shape before becoming pregnant and worked out 3-4 days a week for 1-2 hrs. I was 119 lbs, but have always been thin but with good muscle tone. It blows my mind I can keep gaining weight at this rate despite all of this activity. I just weighed this morning and up to 138.8 lbs. Hoping it tapers off like it have heard many ladies say but I know my little babe must need it if I keep gaining. I’m just going to keep eating healthy as I always have and eat if I’m hungry and workout to stay strong and ready and keep him healthy too.

  86. I am 19 weeks with baby three and have been consistently losing weight at each appt (I hadn’t been weighting myself in between). I had NO problem gaining with my first two babies and gained 35 with the first and 40 with the second. My Dr. did comment at my last appointment that she wants to see weight gain, not loss, by this point. I honestly don’t know what’s going on with my body! I have such a little appetite and don’t realize my body is hungry until I’m nauseas, and then I don’t want to eat. I’ve tried adding avocado to everything I eat and snacking on nuts more often but still, no gain. At my last appointment, baby’s heart rate was only 108 on the doppler so I was sent for an emergency ultrasound. They ended up doing a full anatomy scan and everything was perfect and the heart rate was 143. That said, that little scare and not gaining weight has me so nervous about everything with this pregnancy- which I don’t think helps my appetite! Very frustrating and confusing as I have NEVER been one to have a hart time gaining.

    • I’m so relieved to read this. I’m in the 11th week of my first pregnancy and have gained 10-11 pounds since week 6. I was very small to begin with (5’1 and about 106 lbs) and was doing daily intermittent fasting for a few years which means I only really ate for 6-10 hrs each day. But, I’ve been struggling with trusting that my body is gaining the proper weight. I eat a stellar diet. Super high quality, low inflammatory, and very nutrient dense. However, I have been limited with my mobility for several years due to a severe back injury. So the best I can do is take walks and do physical therapy. Since getting pregnant, my body has demanded far more food that I could have imagined eating in one day, all day, and all the food groups, including regular animal meat and starchy carb consumption. Before, I was vegetarian and only ate starchy carbs moderately. I have tried only eating protein and fat with fruit and veggie as the carb but the body says no and I get woozy easily without something more starchy. At 5’1 it’s alarming to be putting on the weight so quickly. Plus this is my first pregnancy and I have no idea how my body will handle the next 6 months and the time of balancing the weight once the baby is born. I don’t think I would be so worried if they didn’t have those ridiculous charts on “ideal weight gain during pregnancy.”

  87. Thanks for this post. I have found it annoying that there are so many ‘rules’about women’s weight gain during pregnancy. I have always eaten very healthy food and did the same during pregnancy. I started out at 112lbs with a BMI of 19 and gained 20 pounds during the first 8 weeks which luckily was not a reason to panic for my doctor. I am now in my 36th week and have gained a total of 30 pounds. So there you go, not at all like the charts. Every woman is different. Why make us go through stress for no good reason?

    • This is me exactly!!! I gained a lot of weight when I found out I was pregnant but I had no appetite. I was always nauseous and never finished a meal. I started at 120 now I’m 136 and on week 12 tomorrow! I don’t look fat but definitely can tell in my stomach and boobs. I checked my weight about 2 weeks ago so I’m sure I went up more but it’s so strange to me how I gained so much weight with this pregnancy and can’t even tell besides a little tummy witch also gives me a pregnant look but its squishy lol.

    • I’m so relieved to read this. I’m in the 11th week of my first pregnancy and have gained 10-11 pounds since week 6. I was very small to begin with (5’1 and about 106 lbs) and was doing daily intermittent fasting for a few years which means I only really ate for 6-10 hrs each day. But, I’ve been struggling with trusting that my body is gaining the proper weight. I eat a stellar diet. Super high quality, low inflammatory, and very nutrient dense. However, I have been limited with my mobility for several years due to a severe back injury. So the best I can do is take walks and do physical therapy. Since getting pregnant, my body has demanded far more food that I could have imagined eating in one day, all day, and all the food groups, including regular animal meat and starchy carb consumption. Before, I was vegetarian and only ate starchy carbs moderately. I have tried only eating protein and fat with fruit and veggie as the carb but the body says no and I get woozy easily without something more starchy. At 5’1 it’s alarming to be putting on the weight so quickly. Plus this is my first pregnancy and I have no idea how my body will handle the next 6 months and the time of balancing the weight once the baby is born. I don’t think I would be so worried if they didn’t have those ridiculous charts on “ideal weight gain during pregnancy.”

