Implantation Bleeding: What It Is and What to Look For (Photos!)

When does implantation occur? How is implantation bleeding different from menstrual bleeding? How long does implantation bleeding last? Find out now.

When does implantation occur? How is implantation bleeding different from menstrual bleeding? How long does implantation bleeding last? Find out here!

When couples start trying to conceive, they can be like hound dogs looking for an early sign of pregnant. The “two week wait” can seem longer than the wait for the next Star Wars sequel! But some lucky women get a sign before they even get that BFP on that home pregnancy test. It’s called implantation bleeding and the process can look different for each woman and each pregnancy.

Implantation Bleeding: What It Is and What to Look For Video

For this reason, it can be tricky to identify a true implantation bleed versus some other kind of spotting. In this post, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about implantation bleeding (with photos!) so that you’ll know if you may be pregnant, or may have something else going on.

What Came First? The Implantation or the Egg?

To explain the biology of implantation, we need to rewind the tape. When two people love each other…

Just kidding. We don’t need to rewind that far. At a conception, a male sperm swims to meet a female egg, or ovum, in the fallopian tube where one lucky swimmer enters the egg and fertilizes it. The parents’ genetic material fuses together to create an embryo with its own unique DNA.

The embryo divides into two cells to become a zygote. The zygote continues to grow and subdivide to become what we’ve been waiting for: a blastocyst. At the blastocyst stage, baby is ready to implant. Throughout this time of subdivision and cell growth, baby has been multitasking. Not only is baby growing, but he or she is journeying down the fallopian tube toward the uterus.

And the uterus can’t wait. After each and every monthly ovulation, the uterus has been hoping for this by preparing the uterine wall. To prepare, the uterine lining gets thick, spongy, and vascular to make it an ideal cushion for a potential, burrowing blastocyst.

Finally the long-awaited day arrives and the uterus receives chemical signals that its monthly project was not in vain again and it’s time to fluff the pillows.

The blastocyst reaches the cushy uterine destination, is accepted by it, and attaches to it. Boom. Implantation.

The baby implants in the uterus by way of blood vessels and a stalk that will become the umbilical cord.

The implantation process can be accompanied with vaginal bleeding or spotting, and maybe a little cramping.

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When Does Implantation Occur?

Implantation bleeding isn’t necessarily the exact day of implantation. Bleeding can occur anytime within a week after implantation. Think of it as the afterparty, or even the after-after party.

Implantation typically occurs 6-12 days after ovulation/fertilization, although some sources give it a wider range of 5-14 days.

The average is 8 or 9 days after ovulation/fertilization. This puts the implantation bleeding window just a day or so before a woman would otherwise expect her period.

The Difference Between Implantation Bleeding and Menstrual Bleeding

For some women, implantation bleeding and the expected onset of her menstrual period may overlap. For this reason, it is important to differentiate implantation bleeding from a typical first day menstrual cycle by color, consistency, and intensity. Here are some key differences to look for:

  • Implantation bleeding is pinkish/brownish in color. Period blood is redder. Wearing a white pantyliner or white underwear can help accurately determine the shade.
  • Implantation bleeding has a thinner, “waterier” consistency and does not contain clots.
  • Implantation bleeding is more like spotting or discharge. It does not turn into a heavy, bloody flow like periods do.
  • Implantation bleeding can be accompanied by light cramping, which many women find less painful and/or different from their typical period cramps.
  • Implantation bleeding typically lasts only 1-2 days, versus 5-7 days of bleeding with a normal menstrual cycle

Stress or a change in medication can cause changes in menstrual patterns, it’s true, but those changes are generally foreseeable and recognizable. A woman with a fairly regular cycle will be quick to notice a seemingly unexplained pinker/lighter/milder period when a pregnancy is possible.

I Am Confused Whether This Is Implantation Bleeding or the Beginning of My Period?

You wouldn’t be alone. In some cases, women have mistaken their implantation bleeding for a period, resulting in an inaccurate due date estimate.

In other cases, women have mistaken their spotting for implantation bleeding, only to get their period a day or so later. These mix-ups are common and since the evidence is not conclusive until you take an actual pregnancy test, there’s no practical way to guarantee it.

Over the counter pregnancy tests detect the pregnancy hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG), which the placenta produces after the fertilized egg implants into the lining of the uterus. Implantation bleeding occurs before or at the time of the very first positive pregnancy hCG test reading, so if you aren’t sure yet, you will be soon. You’re just going to have a wait a couple extra days. (Darn it!)

Implantation Bleeding Photos

When it comes to pregnancy, waiting is hard! A couple Mama Natural readers shared implantation bleeding photos to help you spot the difference between implantation and the onset of your period.

What Does Implantation Bleeding Look Like? Implantation Bleeding Photo What Does Implantation Bleeding Look Like? Example of Implantation Bleeding

How Long Does Implantation Bleeding Last?

It varies. Implantation bleeding can last anywhere from from a couple hours to a couple days. It could be something you see once while wiping with a square of toilet paper, a few times on a pantyliner, or it could be a light flow for one, two, or even three days. It is likely to be longer for first time mothers and shorter for mothers whose bodies have had children before and are “used to” implanting.

What If I Don’t Have Implantation Bleeding?

According to the ACOG, only about 25 percent of women experience the “phenomenon” of implantation bleeding. (I didn’t have it with any of my pregnancies.) If you don’t notice any spotting, you’re in the majority. Be sure to look out for other early signs of pregnancy, such as breast tenderness, nausea, bloating, and fatigue.

It’s Too Early for Implantation. Why Am I Bleeding?

When trying to piece together a pregnancy timeline, it is important to remember that a fertilized egg isn’t capable of implanting until at least five days after fertilization. It simply isn’t developed enough before then.

Early bleeding within 4-5 days after intercourse likely has a different origin. It could be caused by:

  • A hormonal withdrawal bleed after a failed ovulation attempt due to a confirmed ovarian cyst rupture.
  • Breastfeeding and irregular postpartum cycles resulting in pinkish discharge.
  • Mid-cycle spotting occurs due to high estrogen levels.
  • Leftover blood from your last period dislodged by sex.
  • Cervical irritation from sex or a pelvic exam.

When to Call a Healthcare Provider

Implantation bleeding poses no risk to the mother or baby. There is no need to call a healthcare provider for light spotting and mild cramping before or at the time of the woman’s normal period.

However, bleeding after a women’s missed period is concerning. You should call a healthcare provider if:

  • There is substantial bleeding after a positive pregnancy test or after a missed period. This could be a sign of miscarriage, molar pregnancy, or ectopic pregnancy.
  • There is noticeable clotting.
  • Bleeding is accompanied by pelvic, abdominal, and/or shoulder pain. This could be caused by an ectopic pregnancy, which is a medical emergency.
  • Bleeding is heavier than a period and is accompanied by fever, chills, and cramps that increase in severity.

Remember: Many women experience light spotting throughout the first trimester to no negative effect. Your healthcare provider should be able to run the appropriate blood, urine, and ultrasound tests to safely monitor mother and child’s development.

Does Your Spotting or Bleeding Concern You?

If you are ever concerned with any kind of vaginal bleeding before, during, or after pregnancy, never hesitate to reach out to your healthcare provider. They are very useful at sorting things out, dispelling fears, and reading the signs.

We Want to Hear About Your Experience!

Even from the first day of pregnancy, motherhood is full of surprises. If you have experienced implantation bleeding, we want to hear from you. When did you notice it? How long did it last? What tipped you off? Did any other symptoms accompany it?

If you recently discovered you are pregnant, congratulations from all of us! Please continue to visit for your motherhood questions and concerns.

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  1. I spotted 6 dpo for an hour only when I wiped I’m 13 dpo and still getting a negative test

  2. I started spotting on day 19 of my cycle, likely just a few days after ovulation. This spotting was pinkish or very light red in color, and mixed in with some thick clear discharge. I had no pain or discomfort and it was completely irregular for me. The spotting only lasted 2 days but every day after the second day of spotting, I had watery brown discharge. Sometimes I had some stringy bits fall into the toilet. They weren’t clots and weren’t red. Just like pieces of thread. It could have been from toilet paper breaking off when wiping perhaps. I’m now 2 days late for my period and am having brown watery discharge with slight pink in it. Very light and only noticing it on the toilet paper every other time I use the restroom. Not a regular period by any means. My most uncomfortable symptom I’ve had the past 2 weeks is significant increase in appetite, with strong gas and painful bloat. This is causing me to have constipation and diarrhea both in the same day! Other than this, I’ve had no significant pain or discomfort. The spotting is far more indicative of implantation bleeding and not at all like a period but it’s been intermittent for 2 weeks now. Any ideas? Thank you for your great video!

    • Hi Raven, I’m experiencing the same symptoms as you did – just wondering if you tested positive after or managed to find out the cause of the spotting? Thank you

  3. I am currently 6 months postpartum, and i am currently breastfeeding! i had a light pink discharge when i would wipe, that lasted for 2 days (only one time per day i noticed it). i also had cramping for both of those days. i took a pregnancy test the same day and it was negative? could i be pregnant but i took a test too early?

  4. Hi! I have looked for this answer and I can not find anything about this question. We had unprotected (on birth control pill though) sex during ovulation. I should start in a few days but I had an intense pain several days ago and when I went to the bathroom I saw very light pink blood. It has been very light for two days now. Last night the hubby and I had sex and during I starting bleeding red blood. It was very little and I have not bleed after that. Would this mean I’m not pregnant or can that happen during implantation?

    • Hi Gina!
      Just wanted to share some of my related experience. My birth control journey was harrowing and almost every birth control I tried ended up with severe cramps, intermittent bleeding, and intense mood swings. This often wouldn’t happen right away. May I ask what kind you are using?

  5. Hi ladies, I’d really appreciate some advice or knowledge from you please.

    So I’m trying for baby number 2 (I’m 30 so I’m also worried I’m past it now!)
    Anyway, I had sex the day before my ovulation was due to start, however a week and half later when I wiped there has been pinkish/brown looking blood…. any ideas?
    Also I never had spotting with my first child

    • I have had spotting with each of my 4 pregnancies. It could be spotting from implantation.

    • I’m discharge blood for a once in a month and no period is that means I’m pregnant or what..and back pain and little abdominal pain

    • I am 43 and had my third was 40 when I had my second and 39 when I had my first so 30 doesn’t mean your done

  6. So me and my boyfriend have been trying to get pregnant for over 6 months now and I started spotting a week before my period that lasted 6 days on and off very light but then I started my normal period. I’m really confused my last pregnancy I got pregnant and had my normal period. I haven’t been stressed out and don’t take any medications so I’m wondering what’s going on

  7. I had spotting Sunday and my period is due Friday. Thw spotting only lasted for the morning on Sunday not enough to fill a pad and it was pinkish. Had a little cramping for two days before that. I just had a baby almost 4 months ago. I could very well be pregnant. And I hope so! I will text Friday to check!

  8. Hi guys. Just wondering about my situation rn. My last period was on February 20 till 25, 2023. My next cycle was this March 20 but it came this 26. So I was 6 days late. My period this March 26, 2023 was just 2 days ( 26-27). It was color red and then this 28 stopped and came back like in the evening but the color is pinkish brown. 29-30 is color brown/rusty. What’s the meaning of this? Am I experiencing implantation bleeding? It’s my first time. Thank you guys for whoever replies and experiencing this things like mine. God bless.❤️🙏

    • This is my exact scenario. Did you end up being pregnant. This would be baby #3 technically (had micro preemie twin girls at 26 weeks and lost one at 29 days old)
      So I’m just really confused . Thanks!

  9. So yesterday morning I woke you experiencing sharp pains going into my VJ, then I had to pee so I did and when I wiped I was spotting,( I not suppose to have my period for another 2 weeks) it only lasted a couple hours then it stopped ,my boobs and alittle sore. What do you guys think?

  10. Hey everyone. I’ve never been pregnant I am 32 years old I’m not actively trying but not stopping it either. I have pcos so it’s hard to tell for me but I’ve always had consistent periods and ovulations. Had my period in February 12-16 had unprotected sex with my boyfriend on the 17th, ovulation window was from the 18-24 of February had unprotected sex again on March 4. All last week I’ve been experiencing really sore breasts like if someone bumps into my it hurts. That has never happened. Period is set to come on this Thursday March 9. Today March 7 I’m lightly bleeding no cramps slightly backaches. Normally when my period comes on cramps are instantly horrible and I have to take instant pain meds. Haven’t taken pain meds all day little to no cramps but I am bleeding really light. Could this be implantation bleeding ?

    • Mine is doing the same thing same situation with my boyfriend and I’m having same symptoms minus sore breast

    • When I got positive I had extremely sore boobs. I couldn’t even hug my husband cause they were that sore! I got my positive that time December 8th and then told everyone christmas eve only to miscarry the 5th of January. With my second pregnancy (my daughter) I had sore boobs as well but not as bad as the first time and I really knew I was pregnant because everything tasted gross or smelt gross and I started having nausea for no reason around week 5, with it being the worst at week 9. And going away by week 13!

