A lot of people have asked me, “What do you eat?” So I took photos of all my meals over an average week, and in this video I share them with you.

Keep in mind that I’m five months pregnant! So my diet may look a little different than yours πŸ™‚


Breakfast is probably my favorite meal and definitely the most important – I need to have it. I would say like five times a week I have eggs. I love eggs, they hold me over they’re super nurturing to my body and I heard somewhere that’s like pregnant moms should have two to three eggs a day so I try to shoot for that.

  • Eggs on sprouted corn tortilla with brocolli salsa on side
  • Eggs with greens
  • Eggs with quinoa and zucchini, salsa on side
  • Sprouted spelt wafftle topped with apple, cinnamon and butter
  • Banna bread
  • Eggs with grapefruit

Breakfast is also when I take my cod liver oil so that’s actually an added fat that kind of keeps me full pretty much all morning.

Mid Morning Snack

  • Grapefruit
  • Orange Juice mixed with seltzer water
  • Red raspberry leaf tea with coconut milk and stevia
  • Decaf iced tea


So what I end up doing for lunches is leftovers and it actually works out better because Griffin and I are running around all morning doing something so we just come back when we need something quick. So leftovers do the trick.

  • Hearty Thai seafood soup
  • Turkey burger on sprouted wheat bread topped with avocado and a side of homemade slaw
  • Homemade chicken salad with pecans and grapes on butter lettuce and toast
  • Chicken sausage with quinoa and tomatoes with large side salad
  • More leftover chicken and vegetables with side salad

Afternoon snack

Mid-afternoon is the time that I actually do need a snack because I go pretty long until I have dinner by the time Mike gets home so for that I really kind of shake it up.

  • Cubed mango
  • Handful of walnuts
  • Raw veggies
  • Cheese, basil and grape tomatoes
  • Organic popcorn topped with olive oil and sea salt


Dinner is really where I like to cook and kind of just explore my creativity. Cooking is one of the greatest ways that I can just be free. I don’t like to follow recipes, I like just make things up. So I kind of just look in the fridge see what I can combine and I get Griffin in at his highchair, he starts playing with play-doh and mom just starts cooking. I also just like to Mike to come home to a delicious nutritious meal.

  • Grass-fed steak, celery root mash, and asparagus
  • Grass-fed beef tastadas topped with slaw and avocado
  • Roasted chicken on rice with yellow tomatoes
  • Roasted chicken with root vegetables
  • Quinoa crusted pizza with onions and olives
  • Smorgasboard dinner


I don’t eat many desserts because I don’t need any refined sugar, so most of the time, Mike and I after Griffin’s been put to bed we’ll just dive into fruits. So we’ll pick a couple of pieces, chop it up in a big plate and just it together. Occasionally I do like a little dessert. I usually have it a couple times a week so for me that would looke like..

  • Coconut-rolled dates
  • Gummy Men
  • Honey vanilla Ice Cream topped with Walnuts
  • Natural fruit pie

This pregnancy diet video includes info on the prenatals I take. Here’s a whole post on the best prenatal vitamins.

Also, if you want to see more food photos, be sure to connect with me on Instagram, where I post food and family photos nearly every day. My user name is MamaNatural.

How about you?

Do any of these foods look familiar? Do you have any go-to foods that you have each day? Let me know in the comments.