If you’ve got a little one on the way, you may be researching the best online birthing classes and feeling a little shell shocked at the prices.

Fortunately, there’s a way you can save money on many of the best courses: by paying for them out of your HSA or FSA account. Yes, birth classes such as the Mama Natural Birth Course are eligible for reimbursement.

But wait — what’s an HSA and how do you know if your class is eligible!? Don’t worry, mama! We’ve got the scoop here.

In this article, we’ll answer all of your questions:

  • What is an HSA/FSA?
  • Are birthing classes covered by HSA/FSA?
  • How do you pay for a birth course with an FSA or HSA?

What is an HSA / FSA?

The health savings account (HSA) and the flexible spending account (FSA) are special accounts that enable you to set aside pre-tax dollars to cover certain medical expenses. HSA/FSA can be offered as a benefit through your workplace, but it’s possible to open your own HSA (if you’re self-employed).

HSAs and FSAs are:

  • Helpful supplements that work with your insurance to offset medical expenses
  • Helpful to pay for co-pays, medications/prescriptions, and other related expenses

HSAs and FSAs are NOT:

  • Replacements for health insurance
  • The same as cash

How to Use Your HSA or FSA

Before you can use an HSA or FSA to cover your childbirth education, you need to know if you have one of these accounts. Check with your HR representative at work. During your enrollment period, you were likely asked to determine how much money you wanted to be allocated into your account. If you have one of these accounts, you’ll receive a debit card from your company. This debit card draws money from your HSA or FSA account. Remember, this is your pre-tax dollars that you set aside for this purpose.

HSA and FSA do have differences, so you’ll need to verify which one you have. Money in an HSA can roll over from one year to the next. This isn’t the case with FSA, which is based on a “use it or lose it” model.

Are Birthing Classes Covered by HSA or FSA?

To get the most accurate list of what is — or isn’t — covered under your plan, you’ll need to double check with your HR representative. That being said, most childbirth classes are listed as eligible medical expenses. Your course might even be covered in full.

Like most things, you’ll need to check the fine print:

  • Your childbirth course must cover certain topics, including labor, delivery, and even breathing techniques
  • Your partner (or even a doula) won’t be covered
  • Baby care courses aren’t covered under “childbirth class expenses”
  • Breastfeeding courses aren’t covered under “childbirth class expenses” but they ARE eligible for reimbursement under a different category
  • Parenting courses aren’t covered under “childbirth class expenses”
  • You might need a letter of medical necessity (we’ll cover this in the next section)

Even if you don’t need an itemized receipt, you should keep one in your files.

Do You Need a Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN)?

Short answer: Possibly.

Most HSA or FSH administrators will ask you for a Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN). This is a letter from your doctor or midwife describing why the course is a medical necessity. This is a basic letter than includes your medical condition (which in this case is simply pregnancy), why you need this particular expense (to prepare for childbirth), and how this medical necessity will meet your needs (provide education).

To find out if you need an LMN, ask your HSA or FSA administer. At your next prenatal appointment, let your midwife or doctor know you need an LMN, and they’ll be able to provide one for you.

What Is an Itemized Receipt?

An itemized receipt breaks down all of the details of your transaction.  An itemized receipt for a childbirth class may include details such as:

  • Name of childbirth educator
  • Address of childbirth educator
  • Your name
  • Service provided (in this case, childbirth class)
  • Date or dates of the class
  • Tax ID number of the childbirth educator
  • ICD Diagnosis Code
  • HCPCS Code

Do you need an itemized receipt?

If you pay with a personal card and then submit a claim for reimbursement, YES.

You will likely need an itemized receipt if you submit the receipt for reimbursement at a later date. When paying with your personal credit card or personal debit card, you’ll include your itemized receipt (the Mama Natural Birth Course sends you this automatically when you sign up) along with the LMN (from your doctor) to your HSA/FSA administrator.

If you pay with your HSA or FSA card directly, MAYBE.

If you swipe your HSA FSA debit card, then you might not need to submit an itemized receipt — but you should save it anyway.