  11. MA, I like how you explained things to me . It’s a good one MA. Thanks and God bless you.

  12. So I started my period on Dec. 16 and got off of it Dec. 23 and my husband I were intimate on the 24th and again on the 28th and this morning on the 30th I started light spotting. Mind you i am on the implant but was supposed to get it out in October but was told I could still keep it in. Could this be a very early sign of pregnancy?

  13. I had sex 30th November 1st & 2nd December. Monday morning started spotting very lightly & pinkish that night the colour changed got brighter red and was more consistency but didn’t require tampon or pad everytime I was going to pee I was passing small amount of blood on and off, Tuesday was the same but lighter in colour Wednesday I had no bleed and (today) Thursday I checked again this morning when I wipe there is pinkish brown colour now all gone 2.37pm
    Don’t know what this could be ?

  14. I started spotting on 9th November and my period were due on 19th of this month(November) but I’m 6 days late. Could I be pregnant? My spotting were a pinky colour and only lasted for one day. Should I be worried

  15. Hi there I had unprotected sex Friday and Saturday last week and I had light bleeding the day after is this too early for implantation bleeding?

    • Hey guys I am supposed to come on my period today which I am only spotting when I wipe more frequently now. But it ain’t like the rest of my periods. I took two shots for 10 years so I wouldn’t get pregnant. But it has been 16 years of trying. Lol last week on Mon at 12am I spotted nun else Tues 12am spotted again nun else. Wed lighter spotting at 12am. Then nothing else all week. My left boob is sore I feel a knot. Been cramping not to bad. And a week later yesterday which was Sunday started spotting even more now it’s like my period is on but it ain’t on the pad just when I wipe. Shit crazy I’m confused. Am I on my period or still spotting from implantation etc? I did have a major surgery in 2020 had cysts they removed one ovary and half of the other may be it’s menapose I’m kinda worried and sad cause i want another babyyyyygg

  16. Um so I’ve been on the bar for almost two years now and have not had a period since and me and my boyfriend have been having unprotected sex on Wednesday and I’m having pinkish discharge with a line of blood so I’m thinking it’s implantation bleeding maybe

  17. If i have my periods 2 days after contact, does it mean I am not pregnant?

    • Hey, it’s very likely that you are not pregnant. There is a small possibility but typically your egg will drop around 2 weeks after your period. The egg is only viable for 24 hours; the sperm can stay alive for up to 5 days. Having your period means you are not pregnant if it is indeed your period. If you are worried, make an appointment with a gynecologist and take pictures of your blood if you can. Cheers.

  18. I had intercourse 23rd last month and pinkish spotting 14 dpo

  19. Hi , I had my period last week & had sex 2-3 days ago, now I am spotting. My period isn’t due till the end of the month so in about 3 weeks. Could I be pregnant?

    • Hey! Same here I’m trying to figure it out myself because I started my period and that was my first day of birth control then I saw my boyfriend a week later on my second patch & we had unprotected sex .. 2 days later I started spotting pinkish & now today is the third day and it’s bright red but I’m expecting my period in 3 weeks .. I’m trying to figure out why I’m bleeding or if it’s a sign of pregnancy

    • Did you end up pregnant? i am going through the same thing. got over my period 10 days ago had unprotected sex 3 days later i am spotting. and very confused.

      • Me too! Exactly the same thing is happening too me it’s only been three days since I’ve had unprotected s and maybe a week since my last period ended and now I’m spotting brown what is it?

  20. Had been cramping for a couple weeks so I went to get checked cause I hadn’t started and found out I was pregnant now I’m thinking I’m about 8 weeks and doctors appointment ain’t til next month on the 28 of November n still confused on the implantation bleeding and spotting
    I’m worried that it could be coming down to a miscarriage
    I’m forty years ol and this will be my fifth child. This is the first time ever going through this

    • Are you okay? I’m curious because I’m currently experiencing bleeding, last night at the er they did an U/S and saw baby, (unable to locate fetal heartbeat due to me only being 5 weeks and 5 days). They said everything appears fine, and my labs were all good. But I’m bleeding more today…

  21. My husband and I had sex on 15th of this month, period was supposed to come on 20th. I have had spotting with one wipe for a day and the rest have been brown or nothing on the liner the next 2 days. Took a pregnancy test today.

    When is the best time to test for determination of pregnancy?

    • Very first pee when you wake up in the morning. It has higher HGC levels

  22. me and my partner was trying for a long time unfortunately we experience 2 miscarriage’s and it was one of the worst pain i ever felt in my life. i have tattoos on my spine and it didn’t hurt as much.
    Beside all that we are current training again we started trying at the beginning of Sept and now Oct 12 i start spotting it’s a light pink color and it’s now 2 days I’m wearing a liner and its i make pink discharge as at least when i whip myself it’s pink but the liner is brown. I’m getting really nervous and not sure what to do or think. i really don’t want to go to the doctor i got a lot of medical bills from my last 2 miscarriage. what’s your best advise to me

    • Hi, pink and brown sound normal. Sadly, I’m not your doctor and cannot help you with this. You really need to see a doctor especially with your history of miscarriages. It could be vital for you to not have a third miscarriage. If money for visits is an issue try to see if you can get insurance with your workplace or husband’s workplace; you could also see if you qualify for Medicaid. Either way, if you are pregnant you certainly need a doctor to monitor your condition! Please, Please get a doctor!

  23. Hi,

    We have been trying for a baby since mid July. I was suppose to get my period on Wednesday or Thursday. Yesterday and today I’ve been spotting. Normally my periods aren’t like this is why I am a little skeptical. The pee color is a pink color. The wipes are sometimes a red or pink color. I took two tests yesterday but didn’t pee enough on the first one and second one peed but only waited 2 hours. I got both negative tests. I was going to test again this morning. I am having light bleeding, mild cramping and nausea as well a little bit of a headache. Please let me know what you think?

    Thank you!

    • I’m pregnant I’m pregnant

  24. I’m confused. My tubes were clipped after my last child. She’s almost 6 yrs. Almost 2 weeks after my last menstrual I was spotting. I put a pad on but nothing there. I would notice the light pink every time I would wipe. That lasted 2 days. On the 3rd day I had a white discharge with very light odor. That lasted one day. A friend of mines was saying what if I’m pregnant but I took 2 pregnancy tests they both came out negative. Then she said what if it’s a yeast infection but I’m not itchy. I’m just confused and would like a opinion.

  25. Hello! I have a question. On July 1-5 days my period was normal, why is it that August is not normal? I was worried because I started spotting August 2 to 15 days , then the next day, my period became normal in 2 days is like heavy period. And the color of my blood is brown the spotting. I haven’t been to the doctor until now. help me what should i do.

  26. hi, i had my last period from July 20th through the 25th i do believe .. i was sexually active August 1 and now my period is a day or 2 late and i’m only spotting , should i take a test or is my period about to start?

  27. My cycle normally 25/26 day cycle, I got my period last month on time but this month it’s 4 days late and now I’m spotting could I be pregnant

    • Wow I am experiencing the same exact thing.

      • Wondering the same thing. Were you pregnant??

        • Same thing . Anyone pregnant?

  28. My last period was July 9th to 13th.
    I had unprotected sex on the August 7th before my ovulation date which was the 9th and now I started bleeding on the 11th when my period isn’t expected until the 23. Am a little concerned since I’ve not experienced anything like this before.

    • OMG I’m also experiencing the same thing I don’t know if am pregnant or not
      thinking of doing a pregnancy test thou

      • Same situation so did u check for pregnancy afterwards

    • I had cramping since yesterday 28th now 29th after hard straining for a bowel movement i started bleeding out of my vagina and it was pink and now a brown red’ i wonder if guz of the pressure it now comes out but my period isnt till the 2th’ and im nauseas today and my cycle is 30 days on the dot

    • Hi, any news if you’re pregnant? I’m experiencing the same thing right now. Thanks

  29. I had my period from June 25th-29th.
    I had sex around July 2nd-4th (took an plan b) and then again on July 5th & 6th and took an plan b. July 12th I started spotting for 7 days. Is it pregnancy? Was I experiencing implantation bleeding?

  30. I found out that I was 5 weeks pregnant on Monday my boyfriend and I had sex and almost immediately after I started bleeding. Does this mean I’m having a miscarriage?

    • I would ask your obgyn to take a look but i had that with my son i think becouse its more sensitive inside and can be easenly irritated now

  31. Hi I had sex On june 25th 29th & 6 unprotected and he came inside me I started bleeding on July 10 mild cramping been vomiting yellow acid for a week ago I been tired sleepy the bleeding only lasted 1dayno pain no nothing what could it be

    • Pregnant

    • Were you prego

  32. Goodevening Beth, i am a 27days interval for period, I got my period on the 24th of June which lasted 5days, I have intercourse on 2rd of July unprotected though we used withdrawal method, then on the 3rd of July I saw a very clear slippery discharge, then no discharge again, I don’t even see my ovulation again nothing..but since 4th of July 2days after am feeling really tired, very high temperature, mild cramping, frequent urination, flash of severe head ache, feel pain on my buttocks, bloating but not vomiting, always very hungry like asif am gonna die if I dnt put food but no breadt tenderness or pain, it only feels like asif the my normal large nipple got smaller, d breast added a bit, am my mind keeps telling me am pregnant…..the cramping keeps coming and going and feels like asif the period wants to drop but am like 12days away from getting my next period? I have not got any breeding though, nor any discharge at all, if I were to be pregnant am supposed to have had implantation breeding by now right? Though today marks it 6th day of having d intercourse. Please help me. Can u also help me understand which day particularly is my ovulation according to my own taughts it’s on the 10th day from d start of my periods, Is that even possible?

  33. Goodevening Beth, i am a 27days interval for period, I got my period on the 24th of June which lasted 5days, I have intercourse on 2rd of July unprotected though we used withdrawal method, then on the 3rd of July I saw a very clear slippery discharge, then no discharge again, I don’t even see my ovulation again nothing..but since 4th of July 2days after am feeling really tired, very high temperature, mild cramping, frequent urination, flash of severe head ache, feel pain on my buttocks, bloating but not vomiting, always very hungry like asif am gonna die if I dnt put food but no breadt tenderness or pain, it only feels like asif the my normal large nipple got smaller, d breast added a bit, am my mind keeps telling me am pregnant…..the cramping keeps coming and going and feels like asif the period wants to drop but am like 12days away from getting my next week? I have not got any breeding though, nor any discharge at all, if I were to be pregnant am supposed to have had implantation breeding by now right? Though today marks it 6th day of having d intercourse. Please help me. Can u also help me understand which day particularly is my ovulation according to my own taughts it’s on the 10th day from d start of my periods, Is that even possible?

  34. I had sex June 2nd a day before my period came off then my cycle was 8 days late then July 1st I wiped and seen light bleeding then about a hour later it was heavier but the blood is like a light / brown color but I’ve been vomiting for the passes week my appetite isn’t the same I have mild cramping I took two pregnancy they were negative but maybe I took them to early do I need to go to hospital or what’s wrong with me

  35. I had unprotected sex and 3 days later I was cramping and had a bit or spotting. It is now another 3 days later and I am still experiencing cramping and sometimes spotting which is Bright red. I’m not due my period for another 5 days. I’ve read everywhere that implantation bleeding doesn’t happen until 5 days later so I’m confused and worried. This happened to me a few months ago and I thought I was pregnant but then I still came on my period, so I think it was a miscarriage. Does anyone know if it is possible to have a miscarriage this early on?

    • Goin thru the same experience… did u check and you were positive or

    • Bleeding and spotting can happen for a variety of reasons! Sometimes it could be implantation bleeding, or it could be cervical irritation from intercourse. Other times, it could be a chemical pregnancy (the loss of a fertilized but not implanted egg). Since it has already happened once for you this same way, it is far more likely that it is related to irritation from intercourse than it is to a miscarriage, especially since the timing is not quite right for implantation and miscarriage. I hope you find answers soon!

  36. This is happening for me now as I have checked the pregency test got positive and now I am bleeding lightly

    • This exact thing happened to me with both of my son’s healthy successful pregnancies! Congratulations!

  37. I was met to see my period on the 6th of May but I didn’t see it. On the 8th of May Light blood and water let me call it that came out last night, still now the light blood is still coming out what it the problem pls

  38. Ma pls help me I hard my period on the 17 of April and on the 26of April I started seeing a jerry discharge just like ovulation my my has is coming out with blood colour is over a week now what should I do

  39. I had sex on ovulation day TTC. Four days later I spotted blood whilst out running. There wasn’t much but definitely blood. Then I had dark brown discharge for the next day. The following 2 days it was like a light period just once each day when I went to the toilet but nothing else. Then I had nothing for 2 days but bled during intercourse. I doubt it is pregnancy but just after some other opinions.

