Pregnancy Supplements: What I Choose to Take During Pregnancy

Find out what pregnancy supplements I take to stay healthy and grow a healthy baby throughout my pregnancy. Most of these I take while not pregnant too.

Pregnancy Supplements: What I Choose to Take During Pregnancy

When I was 2 I ate a whole bottle of Flintstones vitamins. Needless to say, a scary trip to the hospital and a stomach pumping followed. And I’ve hated taking pills ever since.

Having said that, I don’t think we can get every nutrient we need from our diets. Unfortunately, our depleted soils produce foods that aren’t as nutritionally dense as they could be. I also live a busy life, and don’t always get as many vegetables and fat soluble vitamins in each day.

So, I take pregnancy supplements, and I’ll list them out below. Now, as you can see, I took a lot of different things but the majority are FOOD-BASED and easy for our bodies to recognize and utilize. This is me using food as medicine :). The food-based doses are much less than synthetic vitamins and minerals. This makes it safer and explains why I take so many. Read through and take what works and leave the rest. Always, always, talk to your doctor or midwife to find out what is best for your body.

If you’re looking for the best prenatal vitamins, click for a whole post on that. Quick note: I take 95% of these when I’m not pregnant, so hopefully everyone can relate to this post :).

Ready? Here’s what I take for pregnancy supplements.


I always take my prenatal pregnancy supplement as an insurance policy to make sure the baby and I are getting what we need. We did a whole review on the best prenatal here. In my pregnancy, I used MegaFood Baby & Me 2 (where to buy). This is a food-based pregnancy supplement, which I like because they are natural and easier to digest. I like MegaFood because they are high in iodine, have a good zinc/copper ration and are what I took with Griffin and Paloma. Another comparable option is the Vitamin Code prenatal, which contains additional probiotics and digestive enzymes. They’re also smaller and you take less (3 versus 4).

Again, here’s a whole post on the best prenatal vitamins for you.

Cod Liver Oil

In my opinion, this is one of the most important pregnancy supplements (and are great for nursing too). It contains naturally occurring fat soluble vitamins A and D, which are vital for baby’s brain and eye development, bone and teeth structure, and so forth. Weston A. Price, a dentist who traveled the world studying cultures with the highest longevity rates, found that the healthiest people consumed 10X the amount of fat soluble vitamins A and D so he was a huge fan of cod liver oil. This particular form of fish oil is also high in omega-3’s and the fatty acids EPA and DHA. Again, critically important for baby’s development and mom’s health.

Which Cod Liver Oil Brand is Best?

There are several good brands on the market:

  • If you want to try a fermented cod liver oil, which may be easier to digest, you can try this brand. (where to buy). Keep in mind that there was some controversy about whether this oil turns rancid since polyunsaturated fats (like the ones found in fish oil) are very unstable. People have had wonderful results on it and it muscle tests strong (if you believe in that testing). I took it with Paloma and she is strong, sturdy and has a good, wide palate.
  • There is also a newer raw, extra virgin cod liver oil (where to buy). The taste is milder than the fermented and I’ve used before. One trusted practitioner said it isn’t as potent as the fermented and doesn’t muscle test.
  • If you’re looking for a capsule form, I love Standard Process’s cod liver oil (where to buy). This is what we currently take. (My son thinks they capsules are candy and happily takes his 3 a day.) This product tests strong and is very high quality.
  • If you’re looking for a more cost effective approach (as the above ones are pricey!), you can use Carlson’s Super Cod Liver Oil (where to buy). This is the one I used when pregnant with Griffin and he has a wide palate but is on the slender side (but then again, so is his daddy!) And the best price by far is Swanson’s Double Strength Cod Liver Oil (where to buy). Both of these brands are capsules and considered a “good” choice per the Weston A. Price Foundation.

Most other cod liver oils on the market, use heat to remove contaminants and naturally occurring vitamins. They then synthetically add them back in. High doses of synthetic vitamin A have been linked to birth defects so best to avoid.

What is the Right Dosage of Cod Liver Oil?

The Weston A. Price Foundation recommends up to 20,000 IU of natural, “food-based” vitamin A from cod liver oil. Keep in mind that this is more than double than what most practitioners recommend. I went with 10,000 IU and felt good about that. If you want to be super conservative, you could do 5,000 IU per day.

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High Vitamin Butter Oil/Vitamin K2

Weston A. Price found that “magic” occurred when he combined cod liver oil with high vitamin butter oil and it’s special qualities.

We now know that it contains another fat soluble vitamin, vitamin K2, which helps take calcium out of the wrong places in our bodies (i.e. kidneys, arteries, etc.) and into the right places like bones and teeth. It’s also great for cancer prevention. Because vitamin K2 regulates clotting in the blood, I don’t take daily when pregnant. Instead, I took a few times a week and love it because again, it’s a food-based supplement.

I found this pregnancy supplement really helped with tooth sensitivity and keeped my skin super soft. I rotated between taking the butter oil (where to buy) and the cheaper vitamin K2 supplement (where to buy), which is derived from fermented soy (natto). Again, the more we can get nutrients from food, the better!

B Vitamins

I started taking a vitamin B complex (where to buy) about 6 months before I got pregnant. My midwife suggested this to build up my folate stores. I took this one from Vitamin Code. I’ve also taken MegaFood’s vitamin B complex. Since I still had some left, I kept taking it as a pregnancy supplement here and there throughout the first trimester. I also took 50 mg of Vitamin B6 with each meal to help with first trimester nausea. It worked great! I stopped taking at 14 weeks once the queasiness went away. If you have the MTHFR mutations, you will want to take a methylated B vitamin like this oneIf you are looking for a purely food-based option, take a tablespoon of bee pollen and/or add 2 TB of nutritional yeast flakes to your yogurt or smoothie each day. I like this brand because they don’t add any synthetic B’s to the flakes.


I’ve seen stats that state anywhere from 60-95% of the U.S. population is deficient in magnesium. This pregnancy supplement also helps with morning sickness. Most importantly, it keeps things moving… if you get my drift. When we get pregnant, the hormones can slow things down, including our digestion and bowels. Magnesium is a wonderful remedy for constipation.

The rule of thumb for dosage is to take magnesium until your stool get loose. Then dial back. For me, the perfect dosage seems to be about 500 mg a day. I would recommend a combination of Pure Encapsulations Magnesium Glycinate and Ancient Minerals Magnesium spray, which you apply topically. Update: Do not use magnesium citrate supplements as these drop your ceruloplasmin levels. You can read more about here.

Vitamin C

I’ve also discovered the wonders of vitamin C. Unfortunately, most prenatals are very low in this important vitamin. The key is to use a food-based form of vitamin C. Ascorbic acid is usually derived from GMO-corn and is a synthetic isolate that can cause imbalances elsewhere in the body. Just 1/2-1 teaspoon of a good food-based fruit powder will give you a great boost of natural C, with all of its natural co-factors, to keep your immune system strong. Vitamin C is also excellent when pregnant because it strengthens your bag of waters (possibly preventing premature rupture) and it’s super nourishing for your baby’s placenta. It also helps to regulate copper and iron levels in the body.


I like taking one while pregnant and I rotate my brands to expose myself to as many different bacterial strains as possible. Right now, I’m using Natren. I like it because it’s high in bifidophilus, which is important for good gut health. I’ve also used Klaire Labs, Dr. Ohrika, and Bio-K. But my favorite probiotic is probably Prescript Assist since it’s a hearty soil-based organism. Just Thrive is another great soil-based one. It’s more “natural” than some of the other isolated strains. Of course, a great, food-based way to get good probiotics is eat fermented foods like yogurt, kefir, kimchi, kombucha, sauerkraut, etc.

Digestive Enzymes

I think everyone can benefit from taking one. I like these digestive enzymes from Vitamin Code. Just one at each meal takes away any indigestion. I’ve also used HCL with Pepsin, which worked well too. Please note for those following a Kosher or vegetarian diet, the HCL/Pepsin supplement contains pork.

So there you have it… the pregnancy supplements I’m taking this time around. Take what works for you and leave the rest 🙂

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How About You?

Would love to hear from YOU. What pregnancy supplements do YOU take and why? Share with us!

