Mucus Plug: Does Labor Start When You Lose it? (With Photos)

There are some parts of pregnancy that don’t get talked about much. Like lochia, the normal bleeding that occurs postpartum. Or vernix, the cheesy white substance covering a newborn’s skin. Or, of course, the mucus plug.

If you’re wondering what a mucus plug is, what it looks like, if labor starts once you lose it, and if you should be alarmed, well, you’re in the right place.

Bonus: We’ve even got an animation of losing the mucus plug below!

What is the mucus plug?

The mucus plug is just what it sounds like, a plug made of mucus. During pregnancy, the mucus plug develops and lodges in the cervix to block the cervical canal. Its job is to protect your uterus from unwanted bacteria and pathogens that could enter in, like from sexual activity or vaginal exams.

Cervical mucus is naturally rich in antimicrobial components, but the mucus plug also contains double the bacteria busting properties. The lysozymes in the mucus plug destroy the cell walls of bacteria. (source)

Secretions from the cervix, and an increase in estrogens and progesterones begin to form the mucus plug early on in pregnancy, when the ovum makes it’s way to the uterus. Even though the mucus plug lasts until the end of your pregnancy, your body is constantly creating new mucus, keeping it fresh.

What does the mucus plug look like?

They can be clear, white, green, yellow, slightly pink, or brown. (Kinda like the mucus that expels from your nose and throat!) It has a gelatinous look and is thick while in the cervix, but typically becomes thin and more liquid once expelled. The mucus plug may be tinged with blood, or it could just look like the gunk in your toddler’s Kleenex. Normally though, mucus plugs are typically off-white with streaks of pink. (source)

The mucus plug is about 4-5 centimeters long, or about 1 ounce in volume. It may seem like less though if your body doesn’t expel the plug all at once, which is common.

Mucus plug photos

Several Mama Natural readers generously contributed these photos of their mucus plugs. Thanks mamas!

This mucus plug photo is from a mama who lost her mucus plug six hours before giving birth to her second child at 40 weeks 4 days pregnant.
This mucus plug photo is from a mama who lost her mucus plug at 38 weeks and 1 day. She went into early labor 12 hours later and delivered her baby girl 14 hours after that. This is the photo of her mucus plug that she texted to her doula to let her know she was close to going into labor.
This mama lost her mucus plug on June 24th, early in the morning, and had her daughter on June 27th just before lunch time.

How/why do we lose the mucus plug?

Once the baby “drops” and settles lower into the pelvis, this starts the process of the cervix opening. When the cervix begins to “ripen” and soften in preparation for labor, the mucus plug is no longer held firmly in place and falls out. These changes in the cervix can cause capillaries to burst, creating the pink tinge of the mucus plug.

It can come out all at once, in one big chunk, or it can come out in pieces over a period of time. If this isn’t your first time around the block, your cervix is more elastic making it much more likely for the mucus plug to come out in one piece, with little to no blood.

The plug is commonly expelled after a trip to the powder room, or during a shower, making it difficult to observe. Because vaginal discharge is increased during pregnancy anyway, you may not even notice it at all! (source)

When do women normally lose their mucus plug?

Your body gets rid of the mucus plug typically between 37 and 42 weeks of gestation. It can even happen as late as right before delivery! Some women can lose it earlier in the pregnancy—the body will create more mucus to protect your baby.

As your body begins to prepare for delivery the cervix softens, or becomes thinner and wider, and you will naturally shed the mucus plug. Some women in late pregnancy may also lose their mucus plug—or a portion of their mucus plug—after intercourse or an internal exam. (source)

What does it mean if your mucus plug comes out?

Losing your mucus plug usually means that your body is preparing for labor. The mucus plug is, after all, one of the main lines of defense between your womb and the outside world. Your cervix is likely effacing, or dilating, or both to get ready for the big day. Effacement is when the cervix thins and stretches, while dilation is when it opens. (source)

Typically, first-time moms don’t actively dilate until labor starts.

Is losing the mucus plug a sign of labor?

Even though your body is showing signs of preparing for labor, don’t grab your birth bag just yet. Birth could be hours away, or it could be a few weeks away. Losing the mucus plug is an early sign that labor is soon, but it does not mean labor is imminent…yet. It depends on each woman, and there is no cookie cutter answer. (source)

How soon does labor start after you lose it?

If this is your first baby, then it could likely be a few days or weeks before labor begins. However, if this isn’t your first time around the block, then you’re more likely to be in the “give birth in a few hours” camp. There really is no definite timeline here.

