Isaiah Name Meaning

A vowel name stunner with Biblical ties, Isaiah has been growing in popularity over recent years. He has a fashionable look and exotic sound, the perfect combination for a winning name.

A Hebrew name meaning “God is salvation,” Isaiah is a natural pick for religious parents. He also appears as a prophet in the ancient texts and penned the Book of Isaiah. He is religious to those familiar with the Bible, though isn’t as outright as Moses or Jesus.

A steady fixture in the Top 100 since the 1990s, Isaiah has enough popularity to help with his tricky spelling. He’s common yet not overused, remaining a fresh pick for parents looking for something spunky. He has a genuine nice-guy feel, the perfect name for a little guy.

Isaiah is also a name that ages with its wearer, not too bold for a little one but not too playful for an adult. He also has a multitude of nicknames for a youngster like Izzy, Zayah, and Zay.

With his interesting I start and zesty middle, Isaiah is a go-to pick for parents looking for something exciting. As vowel names for boys continue to rise, Isaiah is a classic pick that stands apart from the others easily.

Infographic of Isaiah name meaning, which is A Hebrew name, Isaiah means God is salvation.
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Isaiah Name Popularity

How popular is the name Isaiah? Here’s everything we know.

Year Rank # Births % Births
1910 433 13 0.0037%
1911 454 14 0.0038%
1912 557 22 0.0044%
1913 498 40 0.0071%
1914 692 25 0.0036%
1915 559 64 0.007%
1916 514 86 0.0089%
1917 560 75 0.0075%
1918 531 94 0.0088%
1919 485 112 0.0107%
1920 540 92 0.0083%
1921 587 82 0.0072%
1922 511 112 0.0101%
1923 561 87 0.0078%
1924 502 118 0.0102%
1925 542 94 0.0083%
1926 536 92 0.0084%
1927 551 89 0.008%
1928 529 94 0.0088%
1929 492 105 0.0101%
1930 575 75 0.0072%
1931 529 84 0.0085%
1932 540 79 0.008%
1933 526 81 0.0087%
1934 568 74 0.0077%
1935 559 71 0.0073%
1936 538 76 0.0079%
1937 543 75 0.0076%
1938 529 85 0.0083%
1939 666 43 0.0042%
1940 521 85 0.008%
1941 517 92 0.0082%
1942 604 70 0.0055%
1943 587 76 0.0058%
1944 612 61 0.0049%
1945 529 90 0.0074%
1946 565 90 0.0061%
1947 556 107 0.0064%
1948 529 114 0.0071%
1949 543 112 0.007%
1950 557 107 0.0066%
1951 560 107 0.0063%
1952 589 97 0.0056%
1953 674 73 0.0041%
1954 597 107 0.0059%
1955 660 81 0.0044%
1956 736 60 0.0032%
1957 653 93 0.0048%
1958 763 55 0.0029%
1959 746 60 0.0032%
1960 756 60 0.0032%
1961 759 58 0.0031%
1962 794 50 0.0027%
1963 913 30 0.0017%
1964 941 29 0.0016%
1965 870 34 0.0021%
1966 840 37 0.0024%
1967 1,071 16 0.0011%
1968 852 36 0.0024%
1969 1,063 20 0.0013%
1970 1,234 15 0.0009%
1971 921 38 0.0025%
1972 900 38 0.0028%
1973 853 45 0.0035%
1974 806 57 0.0044%
1975 707 90 0.007%
1976 606 137 0.0106%
1977 548 194 0.0144%
1978 510 207 0.0154%
1979 503 228 0.0162%
1980 453 299 0.0204%
1981 401 370 0.0252%
1982 344 507 0.0339%
1983 338 506 0.0343%
1984 321 563 0.0378%
1985 325 584 0.0385%
1986 331 559 0.037%
1987 266 784 0.0514%
1988 244 932 0.0598%
1989 227 1,163 0.0721%
1990 204 1,464 0.0883%
1991 209 1,469 0.0901%
1992 212 1,438 0.0901%
1993 204 1,465 0.094%
1994 170 1,858 0.1211%
1995 109 3,469 0.2302%
1996 71 5,324 0.3556%
1997 60 6,003 0.4059%
1998 59 6,488 0.4335%
1999 51 7,499 0.5007%
2000 47 8,028 0.5255%
2001 43 8,582 0.5696%
2002 45 8,962 0.598%
2003 49 8,893 0.5846%
2004 45 9,255 0.6072%
2005 45 9,519 0.6226%
2006 39 10,448 0.6673%
2007 43 10,109 0.6407%
2008 42 9,656 0.6247%
2009 41 9,238 0.6181%
2010 43 8,571 0.5948%
2011 43 8,526 0.5984%
2012 42 8,152 0.5721%
2013 44 7,869 0.5527%
2014 48 7,605 0.522%
2015 49 7,601 0.5224%
2016 47 7,491 0.5196%
2017 47 7,157 0.5128%
2018 51 6,606 0.4808%
2019 53 6,150 0.4543%
2020 52 5,905 0.4639%
2021 56 5,665 0.4634%
2022 58 5,274 0.3998%