  40. I had my tubes tied at the end of January.
    I just had sex for the first time since December, and the first time since my tubal on 3/22/22. Fairly certain I ovulated on like 3/20 or 3/21… But, ya know, TUBAL…
    On 3/26 and 3/27, I had trace amounts of very red blood a few times when I wiped. And, I have very white, discharge. My breasts are also more sore than they’ve been in a very long time.
    My brain is in panic mode. Like, really?!? I’m seriously hoping this is just my body dealing with not being on hormonal BC anymore, and it’s just PMS that I haven’t had for a while. But, I mean, really?!?
    If you were me, would you test?

  41. Hi, I had sex on the 5th of February, my last two cycles where 32 days, flo app says I’ll get my period 23rd of February which 30 days , but I got it on 27th which is 33 days, now the following cycle came just 26days(march 25th) later, at first the cramps was much and the pad was filled but when I changed pad the pad didn’t fill up again, just watery blood with clots, could this be irregular period or implantation I’m really confused.

  42. My boyfriend and I have unprotected sex often. I am not on birth control or using any other versions of contraceptive devices. I started bleeding about 12 days earlier than when my period is supposed to start and approximately 11 to 19 days after the date of possible conception. This could be a regular period due to the fact that I take a Plan B every time, however, I took it on the 3rd day which decreases efficiency greatly. I started bleeding midway through sex. I’m not sure if it’s implantation bleeding or an early period because the bleeding seems heavy and is brown to dark red. I also have PCOS which could explain the irregularity

    • 🤦🏼‍♀️Wow

    • It might be a reaction to the Plan B you’re taking every time. I’d talk to your doc about how much of that you should be taking!

    • maybe do not take plan b every time! I hear you should not take it more than 2-3 times in a lifetime. It’s not safe to have it every time

    • Why on earth would you think it’s hormonally safe to take plan B every time after intercourse? This is extraordinarily dangerous and likely to cause some long term side effects or worse even cervical cancer.

      Go see a doctor immediately and stop posting on a website for health advice.

    • Get on birth control and stop using plan b as regular birth control. Or use condoms!!

  43. i had sex two days before ovulating and 3 days into ovulating. about 2 weeks later i started bleeding but it was a normal period type. full 7 days. and now a month later im missed my period, was it implanted bleeding or period last month? could i be pregnant?

    • oh my gosh, im literally going through the same thing right now and im worried too! i keep hearing that it’s very unlikely since implantation breeding is light and short and so then im calm, but then i hear stories of women who had a period while they were pregnant and never knew that they were because of it. maybe our periods are late because of other reasons.

    • This is happening to me too, I am so scared. I’m planning to take a test in about 2 weeks to double-check.

    • Implantation bleeding is not typically like a period, but it is not impossible that you are pregnant. You can always take a pregnancy test to find out for sure!

    • My best friend had her period and found out she was pregnant like 2 weeks later. And it was a full-heavy period

      • How regular was it heavy with clots and still found out she pregnant

  44. Period ended on cycle day 7 (February 3rd). Noticed some light pink spotting in CM CD 15, 16, and 17. Had some brownish bleeding after intercourse on on CD 24 that lasted until mid day CD 25. Had bleeding due to intercourse again on CD 28 but noticed sometimes it was light pink in clear stretchy CM and sometimes no CM with light brownish color. Today (CD 29) almost no bleeding, very light pink, no CM. Could this be early pregnancy? How long should I wait to expect either a new cycle to start or to take a test?

    • It could be! I would suggest waiting until you know this period is late and testing then.

  45. Hi, I’ve been trying to conceive. My last period was Feb 4,2022. I’m on cycle day 18 out of 27 and I started bleeding. The blood is brown colored and I wore a pad not enough to fill it. I’m due for my period in 10 days.
    Is it possible it’s implantation bleeding? & if you believe it is how soon do you think I could take a test! Ps. I never get my period as early as 10 days & it’s always on time.

    • Hello, we are likely the same, my last period starts on Feb. 8 and on 26th of February, I have pinkish and light brown spotting. I supposed to have my period on March 4-9, it also means implantation bleeding?

      • Hi i had my periods the 4th Feb n i had spotting the 26th Feb and im 3 days late with my periods
        I get a negative pregnancy tedt result.
        Could i be pregnant

    • It is possible! I would wait until you have missed your period before testing to ensure the highest concentration of pregnancy hormone possible.

  46. Ok so I’m 31yrs old.I have a 4yr old.So I’ve had implantation bleeding before..that 1st picture was what mine looked like,brought back memories!Anyways..what I’m about to say has Never happened to me before in my almost 20yrs of periods.I got my period on Feb 1st.I had sex w my Husband on Feb12th.Im not due for my period for atleast another week or 8-10days.Over the last 2 days I was spotting brown.Which is normal for me,I usually spot brown the week before my period but it always stays brown.I wokeup today wiped and sure enough brown..started going about my morning and felt a gush when I was bending over,I wiped again and it was red.Like a red like I’ve gotten my period, maybe a bit brighter.I have cramps but not like my normal period cramps.Im nervous because I was telling my husband how sore and tender my breast were over the past week.To the point my daughter would give me an elbow to the boob and I’d say Ow! out loud.In my head I think the chances of me being pregnant are maybe 20% because we have been using the pull out method.I know that’s not a contraception.I dont what to be on contraception because it had negative effects on me in the past.Im worried because this hasn’t happened before.Ive never gotten my period at 20-21days.Usually around 28-31days.But I have been late.Im use to being late on a period by 1-3days but not early by over a week.Is this normal?Maybe my hormones changing with age?I’ve already called my OB but it’s 2.5weeks until I can get an appt.By then I’ll find out if this is spotting a period or pregnancy.I guess I’ll have to wait and see.Any advice greatly appreciated.Also we weren’t trying for another baby but ofcourse would be a wonderful surprise!But I just don’t think this is preganacy,because of how heavy it is.Its literally only been 2hours since the color changed from brown to red.So maybe I’m just overthinking it.I don’t even think I should post this now.Ive just NEVER had an early period.Kinda shocked and scared.

    • Periods can definitely change in duration, flow, and frequency from time to time. The timing of what you’re describing could indicate a chemical pregnancy, but chemical pregnancy results from a fertilized egg not implanting correctly, so you would not have had implantation bleeding in that scenario. You can always take a pregnancy test at home to find out if you do have any pregnancy hormones in your system. I hope you find answers as to what is going on very soon!

    • This kind of thing was common for me in my early-mid thirties. I first got my period when I was 12/13 x

  47. Hey, I had unprotected sex Feb 5th and I figured it was okay because my last period was January 8th meaning my “ovulation period” was set to be January 21-28 or at least that’s what my app says. Now it’s tricky because I have an irregular cycle. My Oct cycle last year lasted 43 days and my dec-Jan cycle lasted 37 days which means I might have ovulated later. However I still figured I had sex late enough to have missed that window. Today makes me 11 days late for my predicted period on the app & 45 days into my cycle making this my longest one. I didn’t think to much into it until I realized last week after using the bathroom, there was a pinkish brownish discharge when I wiped and tmi but I even pressed a little harder near my opening to make sure I was seeing the discharge correctly which I was. I figured it was just my period starting but the plot twist is, when I returned to the bathroom later that day I was back to normal discharge. Not a hue of pink or brown. Do you think this could be implantation bleeding? I feel like I might be thinking too deep into it but I also know my body and I have never seen discharge like that unless I was starting or ending my period. I have also never taken any kinds of birth controls. Your inputs would be greatly appreciated.

  48. I had my ovulation on the 3rd of February and tried to conceive. On the 13th of February had half day of light pinkish watery discharge and food cravings. I had headaches for 3 days in a row prior bleeding discharge. I hope I am pregnant and is not another ectopic pregnancy, I lost one tube 5 years ago.

    • I cuz kinda experiencing same thing. I ovulated on Feb 9 and I had a bad headache Saturday and Sunday. Sunday I started spotting pink and I did Monday morning as well, according to Flo app I am suppose to start my period on 2/24.

  49. Hi,

    Found your page through google search: spotting at 14dpo. I ovulated on day 19 this month pretty late for me. Around 8 dpo I saw a shadow. Got first response the next day and my line has progressively getting darker. This morning I had some light blood while wiping. Thought it was my period that was due today. Then it stopped. I took a shower. Had breakfast then spitting started again. I remember having similar bleeding with my first pregnancy in 2009. Have had some very cramps too but not as intense as period pain. (Please read below for more details).

    My Health Background: I am turning 41 in March. Exactly one year ago (a week before my 49th birthday) I had a loss at 9 weeks, MMC. No bleeding or cramping. Baby simply stopped growing around 7 weeks. I had to have an emergency D & C. I have been nervous about getting pregnant again since I’m considers high risk (advanced maternal age). Side note: at 29, I gave birth to a healthy baby girl who is turning 12 this year. My current partner is not her father. We are both turning 41 this year so I am aware of the risks & complications.

    If anyon has also had a similar experience please reach our. I’m super early in this pregnancy and already freaking out. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. CC.

    • Oops I meant a week before my 40th birthday not 49th…. Typing too fast.

    • You are not alone!! Lots of mamas have had similar experiences—and worry and anxiety is perfectly valid feeling in this situation. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot to be done right now since it’s a waiting game. Staying calm, prayer, meditation, and finding ways to distract yourself until you are seen by your doctor are the main things to focus on. Sending you all the love for a healthy pregnancy!

      • I’m pregnant I’m pregnant

  50. Hi I have been trying for ten years now. And have to admit after the vac lately my cycle has changed.
    Gotten more days on it then usual. I also had a ectopic pregnancy and lost my tube :(.

    Anyways my question is. I ovulated on the 20th of jan. I’m due for my period tomorrow or the next day. But I have started peeing like a light pink colour and have cramps on my side where I still have my tube. And have been super emotional all week. And sick.

    So is this implantation bleeding?
    Or could it possibly be a start of another etopic and is it likely to happen again if it’s already happened to you before.
    Or am I just getting my period:(

    Being a woman is just so confusing

    • This sounds very confusing! Your symptoms could also be a urinary tract infection. If you’re in pain and concerned, I’d recommend seeing your OBGYN to rule out infection. Otherwise, you can always wait two weeks and take a pregnancy test!

  51. I’m getting mega anxiety, so I just lost my virginity the night before last. And ilnot yesterday but today I found very dark murky bloody discharge when I went to use the restroom. Given that he pulled out way before he finished (he was scared ig) and I haven’t even had a period for almost 3 months now. What do I do about this?

    • Makayla, sometimes when you lose your virginity, you bleed a little afterwards, since often, it tears your hymen. I wouldn’t worry too much.

  52. I started spotting on cycle day 19 and am still spotting , one day it is really light the next a darker red, no heavy flow or clots. My period is now due in 5 days. I’ve spotted around ovulation time before but never for this long .

    what is wrong with me?

  53. Hello, I wanted to share something because I don’t have anyone else to really share this information with.
    The first day of my last period was November 26, it usually lasts seven days but this time I can only remember it being about three to four days long, but I also heard the vac causing irregularities to women and their cycles but we’ll say the last day of my last period was about November 29. I had unprotected sex on December 19, a month from today. I took a pregnancy test on December 29. It came back negative, so I went on google and starting looking things up which is never the best option. I started experiencing early symptoms such as constipation and I never experience constipation, usually have normal bowel movements, so I considered it. as well as retching bloating and fatigue.. last night I was super emotional in bed crying and now today I wake up and use the bathroom, wipe and I see blood… I don’t know if this is a period or could be implantation bleeding but I am stressed out over the unknown. Thanks for listening/reading.

  54. My period was December 31-January 4. I had unprotected sex on January 8 and now I’m bleeding on January 10. Could this be my period coming back on or is this implantation bleeding?

    • The timing sounds a little early for your period, so it’s more likely implantation bleeding or mid-cycle spotting, which can happen occasionally. Wait to see if you miss your next period and take a pregnancy test!

    • Hello
      Did you miss your period after the spotting you had??

    • Any update?

  55. Hello, ok, so first off, my periods have been normal for the past year now. I had some issues for a few momths but bothing for the last year. Weve been ttc for the last year also. So i had sex about 3 days before ovulation and thw day of ovulation according to my calender. Im currently 5 days late but started today. I woke up and my under was wet, not clots, with medium colored blood, i sat down on the toilet and it felt like pee coming out it was so watery. Im super crampy and ive half filled two pads today with a medium colored super watery blood. Test came back negative yesterday so im wondering if thisnis just implantation bleeding or i miscarried. We had sex last night 4 days past missed period and then this all happened this morning. Couldve i caused myself to miscarry or cpuld thisnjust be implantation bleeding and its heavy due to the favt that i havent veen pregnant in over 10 years? Im only 31. I really would love another child and weve really been trying. Im just confused cause ive been so nirmal the last year then this. It also seems to be easing up now. The flow comes and goes. No clots or anything, just bright red watery blood and mild cramping that comes and goes. Oh, also, about 2 days beforw my expected period, i had loght cramping off and on for the day and then it went away. I need help please.