Here’s an animation of what happens when you lose the mucus plug right before birth

Mucus plug animation before childbirth

What to do if/when you lose your mucus plug

How you handle the situation depends on several factors. If you’re 37-42 weeks along and notice that you’ve definitely lost the mucus plug, it simply means that baby will be arriving in the near future. (source)

The loss of the mucus plug can be accompanied by contractions that increase in intensity and duration, and/or your water breaking. If this happens, then labor is definitely on its way and you need to contact your birth team.

Is it okay if I lose the plug early?

Even though it’s an early sign of labor, the mucus plug can regenerate itself to some extent if it’s lost earlier than the 37 week mark. As long as contractions haven’t started and there’s not a lot of bright red blood, there’s typically nothing to worry about. (source)

If your midwife or doctor does vaginal exams in the third trimester, this can also cause you to lose the mucus plug early.

However, if it’s lost before the 37 week period, be sure to let your midwife know so she can keep an eye on things. Losing it early on in pregnancy could also indicate premature labor.

Is there an infection risk from losing the mucus plug early?

If you do happen to pass the mucus plug early on in the pregnancy, then there’s a likely chance it will regenerate. Since your hormones are still in protect mode, they can continue to regenerate the mucus plug as usual. (source) Even if it doesn’t regenerate, you still have the amniotic sac surrounding the baby, protecting them from infection and pathogens.

The amniotic sac is the last line of defense between the outside world and your baby, but the mucus plug is really the heavy hitter when it comes to destroying incoming pathogens. To be on the safe side, if the mucus plug is lost it’s recommended by some to refrain from sexual activity. It also means no more trips to the city pool, swimming in the lake or anywhere else that may carry a risk of infection.

Should I call the doctor after I lose my mucus plug?

If the mucus plug is accompanied by a large amount of bright red blood, about 1 Tbsp or more, that can be a cause for concern and you should contact your midwife or doctor. Because it could be a sign of complications such as placenta previa, it’s important to talk to your healthcare team right away.

Placental abruption is a rarer condition that can also cause bright red bleeding. During a placental abruption, the placenta detaches either partially or fully from the uterine wall. (source)

If, however, the discharge looks normal in color, and you’re in the 37-42 week end zone, then there’s no need to worry. Just let your birth team know when contractions begin or your water breaks.

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Is the mucus plug the same thing as bloody show?

There seems to be some confusion what the difference (if any) there is between bloody show and the mucus plug. While the mucus plug can be slightly pink or even have streaks of blood in it, it is not necessarily the same thing as bloody show. (source)

The term bloody show is used when there is blood passing out of the vagina and it’s mixed with a little mucus. This can occur after a vaginal exam, and usually during labor as a sign of progress. (source) While the mucus plug is a thick gelatinous plug of mucus, bloody show is a stringy mucus. (source)


So to review, the mucus plug:

  • Can be many different colors, but typically a gelatinous off white with or without pink streaking.
  • Is ok to lose early, just let your birth team know
  • Isn’t cause for worry, unless there’s over 1 Tbsp of blood when you lose it
  • Labor may or may not be starting soon after you lose it
  • Is not (necessarily) the same as bloody show

My experience with the mucus plug

In my first pregnancy, I lost my mucus plug and didn’t know what it was. For me, it was very liquidy and mostly clear. I woke up and felt like I peed in my pants. I went into the midwives office as I thought my water broke. She tested the pH and confirmed it was my mucus plug. My labor begin 12 hours later. So for me, it was definitely a sign that labor was eminent.

Other natural mamas’ experience with the mucus plug

I asked the moms on my Facebook page when they lost their mucus plug and how soon after did labor start. Here are some of their responses.

  • I lost my plug with each pregnancy as I was having mild cramping before labor/birth. Only hours before. Looks like a pink and clear swirl ball of snot about the size of your palm. – Jennora W.
  • Both my kids were born at 37 weeks. Never saw it with my first, but with my second I shed my mucus plug for a course of 10 days. I was having mild contractions and looked like large amounts of semen with a tinge of blood, varying in size. So gross but so natural. – Brooke V.
  • With my first I lost it a little at a time starting a few days before labor. With my second I lost it halfway through labor. – Tara K.
  • I lost mine about an hour and a half into labor. It reminded me of seaweed only red. – Kristy Y.
  • I don’t remember seeing mine at all – I got to the hospital at 6cm and still hadn’t seen anything. Could have came out after but idk how I could have a mucus plug still at 6cm! – Hannah M.
  • I think mine didn’t come out until I was already quite far along in labor at the birth center and was in the tub there. It came out in the tub, so I didn’t really see it much! – Patty D.
  • Not until I was hours into labor, and I told my midwife it looked like a small jellyfish like you see washed up at low tide. – Jillian K.
  • The only time I noticed losing a mucus plug was with my third child. I noticed it when my water broke, contractions started about 3 hours later. – Gloria H.
  • I have five kids and I’ve never seen a mucus plug. – Liz W.
  • I lost my mucus plug roughly 12 hours before active labor started with both kids. – Stephanie J.
  • Mine fell out a week and a half before my daughters were born. It started prodromal labor though. – Meredith

