If there’s one thing pregnant women hate, it’s being compared to anything “large.” Sure, you have an ever-growing abdomen that naturally catches people’s attention, but that doesn’t mean comments like “you’re about to pop!” are necessary—and they’re certainly not always appreciated. Unless, of course, you’re the one laughing, right?

Plus, comparing a pregnant mama to a powerlifter is, in many ways, quite the compliment—they’re both inherently strong. Here, a few uncanny similarities that just might boost your confidence and make you laugh at the same time.

1. They’re Obsessed With Protein

Pregnant women and power lifters are obsessed with protein
Eating healthy to support your growing child and eating healthy to support your growing biceps is sort of the same thing, right? Either way, a balanced diet is important to pregnant mamas and weightlifters alike… and both seem to have an obsession with getting enough protein.

Pregnant moms are encouraged to up their protein intake to 75 to 100 grams per day to increase blood supply and promote fetal growth, while a bodybuilder is encouraged to consume a similar amount to maintain muscle mass.

2. They Can’t Stop Thinking About Their Next Meal

Pregnant Mamas And Powerlifters can’t stop thinking about their next meal 2

With all that talk about protein, it’s no wonder that food is usually the first (and last) thing on a weightlifter’s mind. For a pregnant woman, ravenous hunger can be attributed to the fact that there’s another human depending on—and consuming—any nutrients she puts into her body, but, you know, same thing.

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3. Two Words: Support Belt

Things Pregnant Mamas And Powerlifters Have In Common-support belt

Whether to hold up the weight of your growing baby bump or to compress your muscles while lifting, a support belt can work wonders for pregnant women and gym rats alike.

4. They Love to Show Off Their Abs

Although abs may be relative, there’s no doubt that both pregnant women and powerlifters both have something worth showing off.

5. They Need Extra Sleep

During sleep, energy consumption decreases, giving bodybuilders muscles a change to regenerate. Pregnant women grow a little bit more than muscle mass while they sleep, but getting enough rest is equally important.

6. They Dress Like They’re at the Gym, Even When They’re Not

When you’re pregnant, all things stretchy sound pretty good, am I right? And when you work out the way a powerlifter works out, do you even own any other clothes?

7. They Rely on Good Coaches

Much like a weightlifter relies on the encouragement, planning, and direction of their trainer, a mama in labor relies heavily on the support of her birth coach, partner, or doula. It’s not that they can’t do it on their own, but it’s nice to have someone rooting for you.

8. They’re Obsessed With Selfies

Be it to document your growing baby bump or your growing muscles, selfies are a staple of both pregnant and powerlifting culture.

9. They’re Training for the Big Day

Whether it’s for the next Crossfit competition or for the birth of your child, both bodybuilders and mamas-to-be have an end goal in sight that makes all of the pain of “training” worth it.

10. They’re both body builders!

baby moving inside belly GIF Mama Natural

This is the obvious similarity, right?!? Pregnant mamas and powerlifters are both building bodies, although the outcomes look a little different. 🙂

How About You?

Did you feel a little bit like a powerlifter during your third trimester? I know I did. Share your biggest challenges and your biggest wins below.