Bottom line: You may or may not have to submit an itemized receipt, but regardless, you should check in with your  HSA/FSA administrator to verify any needed information.

Mama Natural Birth Course – An HSA FSA Eligible Birth Course!

Now that we’ve covered what HSA and FSA are — and how they can be used to cover medical expenses like childbirth classes — it’s time to get to the best part: the Mama Natural Birth Course is eligible for HSA FSA reimbursement!

I joined forces with Maura Winkler, a nurse midwife and Certified Lactation Consultant, to create the Mama Natural Birth Course.

It’s 100% online and on-demand, so you can take it at your own pace.

We poured our hearts and souls into making this a world-class birth program that you can re-watch again and again from the comfort of your own home. It includes expert guidance, a community of warm-hearted mama’s and top-level training.

Obviously, I’m biased towards the Mama Natural Birth Course, but it’s because each year I see how profoundly beneficial this training is for thousands of expecting mama’s. It has a track record of proven, outstanding results. Check out hundreds of reviews here.

If you want to achieve the birth of your dreams, the Mama Natural Birth Course will equip you – physically and emotionally – to do just that!

It’s designed to put YOU in the driver seat of your birth. You’ll get the clarity, tools and support you need to succeed in a natural childbirth.

If you want more confidence and peace as you head into your childbirth (whether that’s in a hospital, at home or a birth center) I sincerely hope I get to work with you.

Get all the details about the Mama Natural Birth Course and answers to your questions here.

Learn how to have an amazing birth with the Mama Natural Birth Course

Using Your FSA or HSA to Pay for the Mama Natural Birth Course

Using your FSA or HSA to cover your childbirth course is simple. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Verify your benefits.

First things first: call your HSA or FSA plan administrator to verify your HSA or FSA benefits. While you’re on the phone, it’s a good time to ask what they’ll require e.g., an LMN and/or an itemized receipt.

2. Purchase your course.

You have two options:

  • Purchase the Mama Natural Birth Course online using your HSA/FSA card.
  • Purchase the course online using your personal credit card or personal debit card.

3. Save your receipt.

Once you enroll and your purchase is complete, we’ll send you an itemized receipt via email. We provide all the information you’ll need — an ICD Diagnosis code, an HCPCS Procedure code, our tax ID, and “sold by” name and address. This itemized receipt will be processed for your FSA account. Save this receipt for your records.

4. Follow your plan administrator’s reimbursement steps.

Your reimbursement steps may vary depending on which option you selected in Step 2.

5. Enjoy your course!

Time to enjoy your online course, mama! Not only is your course 100% reimbursable, but it’s your path to a natural, empowering childbirth.

What Mama Natural Students Say About Paying with FSA/HSA

We’ve helped hundreds of mamas use their HSA FSA benefits to cover the cost of their childbirth course. Here’s what some of them said about the process:

  • I used my HSA card! Ours is Excellus insurance and uses Key Bank for the HSA. No problems at all. – Jessica W.
  • Used HSA card! I was so happy it was eligible, it really helped. Blue cross blue shield & data path is our HSA administrator. – Katie V.
  • I used my HSA card with zero problems!!! – Nicole B.
  • We paid with HSA and were super thankful it was eligible! – Lindsey K.
  • We payed outright with our own money and tried to get reimbursed by our insurance (a high deductible health plan with an HSA included). We went round and round with our insurance company at that time – FirstCare – and it was never approved. Even talked to a person on the phone and provided all the codes Mama Natural sent and still got nowhere with them. Oh well. The course was worth it. – Jada B.
  • We paid with HSA but would have bought it regardless. – Amanda W.
  • Yes! I used my HSA card and had to submit the email receipt you sent me and it was approved! – Julie W
  • I got reimbursement for the class from our HSA! – Julie Nelson
  • Paid with HSA card. – Ashley F.
  • I paid out of pocket, but now I’m going to submit for reimbursement from my FSA! – Katelyn M.
  • I used my HSA with no questions asked! – Katie A.
  • We have an HSA credit card, so I just used that. – Laura P.
  • FSA! It was the only way we were able to afford the course and it was worth every penny! – Aleta S.

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