Genevieve Howland

About the Author

Genevieve Howland is a childbirth educator and breastfeeding advocate. She is the bestselling author of The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth and creator of the Mama Natural Birth Course. A mother of three, graduate of the University of Colorado, and YouTuber with over 130,000,000 views, she helps mothers and moms-to-be lead healthier and more natural lives.


  1. Question for you! I’m preparing to get pregnant later in the year and I wanted to know if you’d still recommend all of these additional supplements if I chose to take your Mama Natural Prenatal Vitamins. It may be a helpful post to do about your prenatal and what to take in addition based on the amounts of vitamins in yours. Thanks!

  2. I’m trying to find a resource on herbal supplement safety during pregnancy, any links here? thanks

  3. Hello you mentioned 500 mg of mag and I have been taking a mix of them at 500mg a day but then I read that that is to much and can cause toxicity? I’m wondering if taking that much will affect baby?

  4. Hey! Thank you for sharing all of this information! I appreciate it! I’m 17 weeks pregnant with my first child and I am fairly overwhelmed by everything I need to be doing/taking/not doing, etc. I’m trying to get in gear with better habits now that I’m feeling a bit better. I’ve been taking smarty pants prenatal gummies, but ever since I got pregnant I have disliked the taste. I struggle a lot with taking large pills, but I really want to have these things to make my baby & me stronger/healthier, so my question is- would you mind letting me know the most important things to take that can be taken in a gummy, liquid or powder form? I can also take small small gels or very small pills- but when I looked up your recommendations, they didn’t say how big the pills were,
    So I don’t know what I can take. I know this is a childish problem- but right now I’m unable to fix it.
    Thank you very much!

  5. I’ve seen stats that state anywhere from 60-95% of the U.S. population is deficient in magnesium.If you did not take folic acid before you conceived, you should start as soon as you find out you’re pregnant.

    • Hello! Did you do any research on digestive enzymes and safety during pregnancy? They help a ton but I haven’t found any studies in the safety?

  6. Hi there, could you please update some of your links? The b6 is no longer available and I’m having a hard time finding one that isn’t synthetic.

  7. Hello! I see you mentioned natto in your post. Would you recommend Nattokinase in place of baby aspirin to help prevent blood clots? I’m desperately looking for a more natural form of baby aspirin!!

    • Hi Gianna. I’d like to know more about nattokinase during pregnancy also. Did you take it personally?

  8. Find out about vitamins, minerals and supplements in pregnancy, including why you should take a folic acid supplement. See the below table for recommended amounts. Fortified cereal, enriched bread and pasta, peanuts, dark green leafy vegetables, orange juice, beans.

  9. I’m so grateful for this wonderful informative post – and also surprised to see recommendations for Garden of Life and MegaFood supplements, as they are owned and operated by Nestle, a dishonest company that has performed some truly egregious actions. I personally no longer trust their products and wonder if anyone has any other whole food supplement products they might recommend?

  10. I love this post! Would also love to see a post partum supplement recommendation list!

  11. Hello Genevieve,

    I am 5 moths pregnant I have been taking carlson cod liver oil, I was reading the comments below this article regarding retinyl palmitate how it can cause harm to your unborn child. I would appreciate if you can respond, should I be concerned?
    Thank you 🙂

    • I would not worry about it currently but instead work on switching it out for one listed above! Rositas is great and comes in liquid and capusle form.

  12. Hello, I have a question about vitamin A. My Multi has 2,250 mcg of vitamin A. 75% from Beta-Carotene & 25% Retinyl Palmitate. I am also taking 1200 mcg of naturally occurring Vitamin A from cod liver oil. Is this too much Vitamin A to be taking? Does the methyl multi have an unusual high amount of vitamin A?


    • I’m no doctor neither do I work for mama natural but you may want to look into the retinyl palmitate asking your doctor about it?

    • i think it might depend if ur multi is a food based multi or not. if it’s not, it might be too high.

    Just FYI
    The “vitamin B6” link is linked to something random on amazon. 🙂

  14. You poor thing! Miso soup saved me in my first trimester. It was the only thing that helped with the nausea that I could eat. I also found the most amazing herbs early on that have made this pregnancy a breeze. Nettle and Oat straw infusions have been everything! I got my herbs in bulk from Both of these herbs are packed with vital vitamins, minerals and nutrients for me and the baby. You can google it and see these have been used for hundreds of years. A good prenatal will help as well. I read Real Food For Pregnancy by Lily Nichols and learned sooo much. There are a few prenatal that she recommends. I’m currently loving Full circle prenatal – it has all the bioavailable B vitamins. And when it came to nausea, there was nothing sexier than a good nap. Naps have saved me. And continue to save me as I head into week 23. Wishing you all the best. But seriously, those herbs are a game changer! 🙂

  15. Hi!

    I am wondering if you think it would be safe for me to take cod liver oil if I am using Seeking Health optimal prenatal as my prenatal. Asking since it has 50% Rentiyl Palmitate. I have been using it for several months and am 6 1/2 weeks pregnant now. Thank you!

  16. Hi, I’m not sure about the papain and bromelain in the digestive enzymes during pregnancy. I’ve read that even eating large amounts of pineapple and papaya is not advisable. Thanks so much for all of your research and sharing it has really helped me!

    • I was wondering the same thing, I just read an article that notes that bromelain in high amounts may cause early contractions which may cause early labour, althought I just bought these digestives and really wanted to take them to help my bloating. Genevieve your comment on this topic would be helpful.

  17. I have a MTHFR defect and had a set of twins that came early because we were unaware to the issue. It looks like you recommended a methylated B-vitamin for those with a MTHFR defect but the link is broken. Can you please recommend one? Thank you so much.

    • Ben Lynch ones – Seeking Health. He is the leading scientist in that field!

  18. Thanks for this list! Quick question how much probiotics did you take, I’m currently taking the bio-k!


  19. Logistics do you purchase Klaire Labs probiotics? Their website requires a healthcare provider authorization code. Does anyone know how to get that?

  20. Were you taking the b complex + the prenatal? Isnt that too much folate? I’ve heard this claims that too much folate can be bad for the baby and increase autism probability…

  21. This may have been asked but is there a reason this time around you didn’t opt to take green pastures fermented cod liver oil?


  22. Hello! I love your site and am going to buy the Mama Natural book! Did you find that taking extra vitamin C & magnesium is safe in first trimester? Or did you wait til further along?

  23. I wonder if it’s okay to take the cod fish oil capsules instead of the liquid?

    Thank you!

    • Check the potency, most capsules are lower in potency than the liquid.

  24. Hi there.

    I do not think you should be recommending Cod Liver oil to pregnant ladies. There is a strong and proven link between Vit A and birth defects and all scientific research states this should be avoided in pregnancy.

    Watch out!

    • Yes, but that is with SYNTHETIC vitamin A. Not with vitamin A found naturally in food sources. There’s a big difference.

  25. We are expecting and are tackling the supplements needs beyond the prenatal. For the Cod Liver (Carlson’s)…it says 1,000mg but I can’t see where it states the IU (I’m not familiar with the IU)…you felt good about 10,000…which I’m thankful for that input…but how do I know how much I’m getting from one gel capsule of the Carlson’s Cod Liver Oil? Thanks for any help! I’m assuming your in your 3rd trimester now! Embrace each moment! I’m reading your Mama Natural pregnancy book (even though this is my 4th pregnancy); loved the Sweet Potato Custard!!!

  26. Hello,

    Thank you for taking the time to provide all of this information, it’s very informative for someone just starting to look into pregnancy. I am wondering what brand you used for the 50mg of vitamin B6 as the link does not seem to be working for me!

  27. Very well said! Taking probiotics while pregnant gives your body different kinds of bacteria. I guess its just right to try various brands to test the best probiotic supplement but you still have to be careful upon taking it. Thank you for this very informative article.