How about you?

How did you lose your mucus plug during pregnancy? Did you even know you had a mucus plug?! Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I’m 38 weeks and 2 days and I just lost my mucus plug last night around 2:30 this is my 3rd child and I never lost my mucus plug with my first 2

  2. I lost nine at the beginning of labor or a day or two before, with all 4 of my pregnancies.

  3. I lost mine well into labor – between 4 & 7 cm. I was getting out of the labor-tub, looked down and there it was on my leg – seemed pretty big to me so I think mine came out all at once! If I remember, it was a grey color with streaks of red.

  4. I am 38wks6 and just lost a small piece of my mucus plug. Hoping it all comes out soon and that l&d is sooner not later! This is baby number 4 for me. Hoping for a quick and healthy delivery.

  5. Today I’m 38 weeks and 5 days, woke up this morning and noticed i lost my mucus plug, (first child) it was a lot so I’m sure it all came out at once. Was having back pain while standing, been having period like cramps lately, and today is my birthday so I’m hoping my lil baby girl comes early.

  6. First time mama from Michigan at 39 weeks 5 days- I think I may have just lost part of mine following intercourse. Looked like a large yellow clearish booger and my husband swears there was some old blood in there too. No braxton Hicks as of yet but we’ll see what happens. I see the OB tomorrow! Excited!

  7. I was 38 week and 1 day when I lost mine(early in the morning). It look like a slim-pretty gross-clearing yellow color. Just like in the pictures shown. I thought about taking a picture but I was so nervous/excited I was possibly in labor.
    I had lots of back pain the night before and didn’t think anything of it.
    The next day I had tons of Braxton hicks. The most strong and uncomfortable BH I have ever had. (2nd baby btw)
    That night contractions kicked in and they were getting close but still all over the place and not regular. Then 5am they completely stopped. Today I am 38 weeks and 4 days. Still pregnant, still feeling BH. I have walked, ate some pinnappkes, and drank warm tea.
    Just cramping and very uncomfortable. Hopefully in the next day or two we get a baby but honestly I think it will be another week before he decided to come.

  8. I have no idea what mine looks like because I had a scheduled induction due to an extremely high risk pregnancy. It ended up having to be an emergency C section… All I remember is the rush of fluid when they broke my water, I thought for sure I was going to drown everyone there! Contractions just felt like my worst menstrual cramps (which were pretty bad but familiar) had my son in 2007 and he amazes me every single day. <3

  9. I just lost mine I was standing in the kitchen and felt something wet and reached down and pulled it half way out and freaked out and sat on the toilet. My husband said it’s dangling can you grab it with a tissue. So I did. It was about 2.5 inches long. Very weird.

  10. I lost mine about 3 hours ago. Today I had my 39 week check-up, and the doctor opened my cervix from 1 cm to 2 cm. He told me I might have some bleeding after the check up, but I was using the bathroom fine and did not have any bleeding. Later on in the day (3 hours ago), I was doing #2 (sorry, TMI) and when I wiped I had the mucous plug. I knew what it looked like because I googled this exact article last week and saw the pictures. It was a long mucous with a red streak of blood- first time I have blood in my entire pregnancy. Let’s see!

  11. I am 37 weeks. At my last check up on Wednesday they checked my cervix and I was dilated at a 0. Since Wednesday I have been having huge clumps of my mucus plug come out with old brown blood non stop. Every 30 minutes I was having to clean myself and found very mucusy discharge with brown in it just like the mucus plug is described as. I never had cramps with my periods before so I don’t know what to look for with contractions. However all day I have had tremendous lower back pain. And just about 30 min ago I’m pretty positive I lost my entire mucus plug. It was one HUGE layer, over an inch long and wide. So mucusy it was stuck to my panties, with brown and some bright red blood. Should I be packing my hospital bag and calling my doctor? I have had no other signs of contractions from what I know of. Thank you! First pregnancy if you didn’t already guess

  12. I’m 40 weeks plus 4 day and a first time mama. Had my first vaginal exam yesterday and intercourse last night, then had cramping all night. At 6 am this morning I lost the mucus plug. Having some mild cramping and contractions so we’ll see what the rest of the day brings! Updated my doula and hubby. Hope this means labor is hours away, Can’t wait to meet my baby!