  88. I am 27 weeks along now. I started out in the obese category at 188 lbs. I am now 181 lbs. My Dr gets concerned if I fluctuate above 181 lbs and isn’t very friendly if this happens. Baby is measuring right on target and all testing has been perfectly normal.

  89. I’m now 26 almost 27 weeks pregnant with our second baby girl. With our first, I started gaining right away. Right in the first trimester. I was underweight in the first place, but gained 43 pounds. My doctors didn’t say anything so I’m thinking they weren’t concerned. After I had our first daughter, I then dropped 20 pounds in the first week. Then slowly dropped to my pre-pregnancy weight within 9 months! I was surprised myself. With this pregnancy, I also started out underweight (of course) and started gaining right away. I was even sick in the first trimester! By the time I was 23 weeks along I already gained 32 pounds. Of course, my doctor hasn’t said anything so I’m assuming it’s okay. I don’t have a scale at home, but I’m thinking I’ve gained more in the last 5 weeks with this second baby. I feel like I’m gaining way fast. I go up and down all the time about it. Sometimes I reassure myself that it’s okay, sometimes I get sorta depressed about it. I started out at 102 pounds, now I think I’m around 140. I’m only almost 27 weeks along and I still have 13 weeks to go! Haha. I exercise at least 4 times a week and I eat all the time. If I don’t eat, I feel sick. My sister-in-law said it’s okay and not to worry about it.

  90. I’m now in my second trimester and have lost 13 lbs! My midwife doesn’t seem concerned but I’m typically a good eater and all of a sudden have food aversions. Things I used to love I don’t care for: I’m having a hard time snacking and getting enough calories in a day.

  91. my pregnancy weight was normal throughout still my baby was over weight so i didnt have normal delivery. I sm expecting my second one. i dont know what all precautions i should take.

  92. I’m only 18 weeks and have already gained 15 pounds! I did an online weight calculator, and it says I am above where I should be at this point. Going to exercise more and eat better. I hope I can slow down my weight gain, but I just have such a huge appetite now.

    • Don’t feel bad. I’m already at 40 lb and was ideal prior to pregnancy. Dr did put me on a diet. And I’m only 26 weeks.

    • I gained 15 pounds in the first trimester and my weight gain did not slow down. I was a healthy weight to begin with but I had serious carb cravings and I was exhausted the entire time! I continued biking and walking which I had always done and didn’t try to control my carb intake too much which is why my weight gain didn’t slow down I guess. But long story short, I gained 50 pounds in the end but had a healthy natural birth to a healthy, average sized baby (7.5 pounds) and had no problems breast feeding and returned to my pre-pregnancy weight within 9 months without even trying. So don’t worry if your weight gain doesn’t slow down unless it’s causing you other problems. Sometimes your body knows more than the doctors do. I’m an older mom too and the midwives told me that I shouldn’t be gaining so much weight and that I would likely have trouble losing it again, but I didn’t.

  93. I’m at thirty three weeks and have already gained forty pounds. It’s a lot for me. I’m only 4’9″ and pre-pregnancy weighed about ninety pounds. I have indulged occasionally in sweets and fast food, but mostly ate healthy with a lot more veggies than I used to eat. I also walk around a mile and a half to two miles everyday, but the two months I’ve gained almost ten pounds each and did so the first month before I knew I was pregnant. My sister is taller than me, but had a similar build when she first got pregnant. She gained fifty pounds with each child regardless of what she did. I’m worried because my weight gain is already almost half of my pre-pregnancy weight, but am hoping losing the extra fluid and blood, along with my uterus going back down and giving birth to the baby and birthing the placenta takes a good portion.

  94. I am pregnant with my first and currently 15 weeks I was underweight when I got pregnant and have lost 20lbs so far no weight gain my weight just keeps going down every week I do not have hyperemesis or at least haven’t been diagnosed yet I can keep food down sometimes but most of the time I throw it up within minutes of eating. I am super worried and my doctor is absolutely terrible she only sees me once every 6-7 weeks and rushes me out without answering any questions one time she forgot I was pregnant even though I was there for a prenatal appt. She doesn’t even read my chart at all just asks me how I feel checks me out downstairs then tells me we are all done but she’s the only doctor I can get her nurse practitioner does a better job and she is a cranky old lady that lectures me for being pregnant so early in my marriage

    • Hi, that is terrible that you have to go through that. Maybe you should call your insurance company and see what other options you have. At the very least, she should prescribe you something for the nausea. I am currently 19 weeks pregnant and I am fortunate to have a great Dr. Maybe you can try some saltine crackers or dry bread to help with some ginger ale in addition. The NP shouldn’t have any input on how soon you got pregnant in your marriage, that is between you and your husband. Wishing you all the best!!!