  28. Hi mama natural. First I want to thank you for all the work you do to put out all of this helpful information out here for us. I came to this website so much with my first pregnancy and now with my second too. But I’m going to ask a favor. Please put a warning on the cod liver oil. That you have to eat enough meat to safely take this. I firmly believe cod liver oil is beneficial to some people. (I have been following the advice of Sally Fallon and the Weston A. Price foundation for a while now). But I haven’t been eating a lot of meat sine I got pregnant. I can’t stomach it. And I started taking cod liver oil. I had terrible stomach cramps and diarrhea every time I ate. For two and a half weeks. Before I realized what it was. And I remembered Sally Fallon saying you had to be sure to eat enough meat or red meat or something like that. I stopped getting sick the day after I stopped taking it. I’m just hoping I didn’t do damage to the six week old baby in me. So please put a warning up.

  29. Interesting post thanks. I was taking the fermented cod liver oil prior to getting pregnant along with the Thorne Research basic prenatal. I went with this multi with the methylated folate as I have read that the folate in the food based prenatals turn into folic acid. Anyway my question is that my prenatal has 450mcg of the vitamin A beta carotene as well as 600 mcg of vitamin A Palmitate. I would love to get back on the cod liver oil that Weston A Price recommends but am concerned about taking too much Vitamin A. No one seems to be able to giverify me an answer. Why is it so controversial?

    • Im wondering myself with the one a day Prenatal since 50% is beta-carotene. What ppl dont realize is there is a difference with carotene vit A Vs Retinol Vit A. Beta carotene derives from plant sources and literary is not enough or the equivalent to the source of fat-soluble Retinol found in Cod Liver oil. You want Green Pastures otherwise some unreputable companies are subbing the cod liver oil with synthetic A or beta carotenes instead of the fat soluble Vit A in Cod Liver oil, not all brands are created equal. Now with green pasture’s cod liver oil it contains Vit D along with it. It’s dangerous seperate more so because the fat-soluble A needs to be present to absorb the D in the Cod. Information was found in The Cure for Tooth Decay by Rammiel Nagel. Plant derived Carotenes do not absorb D pretty much what so ever and store in the liver so this is why you need to watch your Cod Liver oil brands. I think Nordic Naturals is runner up to Green Pastures but id be safe and stick with the Green Pastures.

  30. The Carlson’s Super Cod liver oil I see have some retinyl palmitate in it? Isn’t this bad to have when pregnant? I just ordered it and now I’m questioning myself. Please advise.

    • I just ordered this product as well, and it was mis-advertised on Amazon as being from only Cod Liver Oil. When I received the bottle, I noticed it said from Cod Liver Oil and Retinyl Palmitate. I am going to return it, as this is the synthetic form of vitamin A.

  31. What about vitamin d? Any suggestions on an additional supplement to my prenatal vitamin?

  32. Are all digestive enzymes safe for pregnancy or are there any that should be avoided. Does anyone take klaire labs vital zymes complete? That is was I take with some meals.

    • I would like to know how did you go with taking digestive enzymes during pregnancy? I’m 28weeks and suffering from very bad indigestion and bloating.

  33. If you take both fermented cod fish oil and multi vitamin, wouldn’t vitamin A intake way too high?

    • It depends on the amount your vitamin contains and how much fish oil you take. You can always take half the recommended fish oil dosage or skip a few days if you are worried about too much

  34. I have Blue Ice Mint flavored cod liver oil and am wondering if it is okay to take while pregnant due to the added mint flavor (possibly essential oils)?

  35. Do you have any insight as to whether Sunflower Lecithin Supplements are okay to take during pregnancy? I started taking one 1200 mg capsule per day a few days ago (for the choline) but swear my baby kicks more after I take it and am worried that it’s hurting him is some way. I would love to know if you or anyone knows of moms taking this during pregnancy.

    • I’m taking 1200mg a day as well for the choline, and I know several others who are as well. My midwife approves and from what I’ve researched on my own, there are no concerns. 🙂

  36. If the Vitamin Code Raw has MK-7 in it…do you recommend still taking the supplement too? I am prone to kidney stones so this def. sounded interesting.

  37. Thank you for all your help! I am about 6-7 weeks with my first baby! I bought your book and I love it! Right now, I am taking Baby & Me prenatals, Blue ice cod liver oil (2 capsules), Garden of life prenatal once daily probiotic, and nordiac naturals prenatal dha. I never have liked taking pills and its hard for me to want to take them, so, I tend to hold off on the pills until the end of the night/bedtime. is this ok??? I read that taking the prenatals and probiotics together are fine, but can I also take the fish oil before bed? Can I take all of these pills at once? what time in the day do you recommend taking fish oil and/or prenatals? Thanks again, you are a blessing!

  38. I’ve read there’s been some scandal with green pasture blue ice cod liver oil. Is it ok to use now? And are the capsules ok, because I can’t stand to take a liquid fish oil. Thanks!

  39. Hi! Thanks for all the thorough information! I’m currently taking Vitamin Code Prenatal, a DHA supplement, and Choline. If I switch to Cod Liver Oil, do I still need the DHA on top of that? Thanks!

  40. I have been looking into a ton of different prenatal vitamins. Have you heard of Metagenics Wellness Essentials for pregnancy? It has L5 MTHF 1000 mcg, choline, and EPA and DHA amongst other essentials. I was also reading the importance of Glutathione in pregnancy, how do you feel about supplementing with this?

    • Hello, we both have the same question. I just wonder when to take Wellness Essentials? Please help

    • Hello Sarah, did you end up taking this supplements. I just got mine and looking for details about it

  41. Hello! I’m taking the Mega Food Baby and Me 2 prenatal; should I use their Balanced B vitamin supplement as well? I’ve had awful morning sickness the past two pregnancies and am trying to avoid it if I possibly can this time! I’ve started the magnesium, fermented cod liver oil/butter blend, and probiotic as well, and have ordered the Camu Camu powder. (I fully understand you aren’t a doctor; just curious on your thoughts).

    • Hi, I also am taking baby and me prenatal vitamin and I love it. I’m just curious, did you end up supplementing with an additional B vitamin? Also, did you like taking the magnesium? I’m considering that as well.

  42. Hi there! I take the Vitamin Code prenatals plus the Vitamin Code DHA. I also take the Green Pastures Cod Liver/Butter Oil Blend. Do we need to be taking the above supplements in addition? I just don’t think I can afford all these supplements as well :). Can you let me know what you think would be the bare minimum?

  43. levothyroxine (not sure how many yet), probiotic (1 per day), b12/k (5 liquid drops per day), prenatal (3, 2x per day), Epa/dha (2 per day- even though I’ve only been doing 1× per day), thyrocsin (2, 2x per day) and progesterone (1 per day)

    • Hello, I have hypothyroidism. Are you seeing good results with the supplements you’re using? Are these the only supplements you’re using?

  44. Hi! Thank you so much for this post! I started taking all these supplements in hope of getting pregnant one month ago and no I am! I will continue using them as you suggest, obvious I will check with my midwife to make sure she has no concerns! Thank you!!! I have not tried but would like to start the magnesium capsules and spray as you suggest. Where do you spray it? How often? The labels are all really vague. Thanks in advance ?

  45. Mama Natural Team,
    I’m hoping you can help. I’m 5 weeks pregnant and currently taking a handful of vitamins, the primary being Isotonix prenatal. I’m also supplementing Magnesium, a probiotic and DHA. However, I’m wondering if I should also be using a calcium supplement since I’m lactose intolerant and do not consume dairy. I’m feeling overwhelmed with the research as nearly everything I find is paired with not K2, but other supplements such as D3 or magnesium that I am already getting. Is this something I should worry about getting enough of? If so, can you recommend a product or two? At this point I don’t care about price, just quality.


  46. Hi thanks for all the great tips! Quick question I recently purchased solgar cod liver oil from Whole Foods thinking it would be good but than after re reading your post I’m not sure. I tried to find more information about how it’s processed and can’t seem to find any. Do you know where I can look or do you know if this is one of the brands that has the synthetic vitamin a?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

  47. Hi!

    Any thoughts on Green Pastures High Vitamin A Butter oil? Christa Orrechio recommends this brand in her book for mom in second trimester. Is this good for third trimester too??