  13. I lost big pieces of mine at a time. One long thick strand covered a whole toilet paper wad at 36 weeks. I thought this was it. Then more came as much to cover a finger at week 38. Now at week 39 the biggest yet came out in the shape of a ring covering the inside palm of my hand. All were clear, thick, mucousy, globs.

  14. This is my forth pregnancy.
    My first and second pregnancies, I lost my plug early on (2nd trimester) and both times it looked like someone dropped a booger in the toilet (or that it had gone through a shredder). My third pregnancy I didn’t notice ever losing my plug. Today I’m 38 almost 39 weeks and have spotted yet again a yellow booger (sorry if it’s TMI).
    Looking forward to this being over not looking forward to the wait.

    • With your 1st and second pregnancy you said you lost your mucus plug. How long after posting them did you go into labor?? I’m 33 weeks and think I lost a tiny peice of mine it was goopie and stringy

  15. I had a nasty backache around 29 weeks gestation, and my mother said I was carrying the baby too low and that it had dropped. Within a day or two, I saw the bloody mucous and called the nurse line to ask if it was my mucous plug and should I be worried. While on the phone I began cramp. She told me to get to the ER. Once there, my OB/GYN found me fully effaced! I was kept in the hospital and gave birth at 32 weeks 5 days. Today my son is happy, healthy, with no problems that are associated with prematurity.

  16. I just lost mine this morning..awaiting results. 🙂

  17. With my first pregnancy I lost my mucus plug around 1 am (tinged with blood) & had my daughter at 3:16 pm later that day. Today at around 1 pm I lost some of my mucus plug (snot looking) and around 7 pm passed more that was brownish. still no contractions but hoping its soon! I am 39 weeks due in 6 days!

  18. Lost my mucus plug January 7th at 38 weeks 4days no pains still losing mucus till this day January 10th 39 weeks today. Guess he’ll come down when he’s ready ??.. 3rd pregnancy first time experiencing losing plug first two pregnancy had to be induced ?

  19. I lost my mucus plug 12 hours before giving birth to my son.

  20. 39 weeks pregnant + 2 days pregnant today. Was at the Perot museum feeling crampy and having a hard time sitting comfortably…lost plug at 4:45 and have been having cramps, and mild contractions since 7PM. They are ten minutes apart. Want to labor at home as long as possible, so not calling the doc yet 🙂 No warning signs so I feel safe waiting.

  21. Was 10 days past due with first and only baby. Got up at 7 am to urinate and my mucus plug fell out. I waited all day having contractions on and off, nothing consistent. Finally by 8 pm that same night they got regular at 5 minutes apart. Left for hospital and delivered a 9 lb 13 oz baby boy at 2:28 am with no drugs.

  22. My mucus plug was brownish red. I saw it at 4:30 pm, my water broke at 7:45 pm and our baby girl was born 4:51 am. This was my first pregnancy.

  23. I lost my mucus plug in my first pregnancy about 12 hours before I delivered my son at 37 weeks. This is my second pregnancy and I’m 38 weeks and a day and I just lost the plug about 3 hours ago. I’m experiencing mild cramping pain so far. Hope labour is soon

    • HOWD IT GO?!

  24. Am 40wks and 4days and I can’t wait for my baby to come, I just saw the mucous plug today by 11am, contractions haven’t been consistent today, i hope my labor will start soon

    • Good luck!

    • My mucus plug now came out how long will it take for me to go into labor?

  25. After went through the article, it relieved me from anxiety. I lost my mucus plug last night after my OB doctor did the vaginal exam at 36weeks +3. And my doctor seemed to know it would come, since she told me yesterday if little blood would come, and that would be normal. Hope it will regenerate since I don’t want a premature labor.

  26. Im exactly in the same boat right now. I’ll be 40 weeks tomorrow. Started to loose my mucus plug since last week Saturday! I started having contractions (5-8min apart) since this week Thursday… its Sunday now and still nothing. My doctor said I should wait until I have 3 strong contractions in 10 min. The contractions are slow today. They are about 15 to almost half an hour apart. Don’t know if baby is getting lazy to come out but they are also not that strong anymore. Just some of them. I really need to start walking but I am so tired and my feet are swollen and so sore! Lets hope for the best that baby comes soon!