    • So it started off bright colored and then medium colored and then now a bright color again. Cramping started off mild then more intense then went away all in just today. Im just confused. I didnt have implantation bleeding with my first and only one. Its been years, idk what to look for. Am i just late or is this implantation bleeding? Idk. I want it to be. Almost a week late i was so hopeful. No im not sure. Possibly a miscarriage instead?

    • This sounds so confusing! I am sure you really want to know what is going on. Unfortunately, I can’t provide any definitive answers, but I can say that you can not cause a miscarriage through having intercourse. And a negative pregnancy test makes the chances of a miscarriage less. The timing also doesn’t sound like implantation bleeding. It sounds like it could just be an odd/off period–but if you’re concerned enough, the only way to get for sure answers would be to make an appointment with your doctor or midwife. I hope you get answers soon!

    • It sounds like you may have had a late period and then by having sex it gave you your period.This has happened to me alot.After having intercourse when I’m due for my period,sometimes gives me my period even if I’m late or early by a few days.Sometimes happening minutes after sex or the next morning.This is just my opinion.Im sure you’ve found out by now since its been over a month.Goodluck!

  56. Had my period December 29th to January 4th had sex the 31st and 1st no condom I was still on my period. I finished on the 5th I’m spotting can I be pregnant ??

  57. I had unprotected sex 5 days ago and then I missed my birth control pills these past 3 days. Today I started having heavy heavy bleeding like watery consistency with dark red clots and some mild cramping not like period cramps. The last day of my period was 10 days ago so idk how this could be my period. What could this be, I need help?

  58. Hi everyone,
    I need some advice. I had sex on the 12th & 15th of December, 8 days later I started getting cramps that were strong enough to get me out of bed and into the restroom thinking “maybe I’m starting my period” but I would go sit for a little while and then it would go away. This continued for 4 days every morning around the same time. I’m supposed to start my period in 8 days January 5th.
    Could this be implantation without bleeding or am I just over thinking ?

  59. More & more; I believe I’m going through implantation bleeding; my fust two days: half of it seemed red & normal; not today: (third day seemingly;) it’s more & more pink like & way beyond lighter pink than ought it be; (even yesterday ; I was in-between!) No doubt on me pregancy; more & more; I feel like I think I’m having twins!) (either a boy & a girl or a boy; period.) (Looking at my privates; It seems like a “boy” period (A Glenn Lindy Keyes;) other times; my pregancy feels both: like it might be a boy & a girl!) Feels both upper & lower! (I feel like I’m having twins; too!) Beth

  60. hi. i have 3 kids and had a misscariage may 2020 at 6wks. my first day of my periods are heavy and red. this time i got my period its light spotting and pink not red. i dont know whats going on

  61. So I’m very concerned. My cycle was 16 days lat and as of today I have been spotting for 15 days. I took 4 pregnancy tests like 6 days after I was late and it came back negative. I’ve recently started having cramps and when I look up my symptoms it keeps coming up at implantation bleeding. My spotting has went from dark brown to light red. I’ve talked to my doctor and she advised me to just watch it and to take a pregnancy test.

  62. Hey guys I need some help.
    So me and my boyfriend had protected sex on the 24th of November on the last day of my period and then again on the first of December when I was like a day or two before ovulation according the my app Flo. I’ve been having brown discharge the past couple days. And I’m nervous it’s pregnancy. But we used a condom and he pulled out. And on the 24th we didn’t even finish. Sorry to be weird lol. But I just need some reassurance cause I’m so confused. I haven’t taken a test yet but I plan to today. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  63. PLEASE HELP: So my period has always been very heavy ever since I can remember. And I’ve always had a pretty long cycle. About 34ish days. Well I started bleeding at least five days earlier than I expected with no cramping I usually get AWFUL cramps, the bleeding has been extremely light not enough to fill a panty liner. But it’s started out as reddish brown, then red, now it’s back to clear/brown/water like. This has been a seven day spotting type of thing for me. I haven’t tested in about 4 days but when I did before it was negative. I’m not sure what to think!

  64. We have been trying for 2 months. Honestly having unprotected sex like everyday or at least 5 out of the 7 days a week. My ovulation day was 11/24, yesterday 11/27 I had a very light pink discharge when I wiped like the second picture shown and today some brown discharge when wiping. I’m not supposed to start for another 12 days. What do y’all think? Early period? My cycles are pretty regular, off by 1 or 2 days but thats it.

    • The timing you’re describing sounds more like implantation bleeding or cervical irritation from intercourse. Wait until you’ve missed your period and take a test! Good luck!

    • Implantation happens between 6-10 days after you ovulation day… On an average if 8-9 days… About 48-72 hrs after implantation is when your hCG levels start to rise..

  65. It’s like with me: I’ve been wondering if I been doing “implantation” for quite some time; (I wonder if truthfully; I been doing “implantation bleeding since October (back in 2019;) & wondered bout pregnancy since then; too!) (While I wasn’t pregnant back in August around the same time frame; (due to me having my deal couple weeks before my friend Bill asked about it; (a friend of mine that used to work at “Know-the Knew Bookstore;” (now he’s at one of the Good Will’s); (I don’t know though; cause I looked & felt pregnant; then; too); (One’s things’ for sure; I think he is right bout me bout pregnant. I feel more & more pregnant; but anyway: sometimes: it would seem red & normal (like my deal: but other times: it would be real pink in-between; Sometimes when I get on my (supposingly get on my 3rd day or over: it would automatically shift: completely pink color; & get more & more lighter each day; (except occasionally going in between 5th & 6th days; varies every month! Beth

  66. My lat period was on 18 of October and my cycle is 27 days. I just saw a blood spot on my liner and now I’m confused what is going on..

    • I just found out I was pregnant about 4 days ago. I took 3 tests, all positive and one saying pregnant on a digital. Now yesterday I woke up at 10 am and I went to use the bathroom and blood came out it was red. I was bleeding all day but just enough to fill about one pad. It slowly has stopped since 11 at night and now it’s pink. There was tiny little goo coming out that I noticed but only 3 times and it was small. Tiny cramps occasionally, but that was all. No big clots came out. I don’t really know.

      • Did you experience cramps down towards your thigh area along with back and lower abdomen?

  67. I been irregular for years I finally got a period after a year I was on it for 3 weeks & I had unprotected sex 2 times im supposed to start my period in the beginning of the month if it was to be regular but it was just light pink & i have started I took 2 test & im not sure if I see a faint line or not is it possible i can be pregnant?

    • & I haven’t started my period I was on my period the 4th-13 of October & i should of started again on the 4th of November but i haven’t .

  68. Hi everyone, I need some advice. I had unprotected sex on the 7th of October and my period ended 5 days before that and i ovulated on the 16th. Was supposed to get my period yesterday and for the last 2 weeks I had mild cramps that would come and go and I’ve been peeing like a racehorse for 2 weeks. Tonight I went to the bathroom and I have light pink blood that was watery and wanted to know if that’s implantation blood

    • Did you find out if you were pregnant same thing happened to me

  69. Ok, so I’m scared. I’m 32. My husband and I just started trying. I ovulated on the 16th of October. I had a very light pink discharge the 18th and some mild cramping/discomfort. From the 20th to the 26th which is today, my breast are extremely tender. I’m feeling bloated. Tired. A little snappy/moody. But tonight, the 26th of Oct. I had a little stronger of cramping in just my uterus. No back cramping, just frontal. Then I went to wipe, I had something like that long jelly like substance in the first photo shown. I’m scared that it’s a failed implantation! 😔 or should I be happy that it’s a sign of implantation?! When should I take a test?! I’ve also experienced some light-headedness or dizziness and I’m not prone to headaches, but within this month, I’ve had them frequently. I’d be a first time mother and very in tuned with my body. What I saw on that tissue I’ve never seen before come out of me. It was tiny, but unusual and both light and dark. So weird. Anyways, if someone could help me freak out less would be great. I wish I could attach a photo! But that might be TMI….

    • This sounds very nerve-wracking! And it sounds like your symptoms could be caused by a variety of things, including implantation and pregnancy. Wait until you’ve missed your period to take a test! Best of luck!! I hope that you get that positive test very soon!

  70. I started spotting yesterday. It was light pink in the morning. So I inserted a tampons thinking I was going to start my period. I naturally have a heavy flow in the beginning of my periods. But when I took it out there was no blood. Just a small string of a dark brown clot. After that when I would wipe there small specks of the dark brown clots. Today still spotting but it’s a pale red color and just small little clots of it. My lower back aches a little. This is happening a few days before I was supposed to start my period. Could this possibly be implantation? This is very unusual for me.

    • same just happened to me went on for 3 days… when can i take a pregnancy test

      • Did you guys ever find out if you guys were pregnant? Same thing is happening to me

        • Please let me know if you guys found out bc i am currently have the exact same thing

    • It could be implantation! But it’s hard to say for sure until you take a test. I would suggest waiting another week and taking a test–if it is positive, then yes, this was implantation bleeding. Good luck!

  71. Hi guys I really need your help to understand my last period was on 19th Dec which lasted for 4 to 5 days and then no period till 19th July and in between i had unprotected on 3rd July, on 17th July I had dizziness and felt thirty and then 20th July i had dark brown black spotting just a single drop and then again had unprotected the same night.
    then i did home urine pregnancy test on 24th July at night 9.30 pm which came as negative and then no symptoms just pain in lower abdomen and back .
    Again on 29th July there was drop of 1 or 2 and this was brown mix with red . I am really confused my periods are always irregular and my age is 35 .

    • That sounds very confusing for you to go through! These symptoms could be related to your irregular periods. I would suggest keeping track of all your symptoms and the dates, just like you’ve done here, and make an appointment with your OBGYN to go over them in detail. It may be just your cycle causing this, but it could be something more. They will also do a pregnancy test to figure out if that could be the cause. Good luck! I hope you get this figured out very soon!

  72. Hi guys I really need your help to understand my last period was on 19th Dec which lasted for 4 to 5 days and then no period till 19th July and in between i had unprotected on 3rd July, on 17th July I had dizziness and felt thirty and then 20th July i had dark brown black spotting just a single drop and then again had unprotected the same night.
    then i did home urine pregnancy test on 24th July at night 9.30 pm which came as negative and then no symptoms just pain in lower abdomen and back .
    Again on 29th July there was drop of 1 or 2 and this was brown mix with red . I am really confused my periods are always irregular and my age is 35 .plz plz plz plz help me to understand whether is this implantation spotting i am eager to conceive this is my third pregnancy second one was aborted due to personal

    • HI San if your worried about it Make an apointment with your Obgyn 🙂
      and hopefully she will provide you with some anwers also mention to her that youve had a miscarrige this will be helpfull for her notes for your health file 🙂 good luck sending baby dust

    • That sounds very confusing for you to go through! These symptoms could be related to your irregular periods. I would suggest keeping track of all your symptoms and the dates, just like you’ve done here, and make an appointment with your OBGYN to go over them in detail. It may be just your cycle causing this, but it could be something more. They will also do a pregnancy test to figure out if that could be the cause. Good luck! I hope you get this figured out very soon!

  73. Ok so I need some advice me and my partner have been trying to have a baby I’m 36 yrs old never been pregnant and need some help on what I should do so basically I’m doing insemination I did that for 3 days starting the 18th of June. yesterday I bled pretty having was sad cuz thought it was my period but today nothing I have always had a regular period usually 4 to 5 days I use tampons so I’m not sure how that’s effects anything or if it does I filled one tampon and now it’s black to a lil red and brown I’m sure what to do I did take a pregnancy test today but was negative what should I do has anybody ever had this happen to them

  74. HI. 2 weeks back i did my pregnancy test, there was 2 line but the other one was light, so i thought to myself i must just wait for month end maybe if i test it will be 2 clear lines….. so yesterday i had small bleeding and at night i was bleeding even now im bleeding so im not sure if its implementation bleeding or what…..
    What should i do can anyone explain. thank you.

  75. I’m TTC for the first time and have been feeling pregnant – food cravings, maternal dreams, breast growth/soreness, etc – and on day 24 after intercourse started spotting that evening and yesterday. Today it’s flowing with tiny clots but due to timing and other symptoms, I don’t know if it’s implantation or an early period, or something scarier like an ectopic pregnancy. Help please? I’m really confused and worried.

    • I came here to ask the same thing, I’d love to know if you got an explanation or any guesses!

    • Dear Elizabeth take a test then make an apointment with your local OBGYN 🙂

  76. I noticed I did red & stringy look again around 2:_? & then it went pink again; like nothing hardly there: I’m wondering more & more on pregnancy! Beth

  77. Also; my stomach’s been jumpy for quite a while; I feel pregnant! Beth

  78. Back in November & March; my implantation was red; brown; stringy; & pink (more-so in March it was more noticeable; November: all but stringy part; this month: (today) (it was more in-between red & pink but more pink look.) Is that incaditon of pregnancy?