  48. Thanks for this great video and list! I already take a lot supplements – much to the chagrin of my husband – and had to cut back on some of them once I got pregnant! At 40 years old I am 10 weeks pregnant with my first! Very exciting 🙂
    I have the regular Fermented Cod Liver Oil supplements – I take 3 a day (approximately 750 IU/mL of Vit A per cap) plus my Vitamin Code Prenatal has 5000 IU/mL.
    I was considering moving to the FCLO & Butter Oil blended caps that Green Pastures has as I’m having major tooth sensitivity but am questioning it since you said you only take the Butter Oil a few times a week. I wasn’t sure if that’s because you also like the separate K2 pill and both would be too much?
    Is it safe to take the FCLO/Butter blend if I didn’t do the additional Jarrow K2? Trying to reduce the number of bottles and purchases 😉

  49. i purchased a probiotic which is also a weight loss management pill. (before i knew i was pregnant) I’m wondering if you think i can take it. or if you, yourself would take it. Its recommended to take 3 a day
    The company who makes it is NUCIFIC and the pill is BIO-X4
    it has
    probiotic blend – 4 billion cultures
    digestive enzyme blend – 43 mg
    wight management blend which is green tea extract – 100 mg
    craving controll blend – 163 mg

    • I’m curious about this supplement as well. Did you ever come to a conclusion? It seems most of the ingredients are naturally occurring.

  50. I am 5 weeks pregnant and have taken cod liver oil capsules that contain 550mg cod liver oil & fish body oil . Vitamin A typical weight 800 RE. Also ive taken Multivitamin & iron tablets one a day & garlic extract capsules. Will this affect the baby so early on?

  51. Hello, what about calcium? did you take any extra?

  52. Love the list! I am interested in the bee pollen, have you taken it during pregnancy? If so, how much?

  53. This was a great read & very helpful! I was just curious what your view is on krill oil versus cod liver oil during pregnancy?

  54. Hello, I am about 6 weeks pregnant!!!!! I have a question about activated charcoal. I have always had an easy to upset stomach. Gluten and dairy issues, etc. cause me multiple GI complaints. I have found that using activated charcoal has helped to correct any “Accidents” I might have when eating out or eating certain hidden food items. I was wondering if this would be safe to continue while pregnant?

    • You’d have to talk to your doctor or midwife about. If you use, be sure to take 4 hours away from food or supplements.

  55. How many spoons of the fomented cod liver oil do you take?

  56. On your supplements post some of the links are broken. Specifically the ones about cod liver oil. It says “this cod liver oil actually tastes great!” But the link goes to an immune system supplement. Can you let me know the brands that you’re talking about? Thanks!

    • Thanks so much for pointing out! I’ve updated all links and added in new info about cod liver oil.

      • Hello my name is marie, I am currently 17 weeks and have been taking 2 blue ice royal cod liver gel caps every day since finding out i was pregnant. While doing this I also take the recommended prenatal vitamin I take Vitamin code raw prenatal. I have no complaints about either products except I keep seeing articles on google warning about cod liver oil. I was also on accutane about 3 years ago so I am sensitive to the worry of vitamin A over toxicity.
        I would love any information on if what i am doing is okay and safe for my baby.
        Thanks so much,

        • Hi sweetie! Congrats on your pregnancy 🙂 Be sure to sign up for my free weekly pregnancy email updates from a natural perspective. In regard to vitamin A, you are taking a very low dose… approx. 2,500 IU of vitamin A, which is in the safe zone. Of course, always, always talk to your doctor, especially given your history. If you still don’t feel comfortable, just be sure to consume 2-3 organic, pastured raised egg yolks a day. Bless you! Genevieve

  57. This may depend on each individual person, but what would you say are the most important to take if I’m on a really tight budget and can only afford to buy one or two extra supplements? I already plan on getting the Garden of Life prenatal and now after reading your post about magnesium supplements, replacing my Natural Calm. I already have a probiotic and digestive enzymes at home, plus vitamin B6.

    • I’d recommend cod liver oil next 🙂

      • I’ve since read on some sites that cod liver oil contains retinal which could be harmful to the baby. I’ve been taking it while trying and now that I might be pregnant (fx) I’m wondering if I should stop. Have you read anything discouraging taking it during pregnancy?

        • There have been studies linking high doses of synthetic vitamin A with birth defects. Cod liver oil is a food-based version. My grandmother took it; I took it 🙂 Of course, check with your doctor!

  58. Hi! I have a few questions about the supplements. My first question is that I’m 19 weeks in a few days already and I’m wondering if it’s still beneficial for me to take the supplements this late into pregnancy?

    My other question is this:
    I’m already taking the garden of life “mykind” prenatal, along with the Garden of life b complex and Garden of life raw D3 in 5,000 IU, Plus a generic vitamin E in 500IU (I think), plus the honest company omega 3. I will pass this by my midwife also, but do you think it would be OK to take your recommended supplements on top of what I’m taking? (Within reason of course.)

    • Yes, supplements will still help at this point in your pregnancy. Definitely run it by your midwife but I think it would be fine as long as you double check you aren’t getting too much of one vitamin.

  59. Hi! Thank you so much for all this information it has been so useful as we are looking to get pregnant soon. Just a quick question….I am taking the Mega Food prenatal and on the jar it says ‘suggested use 2 tablets daily’ you mention that you take 4 daily, is this to increase the quantity of vitamins? Iam curious as I really would love to know if I am taking enough. Thanks so much for your help 🙂 xxx

  60. Hi, I’m currently pregnant and I’m interested in taking the butter oil mentioned above. I was wondering about how much do you take per day? I couldn’t find any “dosage” on their website or product description so I have no idea about how much I should be taking in order to benefit from it. Any rough estimate would be appreciated because I have no clue where to start! Thank you!!

  61. I have been taking Rosita’s Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil, 1 tsp daily, for about a month now. I’m in my 2nd trimester. I can’t find any information saying one way or the other that it is safe to take during pregnancy. What are your thoughts? My OB has given me the green light to take it, but I’m just not 100% confident. I’m thinking about going back to Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA and starting Cod Liver Oil after my baby is born.

  62. Hi Genevieve,
    I was wondering if you continue to take these same supplements while your nursing or if you add/take away anything?

    Thanks so much!

  63. Green Pastures question!! Has the issue surrounding their cod liver oil been resolved? I want to order their vitamin butter oil capsules but can’t get them without ordering the cod liver oil with it. Is there somewhere else I can get capsules? I am not sure I could stomach a spoonful of it! Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Kim,
      I’m not sure whether you’ve come to a conclusion about Green Pasture or not. I’ve followed the entire process very closely since I sell their FCLO capsules (I discontinued taking them and selling for several months while we awaited further testing and verification of the product). Now that additional tests from a number of reputable labs have been performed, I feel more confident than ever GP’s FCLO is a top notch supplement that offers distinct nutritional benefits.

  64. Hey Genevieve!!! First off, I LOVE your blog! You are such an inspiration and full of healthy Tips! I’m a registered dietitian that that leans toward the natural side of life so I have mad respect for you!! I’m pregnant with my first little one and overjoyed! I watched your pregnancy supplement video and am currently taking RAW garden of Life Prenatals along with 5ml (one full syringe) of FCLO from green pastures. I have been also taking Nordic Naturals ultimate omega (full dosage, 2 capsules). Can I just take the FCLO and nix the Nordic Naturals?? Should I up my intake of FCLO to 7-8ml?? I would love your opinion! I also am taking the k2 but only 1-2x per week! Thanks so much for doing what you do!! You are amazing!!’

    • Hi Emily,
      I’m also a more naturally minded dietitian and would love to connect with you! Do you have a blog/web site? And, totally agree – Genevieve is amazing!

  65. Hi! This is really helpful. I have been using Mega Foods Herb Free for a while but am considering switching, since learning about the class action complaint from last January in California, stating that most of the nutrients in MegaFoods supplements are actually synthetic forms and magnesium stearate is the “vegetable lubricant”.

    Did you know about this? What would you recommend instead?


    • Did you find out any other information related to Megafoods? I’m using their prenatal vitamin for my wife and this kind of freaks me out. Did you switch? What research did you come up with?

    • I’m very curious and concerned about this as well. I starred taking these vitamins as soon as I found out I was pregnant. Now I’m wondering what would be better for me to take???

  66. HI Genevieve. Love your page. I am 6 weeks pregnant and I want to try the HCL / Pepsin. I’m not due to see an OBY for the first time until the new year so I have no one to ask.

    Did your OBY say that it was safe? I’ve seen a few posts online of various people taking it but I was curious to see if you’d had any medical feedback on it. Thank you so much!