    • Thought I was the only 1. I’m currently 40 weeks and 4 days and still nothing. Last night me and my husband rushed to the hospital because we thought our son was conning. I was having 5-6 minuets apart contraction and when the hospital checked me , my cervix was still high and closed smh. Today still having the worst contraction but now there about 25 mins apart. I just started to loose my mucus plug about an Hr ago, so I hope this mean he’s coming in a few hours. I just dont want to be induced.

      • I’m 37weeks and 2 days today lastnight I went to the Labor and delivery because I was having contraction 10-15 minutes apart I’m also 4cm and 60% thinned I lost my mucus plug this morning around 8:30 I’ve had a few contractions but nothing major and my water hasn’t broken….I’m supposed to be induced on Halloween but I don’t think I’ll make it that far

    • Was there bleeding too,after removal of ur mucus plug? I had vaginal exam by doctor 3 days ago ,since then m loosing mucus n blood.. i dnt knw if i shud wait or nt.. pains r coming and goin. Baby activity is also there.. if i ll go to doctor she ll defintly induce labour,wich i dnt want untill its really neccesary. Plz help. TIA 🙂

      • If you’re having vaginal bleeding, please contact your provider.

  27. I’m 24 weeks and I think I’ve been losing pieces of it over the past few days, it looked like everything described and seen here, especially a larger piece that had dark brown streaked through. I haven’t read about a lot of people losing theirs this early. I’m still waiting for my paperwork with my husbands insurance to be finalized so I can see a doctor here since we moved 2 months ago, it’s been the longest process due to missing paperwork. I don’t know if I should be worried or just go with the flow since there’s no pain or blood. Everything seems fine.

    • Have you confirmed that that’s what it was?

    • Same thing happened to me around that time and mine regenerated within that week

    • So what happened?! I’m 21 weeks today and I’m pretty sure I lost mine this morning. I’m already high risk since my last baby was born at 29 weeks due to preeclampsia.

  28. I’m 34+and I lost my mucus plug today this is my second baby so really excited as I was due to be induced next week anyway been having crackpots pains and contractions all day

    • Cramps even

  29. I lost mine right at the end just before I started pushing. Daughter was born about 45 minutes later

  30. With my first pregnancy I lost my mucus plug over the course of 5 days and then my water broke at exactly 38 wedks. This is my 2nd pregnancy, I’m 38 weeks pregnant now and I’ve noticed Alot of mucus the past 2 days. I’m hopong this means labor is right around the corner.

  31. Lost plug just now 🙂 40 weeks + 1 day, second baby, fingers crossed she will get born today! Xx

  32. I have 6 kids but all there labor was alil diffrent 4 and last all water broke. And 2 and 6 with the plug came out the 1st on was over due. And my second son was bleeding had him at 8mos pregnant so it was all hit and miss.

  33. I lost my mucus plug around 37 weeks and i think i just lost more..but im going to be 40 weeks tomorrow….is it possible to regenerate this late in pregnancy? or did i just not lose it all…this is my first child…

    • It’s possible for the mucus to regenerate and/or for you to have only lost part of it, or that you lost all of it and labor just hasn’t started yet! Unfortunately the loss of all or part of the mucus plug is not a good indicator of when labor will begin. The lead up to birth can be tricky.

  34. I lost my mucus plug at 33weeks and still no contractions or signs of labor. This is my 3rd baby but I have 13yrs in between since my second baby so it’s all new to me again. I don’t really know what to expect.

    • It can grow back again so it doesn’t necessarily mean birth is around the corner. Be sure to share with doctor or midwife.

  35. Im 34 weeks 2 days lost my mucus plug saturday morning since the day i lost my mucus plug i have been bleeding dark blood is this normal? For how long will this keep happening?

    • You should go to ER asap, bleeding dark blood is not normal

  36. I’m 29 weeks pregnant with my forth baby and never see it with the other three l, but had my two younger two early.One at 30 weeks and the other at 34 weeks pregnant, haven’t been getting bad pains but have been having braxston hicks for about 4 weeks now ,hope little one stays in there abit longer than the other prem babies

    • Did you end up going into labor?

  37. I’ll be 31 weeks in two days and I just lost my mucus plug and it looked like a condom hanging out of me and was thick enough for me to pull the rest of it completely out without it tearing apart.