  79. Hi mama natural
    I had an implantation last month and I saw my period 3weeks after but my period is not like my regular kind of flow… at the ending days of my period it turns brownish for this also a sign of implantation bleeding?
    And few days after my period,I had an unprotected sex with my husband and he released inside. I hope am not gonna be pregnant??

  80. Hi mama natural
    I had an implantation last month and I saw my period 3weeks after but my period is not like my regular kind of flow… at the ending days of my period it turns brownish for this also a sign of implantation bleeding?
    And few days after my period,I had an unprotected sex with my husband and he released inside. I hope am not gonna be pregnant??

  81. Hello.
    I took a pregnancy test this morning and was positive, the kine was faint but noticeable. An hour or so later I started having mild cramping and then realized I had some pinkish-red bleeding and its not heavy at all. Immediately took a test and was negative … I’m so confused, how can one test be positive and the next negative… I ovulated on the 11th and last AF was April 29th. Should I throw in the towel? Any thoughts

    • Hi. Can you tell me if you are pregnant? ? ?
      I took a test this morning and it was a very faint second line. 2 hours later I started bleeding (reddish/purple blood). It is evening now, the pad is a bit red but the blood when I wipe is clear and smooth.

  82. Hello all, little TMI fyi
    i’m stuck on that 2 week wait, sorta. My last period was April 8, ‘21 and i ovulated around may 1st *im pretty sure* and I conceived on May 4th. My next period was supposed to be May 13 and it came on the 15th, it started out brown colored, then went to a red for a couple hrs then back to that brownish color. On the 17th it wasn’t as noticeable but now being 2 days later May 20th i still see a tent of brown when i wipe. I took an at home clear blue test and it came back negative.. should i retest in a couple of days? I feel like i’m having symptoms but i could just be siking myself out..

    • Your timing seems off. If you ovulated on the 1st you would not have conceived on the fourth . Conception needs to happen on or before ovulation 99 percent of the time .

    • Hi jo this is what is happening to me right now.. did you end up getting a positive test?

  83. Hi guys I need some help, I missed my period by 5 days and then suddenly started bleeding with cloths for 2 days and then it suddenly stopped now I’m having pink discharge or something like implantation bleeding for the past 2 days, I’m so confused as to what is happening, my husband I have just started trying for a baby during my last ovulation, I took a pregnancy blood test last week due to a medical emergency at work and it came back negative but I’m experiencing symptoms of pregnancy for the past week, so I’m really very confused with regards to what’s going on, can someone please explain to me i would really appreciate it

    • I’ve had lots of pregnancy symptoms too and I’ve been spotting for going on 5 days now. What weird is when I wipe I have mucusy blood but I’ve been on and off too, so I’m really lost! Please keep us updated

  84. After reading the article on implantation bleeding and what the photos looks like, that’s what I experienced. But the thing is, I’m on the combo birth control pills where I get my period every 3 months and I’ve been taking these same pills for past 13 years on time everyday. I experienced the spotting on Tuesday, May 11, 2021 and then took a pregnancy test on Saturday morning May 15th and came out negative. Should I re-take the test after the spotting stops? Thank you.

  85. I had unprotected sex about 5 days ago which was the day my period was ending so I think I’m in the clear from getting pregnant. But today I noticed discharge in my underwear with some blood in it! I’ve never seen it somewhat bloody with discharge so I don’t really what it means? Should I be worried?

    • I’m having this same issue right now . Our timing is the same ! What was it for you ? How are you ?

    • TMI… I had sex on the last day of my cycle (January 4th 2022) January 5th 2022 I had brown discharge but figured it was old blood being released I noticed my boobs were so sore I couldn’t touch them or even look at them without them hurting the very next day I started cramping and it hasn’t stopped since, today is January 8th 2022 and I’m still cramping no other symptoms at all no food poisoning or cold or flu symptoms I’m just cramping it doesn’t feel like menstrual cramps they are a lot more milder but they are still noticeable. I’ve been feeling super exhausted and just laying around like I’m hibernating my appetite has Def picked up (I’m hungry now) I’ve been cramping this whole time and haven’t even started ovulating yet I can taste batteries no matter what I eat and my mouth keeps getting watery and I get nauseous and let’s not even discuss the dizziness/ light-headedness. I know it’s possible for some women to get pregnant right after their period I’m just wondering what I should do next. Did you find out anything about your situation? I have 4 children already so I don’t know what kind of signals my body is giving me

  86. Hi guys.
    So I’m just a bit confused. I haven’t had my period in over a couple years due to taking the depo shot. However, last January 2020 I stopped and haven’t gotten my period since. Just about a week ago me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex and I had taken the plan b the following day. Yet, today (Sunday) I started spotting pink and I have some cramps and mood swings. I’m just unsure if this implantation blood or beginning of period blood. Either way I find this to be unnerving because I was under the assumption that I wasn’t ovulating and that I haven’t had a period in a couple years. If anyone can reply with some info about what to do or how to know it would be deeply appreciated.

    • What does your provider think?

  87. How much bleeding is ok in 6 weeks pregnancy

  88. This is unusual for me I’ve always been irregular but became more regular as I got older with my periods. Had intercourse on March 17th, started to spot very lightly for one time one day 6 days after the unprotected sex. then I started what seems like a period six days after the spotting on March 29th but my period is due on April 4th so I am six days early. Given my age I cannot imagine that I am PG age 53. I know a woman who was 50 years old who naturally conceived. If anyone has any thoughts to this please reply thank you

  89. Hi all,

    Hope your okay. Just looking for some advice as I’m loosing my mind. This post is a bit tmi so sorry about that. Basically I’m on clomid been trying to conceive for a while now this is my 5th month on clomid, I’ve ovulated 4 times just havent conceived. This month I started spotting on weds (17/3) that was light pink then Thurs was on and off spotting brown. Friday myself and partner had intercourse and I bled during and after red colour for like an hour and nothing since. Has anyone had this and been pregnant? I’ve taken a million hpts all negative. X

    • Experiencing something similar,
      Had sex 3 days ago. Brownish pink discharge, gone within an hour. Nothing for 2 days. Today had sex, nothing rough, started spotting again. Used tampon, normally (tmi ahead) if he brings down my cycle it will continue the duration of my period. Now nothing. It hasn’t even got any brighter. However, i still have mild cramps. Nothing to complain about but i feel it.
      He’s too excited. & i don’t want to get his hopes up jic, anybody else had these symptoms?

      Going to the dr. If cycle does not start.

    • The same thing is happening right now to me “tmi warning” but I bled during intercourse then a couple hours after. When I wiped it was light pink “not like my regular period” then at stopped later that day. All test came back negative tho! As well

  90. Hie i lastly had my periods on 26Feb….and about 3days i started another period which is very dark in colour but the flows are light….during the night im just bleeding fill drops which is on and off can that be implant bleeding

  91. I have had my period on 06.03.2021-8.03.2021 however since yesterday I have some light pink spotting which is really weird since my period was a week ago. This has never happened to me. I did take a pregnancy test 3 days ago and it was negative of course. My question is: Is there anyone who ever had this kind of light pink spotting after almost 7 days of period

    • Did you ever find out if you were pregnant? I just had the same thing happen to me?

  92. I have PCOS and my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant since March of 2020. We’ve been seeing an OBGYN since this time to help with conceiving issues. Back in December 2020 on the 16 and 17 was my last menzies and had spotting until the 20 of that month. I’ve been testing my LH levels to help us conceive and had a small spike of 30 on December 27+28 2020. I had cramping the night of the 28 and the morning of the 29. I then had some brown discharge with slight pink on January 5 2021 that was similar to what I usually get pre monthly, but it only happened once. I then tested very slight positive on January 31 and February 1 2021. Every other test after these were negative. However, my OBGYN set up an ultrasound date for February 17 2021 because of the positives. In this time, I had a second LH surge at 51. This surge happened February 13+14 2021 with major cramping on the 14. I went for the ultrasound on February 17 2021 and it was negative. I was sent for a blood test, this was also negative. February 17+18 2021, I decided to test again using the same test that gave me the positive and found these tests to be positive again. I do believe I had gotten a false positive using these tests the first time. Then on February 25 2021, I tested once more due to the negative blood work results and got negatives. The evening of the 25 and through to today, I’ve been experiencing cramping and extremely tender breasts with some nausea today. I started having small amounts of light brown discharge along with the cramping. All of the symptoms and discharge are similar to those I experience with my period. However, today February 28 2021, I had some brown discharge mixed with pink. Also, throughout these two months I have had an increase in discharge, but no period or spotting apart from these two moments. My husband and I were intimate just after noticing this discharge. I’m a little worried I may have messed something up if the discharge is implantation bleeding. An article I read stated that sex can lead to uterine contractions which can dislodge the embryo from implanting. I am 31 and this would be my first pregnancy. My OBGYN wants to send me for another ultrasound due to the positive tests I had back in January and because I still haven’t had another period since December 2020.

  93. Also; I’ve been having breast tenderness. Beth

  94. Hi so mom of 2 here and never been on BC until after my last one i had my iud taken out on jan 25th i started my peruod that following thursday lasted 5 days my S/O and I had unprotected sex during my period and it stopped on the monday after Tuesday nothing Wednesday i went to use the bathroom and noticed in my WHITE PANTS there was about a quarter size brown spot with a little mucus i have taken 2 test but they are negative would yall say that was implantation bleeding or what? ps we are trying to conceive again

  95. Hello, I’m 42 and have PCOS. My question is. My last period was January 16th, and lasted about four days. Yesterday I noticed light pink spotting with some clotting and mucus. Lasted a little while and then eased up. I just came to bed and noticed more and it has more of a red color. Could this be implantation bleeding? I’ve not had this before with other pregnancies.

    • I had this exact same thing happening to me right now. Did you ever figure out what happened? I am 8dpo and my pregnancy tests have came back with a faint positive. Please let me know if you were pregnant after this happened to you!

  96. I had what I thought was my period on Monday February 1st. wasn’t expecting anything until the 3rd/6th. After I wiped on Monday that was it. Nothing for the rest of the day. Tuesday nothing. and now it’s Wednesday… should I test or just wait it out?

  97. Had protected sex mid January. My period date was 20 January but i had my periods today morning. I was confussed so i have tested pregnancy but tested negative twice. I am feeling mild cramp and i am bleeding less than normal. Mild blood clots in the morning

  98. I am 8 months postpartum with my 3rd son. Haven’t had a period until 2 weeks ago and haven’t been on birth control.

    I had unprotected sex on Jan 10, took a plan b pill on the 11th just in case since I’m not on BC. Started my period on Jan 16? for 4 days. It’s been about 2 weeks and I’m spotting.. not sure if it’s the plan b that caused it or implantation?

    Before having my last son, I had my period once(I was also breastfeeding and no BC) and got pregnant after my first period.

    I know I just need to take a pregnancy test but could this just be a plan b coincidence?

    • Couldn’t hurt to test. Good luck.

  99. Hi I need help I am not sure if I am the only giving through this . I got off the depo shot a year and half ago .I been having un protective sex with my fiancé for a year and half . My period wasn’t regular until a year ago . But in months my period would a different day as expected. Anyways last time I had a period was December 10 . On January I did not get my period .I took a pregnancy test a week after came out negative .I started spotting reddish/brown on the 27th of January,two weeks late on my period. I been spotting resist/brown for 6 days I drop 2-3 drops on a pad is not even a period . Was I pregnant and had a early miscarriage or am I pregnant? Please help.

    • Have you taken a pregnancy test?

  100. Hi! So I had sex around December 23rd and then January 18th. On the 22nd I had light pinkish spotting for 3 days. Last night I had a metallic taste in my mouth and I just don’t know if I’m pregnant or not help!!

    • Hi I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend on Sunday January 31st my period vame January 21st and ended on/ around January 25th today I notice light spotting when I used toilet paper should I be concerned? Thank you

  101. Hello my last cycle was Dec 22nd and im 20 days late but took a pregnancy test and came out negative but feel pregnant. Last night I came on but it don’t seem like a normal cycle. I think im experiencing implantation bleeding but don’t know difference!!

  102. I had sex with my boyfriend on Dec. 27th with protection, yet for some reason I am so scared and anxious worrying that I might be pregnant. I had my period on the usual date, four days after having sex, and my ovulation was a week + previous to the 27th. My head is driving me crazy though and making me worry that maybe just MAYBE my period was implantation bleeding. Though my period wasn’t the heaviest like it usually is, it still covered a few tampons and I had my usual cramping the days leading up and the first two days of my period. I don’t seem to have any other symptoms currently of early pregnancy (besides being nauseous and tired because I’ve been sick).
    I just wish I could relax and not stress about all of this right now 🙁 Im 19 and want to be child free until I can get my life settled down.