    • Hey there, I’d be so grateful to know what your doc said about this? And if you used it during pregnancy, what your thoughts are! Thanks

  67. Hello,
    Can I take my prenatal AND cod liver oil while pregnant?

    • I am curious about the same thing. If you take a pre or postnatal vitamin – Is the over lap of Vitamin A & D from Cod liver oil too much to take daily? Any advise is appreciated. You seem to be the experienced one in this area 😉


  68. hi there, wow i feel like there is so much to learn about healthy pregnancy!
    planning for our second child and still nursing the first. is all you recommend safe while nursing? seems like alot! do you use the butter oil as a spread on bread or how do you ingest it? Raw milk… i love the benefits but im so very nervous to do while nursing and pregnant, everyone tells me its not a good idea. thoughts on that? Is it safe to ween your toddler from breast milk to raw cow milk 16-18 months old? What femented cod liver oil do you recommend for a toddler? could it be the same as your listed and just dilute in juice? one last question, can toddlers have kombucha homemade, can pregnant nursing mothers drink it as well? I really want to be as healthy as i can this next pregnancy as i had preeclamsia and hope not to this time. very scary stuff! Help me know whats healthy 😉 thank you so much mama natural!

    • Hello Rebecca,

      After researching the best organic, non GMO, whole food prenatal vitamins, I have found that is safe to stay at 5000IU of vitamin A since it has been linked to birth defects. I have also found the preeclampsia is related to vitamin D deficiency. Pregnant women should have 4000IU of vitamin D. Here’s just one article I have found related to Vitamin D deficiency in pregnant women.

  69. Hi Genevieve,

    I’m taking the vitamin code raw prenatal vitamins which contain 5,000 IU of Vitamin A.

    I also got a virgin Cod Liver Oil which has 2,500 IU of Vitamin A.

    Is it ok to take both every day or is that too much Vitamin A?

    Also, what about a calcium supplement. Is this something you recommend?

    • Cod Liver Oil and high doses of vitamin A (in retinol form) are typically regarded as harmful during pregnancy, please consult w/ your OB/GYN regarding intake.

  70. Hi, you said you recently switched from fermented CLO to the extra virgin one. Do you have any insights about the recent controversy regarding the fermented CLO? (I know I’m a little late to the party!) I also heard to not take CLO toward the end of pregnancy as it can increase the risk of postpartum hemorrhage. Any thoughts on that? Xo, Eva

  71. Hi Genevieve…Thank you for such a fantastic resource. I hope to become pregnant in the next few years, and before then, I am trying to learn what I can about natural pregnancies. My healthy journey has transformed over the past 9 years, and I would like to have the healthiest and most natural birth possible. I just had one question about the above supplements. Most are currently ones I am not using, but surely will look into after reading this post. I was just curious if all of the supplements you listed above can be taken throughout all 3 trimesters of the pregnancy or if certain ones needed to be avoided at specific times. Thanks in advance, and thanks again for a great resource.

  72. Love this website! I have a question – my OB is really pushing calcium, but I’ve noted that a lot of mamas choose not to take it. Can you give me your thoughts on it? We eat a lot of vegetables in my house, and I feel that I do a good job of eating calcium rich foods already…

  73. Do. You take the vitamin k2 while pregnant?

  74. Is it detrimental to take too much folate? There is some in my RAW prenatal, but I’m considering adding a B complex (that you recommended) and that has folate as well.


  75. I just found out I am pregnant. This is my second child. With my first, my all day sickness was horrid. The only thing that helped me was Zofran. Trying something different this time around. Taking Vita Fusion prenatal, iron 65 mg, milk thistle 140 mg per capsule, and vitamin b6 100 mg. I cut the b6 in half so I plan on continuing to take two a day until 6 weeks when my sickness should start and will start with 3 a day. Does this sound like a good way to combat my sickness? Last baby I gained weight like crazy, swelled like there was no tomorrow, and developed preeclampsia. I did not eat like a horse and was gaining weight so fast. I was almost back to prepregnancy weight when I found out about my second one. I started running in March and hope to continue to run through out this pregnancy and eat really healthy. I was so miserable last time and don’t think I have to be this time if I exercise and continue to take all my supplements. I’m hoping that all of this will make a difference. Does anyone have any similar stories or advise?

  76. Genevieve,

    Do you apply the magnesium spray to your abdomen? What additional benefits does this have on top of taking the Pure Encapsulations?

  77. Hi! I just took a pregnancy test 3 times and it says positive! I don’t see my OBGYN for another week. Should I continue to take my ultra mega green women’s active multivitamin or should I go grab some prenatals??? Help!!!

  78. Hi – do you take all of these at once, even if taking the megafood prenatal?

  79. I took a prenatal vitamin with my son whose two now and has been sick 1 time in his life. Now with this pregnancy I am 36 weeks and decided to not take a prenatal, and to get most of my nutrients through real foods. I do however take CLO every once in a while and rub magnesium oil on my legs daily. It’ll be interesting to see if there are any differences in my children’s health.

  80. Hello,

    Your blog is great! One question, the dosage of magnesium, I have taken increased dosages of magnesium in my 1st trimester and it seemed to really calm down cramps attached with a threatened MC, and make me feel good in general. But my Drs are saying that magnesium dosages shouldn’t surpass the RDA. I see your at 500mg. Could you please explain why your comfortable with the higher dosages because I need a justification to keep doing what feels comfortable. I’ve had one IUGR baby and a stillborn. I really think I have a uterus muscle issue and the relaxation of this muscle with magnesium might b my savior.

  81. I am currently trying to get pregnant with baby #2. Can you please tell me your thoughts on Rainbow Light Prenatal Complete and One a day? I know you recommend the others, but cost is a factor for me. I am thinking of getting the Green Pastures FCLO and butter oil blend, and if I do that I REALLY can’t afford the more expensive prenatal vitamins that you’ve recommended. It looks like the Rainbow Light Complete has a higher percentage of the B vitamins as well. Any thoughts or insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  82. Hi
    I am pregnant and I try and aim for 4000iu of vit D3 a day. I have always taken a high dose as I also have Multiple Sclerosis. I have read about the importance of taking K2 whilst taking Vit D but I have read lots of contradictory information that it shouldn’t be consumed whilst pregnant. Please could you tell me you felt it was safe and what the perceived risks were? Although it often says to be taken with caution in pregnancy it doesn’t explain why.
    Thank you.

  83. I was about to read what you had to say about Magnesium during pregnancy, when one of the first things that I came to was your recommendation for Cod Liver Oil. You should do your research before recommending such a thing to pregnant woman who may trust what you have to say. Cod Liver Oil contains VERY high amounts of vitamin A. While fine when not pregnant, this can cause serious birth defects, especially when combined with the prenatal vitamin you’ve recommended. Do your homework, please. Start here:

    • First off, this is just what I felt comfortable taking. I don’t advise on what others should take. Second, I’m very aware of the studies connected with synthetic vitamin A. Cod liver oil is a food and contains naturally occurring vitamin A which hasn’t been associated with any defects. Women have consumed for thousands of years during this special time.

      • Exactly!

      • I’m a registered dietitian and agree with Genevieve’s point. I also wanted to point out that the literature indicates that, when consumed in combination, vitamins A and D synergize each others actions as well as help protect from each other’s risks. It’s fascinating and explains why CLO (which has naturally occuring forms of both A and D) has been so well tolerated for so many years.

      • Do you have any thoughts on the New Chapter Wholemega fish oil? I’ve been taking 4000mg of it, as well as taking the New Chapter prenatals. Is this combination fine, since I’m assuming the A in the Wholemega would not be synthetic, correct? And how can I tell if the vitamin A is synthetic in any of the whole food prenatal brands?

      • I think you should present a more balanced view in this article and recognise the significant amount of research that shows the risks associated with vitamin A consumption during pregnancy. When you have a platform like this you have a great deal of responsibility. Cod liver oil is not recommended due to the very high levels of Vitamin A. You should present this more clearly.

  84. Is gelatin also safe in pregnancy – for homemade gummis, etc? I’ve read it is good for joint pain.

  85. I was just reading through the amazon comments on the FCLO – and they pointed to as a much more reasonably priced source!