    • So I am 32 weeks pregnant. On the 29th of August I went to the bathroom and what looked like a glue stick (used for hot gun glue) fell out. I wasn’t sure what it was and felt fine afterwards so I coutiuned my work shift. The next day I went to work but everyone was concerned and said I should at least call the doctor and let them know. So I did and was told to go to triage right away. They confirmed that it was my muscus plug but I have never seen on look like that before. The last three days I have been feeling sick to my stomach with no appetite. Shaky, hot, fatigued, etc. Also, been feeling what seems to be period cramps but still nothing.

  38. I lost my mucus plug at 36 weeks with my daughter and have her at 38 weeks. im now 30 weeks into my second pregnancy and I just lost my mucus plug, I read that usually u go into labor fast after u lose ur mucus plug if it’s not your first pregnancy I hope that isn’t true it’s too early for him to come

  39. I’m only 31 weeks pregnant today, 3rd baby. With my first I don’t remember seeing any kind of mucus throughout the whole pregnancy and labour. With my 2nd baby it was coming out in bits about 3 or 4 weeks before labour , when I got to the hospital with her because of contractions I was dilating (6cm) but waters wasn’t breaking so the midwife gave me the sweep , I went to the bathroom and the rest of it fell out at once. But today, this morning I went to the bathroom feeling quite period pain like, and quite a large amount of mucus came out , not the whole lot but enough to make me wonder if I’m going to make it full term, expecially with cramping too.

  40. I have 3 daughters and I only remember seeing my mucus plug with my 2nd child. It was like a thick discharge that was the size of the palm of my hand. I went to the hospital soon after that and found out I was 3cm. I delivered my baby later that night.

  41. Well I am 39 weeks as of today, and I lost my mucus plug this morning…. I have a lil cramping going on now but no contractions, Tuesday I was 3cm dilated and 75% effaced so I don’t think it will be long before my labor starts, anywho I’ll come back later with an update as to when I really do start labor…. Anxious

  42. I’m about to be 38 weeks this Sunday still havent lost my mucus plug. This article is very helpful! My doctor brought up loosing my mucus plug that it a normal thing & what not but never gave me much information about it especially about how it looks like. This is my first pregnancy so I was really confused about what I’m looking for. I keep checking sometimes I get a little confused trying to figure out if it’s discharge or my water broke or if it’s my mucus plug. My due date is July 2nd so baby is close to coming so getting more nervous & excited. But, do you have to loose your mucus in order to go into labor or can you go into labor & still not loose your mucus plug?

    • No, it can happen at any time before baby is born, even during labor.

  43. So this is my 2nd pregnancy I’m about 22-23wks. I think I just lost some of my plug if not all of it. I don’t have any symptoms of premature labor, currently. Should I be concerned? I am a high risk pregnancy, but mostly for stress related things. This is new to me. My first pregnancy nothing happened and everything was forced and induced. This time around it seems like I have experienced the full effect… everything from servere all day everyday morning sickness, round ligament stretching pain, backpain, acid reflux, tons of food adversion, some of everything and now this. I just hope the mucus regenerates and she continues to develop properly. I don’t want to go to the Dr unless I need too.

    • Did your little girl make it? I’m 22 weeks about to be 23 tomorrow and I got Saturday a UTI and didn’t get to start taking pills for it till the day after Monday I’m still taking them but I’ve been seeing pieces of my plug for 3 or 4 days now very small but I’m having to go to the bath room every minute or so I was about to give birth to my little girl the day after Monday cause of my UTI my bladder was very full and I was having lots of close contractions because of the UTI and she was wanting to go down I’m really worried she is going to be my first baby and me and my husband have a name for her I don’t want to lose my little angel :'(

  44. Today is june 10, 2017. I lost a big substance of my mucus plug. It was yellowish.thick n long. But over the last 2 weeks little pieces been coming out. Now today i think its the real deal a little scared if contractions start n my water brake but so far nothing?. Im due june 15th.

  45. With my first child I lost my mucus plug a day before going into labor. It was the typical bloody, boogerie looking plug shown in pictures and it came out a couple times when I was going to the bathroom. Just this morning, now onto child number two, an off-whitish glob came out, so we’ll see how long until this labor and delivery goes down!

  46. I’m 38+6 weeks. I lost my mucus plug 2 nights ago at midnight and then again last night. The first one was 100%clear about 4 cms and the second one was slightly pink… I’m waiting to see what happens next!!

