This ugly little tool works wonders for back pain relief during pregnancy and labor. Our Bradley teacher turned us on to it. She had all sorts of tools for us to try out during a recent class – from birthing balls to cold compresses – and this little wonder was by far everyone’s favorite.

Give it a try and let us know how it works for pregnancy back pain relief.

Video Transcript

Hey everyone! I want to show you how to make a really simple, a really amazing tool that helps alleviate pain not only during pregnancy but during your labor.


We learned about this this last week at Bradley class and I’m telling you our teacher at all these different tools out from birthing balls to hot and cold compresses and by far this ugly little tool is everyone’s favorite and you’ll understand why I say ugly.


Check it out. Pretty bad huh

How to make this amazing tool

But you know what it works, it absolutely works. I’m going to show you how to make it:

You’re gonna need tennis balls

You’re going to need a pair of old nylons and

You’re going to need a set of scissors

So what you first do is cut your nylons which is my favorite part because I hate nylons and you want to cut at the top of the leg. You’ve got all this to work with, then at the toe you want to create a knot.

Give yourself 4-6 inches as little handle then you’re going to take one of these tennis balls and you’re going to push through the leg and get it tight to that knot and then create another knot and this again, you want to have it tight so the ball can move around too much, then you want to give yourself about two inches space and create another knot then you put another tennis ball down the leg and then create another knot and again tight so that the ball doesn’t have a lot of room to grow or to move and then at the end you just want to tie these two ends together, so your end result looks again like this.

Okay, so Mike here is going to show how this is going to work with.

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See How

How to use this amazing tool

Rolling across the lower back.
Roll the tennis ball is like kind a rolling pin.
So basically what he is doing is applying counter-pressure to my lower back and if you imagine if you know when we’re going through labor or having contractions this counter pressure really helps alleviate a lot of pain. It’s also great if you’re sterling any kind of more back tank as it goes right into those muscles right into that same. It’s so awesome, you cannot believe that you’ve got to give it a try.

So that’s it that how to make it back massager tool that is seriously amazing.

I’m telling you, if you give this to a pregnant woman, that may me at a baby shower or something like that, she might think it looks kind of weird but what is this, but she would love this gift, this would be her favorite gift,
that how good it feels so give it a try and let me know how you like it.

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