    • Thank you so much for this! even with the extra shipping fees to Canada there are still some great deals on this site!
      i wonder if anyone knows of any other Canadian sites with so much good stuff at our fingertips!?

  86. Thank you for sharing this! I’m saving this for my next pregnancy! I’d love to know how this list has changed for you over time and now as a breast feeding mother.

  87. What do you take to supplement calcium?

      • I love raw milk, but my wife doesn’t. She does like yogurt though, and I ordered kirkland calcium citrate magnesium. Thanks for the great post! You should try Billy’s Infinity Greens and take cissus pro 1000 to help ultilize calcium.

  88. Hello,

    Can you please help me?
    I am trying to do all the right things during my pregnancy and I always seem to fall short on thorough knowledge
    How much do I take for these supplements daily? Please any info will help
    I purchased:
    Carlson Lightly Lemon Cod Liver Oil 1000mg, 300 Softgels
    Jarrow Formulas MK-7, 90 mcg, 60 Count
    Garden of Life RAW Enzymes Women, 90 Capsules
    Essential Formulas Dr.Ohhira’s Probiotics Original Formula, 60 capsules
    Solgar – Vitamin B6, 50 mg, 100 tablets

  89. I just stumbled upon your website, and I am so glad I did! I’ve been reading a lot about the Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal, so I am switching from my prescription to that one. I’m also on board with most of your other recommendations, but I’m wondering if there is a vegan alternative to the cod liver oil. I’ve read about DHA/EPA supplements derived from sea algae. Would that be a good alternative for someone who tries to live cruelty free?

  90. Hi Mamanatural, thank you so much for all the helpful advice. I was just wondering how many capsules of the fermented cod-liver oil I should take per day? Thank you!

    • Sunny did you ever find out how much to take I just found out I am pregnant and I would like to know as well…I have
      Carlson Lightly Lemon Cod Liver Oil 1000mg, 300 Softgels

  91. Do they made good quality cod liver oil that is encapsulated?…My nausea is so bad right now I don’t know if I could handle even the smell let alone the taste. Thanks! 🙂

  92. Hi! I am interested in taking cod liver oil but I am 5 weeks pregnant. If I have never taken it before is it safe to try? I don’t want to have a negative reaction that can possibly effect baby! Thanks in advance for your help!

  93. How much cod liver oil do you take while pregnant?

  94. How much FCLO do you recommend for 3rd trimester? I have been doing just regular cod liver oil (tree of life), about a teaspoon daily up until now – do you think it’s OK to switch to fermented? And do you think it’s reasonable to start butter oil in 3rd trimester? Thanks!

  95. Wondering if you have heard of the multivitamin from called Supermom from Beeyoutiful? Do you prefer Megafood over New Chapter.. Trying to decide on a great multivitamin.

  96. I’m sure we all know and hear about the benefits of folic acid supplementation pre-pregnancy. Folic acid (also known as vitamin B9) can help prevent neural tube defects. You can supplement with folic acid and/or be sure to include foods rich in folic acid, such as, asparagus, broccoli, oranges, lemons and white kidney beans.

  97. The K2 you reccomend has evening primrose as an”other ingredient.” Since this is known to ripen the cervix, wondering if it’s safe during weeks 1-36 of pregnancy?

  98. Hi Genevieve, love your website!!!

    I am now researching supplements during pregnancy and your list is just amazing. Do you think taking fermented cod liver oil and high vitamin butter oil separately is better than taking it together? I take now Blue Ice Royal Butter Oil/ Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend and I was wondering should I separate them.

    My other question is with regards to the pro biotics. Which do you take from Natren? I get my yogurt starter there and is just great , haven’t found any better. What are important things to for when you choose a probiotic brand?

    Thanks a lot,

  99. Great recommendations. What about Nordic naturals DHA and Rainbow Light prenatal?

    • That is exactly what I am taking… Would love to know others thoughts…

  100. All wonderful ideas. I took many of these during my pregnancy last year. Liquid Cal-Mag seemed to fix everything that ailed me! Near the end I had to be more mindful of both my blood pressure and iron levels to stay low-risk for my planned home birth (we ended up delivering at the hospital due to meconium in my fluid). My midwife recommended Floradix which corrected my anemia very quickly and kava kava for relaxation. I also took the Wishgarden PRENATAL liver tonic and some chinese herbs given to me by my trusted acupuncturist. Love you Mama Natural!

  101. Love your supplement suggestions! However, the links to the different supplement suggestions don’t seem to be working. Not sure if it’s just my computer. Thanks!

    • nevermind! seems to be working now

  102. I have been wondering if HCL with pepsin is ok during pregnancy, but could not find info anywhere. So obviously it did not cause problems for you then 🙂

    • HI there. Did you ever get any information on this? I’m wondering the same thing too. Thank you!

  103. I have been wondering if HCL with pepsin is ok during pregnancy, but could not find info anywhere.

  104. Hi Genevieve,

    How do you feel about taking cod liver oil in addition to a prenatal that is not food based? Would this cause a problem with too much vitamin A/beta carotene?


  105. I’m curious about the magnesium and why you take the capsules and the spray. Do you not think the spray is enough? What sort of dosing are you looking for?

  106. Hi,

    I know you said you take most of these even when not pregnant, and wanted to ask several questions:

    Is there a vegetarian substitute for cod liver oil that you would recommend? What about flaxseed oil? It seems to have given me good results, at least cosmetically, for hair/skin/nails so far, and is said to have the same omega-3 fatty acids as fish oil, so wondering if it could be subbed for CLO.

    What would you recommend as the essentials for someone starting out, as I’m trying to switch my vitamins & supplements over to all natural & food-based ones. I’m thinking a B-complex, probiotic, and K-2, but at a loss for a replacement for multivitamins. I don’t want to take prenatals, as I am not planning on pregnancy anytime soon, but still want the benefit of the multi.

    I also eat chia seeds daily, and those work great for me, so I don’t feel the need for magnesium as much (chia seeds work in some of the same ways that you described magnesium as doing).

    Would love your help when you have a second!


  107. Hey Lady!
    Just ordered FCLO in Cinnamon…but now I’m concerned since I read that I should avoid cinnamon oil during pregnancy. I’m 10 weeks along…what do you think?

  108. Hi,

    Just found out I’m pregnant! been having lots of digestive issues from taking antibiotics and having allergies to wheat and dairy. What are your thoughts on Kombucha? My friend has enough to give to me and I’m thought about taking some, wondering if you’ve ever heard of it? Thanks for sharing all the prenatal stuff you take, I’ll definitely be checking out those brands as I haven’t found a brand I like for an all around prenatal yet. Love your posts, thanks! Oh, and, still waiting for the full birth story on Paloma 🙂

  109. Coming from a Momma who deals with kidney stones and who has a family where cancer and osteoporosis sun rampant I’m extremely interested in the Vit. K supplement you were talking about. You said you had some reservations about taking it while prego? What were those reservations?

  110. Hi Mama Natural,
    Love your site! Very informative and helpful! I recently purchased the fermented cod liver oil. It has really upset my stomach. I’ve been taking it in small doses to try and get use to it. Do you know if the upset stomach will eventually go away as I get use to it or is this going to continue? Also I am a bit confused do I also need to take a magnesium and calcium supplement as well with the FCLO? Thanks in advance for your help!

  111. I really enjoyed your article. I am actually taking the Garden of Life Vitamins. This is my second pregnancy. I had taken a different b complex with my first pregnancy, which my son is incredibly smart. He is almost 2 and is already starting to write his letters. My homeopathic doctor told me it would be great for developing the baby’s nervous system, and he was right. I can’t seem to find the b complex I took with him, and I found the Garden of Life brand and was very pleased. I noticed that you said that you were taking it as well, but were planning to stop at 16 weeks. I was just inquiring why you would stop then, and not finish the pregnancy? Thanks 🙂

    • Chelsie!