  47. I’ve been releasing bits of my plug since two days ago and just released a lot of it at 2am today. It looks clear to white and there’s no blood. I’m 40 weeks and 1 day. Irregular small contractions started two days ago as well, but not feeling too many of them anymore, so no active labor yet. Just waiting to see what happens now.

    • I’m in the same boat. I’m exactly 40 weeks, today is my due date, first baby. I’ve been losing small amounts of mucus plug in the last 4-5 days and have had small contractions for about 2 weeks now. They do feel a little stronger more recently but not close together. No blood no spotting but some cramps that come and go that feel like I’m on my period. Wondering when this little one is coming hoping it’ll be soon, can’t wait to meet him!

  48. For my first three children, my mucus plug came out and I went into labor shortly after. But my 4th and with this pregnancy my mucus plug came out at around 36, 37 weeks. With current pregnancy, the plug is coming out slowly and weeks apart. Weird!!!

    • Hey this is my 4th kids and my mucus plug broke and it was like. Yellow wat do that main

  49. My mucus plug came out at 38 weeks. It wasn’t watery or bloody. It just looked like a glob. I’m still waiting to see what happens next.

  50. I have had 2 babies and I lost the plus at 31 weeks with both of them. Fortunately, I was able to keep both of them inside until into the 39th week. But from when I lost the plug, I had painful contractions day and night ranging from 4 an hour to 4 every minute. It was exhausting both times.

  51. Does anyone have any experience with this in regards to missed miscarriages? I’ve been playing the waiting game now for about 4 weeks, waiting to naturally expel (not really interested in medication or surgical assistance). Passing what I think is this mucus plug, could this be an indication that my body is finally aware that the pregnancy has gone amiss- and will begin doing what it needs to do to expel? I know this probably isn’t the place to ask, but figured I’d give it a shot to see if anyone could give their 2 cents.

    • I am very concerned for you. I know you don’t want assistance but this could be dangerous for you. How do you know you have misscarried?

    • I lost mine couple hours before passing the empty sack so don’t worry it kinda happens altogether.

  52. With my first I lost my mucus plug at 36 weeks I was worried to see blood etc and went to the hospital. My water broke when I arrived and I had her 4 hours later.
    Second pregnancy have lost mucus plug at 38 weeks today so just waiting to see what happens next! Exciting!

  53. I lost my mucus plug last Sunday, still seeing it till now, no active labour, but having contraction that comes and go, and am already in my 40weeks today, please what should I do.

  54. Wow, I am really glad I found this site. Sad to say I am 32 wks with my second child, I know what a mucus plug is (I lost mine about 24 hrs before my son was born) but I’m still looking it up to make sure this nasty clear substance isn’t the mucus plug lol, every pregnancy is different, but I was in labor a whole day before I even knew. When I finally did go to the hospital I realized I was about an hour away from a home delivery, as I was 8.2 cm dilated (and never knew I was having contractions, I thought it was Braxton Hicks, plus I was only 36 wks & thought no way my child will come early). So I’m super paranoid this time plus for anyone that doesn’t know what to look for, the pics (no matter how icky) REALLY HELPED!! I’ve read all the books, I’ve did all my research, my mom’s been a midwife for the past 10 years, but sometimes you need a few pics lol GREAT, GREAT ARTICLE!! Thanks for the info guys!!

  55. I want to add, in addition to my mucus plug comment, this article was great. One of the most informative on music plugs that I have seen yet! Thank you so much!

  56. With my first, I lost my mucus plug and three days later my water broke at home and he was born 4 hours after that at 38 weeks.

    With my second, I was having mild contractions at 37 weeks and then pieces of my mucus plug came out around 7pm at night. Contractions picked up and I went to L&D and my water broke at 1:30am and he was born at 2:15am. So about 7 hours after plug started coming out.

    With the twins, I had Pre-e and water broke at 34 weeks and they were born 5 hours later. I never saw a plug.

    With this baby (final one!) I started to have a pieces come out, and then tonight I lost the whole thing. I am 40 + 2 weeks pregnant. I guess time will tell!

  57. So helpful! Grateful to the team

  58. I lost my mucus plug excatly at 38 weeks and I have no sign at all of labor and this we’ll be my second pregnancy. Never new anything about a mucus plug with my first pregnancy until now .

  59. Thankful for all the helpful natural posts and comments! First baby 37 weeks 3 days pregnant! Are my husband and I still safe to have intercourse at this point? So far good and safe pregnancy no complications, no mucus plug yet that I know of although my discharge has increased lately.. ?

    • intercourse is usually fine if the mucus plug hasn’t come out. However, check with your doctor or midwife for your specific needs.