  103. I had unprotected sex on Dec. 24th, 2020. A few days after I was cramping bad and had a very white & creamy discharge. I didn’t think anything of it and now 15 days after I have light bleeding. It could be implantation bleeding since I am having cramps again and my back is killing me! The only problem is I have irregular periods so I didn’t think it was possible to get pregnant. Should I take a test soon? It has been 2 weeks since. Please help.

    • Maybe you should not be having Intercourse outside of marriage if it’s worrying you and stressing you out. Intercourse was designed to bring about life, reproducing offspring. No one should be surprised at the idea of life springing from it. I sometimes don’t understand how people do not understand biology at this level. I promise you won’t feel guilty when doing it under the right conditions, marriage.

  104. I was 9 days late when I took at pregnancy test it was negative that’s was dec 24th I got my period at 16days late and its very light pink and brown I just wiped at my whe. I went to the bathroom and it was light but bright red with mucus should I test again ? Could I be pregnant ?

    • I recently had a partial hysterectomy on July 2020 and i haven’t missed a period or had a period longer than 3-5 days. In april 2021 i had a terrible period, went to the hospital they said UTI, this month May 2021 i started my period April 29, 2021 and it’s the longest most painful period i’ve had. Currently confused though, this period i feel like ended on the 7-8th day but this is the 10th day it’s super light, not enough to wear a pad or tampon but the bleeding is there when i wipe almost like a discharge. could it be implantation? cause i still am able to conceive and i’ve had hopes for becoming pregnant but don’t wanna have high hopes and something else be wrong with me. i have no insurance and every time i go to the doctor they always tell me UTI, i know my body not a UTI. any help would help!

  105. I had my contraceptive implant removed on the 20th December. I had unprotected sex on the the 23rd and 26th of December. Yesterday I had creamy white discharge and today I am spotting. I don’t know if this is a reaction to coming off my contraception or if I could be pregnant?

    • You could take a home pregnancy test to find out!

  106. My period was late for 26 days. In the 27th i notice some spotting but in the following days it was normal like my regular period. But it last only for 3 days. My period is regular and it regularly last for 5 to 7 days.

  107. Hello,

    So I caved and took a pregnancy test yesterday and it had a very very very faint line which I’m assuming was left over trigger shot.
    I took another pregnancy test this morning and it was negative but I then noticed some light pink ish blood after wiping. I am currently 10dp iui . I haven’t had any spotting before my period in a while and never while on letrozole. Im wondering if this could be implantation bleed.
    I’m also thinking the progesterone suppositories Im currently on May be causing this? ? the tww is torture!! How long before I get positive pregnancy test if this is implantation?? I have beta on Monday Dec 14th.

  108. I was 6 days late for my AF, and I am never late, then I started bleeding. A couple days earlier I found light brown discharge. I am 2 days in and it doesn’t feel like a period. It does have a sense of ‘flow’ about it but not as heavy as my normal period.
    Has anyone had implantation bleeding a week after their due period

    • I am currently having the same experience and it’s frustrating me so much. Im

    • I’m having the same issue. I had sex 12/3/2020…ovulated 12/8/2020 and prior to AF which was due 12/22/2020, I was experiencing symptoms like lower backaches, abdominal twinges, itchy boobs, snot like discharge (TMI) & even light spotting which I thought was implanation bleeding. I even took a few test but it was BFN(I assumed it was because it was too early to test) I was fine up until XMas where I was experiencing light spotting only when I wiped & then today 12/26/2020…the bleeding became heavier but not like an AF heavy just when I use the bathroom & when I wipe.
      Dont know how to feel at this point.


    • I’m going through the ex’s same thing I had sex on the 2nd and again on the 6th and on the 10th started bleeding for only 2-3 days which is very unusual to me a couple days later started feeling nauseous and started being very hungry took multiple pregnancy test and all were negative so I was like ok but still wasn’t feeling my self my cycle was supposed to start on Christmas but it is now 6 days late and I started light bleeding again yesterday so I thoughts I was my cycle until I woke up and there was no blood on my pad only drops come out when I use the restroom and once I wipe it’s little to no blood on the tissue and be light pink which is very weird to me this has never happened before and also been throwing up a lot to smells I don’t usually throw up too starting to think something is wrong with my body since pregnancy test all say negative

  109. I realized I was four days late on my period and took a test and it had a noticeable faint positive (taken in the pm). I took the second test this morning and it was negative. Today I had some light pink spotting once when I wiped but nothing since. I’m extremely tired, had some headaches and I was light headed a couple of times these past few days. I drink between 60-84oz of water daily. I’m not sure if implantation can happen this late in the game or if I’m experiencing a loss.

    • I had this happen my last cycle. Took a few tests were positive then it went away. I don’t think those were false positives but maybe a chemical pregnancy.

      • Exactly what is happening to me right now but did you end up pregnant?

  110. Hello,
    my husband and I have been married for almost 2 yrs and have been trying to conceive with no luck. For the past week or so I have been feeling nauseous with no vomiting. last night was the worst of them all, my stomach was hurting so bad i really felt like i was going to puke but never. I just finished ovulating about 5-6 days about but this morning i woke up and seen that i had slight bleeding when i wiped. I kinda looked like the second picture but not as faint. It wasn’t red it was pink but just not as faint as the second picture. I am not expected to start my period for another 9 days. I took a test yesterday because i had been feeling so weird. I had been eating way more than usual, sleeping more, my moods have been crazy and i just wasn’t acting like myself. I don’t know what is happening. Can someone please help to ease my mind on what is going on

    • Same thing is happening to me, still waiting to take a pregnancy test

    • I think I pregnant again

  111. My husband and I had intercourse on the 17th of November while I was ovulating and this morning (20th of November) I had what seemed to me like implantation bleeding, just like the first picture of implantation bleeding on this page. Could I be pregnant? We are trying for baby nr 2 – had no problems with my first pregnancy … ?

    • Did you end up being pregnant? This same thing is happening to me. I feel like it’s too soon though for there to be implantation bleeding. It’s only been 3 days but the blood is super brown and only there when I wipe. Maybe it’s a fast swimmer? Hahahaha. Or, I suppose dislodged from sex? We are trying to have a baby though so it would be nice if I was!

  112. Thursday night; I did like the first picture on implantation. How long does implantation last if I do run into this? Can you do half-&-half & still be pregnant? (The usual 6-7 days; I mean.) (My deal’s been half-red & half-pink for quite a while; (since October last year;) but last couple weeks; the more I learn on this; I don’t think I’ve done the implantation as long as I thought I been doing; but I did do a private ordeal check; I think I’m on my 3rd or 4rth week of pregnancy. Beth

  113. Im 7 weeks and a few days. Yesterday i started to notice some light pink blood when i wiped. As the day went on it was still light but a bit redder and stringy.. Ive had 2 misscarriages before this isnt like that but im still worried. Is this normal?

    • Have you found anything out yet? I have the same thing

    • Hey, have you still go the same thing?

    • I am having the same thing happen? 6-7 weeks with light spotting, especially when I wipe. Were you ok? What ended up happening? Thank you.

  114. I had my period August 30-September 2 then got another period September 12-16. This second period lasted longer than my regular period, was a little less heavy but definitely more than what I have read implantation bleeding should be like. Now, October 1 I have not started my period yet. I called my OBGYN and she was not at all concerned, said it was completely normal and still wanted to put in my IUD which I was scheduled for. Except this isn’t normal, my periods have always come on the 29th or 30th and lasts 3-4 days. I have never had an irregular period in my life. Has this a happened to anyone else and you were pregnant?

    • @Ruthie have you found anything out

  115. Hi everyone,
    So first time this has happened to me. I had my period September 9 – 14 then again September 20-23
    Anyone had this happen to them ?? Should I be worried

  116. Ovulation date 13 – 17 of Sept. Had sex on the 17th and the 11th. My period is due on the 1st and is always on time. Past night I woke up and my panties were wet like I had cum on myself slight blood very slight like a mark then today when I went to have a bowel movement I wiped and mucuosy super pink clearish blood wiped twice more nothing but I know it’s from my vagina because I stuck my finger in a bit and wiped it on tissue and it was faint pink. I’m so nervous bc we miscarried at 12 weeks in May and I almost died from blood loss so this is SO nerve-wracking also considering I’ve never noticed implantation bleeding with my other babies.

  117. Okay guys I need some help so my last period was about 6 days ago and me and my hubby have been trying on the days where I ovulate and yesterday was my highest chance of getting pregnant but last night I had some cramps start up and this morning some light spotting that’s a brownish pink and there hasn’t been enough for a pad ir tampon and days before that I was having a ton of hot flashes and feeling like throwing up and really light headed and having bad headaches and I’m still having headaches and that stuff is it possible pregnancy or what

    • Did u get pregnant ? Or what happened ?

    • Actually same!! Like the exact same thing I ended my period and then I took an ovulation test and it said that I was ovulating and then my husband and I had sex and then on Sunday and Monday I had spotting it was more of a pinkish color.

  118. My period starts 4- 5 days from now and i have been having this brownish discharge. Could this be Implantation bleeding or the start of my period, i have never experienced it before. I also had a very light period the previous month which was also worrying. Can you kindly assist.

    • Reach out to a midwife or OBGYN who can help you figure out your cycle.

    • Did you end up pregnant? i am actually having the same too, I had been Spotting 5days ago till now and I’m not sure if it’s implantatjon bleeding

  119. My period is pretty consistent to the day. I always start on the day or maybe a day late. My period is supposed to start Tuesday, Friday night I noticed some light brown blood but had been drinking and didn’t even consider that usually my blood is bright red and heavy. I put a pad in and woke up the next morning to a dry pad, but still had light spotting in the color light to dark brown when wiping. Today it’s Sunday and I’ve had some very mild light cramping but nothing compared to my usual period cramping. I woke up with some light spotting still again only when wiping. Could this be implantation bleeding? I feel like I would have started my period by now? I also took a ton of naps yesterday and felt very tired.

    • Need help to understand symptoms

  120. I fluctuate between 27-28 cycles and was predicted to ovulate on July 29. My cm was still very much like I was fertile clear up until August 3rd, which is when my hubby and I had unprotected sex. Even a good few days after sex, I was very “wet” down there, and that isn’t normal for me. I later got a UTI on August 5 and then diarrhea for two days after that. I’m trying not to “symptom spot,” but I’ve had some very weird symptoms when I normally have no symptoms before my period other than little tenderness in my boobs here and there. I’ve had a high sex drive (never is the case!), have remained “wet,” have had little pulls/pains in my pelvis and lower abdomen, vivid dreams, and a stronger sense of smell. On the day my period was set to start, predicted to be August 12, I had a tiny bit of pink only when I wiped. The next day – nothing until much later in the day and it was dark brown. Today on the 14th – gummy, thick red but isn’t like period blood. No smell like usual when I start my period, and not enough to use a tampon. I tested on the 12th due to excitement, and it was BFN. Last night while lying in bed, I felt a little queasy. Any thoughts?

    • Hi, what happened to you after this? Did you by any chance test positive? I am having the same symptoms! please let me know. Also, Baby dust to you! Xx

  121. Like every one else that is ttc I have had the tender breast the whole 9 yards. I started August 5 on seeing some clear brownish pink discharge it lasted 5 days and now nothing what could this mean I have also been taking prenatals just in case I am. I take pregnancy test and they all come back negative is it still to early to tell

    • Did you test again and get a positive? I’m experiencing the same thing

  122. i never have light periods but this go round it’s very light, like not even getting on my pad. but i started the day that i’m supposed to start (i’m on bc). so i’m confused.

  123. Hi everyone,
    my boyfriend and i had sex basically every day this month, and it’s unprotected so we know our chances we are taking. we recently had sex last night, July 29th, and I was already 3 days late. Last night i was experiencing a light headache where my right temple was & my eyes were hurting so naturally i thought it was my contacts that i removes and the brightness of the lights. Today, around 3ish in the afternoon i go to pee and get a very pink color when i wiped. the second time i went pee it was blood that came out but not like how it would when my period starts. I put in a tampon, went pee later it was filled & blood when i wiped. re-entered a new tampon, went pee later and there was no blood when i wiped, just in the toilet. i am experiencing cramping in the lower center of my abdomen and my lower back on the left side. i’m scared and don’t know what it is so i just needed some advice or any women who experienced this before or similar.

    • Whenever you have concerns that are health related, it’s always best to contact your medical provider.

  124. I have irregular periods after getting off the iud 3 yrs ago i got my period july 11 and ended july 17 i had sex july 25 a week later and began cramping on monday july 27 and lightly spotting feeling like i was going to throw up today july 28 im still spotting but no cramping ive been trying to find something on here but cant ? anyone with similar experience

  125. I’m soo confused ok so I had sex July 21st and started noticing pinkish spotting on the 23rd of July. My Ovulation date is July 25th is it Ovulation bleeding or implantation bleeding. Is it too early for implantation?