      I did it more for cost reasons but I’ve actually started taking again. I feel better on it combined with vitamin B6. Great to hear about your son. Thanks for sharing! I also take the Garden of Life B complex. Let me know if you ever think of the one you took before 🙂 XO

    • Chelsie, I too am taking Garden of Life prenatals along with GOL raw B complex. It seems most of their products contain folate, including their probiotics. Does your homeopathic doc have any concern over taking too much folate? And any possible links with autism. It was just pointed out to me today that I may be taking too much folate (approx 1500 mcg daily) and my search is what lead me to this website! I’m so confused about whether to drop the B complex while taking the prenatal! I feel the B complex really helps with mood and energy.

  112. Hi Genevieve,

    Just discovered your site, it’s great! I have a couple of questions for you. I am 40 and am expecting my 6th child. For all of my babies I was up on my supplements and eating the right foods. I loosely follow a WPrice diet as the demands of life allow. I had become lax on supplements (VitD, Cod LO, probiotic, and Folate) as we thought we were probably done and avoiding times of fertility, seems I am still very fertile ;). I am extremely nauseated and struggling to keep anything down, thus worried about baby and my less than prepared body. I am taking New Chapter PreNatal which has 6oomg of folate, VitD 5,000 IU, and probiotcs. Just ordered the fermented CLO with Butter oil, the K2, and the enzymes. Anything else you would recommend for this slightly older mama? Thank you and God bless your work!

  113. I just discovered your tips on taking fermented cod liver oil and high vitamin butter oil. How much should I take if my prenatal vitamin already has 5000 IU’s of Vitamin A? Thanks and I love your blog! Newly preggars, Rosa

  114. This was an extremely helpful post. Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

  115. Great video! I didn’t know Mega Food had an herb-free formulation. I started taking their Baby and Me supplement about 4 months before we conceived my son and continue to take it while nursing. I found it at Whole Foods and just picked up what they had in stock (apparently they are often out of stock because Mega Foods is a small home-based co.), but after clicking your Amazon link, I should start buying it online. Much cheaper!

  116. Love your posts. I have a question. I’m trying to find cod liver oil here in Germany. I’m American, but my husband is German. I remember from one of your other videos, cod liver oil is the only supplement you give G? When did you start? I ask because my German-mother-in-law is a very loving control freak and is telling me everything she ever did with my husband: her first born and only son (aka, her favorite). When I told her I wanted to fine cod liver oil, she asked why and told me she gave her kids a vitamin D supplement. I tried to explain things, but my German is as limited as her English. Also, any suggestions on how to deal with a family member that thinks they are super healthy, but it’s different from your style of trying to be natural?

    • I started Griffin on cod liver oil around 2. Many start as early as 3 months! Griffin ate a LOT of liver from 1-2 so thought he was good with vitamin A. Now, I give it to him a few times a week. With family, I listen politely, keep an open mind, and share my course of action without expecting approval. That’s key. XOXO

      • Could you recommend a good site to buy liver capsules? My family will not eat liver and it’s hard to get good grassfed liver around here.

  117. Oh PLEASE help me! I’m pregnant with my 2nd as well (my first born has the very same b-day as Griffin!) and I can’t eat anything! I am supplementing with many of the same supplements you discussed but what did you eat??? Any suggestions would be SO appreciated. Thank you!

  118. Hi Mama Natural! So I noticed you take quite a few Garden Of Life supplements and wondered if you’ve ever looked into their cod liver oil supplements? I wouldn’t even know what to look for. The brand you get is a lil out of our price range but I know it can be so beneficial for both myself and my still breastmilk drinking 15mo old daughter, so I’m keeping my eyes open for something else, but also know I need to be careful. What are your thoughts on the brands cod liver supplement?

    • The Sonne’s and Carlson’s are both much cheaper. Check out those links.

      • i used carlson’s for years before green pastures was well known (possibly before internet was so available! and growing up!) so can say that if i had to just choose one i could buy, that one is great, but it’s totally worth the effort to get the fermented cod liver oil. especially when pregnant and/or nursing (i’ve done both together a lot).

  119. Hi how log can i take vitamin B6. I’m not pregnant just nursing. Thanks

  120. Hi Genevive! I have a question about the K2 and blood clotting. Is it K2 or K1 that is involved with the clotting? I was under the impression that it was K1 that played a large role in blood clotting and K2 that paled the large role in distribution of calcium to the right places in the body. I recently ordered the fermented cod liver oil/ butter oil combo and was going to give myself and family a dose every day.

    • Yes, K1 is more involved with blood clotting. I’m just being uber conservative. The butter oil is lovely and a food and good 🙂

  121. Genevieve, are you planning on taking a childbirth class? I did Hypnobabies with my last two births and LOVED it! I had really fast and easy labors. Just curious . I know that you like to research and try lots of different natural things.

    • I have the Hypnobabies CDs so will listen to those. That’s about it 🙂

      • I HIGHLY recommend the Bradley Method. My water broke and I had no contractions so I was induced with Pitocin. I thought, “NOOO! I will never be able to do it without an epidural!” She was posterior and I pushed for 2 hours. Total labor was 43 hours and I did it with no pain medication! I couldn’t have done it without the Bradley Method and the LORD!!

  122. I purchased the Jarrow Brand of K2 and I was surprised by the list of “other” ingredients which include but are not inclusive: “soybean oil, glycerin, and caramel (as a light barrier)”. It’s been sitting on my counter because the purist in me is uncertain about those ingredients. What are your thoughts about this?

    • I know. Not perfect. BUT, it is such a minuscule amount that I’m OK with it. I know many other natural mamas that take it with wonderful results.

      • Do you otherwise avoid soy and see the fermented natto as a healthy exception? I would love to start taking this product but feel conflicted about the soy.

  123. Hello!
    I love your blog!
    I see you’ve recommended some RAW Vitamin Code brand supplements.

    What do you think about the RAW Vitamin Code Vaginal Probiotic?

    I usually get the Klaire Labs one…but it’s a drive to get them, so thought i’d try the Vitamin Code brand this time.

    *I’m 7 months pregnant with our 7th baby, so wanted to be sure that area doesn’t have any “bad bugs!” so thought since that one said “vaginal,” that maybe it has some extras to help with yeast down there.
    Jennifer +


      I’ve never tried their probiotic but give it a try! They seem to make good products. You can also soak an unbleached, organic tampon in a high quality yogurt and insert overnight.XO

  124. just went out to stock up my supplements and came home wishing i had brands. THANK YOU. i also have done Garden for Life raw prenatals (only one i loved taking) still taking them while nursing, and Green Pastured fermented cod-liver oil w/ butter oil. I did magnesium this pregnancy and just ran out (and can tell!) and needed probiotic suggestions as well.

    perfect timing!!!

  125. I just ordered some fermented cod liver oil from Green Pastures and my kids like it with the orange juice like you suggested in a previous video. However, I HATE it. Do you think you get similar benefits from the capsules by Green Pastures? I really want to try the fremented kind as I have read about the benefits. Or what about the capsules that combine their butter oil and fermented cod liver oil? Thoughts?

    • Sorry to hear. I really can’t taste it in the OJ. Are you using enough? Yes, the capsules are fine. You just have to take a lot if you’re pregnant. XO

      • How many capsules while pregnant?

    • Super easiest to take it with the syringe ( I combine the Orange skate and the cinnamon butter oil blend in the same syringe it actually works together to mellow the sharpness) then quickly chase it with milk or yogurt. I find mixing it with anything is just gross and painful.

  126. Hi, i really enjoy your videos. love love love how you organize your family, to let them grow healthy and so beautifully. since you are pregnant with your 2nd, i really love to see how you prepare your little Griffin with this great gift. and love to see how your husband Mike ‘talk’ with the baby in your tummy.

    Keep up with your wonderful sharing…

  127. Thanks for doing this video! My first pregnancy was really our dive into whole, natural living. I randomly read on some blog that whole food supplements were best, so I ditched the prenatals someone had given me (with pink dye in them!) and got New Chapter vitamins. I took a cheap fish oil Omega 3 and calcium. Then we met my midwife and she put me on extra calcium+magnesium, extra D, extra iron (I was really low!) and a heavy duty probiotic because we thought I had an infection.
    Now I forget to take anything most of the time. But we are taking Miessence probiotics (I am so impressed with this company!!) and if I get pregnant again I will definitely take the FCLO. You’ve inspired me to get started on K and Magnesium now!