Alaska (AK)

Alabama (AL)

Arkansas (AR)

Arizona (AZ)

California (CA)

Colorado (CO)

Connecticut (CT)

District of Columbia (DC)

Delaware (DE)

Florida (FL)

Georgia (GA)

Hawaii (HI)

Iowa (IA)

Idaho (ID)

Illinois (IL)

Indiana (IN)

Kansas (KS)

Kentucky (KY)

Louisiana (LA)

Massachusetts (MA)

Maryland (MD)

Maine (ME)

Michigan (MI)

Minnesota (MN)

Missouri (MO)

Mississippi (MS)

Montana (MT)

North Carolina (NC)

North Dakota (ND)

Nebraska (NE)

New Hampshire (NH)

New Jersey (NJ)

New Mexico (NM)

Nevada (NV)

New York (NY)

Ohio (OH)

Oklahoma (OK)

Oregon (OR)

Pennsylvania (PA)

Rhode Island (RI)

South Carolina (SC)

South Dakota (SD)

Tennessee (TN)

Texas (TX)

Utah (UT)

Virginia (VA)

Vermont (VT)

Washington (WA)

Wisconsin (WI)

West Virginia (WV)

Wyoming (WY)

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Name Meaning Origin Popularity Other Gender

Laughter; salvation of God; the Lord helps me



Gift of Isis



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Name Meaning Origin Popularity Other Gender

Salvation of God; the Lord helps me



Salvation of God; the Lord helps me



Salvation of God; the Lord helps me



Salvation of God; the Lord helps me



Salvation of God; the Lord helps me



Salvation of God; the Lord helps me



Salvation of God; the Lord helps me


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Name Meaning Origin Popularity Other Gender

God has created



He will laugh



Jehovah helps



Who is like God?



Prince of the Lord



The Lord is my strength



The Lord is my strength; strength, power


What names are similar to Isaiah?

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Name Meaning Origin Popularity Other Gender

My God is Yahweh



God will strengthen






God supports



Joined together



Who is Like God?






Name of God






New house


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Siblings of Isaiah

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Name Meaning Origin Popularity Other Gender

Green sprout



Little rock



God is my oath






Olive tree



Shining light



An exotic variant of Elizabeth.



Father’s rejoice



God is my strength



God is with us



Honoring God



Sea heavens



  1. Isaiah Jacob.. Both names from the Bible, which I liked. The name is somewhat different/not too common, and seemed to fit him when other names didn’t. Second runner up was Elijah Jacob, 3rd Axel.. I liked all the names, but Isaiah just came in first place. Thanks.

  2. It’s a prophet’s name. We want our son to have a Godly future.

  3. I love baby Isaiah name it came from the bible and dislike about everyone I know has that name

  4. My husband suggested it after Isaiah the prophet in the Bible and I loved the name!

  5. His name is from the bible ibliked the meaning

  6. I Love My Babie’s Name N I Pick Isaiah Cuz Of His Father So My Son Is A Jr.

  7. I will say, boy names were very hard to choose for us. I prayed every morning for a name we loved with meaning. After I prayed I would read my devotions or a scripture and it would come from the book of Isaiah. After several months passed I was still praying for that perfect name and then read the Scripture Isaiah 40:31 and realized that is my husband’s favorite scripture. God was telling me the whole time what the baby’s name should be over and over through my readings. I shared it with my hubby and he thought the name was perfect for our baby boy!

  8. Honestly I didn’t want to pick names because it was a surprise baby. Drove my husband crazy didn’t talk names with him. Was praying for GOD to give us the right name. After 78hours of laboring I end up having to be put under for an emergency C-section because epidural failed. Once I was woken up and taken back to the recovery room on the way I got to see our baby. Being in and out of sleep that’s the only name I had on my mind. When they finally brought him to my room after 6hours and hubby came he asked after some hours what were we going to name him. And I said, “How about Isaiah and your middle name?” He said okay. After we came home hubby said,”After they got our son out and you were woken up after the only thing I had on my mines was “GOD saves”. And the name Isaiah means GOD saves.” So I know GOD gave us the perfect name for our son not a moment to early not a moment to late. 🙂

  9. Love the meaning

  10. My husband and I are very strong believers in Jesus Christ, and we’ve been diving deeper into studying the Bible and the different people who had an impact on the “coming of Christ” we were praying for a name trying to decide what our son would be called, and my husband felt very strongly that his name should be Isaiah.

  11. I love the name is full of God’s promises in this book of Isaiah

  12. Isaiah is a biblical name, it comes from a Hebrew phrase “yeshua Yahu” meaning ‘God saves’ or “salvation of the Lord”

    It’s a personal reminder for us of the promised child- Yeshua. He was prophesied to be the the mighty councilor, a prince of peace.

    Isaiah was a prophet and known as a messenger of God. He was to warn the people
    Of coming judgement and deliver a promise of hope for the end times.

  13. Isaiah God saves or gods salvation. I have had a tough pregnancy. If was not for God I won’t have made it through.

  14. I’m nervous

  15. Isaiah is actually my grandson and I would love any suggestions to help me out. It’s been a long time since I had a baby. Love all the support given now a days.