    • I had something similar happen to me and i cant find answers!

      • Was it ovulation bleeding or implantation? I’m going through the same thing now

      • Ovulation date 13 – 17 of Sept. Had sex on the 17th and the 11th. My period is due on the 1st and is always on time. Past night I woke up and my panties were wet like I had cum on myself slight blood very slight like a mark then today when I went to have a bowel movement I wiped and mucuosy super pink clearish blood wiped twice more nothing but I know it’s from my vagina because I stuck my finger in a bit and wiped it on tissue and it was faint pink. I’m so nervous bc we miscarried at 12 weeks in May and I almost died from blood loss so this is SO nerve-wracking also considering I’ve never noticed implantation bleeding with my other babies.

  126. I have like a clear jelly like substance on my toilet paper and it has a pinkish red streak through it …. could that be implantation bleeding

    • Was it?

  127. Oh and I forgot to ask now that I’m having a bit of light bleeding when is there a good time to take a pregnancy test

  128. I just experienced light bleeding and I’m a month in on ttc after my birth control implant removal and right after I discovered my light bleed I started to cramp and I hope I’m not thinking this into existence ?

  129. I started spotting yesterday (12 days after last period ended) It’s been kinda on and off since yesterday and I mainly see the light red kinda orangey/pinkish color when I wipe. I am on day 19 of my cycle now, thinking it could be ovulation but I’m not sure, My predicted ovulation day was 4 days ago, but we did have sex both before and after that date.

    • Did you end up being pregnant

    • I’m experiencing the exact same thing

      • Are you pregnant? I’m going through the same thing now. Ovulated 5 days ago, had sex 4 days ago, and I was wiping pink/brown discharge 2 days after ovulation. Today (day 19) I had a jelly like discharge with brownish, red and pink hints in it

        • are you pregnant? the same thing happened to me

        • Hi i havnt had my period for 13 days and on the 14th day i had a shower and i noticed blood running down my leg for about 1 second and i didnt see anything after that and about 4 hours later i went to the toilet and looked on the pad and it had a brownish redish colour and my stomach is sore and i done a pregnancy test it said i was not pregnant and i was Wondering is it inplantation bleeding or is it my period

  130. Today is my 10th day of missed period. I have this brown discharge with no cramping at all yet i usually have severe cramping when on my Ps. I did not experience any pms this cycle, i have not done a pregnancy test yet for fear of getting a BFN being a ttc for three years now. Did anyone ever experience this and got a positive result. Help

    • What was the outcome? I have a similar question to yours

    • Same here yes i have experienced this. Hoping to get a positive result.

    • Hello I’m new here but just had to share. I usually have my period on the 7th of each month. In November it came on the 9th. Usually it is to the day, maybe a day or so late. My husband and I are TTC. This is our first month trying. Had sex on the 23rd Nov and the 26th Nov. By the next week, I felt different. My Areolas were (and still are!) larger and my nipples have been sticking out since I noticed a change. I’m waking up early and have now experienced all 15 of Mama Naturals 15 Early Pregnancy Symptoms! The nausea and food aversion is just horrible! I’m feeling everything now that I did with my first! Today, I am 11 days late on my period, I’ve had some light cramping and this morning noticed jelly like clear discharge with a pinkish red streak running through it. Up until now I have had 5 BFN HPT’s! However, my Doctor is sure I am pregnant as clinically, my body is showing signs of being pregnant. It could be that Conception happened way later than I thought, or simply, my Hormones have gone into overdrive this last month, and this is in fact my period. What a roller-coaster! I had another blood test on Wednesday (before this cramping) and get the results on Monday. Either way, by then I’ll know if this is my period or late implantation – which I had with my first. I’m not sure if this helps any of you but hang in there, trust that your body knows what to do, and when in doubt, speak to a trusted Doctor! I will update with my results /outcome, but for now it’s a waiting game – cheese and salty chips anyone? ?

      • Update – Trigger : Loss

        I hope this helps someone out there. So the day after I wrote this post I woke to cramping, and later , bleeding. Throughout the day my Cramps became stronger and I was bleeding out clots. A couple days later I spoke to my Doctor who spoke about something called Early Embryonic Demise, where the Egg is Fertilized, but due to severe chromosomal deficiency, is unable to successfully produce an embryo. At this stage, it is too early to detect via HPT and for most women, is usually missed. I just felt my symptoms early.

        I bled at what was technically 6 weeks, but the baby would’ve only been 3, this doesn’t make the loss any easier to bear , but I wanted to share as I had two Doctors tell me that EED is very common, most women do not realise they are pregnant and /or just think they have had a heavy period that month. This is so sad in our age of modern technology! Looking back, I did feel a significant drop in my symptoms around two weeks before bleeding but didn’t think much of it. Now we are sadly mourning the loss of that precious early life, whilst -and this is what feels right for US, preparing to conceive another. We will never forget that we made that life, and will always be thankful for that short time that we know it was there.

        I hope this information helps someone who may have gone through similar, even if just to have answers. Whatever stage you’re at, trust your instincts, do your research and communicate with your partner and trusted Doctors .

        Sending love to all the Mamas

        • Thank you for sharing Mimi. Sorry you had to experience such. Keep up that spirit. Be fruitful and multiply 😉

  131. Hi i have some problem sometime i get my period well but sometime i don’t. Since 7 to 11 February i got my last period then i have done a pregnancy test on 14 April. But it was negative since yesterday i notice pinkish bleeding i just don’t know what to do.

  132. So I am 3 days late it is 1153pm April 26 2020 and this morning around 11am there was a small red spot in the toilet after using the bathroom but I didn’t think much of it until 11pm went to the restroom and decided to take a test so I pee in my disposable cup and I see basically the first picture of implantation bleeding in this article in my cup took the test and negative ( with my son I never got positive stick test but I did get a positive blood test). My husband and I have been actively trying to conceive since 2017 and I am hoping it comes out to be that I am pregnant. My womens health center is closed due to a couple of days ago I went to the ER for pelvic pain (which was the reason I found out I was pregnant with my son in 2014) but because they were trying to get me out of there as quickly as possible they did a stick test and didn’t really listen to me. When I talked to my womens health nurse a day before going to the ER she thought I could be pregnant but I cant come in to confirm because all appointments are virtual now. Thinking of waiting a week before I test again.

  133. Hello,

    I got off of my period on March 23, 2020.. 6 days later I started to bleed again. Much lighter than my normal periods, however heavier than spotting but not enough to wear a tampon just a panty liner. I bled for about 4 days inconsistently. Various shades of red/pink/brown. I stopped bleeding for one day and had the return of my normal healthy discharge. Then the next day more light bleeding. So now it is April 6, 2020… I am still lightly spotting. Tonight I had a very tiny blood clot as well as clear/bloody watery consistency in my underwear. I don’t think this is implantation bleeding but I’m not supposed to have my period again until April 15, 2020. Do I need to see a doctor or am I over reacting? Should I take a pregnancy test if I’m late to start my next period? I have no idea what to do here and it’s making me a little concerned. If anyone else has experienced this and has some insight please help!

    • A pregnancy test is a good idea.

      • Are you pregnant

    • Mine is doing the same thing! Please tell us what became of the situation. I’m afraid I’m having an ectopic pregnancy.

    • I am experiencing something similar on day 3 of some spotting I guess in the middle of my cycle. sometimes its just a tiny bit sometimes more but just when I wipe, nothing on the liner. would love to hear if you ended up being pregnant or something else. I have never spotted before and this is my 3rd kiddo… any know if it is not implantation what else could cause it?

      • Did you end up being pregnant

  134. I had implantation bleeding with my 1st pregnancy – it was a few hours of spotting on 11 or 12 days past ovulation. However, I already got a positive pregnancy test around 9 or 10 days past ovulation.

    I am now thinking that I might be pregnant again, as I’ve had a tiny bit of pinkish/red cervical mucous the last two days (7/8 days past ovulation). Pregnancy tests have come back negative so far, but it might be too early to get an accurate result.

    • Im confused. I have done a lot of research and also confided in my doctor. How did you get a positive pregnancy test prior to implantation when the hcg does not begin to produce to a detectable level until after implantation has occured? Im curious. Successful implantation is the final stage in the cycle. Whithout implantation there is no hcg level 10 or above to detect a pregnancy with a home test. Levels are between 2 and 5 prior to implantation. Even on a blood test anything below a 5 is considered a negative and 10 is borderline. A blood test wont even count you as pregnant until your levels hit 25. 25 is a confirmed pregnancy

  135. I’m not sure if what I had was implantation or due to stress. It happened 8 days past my ovulation. But my husband hasn’t had the best luck with a high sperm count. I know im being impatient but it would be a miracle if I was pregnant. It was a light pink creamy texture. But by the end of the day it turned completely red with a tiny speckle of a clot. It wasn’t a lot of bleeding at all with the last. A tissueful the first time and just a quarter size with the last one with the speckle of a clot.

    • Hi, Christa! How are you now? We have same scenario, i got that speckle of a dark clot, though we are expecting that i am experiencing implantation bleeding, it is my first time to concieve. Are you now pregnant? Thanks alot

  136. Hi.. Just recently found out I was pregnant. I’m only 4-5 days in and I’ve noticed a light pinkish/brownish discharge. Is this normal?

    • 4-5 days post ovulation or since you found out you were pregnant?

    • Hey! So I just had a question about what you discussed

      My last period was February 16th… haven’t seen one yet and I’m about 8 days late now with spotting like the 2nd picture in your article.. when I tell you I have been experiencing the most weirdest symptoms.. it’s crazy.. I’ve taken 3 pt test since my last period… all in March on the 2nd, the 6th, and the 21st … all negative.. I’m so confused, and healthcare right now until I execute what’s wrong, would be expensive and useless.. have you had any cases similar?

  137. I’ve been spotting and looked just like that, but it’s been like 3-4 days and I’ve taken 2 pregnancy test which came out negative. I’ve been feeling light cramps and I just waters feeling nauseous yesterday when I took a lemon-honey cough drop. It feels nothing like when I had my baby girl, I didn’t start getting symptoms till 4 months. I just had my baby ? I’m 4 months postpartum.

  138. I’m so confused…people say that the bleeding is obvious but I’m seeing like literally a couple brown spots in my underwear and it’s nothing big or even medium, is that still considered implantation bleeding because I’m having like all of the other pregnancy symptoms that one is just throwing me off and it is right before my period and I’m not wasting money on a pregnancy test for it to come back negative

  139. Hi. We’ve been TTC for over 2 years now. Just started fertility treatments using Letrozole (rather than Clomid because of PCOS) and HCG Trigger shots and this is our second cycle trying them. Ovulation/Timed Intercourse was this past Sunday 10/6/19 and today, four days later, I am experiencing very light pink spotting. This same thing happened last month and we were unsuccessful in getting pregnant. I’m curious if being on a fertility treatment (medication) regimen could accelerate implantation or if there are any other women who have gone through this, had such early spotting, and still had a viable pregnancy?

  140. I have the essure and a lot of people had got pregnant on it know I had my period at the beginning of this month and it lasted 1 day and now I’m bleeding again. At first it was a brownish color but now like a kinda dark red and a lot of cramping but prior to me getting this my stomach been hurting and my appetite increase and I can’t sleep comfortably

    • Were you pregnant?

  141. It sept 14 2019 i have start my period yesterday but the weried thing for me is i have black brown discharge and i never had it before and i seen only once red. Blood but not it like it fading away. And my exspected period id the 16 of this month of September. Yea i have been stressing but trying to clam and relax. So i looked it up online and it says either period or pregnacy i am about to test once they come in mail.

  142. Hello ladies my last period was april 19th 2019 i ovulated may 6th 2019 i DTD unprotected and on may 10th i noticed a light pink color and it was just once! My expected period is may 20th and i took a test and it came out negative…

    • My last period was 20th April…my ovulation date was 5th May we DTD unprotected a few times around that time. My period is due 19th Msy and today not long ago noticed a thin watery pinkish blood on tissue. I have had very slight cramps last 2 days. I’m resigned to the fact this now isnt the month ?

    • hi I’m curious if you ended up bleeding more or if it stopped and you retested?