    • Sorry to hear about this, I would say find a new doctor and someone who cares! I have a midwife and love her!

    • Melissa,

      I recommend switching doctors, we just did and it helped so much!!! We also are pregnant very early into our marriage and children are always a BLESSING and reward, never a burden. This child is going to add so much to your life and marriage.
      Just wanted to encourage you 🙂

    • Hi Melissa – How many weeks are you? It’s not unusual to lose weight in the first trimester.. it sounds like you aren’t in good company, I’d go with a midwife, they’re more careful, ask questions, & actually want you to be healthy, sor I’m sure they’d look into your weight loss… if you can’t find a midwife, I’d go for a more compassionate, knowledgeable doctor. I wish you all the best, truly.

    • How are you feeling now? My replay is late but I was going to suggest going to an emergency room. This way a doctor will see you and you can get the care you need. Especially with lots of vomiting in the first trimester, at an already low weight, they could hook you up to an IV to help you! It is an emergency situation. You might wait for a while though, so bring snacks and water.

  95. Well ladies,i had my first baby and quit francly the thing i was most scared of was weight gainand i gained sooo much weight! a stunning 39 and youthink thats bad weight till the baby comes up and everything saggs.Enjoy the cute belly becouse you ll miss it when it becomes a empty pouch

    • Everyone is sisters had no stretchmarks and no sagging/pouch. Same with my mother. I know friends who’ve gained 45/50 pounds and have no pouch or does go down for many. What was your BMI prior to conceiving?

  96. Hello. I was wondering for anyone could help me. I am 31 years old, first pregnancy… height 5’7″ Weight 125
    I am now 25 weeks pregnant and weigh 153!!!! I work full-time, excercise, and even do yoga – why is my body packing on soooo many lbs. I’m terrified!! SOMEONE HELP!!!

    • Currently almost 33 weeks and I’ve also gained more than the guidelines for this stage of the pregnancy (around 33lb). Started out a healthy weight for my height, and have never been over or under weight. I can attribute a few of those lbs to Christmas, but other than that I eat well and exercise just like i normally do. If it helps at all, it was the same story with my 1st pregnancy – gained around 45 in the end. By the time my son was about 8m old I had lost all that and then some without even trying. Was 10lb under my pre pregnancy weight and hadn’t weighed so little since I was about 14. Exclusively breastfeeding on demand, and eating and exercising sensibly (as you would before you were pregnant) means it will all come off. Particularly if you go with a baby led approach to weaning, as that usually means baby will consume more milk rather than solids when it’s left to them to decide. I gradually crept back up towards my pre preganacy weight as my son began to wean. I began this oreganacy -2lbs and my son seems to have now completely stopped breastfeeding in the last couple of weeks at age 27m. As for the weight gain this time, I yo yo between feeling absolutely devastated about it, and then reassuring myself that 45lbs must be what my body needs to gain during pregnancy. It seems like there’s not a lot I can do about it without resorting to obsessively monitoring every little thing I eat and/or pushing myself too far with exercise. Hope this helps. Sending you strength and camaraderie

    • Chelci,

      You are OK! I have very fit friends who gained 40-60 lbs during pregnant and post baby look better than ever!!! Cross fit moms. Your body knows what it’s doing.

      You will lose it. Keep exercising and eat well and your baby and you will be ok!

  97. I’m pregnant with my first baby currently and gained 5 pounds in my first trimester like I have been told to since before my pregnancy I weighed 130. Point is I am terrified of gaining a ton of weight then not having vaginal birth or worse gaining and gaining after baby comes. By the way I have PCOS and struggled with my weight since I was 12 I am 23 now.