  128. This is a little off topic, but could you share a video on how to get rid of pests naturally? It may be different where you live, but I would love to know if you guys use an exterminator (no judgement 🙂 or if you use natural methods of getting rid of pests. My parents live in Charleston, SC and have to deal with palmetto bugs, cockroaches and other pests. They use an exterminator because there is really no other way they have found of getting rid of these dirty creatures. It would be great if they could find a natural alternative!

  129. interesting list! great to know what’s good to add in – i’m taking a multivitamin and an omega-3…

    i had to switch brands of prenatal vitamins as i realised the first kind i was taking was causing nausea (after i was starting to feel better from first trimester ick!)

    • Good thing you figured out the prenatal thing. No need for anything to add to nausea!

  130. For someone who is not pregnant but just starting with supplements what do suggest is a good starting point. Right now all I take is the gnc ultra mega for women (dont cringe lol) I watch your videos but get overwhelmed when I start shopping for supplements. By the way I’m 37 🙂

    • I’d do cod liver oil, magnesium, probiotic and potentially a digestive enzyme if that’s an issue. That’s it! XO

  131. Great info! Question, do you have any recommendations for infant and children vitamins.. Needing to order some more but want something natural and healthy! Thanks!

    • Kids actually don’t need too many vitamins/minerals because if you think about it, they get a lot of calories per pound compared to an adult. For example, Griffin probably eats 1,000 calories a day and I eat around 2,000, but I’m over 100 pounds more!

      The only thing I would recommend is cod liver oil and probiotics. The latter only if there’s some digestion or allergy issues.

  132. Great!!! Thank you! I have been looking to add a probiotic to my supplements and this is a big help.

  133. I had planned to take most of these with this pregnancy, but I’ve spent the whole time battling severe hyperemesis (I’m down 50 pounds from my pre-preg weight and have to go in to the hospital twice a week to get IV fluids because I can’t keep down enough to stay hydrated.) I feel awful that I haven’t been getting better nutrition to baby. I’m taking a gummi prenatal (it’s full of things I’m not crazy for, but I haven’t found another one I can keep down yet, despite trying more than a dozen different varieties. I figure vitamins with HFCS are better than no vitamins, especially given that I can’t keep food down to get vitamins the “natural” way either.) I also put Natural Calm magnesium in my water every day – I don’t get a lot of it down, but I could definitely tell the difference after I started taking it, mainly with digestion but a little bit with the nausea (and every little bit helps with HG!). I’m starting the third trimester now, and I’m hoping to be able to start keeping more things down so I can juice again to get some REAL vitamins in me, as well as start taking a probiotic and cod liver oil. I want to do fermented CLO, but haven’t found one I can afford yet, so I may just have to do regular.

    Also, I agree with the mama above who said she’d love to see a video on supplements for while nursing.

    • So sorry to hear about HG! Sounds like you’re doing the best you can so be easy on yourself. Baby will take what it needs. Hang in there! XO

  134. Do you know if nordic naturals CLO contains synthetic vitamins? I’m not sure how to tell…

  135. Hey Mama Natural! Question…do yo take the full dose of fermented cod liver oil recommended by WAPF for pregnant women (2tsp/day)? Also, what’s your take on desiccated liver capsules to get a boost of B vitamins? BTW, love your blog!!!

    • I average about 15,000 IU of vitamin A, so about 1 1/2 tsp. I don’t do liver capsules but have 3 eggs a day and pastured butter for vitamin A. I also will start eating liver 2nd trimester. XO

      • Hi Genevieve! I have the Green Pastures Fermented cod liver oil capsules and just recently started taking them. I was curious as to why you don’t take the capsules. My daughter takes the liquid form by green pastures. Should I switch over to hers instead? LOVE your stuff btw!


  136. Hey Mama Natural! You website and vlog are such great resources, thank you so much for all you do! I was wondering, any suggestions on preventing and/or healing stretch marks?

    • Vitamin E oil mixed with cacao butter, coconut oil and shea butter. I would order the purest forms of all of these and warm gently (except vitamin E) and then mix together in equal parts. I would open up a few vitamin E capsules once the oil is cool. Store in a cool place and apply twice a day. Eating lots of gelatin or bone broth would also help.

  137. B vitamins are not “stored” in the body. Only fat soluble vitamins are stored and build up in the body. Any digested and metabolized B vitamins not needed at a given time are excreted. Taking a 400 mcg supplement of folic acid everyday is important at conception and during pregnancy to ensure proper fetal development.

    • There are 450 mcg of folate in the B-complex she mentioned

    • There is folic acid and B-vitamins in her prenatal (MegaFood™ Baby & Me™ Herb Free contains 800 mcg folate), that is why she stated she feels comfortable going off B-vitamins supplement recommended by her midwife (VIT△MIN CODE® RAW B-Complex™, which contains 450 mcg folate).

    • There are all the B vitamins in my prenatal, including 800 mcg of folate.

      • Hi, I just found out I could take so many staff while pregnant. I’m planning second pregnancy now. Can I take prenatal multivitamins and cod liver oil before pregnancy and continue during all three trimester?? I’m thinking to get Rainbow Light Complete Prenatal System and Nordic Prenatal DHA or Cod Liver Oil.What you think about this.I’m afraid of getting too much of Vitamin A and D if I drink cod liver oil + prenatal multivitamins everyday? How your pregnancy was???Did you get prenatal vitamins and cod liver oil the whole pregnancy or just short periods??? Please give me some suggestions .Thank you so much :*

  138. This list is great! I have a few questions (of course!). I noticed your magnesium is from Pure Encapsulations. Is Pure Encapsulations a supplement brand you think is okay? Pretty much everything I take is from them, but I don’t see them talked about much.

    I am currently dairy intolerant, can the K2 replace the butter oil? Or do I really need to be doing both?

    The footnote in the WAP pregnancy diet about fermented cod liver oil and hemorrhaging kind of terrifies me. Since I can’t have dairy I can’t follow the diet precisely, but I know how important FCLO is, so I am at a loss what to do. Do you know of any other resources that have more information/guidelines about that?

    I’ve learned so much from you! Thanks!

    • Hi Kelsey!

      The hemorrhaging is related to plain fish oil, not cod liver oil. Regular fish oil thins the blood, is prone to oxidation, and if taken in combination with cod liver oil, is too much. Cod liver oil has been around for thousands of years so I feel good about taking it.

      Yes, the K2 supplement can replace the butter oil.

      I LOVE Pure Encapsulations because their ingredients are so clean. They are well respected.

    • Hey Kelsey,

      There isn’t any casein or lactose in the Green Pastures Butter Oil. So if you’re sensitive to the casein or lactose, then you are fine to take the butter oil!

  139. When I was pregnant, I took a lot of supplements (in addition to trying to eat well). The ones I took regularly were:

    –Prenatal (Food Science of Vermont)
    –Cod liver oil (standard cod liver oil, but I am interested in checking out the fermented stuff!)
    –Dandelion root (for liver support and function…. I also took Milk Thistle for the same purpose, but I think it irritated my stomach)
    –Vitamin D, and a lot of it!
    –Extra Vitamin C (Vitamin C and bioflavenoids supposedly help create a strong amniotic sac, preventing early rupturing, and it must have worked. With both my kids my water never broke until pushing time!)

    Also, later on, when I had moderately high blood pressure, I took CoQ10, Rutin and passionflower tincture. I am not sure which ones were the most effective. Passionflower seemed to help me a bit.

    • Oh yes, I also took probiotics sporadically (and drank a LOT of kefir!).

      • Thanks! I felt like I lived on supplements and “health food”, but I don’t regret working hard to stay healthy when I was pregnant! By the grace of God, both our boys have been born unusually healthy with good immune systems and were very strong and well-developed physically even at birth.

        By the way, I only recently found your site. Did you do childhood immunizations with your first baby? I am just curious. We’re trying to decide which ones might be worth giving our now-2 year old (who hasn’t had shots yet).

    • Hi, I just found out I could take so many staff while pregnant. I’m planning second pregnancy and I wonder can I take prenatal multivitamins and cod liver oil before pregnancy and continue during all three trimester?? I’m afraid of getting too much of Vitamin A and D if I drink cod liver oil + prenatal multivitamins everyday? How your pregnancy was??? I’m so happy I saw this website .

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