  143. Hi my latest AF was 1-22-19 it was a normal flo my next AF was due 2-19-19 it didn’t come that whole month then 3-1-19 it came but only for 1,2 of that month my original AF was due 3-19-19 I went and white it was pink on the tissue that whole month nothing now it’s 4-9-19 I started spotting no cramps or nothing

  144. Hi there! 10 weeks here. I felt compelled to share my journey thus far because it was far from normal and quite scary. I found out I was pregnant in an odd way, having a consultation with a Chinese Medicine Doctor to talk about acupuncture to prepare myself for pregnancy in the future. After answering a few of her questions, she determined I was probably pregnant and did not know it. See, the week prior to my visit, I had a 5-6 day cycle. However, it was lighter than usual (moderate to light) and no PMS symptoms, just tender breasts, which was not usual. But, since I had my cycle, I never thought I would be pregnant. I took a pregnancy test as soon as I left and lo and behold, it was positive! This made it interesting in determining which “last cycle first day to use”, so I used the month prior. I scheduled my first prenatal visit to be what I thought would be 8 weeks. Two weeks before my visit, I started spotting during the week I would have had my cycle again. I went in for an ultrasound and the baby was fine and I was already 8 weeks. A week later, I had a gush of bright red blood…A LOT. I basically thought I had a miscarriage and was devastated for hours. I went in to see my midwife and she assured me it was probably just my placenta implantation and not a miscarriage being that I did not have cramping and still had nausea. I had another ultrasound and the baby was doing just fine 🙂 I share this because there has been nowhere that I have found that says these symptoms are normal and I want to put this out there, just in case in mom-to-be may experience any of these agonizing non-normal symptoms that cause concern/anxiety like it did for me.

    • Take it easy and ask your doctor more questions. I had heavy bleeding and clotting at 13 weeks and thought i was miscarrying too. However baby was fine but I was diagnosed with an SCH. In like 98% of these situations your body will either reabsorb it or bleed it out. Its still not a normal pregnancy issue but is more common then you think. I was only put on pelvic rest and told to live my life but became one of the 2% it doesn’t work out for. I’ve been told by doctors there’s nothing you can do for the SCH but wish I had done even less and had asked my dr even more questions about options.

    • Thank you!

  145. My last period was in 2/10/19 I was supposed to get it on 3/12/19 I started spotting on 3/15 I didn’t need to wear a pad so I woke up on 3/16 and it’s like a dark red not like my usual period it’s starts of light but an hour later it’s heavy and bad cramps also my boobs are sore but when i get my period that symptom goes away no blood clots also it doesn’t smell like a period when I usually get my period it has that nasty period smell I’m confused off and back aches nausea my body aches at night hot flashes idk can anyone relate I would really appreciate this

    • I can relate ,am also confuse to…same issues

  146. I am 10 days late on my period. My cycles are usually 32 days(average). I’ve taken a total of 5 pregnancy tests(spread out) all different brands, and all negatives. My doctor sent me to get 2 blood tests done 2 days apart, the first blood work came back with HCG level >2. I don’t know about the 2nd results. For the past 2wks i’ve had cramps just about daily a couple times throughout my day, nausea on and off, headaches, VERY fatigue, i catch myself taking more frequent naps, I’m emotional, I’ve had a weird craving for sweets or chocolate, and recently sore breasts.Today I witnessed for the first time, very light spotting, I know this might be TMI but when I wipe and sort of push in the opening a bit is when I see the spotting. Doesn’t flow out, or stain my panties, really weird. I am so confused, I don’t know if it’s all in my head or if I’m pregnant. Waiting and not knowing is a bit stressful. We have been trying for 4 months now so I hope this is it.

    • That sounds frustrating. I hope you get some answers soon, good luck!

    • Was you pregnant?

  147. Implantation bleeding was my first clue that I was pregnant. I had just a little blood on toilet paper when I wiped, only once. I never bleed in advance of my period starting, so when more blood didn’t follow I got happily suspicious. I was also charting BBT closely, so when my temp the next morning showed enough consistent elevation to count as a possible tri-phasic rise, I took a pregnancy test and sure enough! Our first baby is on the way! Due now in about two weeks.

    • Congratulations. I had the same happen and she’s almost 2 in January. I had another bright red bleed when I thought I was 6 weeks
      Pregnant by my calculations and was sure I’d miscarried but ultrasound confirmed she was healthy plus I was actually 8 weeks pregnant.

  148. Hi, I’m bipolar & been ttc on & off for 3 years. Yesterday I started brown then light pink bleeding a day before my scheduled period. I’m a pretty light bleeder as it is, but I put on pantiliner yesterday & it seemed even lighter than usual. Today it’s still super light, hardly anything on the new pantiliner from last night … I just don’t want to get my hopes up. This whole process of ttc is hard on both my husband & me & my mood disorder to boot. I also found out recently the ovarian dermiod cyst I had surgically removed 4 years ago has grown back, currently 5 cm or 5mm, not sure of measurement. I was putting off another surgery because the recovery from the last was a painful nightmare. I’ve complications with my mood disorder & due to this was going though meds that were not very safe for pregnancy. I went to a specialist, found some meds that were “the safest” since I decompensate quickly aka need to be hospitalized. I know many woman don’t agree with psych meds during pregnancy, and I totally feel pressure from that, but this has been taking so long, I can’t just go off my meds for a month to ttc, let alone years. I’m just so frustrated & it’s just so annoying that this implantation bleeding could mimic a reg period so we’ll. Thank you, Mother Nature. So now I guess I’ll see how long this spotting/period/bleeding/whatever you want to call it, lasts. I’ll try to comment when I find out

    • Hey Logan,

      I just wanted to say that there are plenty of women that have successful pregnancies whilst taking medication. I myself have been taking anti-depressants to help with anxiety and being quite anti-medication I did a lot of research into potential effects on a baby before taking anything. What I found was that, firstly, there was very little research suggesting that my particular type of medication was harmful in the first and second trimesters, and secondly, that there was an awful lot of research done around the impact of the mother’s emotional health on her baby. If you are in a bad place emotionally and/or mentally then that is bound to have a Knick in effect on your baby so I would say if you’re working with your doctor, don’t let anybody tell you that you shouldn’t be taking meds whilst ttc – only you know what your body needs and when.
      I believe everybody is in the right place at the right time. And good luck for this month ❤️

  149. I get my period every 5th of each month, my boyfriend and I haven’t used protection like ever ( he uses the pull out method). I recently realized I’ve been experiencing ovulation spotting but now it’s a week before my period is due and I’m experiencing light pinkish red bleeding. Just trying to cover my bases as far as what the cause of this could be. I know it’s too early to detect pregnancy test wise but my breasts and nipples have had these random pains and my back has been starting to bother me. I’m also experiencing some light cramping, loss of apetite, and I felt like someone punched me in the vagina earlier this morning. I know these could be pms symptoms but I usually don’t experience pms until a couple days before.

  150. Have you taken a pregnancy test to rule out pregnancy?

  151. Hello, been ttc for about 2 1/2 years now with pcos. My period has always been sporadic, sometimes it doesn’t come for months. But 2 things are for certain. 1. I never have PMS. Ever. No cramps, no nausea, no headaches. Nothing. No warning at all. 2. It always lasts at least a week, sometimes longer. My “period” started on Sept 3rd in the evening (about 5 days after having sex) and ended by late night on the 6/early morning of the 7th. Never had one that short. Taking a hpt next week. Wish me luck! And good luck to everyone else ttc

  152. Hi, my wife started bleeding two days after we had sex. Is this too early for implantation bleeding? Meanwhile her period is supposed to arrive 15 or so days after we had sex

  153. Were ttc for 10 yrs coz were working on diff country now were together for 4 months now i drink clomid on june july then stop then now sept we do the necessary bd before ovulation n on ovulation day 17 now my cd26 we have sex then after i hav spotting then after i wipes its nothing is it ib or just early af im 30 day cycle im 5 days before af comes

    • With some tests, you could get an answer now. Good luck!

  154. Hi, Is it ever common to have a heavier flow than spotting but not filling s tampon that is still red? I started what I thought could be my period today but it was very light yet red. Has gotten a little heavier but nothing like what I am used to, I am usually 4 Aleve in at this point and I am having none of the terrible cramps or hotness I usually feel on the first day. I have been sick for the first time in about 3 years (about two days after what would be fertilization) which is a symptom. I also read sometimes if you ovulate late, the blood could be red not brownish because it is newer blood?

    • I have the same problem…. In less than 24 hours i stopped bleeding what do i do.?

    • I started bleeding after 2days late and it only lasted 1day heavy 2nd day spotting pink now today back spotting red omg im so scared? my last full period was aug 8th it was 6 days straight this one was supposed to start on the 4th of sep it came on the 6th sep im so confused

  155. So I’m using the nuvaring and I have been for about 2 months now. I use it correctly and everything and I also haven’t had sex in about a little over a month. I took my nuvaring out Wedneday and today is Friday. And yesterday I started having some light cramping and I noticed I had some light brown and tanish spotting. Well then I woke up this morning and I had brown discharge again. This time it was a little darker though. I also just over a yeast infection as well. Am I experiencing implantation bleeding?

    • If you’re getting ready to start your period, it’s not likely to be implantation bleeding. You can always take a pregnancy test if your period is late.

  156. Hello!

    With our first child we tried to conceive for 8 months. On the 8th month my “period” came. Exactly on time. I’ve always been 28 day cycle. So I thought it was just another failed attempt.
    On day 4 of my “period” it suddenly occurred to me that this was the lightest, brownest, shortest period I had ever had in my life. I took a HPT and had the faintest positive result. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. My hcg levels were so low I had to go in for multiple bloodworks, but 8 months later I had a healthy boy. Now we have been ttc #2 for 4 months. My period came 2 days ago. Right on time, but it’s only been brown and light when I wipe. No normal red period blood at all. The only other time this has happened to me I was pregnant. I tested today and it was negative so will test again in 2 more days and hope history will repeat itself.

  157. Hey guys i’v been Trying to conceive for about 2& a half years now with irregular periods …so far haven’t had any luck, however this month i missed my period nearly by 2 weeks had mild cramping, moodswings, food adversions. I was using the bathroom today & realized a little pink when i wiped nothing like my usual period, could It be implantation even though I’m 2 weeks late? I’m very confused. Someone pls help

    • Have you taken a pregnancy test?

  158. I have been trying to conceive for about 6 months now and I’m not sure if the things I’m experiencing are just in my head Or something else entirely I had my. 2 weeks ago yet I’ve been lightly bleeding my boyfriend and I think it’s implantation bleeding but we don’t know I took a pregnancy test and it says negative any suggestions

    • Time, unfortunately or a blood test from your provider.

  159. Today make 3 days since my missed period, I woke up with mild cramps and lower back pain accompanied by this pinkish bleeding which is very different than my regular period I haven’t taken a test but I have several pregnant symptoms ,I will be taking a PT tomorrow

  160. Honestly this is the first time I have missed my period since getting off my birth control last October. Now my period has always been around the 26th and always have come with clotting like normal. Well I was about 7 days late and some how on the seventh day I start lightly like really lightly bleeding but it was very light pink not red and had little bit of brown mixed in. I took a home pregnancy test and it said negative but the bleeding is very off for me and very late this really isn’t normal and I have no idea what to do. None of this ever happened with my last pregnancy which was almost 3 years ago

  161. So I’ve been trying to get pregnant and I know sometimes you can make your body believe it’s pregnant without actually being pregnant. But I’ve still been trying to get pregnant. My partner and self have been very intimate and I think/ hope I’m pregnant. My mood swings have been up and down and everywhere else. And today I had light pink bleeding only once when I used the restroom. I also had a couple of days last week when I couldn’t seem to hold anything down. I’m just patiently waiting to see if I have a period which is supposed to start on the 5th and I never spot before my periods or have any signs of blood until the day I’m supposed to come on. And I haven’t taken a pregnancy test just yet in fear of not being pregnant…. Thinking if i wait until the day of my period and it doesn’t come that it’ll be alright to take a pregnancy test ???? shoIII

  162. Hi, had been TTC for about 4 months and my period is always on time. AF was supposed to come on 27th Apr but it didn’t. Tested on the day itself but got a BFN. I’ve been experiencing symptoms which made me so overwhelmed and prayed anxiously while waiting for good news.

    However on 2nd May, I had an intense cramps on my lower abdomen and sharp pain in the left pelvic. Went to doc and tested BFN again. Later in the noon, period came with heavy bleeding and severe cramps. Weird enough, the bleeding lasted only for 3 days and ended with brownish spots (I normally have 5 days long period).

    I did a test again on 9th May which was still BFN. Any idea what’s going wrong with me? Is there any chances of pregnancy as I have no guts to test again. 🙁

    • Do you mind me asking if you were pregnant please? Experiencing something similar over here!

      • I am 23 years old,I had an abortion two years ago without knowing that I am A-negative, I got married last year and got pregnant,I had stillborn Feb 4,2023 at 38 weeks due to the rhesus factor. It has not been easy because I have been trying for another pregnancy since then.
        I really wish I could get pregnant fast,I had my lochia for two weeks and got my first period on March 9,I have always been having sex,I haven’t seen my period yet and today is April 11,I had light bleeding today which I guess it is implantation bleeding but I got a negative test, what could be happening?…. Could I be infertile?
        And I am so sure I ovulated because I noticed cervical mucus

    • I had intercourse on the 19th and on the 23th I experienced what was like implantation bleeding and this is before ovulation.. Could that be the case to? Could I be pregnant? And no I was never pregnant.

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