  98. I am TERRIFIED about gaining weight. I was pregnant with my first child 16 years ago and I gained 54 lbs. I’m a lot older now and I am probably borderline obese. My goal would be to only gain 11 lbs. I’ve had extreme nausea which has caused me to be bedridden this entire time so far, so I can’t work out like I would like to. I’m 12 weeks and I haven’t gained any weight so far…

  99. I am 30 weeks today and I have gained 45 lbs. I am having a hard time with it, as I was very aware of my weight before. I am typically around 138lbs. When I found out I was pregnant I had started a workout out because I was 142lbs. Now I’m 187lbs. I do moderate exercise at least three days a week and am mostly active, as I’m a cashier. I am emotionally having a hard time as exercise has become difficult for me, as I’m often out of breath or exhausted very early. I have yet to meet in person a woman who gained only the expected 25-35 lbs with ANY of their babies. It is really difficult being pregnant without everyone commenting on if I’m not gaining enough or gaining too much. I appreciated this article for the part about what the weight is and how objective it is. 🙂

    • I gained 55 pounds, and kept gaining right until the end. My pre pregnancy weight was close to yours, and just over a year later an I’m only 4 pounds over my pre pregnancy weight, and fitting into my clothes ( except my shirts because I’m nursing). This post was really helpful in showing where the weight is distributed, and makes me feel better about those last few pounds since I’m still nursing. I think the biggest thing for me is my tummy… But doing healing transverse abdominal exercises after 8 weeks postpardum really had helped! Don’t worry too much! Just try to avoid too much simple sugars and carbs and think if nourishing your baby and body for labor. As my daughter has gotten older and more mobile I’ve worked more on exercise with her and it’s felt much more natural than leaving her at 3 months to go work out. These are precious times, enjoy them!

      • Thank you so much for sharing! I’m 30 weeks along with my third child and I’ve gained about 40 lbs. I was really freaking out about it, especially since my midwife gasped when she saw the scale. But my 20 month old little boy has been in and out of this hospital for the past three months with brain cancer and chemo, so I’ve been much less active and have not eaten nearly as well as I normally would. I’m feeling more encouraged now hearing from “normal” moms who gained a similar amount of weight!

  100. I’m 31 weeks with twins, and am currently up 27 lbs. I was hoping to keep the weight gain to less than 20, as I weighed 230# before I got pregnant. Now I’m nearing 260 and not happy about it! I’m 6’0 tall, so no one seems to notice. But I sure do! I’m hoping that after delivery, I will loose most of the weight, and continue to lose through breastfeeding.

  101. I really needed this! I’ve been in sort of a panic as I’ve gained 30lb already and I’m 29 weeks pregnant. I eat a very nutrient dense diet and the weight started coming on without me eating more!! I was shocked, and kept telling myself this is what the baby and my body needs. But reading the mainstream pregnancy books and such was really discouraging, saying to not gain that much weight, and here I am like I can’t help it!! Thank you Mama Natural!!

    • This is exactly me too. I started off rather skinny – 5’7″ tall and weight 120. I’m only 25 weeks today and weigh 153!!! I’m eating healthy and working out AND doing yoga. My Arma are still thin, but I am gaining weight in my legs and butt. And obviously stomach. What’s wrong with me!!?????????

      • Sounds like you’re in shape – working out, doing yoga, and eating well. Are you eating carbs? How many servings a day? For me, I retain so much water from them now that I’m pregnant! I would try a higher protein diet with vegetables… non bloating ones (if they make you bloat/hold onto water). Drink lots of water, more than the recommended amount, and lower sodium food.. if you’re doing all this and you’re still gaining, I wouldn’t worry. Some people gain more fast, then it tapers down.. I was having this issue and cut carbs, it helped immensely! It’s hard because all I want are carbs with every meal and more! You’re doing great, I wish you all the best!

    • That’s exactly what happened to me in my first pregnancy! I started about 10 pounds underweight and I gained 67 pounds by the end…and not because I was sedentary or eating anything out of the ordinary. I did lose it all though, and quickly. But now I’m 13 weeks pregnant with my second and terrified to gain that much again. I’ve been exercising 5 times a week and cutting back on carbs/sweets but sometimes I cave…especially when I’m tired or nauseous. I am just hoping and praying I won’t get that big this time, it felt like I just blew up for no reason at all!

  102. I started around 135 with my first and gained 40 lbs, EBFed and lost the weight by 6-8 months and then 5-8 more lbs during the two years of breastfeeding. When I was trying to get pregnant with my second, I started following most of Weston Prices pregnancy diet, though I was mostly eating that way anyway but upped my fat intake, and gained 5-10 lbs before conceiving and then in the first trimester quickly gained as well despite nausea and sickness and exercise. I ended up gaining around 55 lbs total but felt better than I did with my first pregnancy and was in better shape mentally and physically, did tons and tons of squats. I am now 5 months pp and am still between 160 and 165 lbs. It’s been hard and frustrating because I expected that this pregnancy would be the same and I would easy loose the weight from EBF, but I have to keep reminding myself that every pregnancy is different and that it is most likely just my BF hormones holding on to the weight this time, and possibly because of stress. The first few months were incredibly stressful, I was very sick a few times during which I barely ate and both my baby and other child were sick several times as well in addition to tongue tie and breastfeeding issues. I started exercising at 5-6 wks pp, didnt take many naps, and had been eating well but still felt hungry and didn’t want to eat “more” when I was hungry. I don’t know for sure, but I feel like all the stress and trying too hard has further hindered weight loss and I just need to rest and trust that it will happen when my body’s ready. Despite doing all the right things, I gained alot of weight and am having a hard time losing it. Mamas, eat when you’re truly hungry and rest- stressing your body out might actually hurt it 🙂