    Isaiah’s name is his uncles middle name.

  16. Isaiah was actually a prophet in the Bible.

  17. His name was originally supposed to be Michael Daniel, we agreed on it and then a weird thing happened. Now I know some don’t believe, and that’s ok, but for me I believe in God and his power. We agreed on Michael just before falling asleep and then next morning I had one of those moments where you’re asleep but you’re fully aware of your surroundings… I had a dream and the name Isaiah came to me. Now our first born has the name Jeremiah. We’ve always agreed on having good strong biblical names for our children. So when I woke up with the name Isaiah instead of Michael, I looked up everything for Isaiah and I was sold on the new name for our second son and child.
    You just can’t beat God’s power.

  18. I’ve always liked it since watching the movie Losing Isaiah

  19. I love that it’s a biblical name. That was important to us when picking out a name for our baby. The father picked it out early in my pregnancy and I just loved it so it stuck. It was hard choosing the spelling though. I wanted it Isiah because the first 2 letters are the fathers name and the last three letters are my name so it was cute and special. But we picked Isaiah 🙂

  20. God promised us we would have a Baby Boy and asked us to name him Isaiah! He’s our first born! Full name, Isaiah Kai!

    I love that it’s such a strong biblical name!

    He has such a strong and beautiful personality following suit of the name!

  21. Wanted a name that wasn’t popular in 2009

  22. My husband and I prayed through the naming of our child and He blessed us with Isaiah as the answer. We chose to have children in order to make an impact on the world for God. Isaiah means ‘God is salvation’. The very thing we wanted our child to be a testament to.

  23. Me and his father just knew we were having a baby boy. I thought of many names and told his father, he would always say no or someone in the family already had that name. I am very religious so I knew I wanted his name to come out the bible. I finally suggested isaiah to his father and he liked it..yay we finally picked a name.

  24. Because we wanted something biblical that also complemented his big brother Ezras name

  25. I have always loved the name Isaiah and wanted to name my first son it. Luckily my husband loved the name too!

  26. It’s a bible name for his first name and of course I love church and God, then his middle name is from his great great grandfather on his daddy’s side.

  27. One of my favorite boy names of all time. I knew from an early age that I wanted to name my son Isaiah. I think the name has strength.

  28. Isaiah means God is my shepherd. I do believe thats what it means ? hes my oldest son.

  29. I Loved Him The First Time I Saw Him

  30. My husband suggested the name and I loved it. We paired it with the middle name Owen which is in honor of 2 very important men in my husbands life, his Pop Pop and Uncle.

  31. For those who have spiritual beliefs, My fianc? had a vision that we were going to have a baby and that it would be a boy. In the lords vision to him, he said our baby was coming very soon and we are to name him Isaiah Emmanuel. For those that don’t know Isaiah is a prophet in the Bible. Anyhow my son is a gift and is called to be here.

  32. I like Isaiah name on my first baby boy coz its unique and its a biblical name and i love it coz its related to god faith ?

  33. His dad decided the name Isaiah and we kept it…

  34. Isaiah was our firstborn son. I had gotten pregnant only several months into our marriage, and I was one emotional hot mess. During the summer that I was pregnant, I decided I wanted to take a bible study with a friend of mine who was teaching the “Breaking Free” study by Beth Moore. I had so many “chains” from my past holding me down and I needed some guidance for how to walk in freedom. The study was based mainly in the book of the Bible, Isaiah, so I learned more about the prophet himself and grew to love his writings. Many of my favorite, most encouraging verses come from Isaiah (Isaiah 41:10, Isaiah 55, Isaiah 60). I told my husband this name was the top of my list (it means “Yahweh (God) is salvation”), but he wasn’t quite convinced yet. He worked for an organization in Uganda and was going on a trip just several months before our baby boy was due, so I told him to come back with a name (and prayed that God would give us confirmation of a name on this trip, because the struggle of deciding on a name was really wearing on me). Once there, my husband found a girl who is like family to us, whose name is Joy, our “adopted” child who we met when we were both on a trip there together. She learned I was pregnant, asked if it was a boy or girl, and immediately said “name him Isaiah”! And the cool thing is that my husband got it all on video (he’s a professional photographer/videographer)! He told me that story and we both knew without a doubt that Isaiah would be our son’s name. It’s our prayer that he would bring truth and light to the world that God is the only way to salvation and that he truly loves us and has come to our rescue!

  35. We never thought our son would be Isaiah….it wasn’t even in the top 5 of our boy name list. We had planned on Theodore or Eamon, but when we met our son neither suited him. It took us 3 days to discover that Isaiah just suited him. It’s common but not to common and I loved the gentle, kindly neighbor with the same name in the TV show version of Little House on the Prairie when I was a kid.

  36. I chose Isaiah because it’s a biblical name and it starts with an I. All my children are ABC etc Isaiah I just love that name.

  37. Vowel name! Biblical name! Strong name! With 5 sisters he’s gonna need it!!

  38. I’ve loved this name since I was a teen. It means Yahweh is salvation which we hope he lives by with his whole life.

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