  103. I’ve only put on 6 pounds while pregnant, but I think a lot of that has to do with losing muscle mass. I normally do crossfit but had to stop at 20 weeks when I was diagnosed with placenta previa. Prior to becoming pregnant I weighed 135 and am now only at 141 at 33 weeks. I am certain that I am less muscular than before, but I still worry that I am failing my baby. Further complicating my attempts at gaining weight, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes so my grazing habits have had to be curbed so that I can take my blood sugar at appropriate intervals. This whole weight gain thing has been difficult for me!

  104. I gained 29 pounds with my first baby and fit back in my pre pregnancy jeans about three weeks later. Not sure if it was the breastfeeding or the fact that it was my first child (people loved to tell me that subsequent postpartums aren’t like that!). But I ate reasonably well and made sure I briskly walked two miles or so in the park every day.
    I’m six months along with my second and have gained 17 pounds. But I find myself making up reasons to not have my walk for the day (it’s humid, I’m too tired, blah blah blah). Pretty silly. I just need to get out there and move!

  105. I lost weight due to nausea and lack of appetite. At the end, I had only gained 12 pounds. They diagnosed my daughter with intra uterine growth restriction. I was over weight, so my doctor was fine with it. I told all my friends that what happened to me wasn’t normal, and that it kinda wasn’t cool that I didn’t look pregnant at all. My belly only increased 6 inches. You have to do what’s healthy for your body and baby. My daughter and I are healthy and that’s all that matters. I just always joke that it would have been nice to get a seat on the bus, but my arm muscles are stronger for it!

    • Thanks for sharing your experience as it can definitely help other women! Like you said, every pregnancy (and woman) is so different. Glad you and daughter are well 🙂

  106. I wish breastfeeding helped me lose weight, but so far it hasn’t. I’m hoping to get to a pre-babies weight after number 3 is born in a few weeks!

    • Congrats Monica! Enjoy your new baby 🙂 And, breastfeeding didn’t work for me with baby number 2 but each pregnancy is different. Xo

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  108. Thank you for this. I needed to hear this right now. I’ve been of the mindset to trust my body and just do what feels right. We recently switched midwives, and much of my first visit with the new midwife centered around me not gaining too much weight. (I’ve gained 29 pounds and am at 33 weeks.) It’s at a birthing center, so there are more midwives than the one. I’ve felt a little bit bad about myself since then (which isn’t normal), but didn’t realize why until just now… This post was really encouraging.

    • Oh good!!! Sounds like you’re doing great 🙂

  109. I lost 15 lbs in my first trimester for no reason. I wasn’t dieting, all I did was munch on the few things that didn’t sound horrifyingly disgusting, and slept on the couch for 3 months. I’m 5 months along and gained back 21 lbs. I’m pretty happy because I was overweight before I got pregnant, and I feel sooooo healthy now. And I can’t get my father in law to SHUT UP about me getting “fat” every time I eat in front of him, or talk about needing new clothes. My husband loves my new shape! 🙂

  110. Although I have a lot of nausea and fatigue during the first trimester, I feel my body thickening by 6-8 weeks! I am one of those that fills out head to toe during pregnancy (I’m due with #4 in December). I usually gain 35-40 pounds total. Thankfully without much effort of mine own, nursing baby, light exercise and eating healthy, I have had no problem loosing the weight and a few extra pounds by 6-8months postpartum. Now I’m in my 30’s I hope I will have the same results!

    • Lucky you! And congrats on pregnancy 🙂

  111. I have had pretty severe hyperemesis with both of my pregnancies. So with the first I lost about 20 lbs. With this pregnancy that is still in progress I’m down about 15 already and at 13 weeks. I’m beginning to feel better though so I hope I can get some weight back on now God willing. I’ve had much better care this time than last so I have hope.

    • Oh thank goodness, Bridgette! HG is nothing to mess around with! Hoping your 2nd trimester is much, much better!

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