    • Great question…Me and my husband have had intercorse I was 35 weeks and dilated 3cm..I found out at 35 weeks…I am now 37 weeks and still 3cm…however today I lost my mucus plug so I think we will hold off…

  60. I’m 37 wks. Its been a strange 1st pregnancy.
    My cervix has shrunk to .6
    Not enough fluid.
    Been dilated 3 for weeks.
    Been losing my plug for mths.
    Stomach never measured correctly
    Dr’s aren’t too concerned.
    Hope all is well…..
    Pls say a prayer for me…..

  61. Currently I am 39 weeks pregnant with my fourth little one and still waiting for anything to happen. However, with my last pregnancy my mucus plug came out during a trip to the ladies room. In my experience, 3 hours later I was having my son on my bedroom floor. I’m hoping for a less dramatic and intense labor this time. Lol. So we shall see in due time.

    • Baby yet ?

  62. I am 35 weeks & 5 days pregnant with my 2nd child. I was induced with my first and never saw a plug of any sort. With this one I’ve noticed a mucousy discharge happening sporatically for weeks now, however, I just saw my doctor 3 days ago when she told me that I am 1cm dialated and about 50% thinned out (which I was also with my first around this time but he wasnt born until 4 days prior to my actual due date). Anyways, just went to bathroom a little over an hour ago and am pretty sure i lost my plug -totally reminded me of a snot like substance for sure. Ick. No pain & my water is still intact-just a little nervous (also happen to be diabetic with this one where as I wasnt with #1). Guess it’s the waiting game for this lady. ? I’ll try to remember to keep ya’ll posted & let ya know when my lil man arrives!!

  63. Hi! M 30weeks pregnant now n i jst went 2 the toilet,when wiping i saw a mucus plug bt it ws clear so i dnt knw wht might be the problem.plz help

    • Wow, I am really glad I found this site. Sad to say I am 32 wks with my second child, I know what a mucus plug is (I lost mine about 24 hrs before my son was born) but I’m still looking it up to make sure this nasty clear substance isn’t the mucus plug lol, every pregnancy is different, but I was in labor a whole day before I even knew. When I finally did go to the hospital I realized I was about an hour away from a home delivery, as I was 8.2 cm dilated (and never knew I was having contractions, I thought it was Braxton Hicks, plus I was only 36 wks & thought no way my child will come early). So I’m super paranoid this time plus for anyone that doesn’t know what to look for, the pics (no matter how icky) REALLY HELPED!! I’ve read all the books, I’ve did all my research, my mom’s been a midwife for the past 10 years, but sometimes you need a few pics lol GREAT, GREAT ARTICLE!! Thanks for the info guys!!

  64. Please help, I need some advice.
    I’m 40 weeks today, and have had period like pain for the last 2 days and lost my mucus plug yesterday. Since then I have brownish discharge.

    I’m in so much period like pain. But it’s not contractions.

    Called the hospital a few times and they keep telling me to take panadol and rest.

  65. I’m currently preggo with number 4 with my last I lost my mucus plug and went into labor that night this time Ive lost it and have zero signs of labor starting so we will see

  66. It has been a true blessing to stumble across your blog and then to receive subsequent week by week updates from you Mama Natural ?.
    I adore your birth affirmations and have been listening to them regularly. I didn’t have the luxury of this wealth of knowledge or encouragement with my first child and am truly grateful for this inspiring resource. Not long to go now! So here’s to a true mama natural experience! GB x

    • Awesome and thank you for the feedback Nadine. Best wishes to you, and look forward to hearing your birth story about how you rocked your delivery!

      • Very helpful information..Thank you so much

  67. I lost mine while on the toilet. At first, I thought it was just the plug, but then liquid kept coming out. My water broke right after losing my plug! I went to the hospital a few hours later. 34 hours of labor though!

    • I was 38 weeks when I went into labor

      • When you had went to your previous appointment at 37 weeks did they say if you were effaced or even dilated because.. I’m now 37 weeks and 4 days and I went to my appointment yesterday and they told me I wasn’t dilated or effaced at all… and Im more then sure I’ve been losing my mucas plug for like a week or two.

  68. This is one of those things that I’ve always wondered but never bothered to look up. A very informative post! Thanks.

  69. When I was in labor with my son, early labor contractions only caused some back pain when I was lying down. Once I stood up, I felt fine, so I didn’t think I was in actual labor. I was taking a shower around 7:45am and, as I was washing my lady parts, I felt something emerging from my vagina. I went to pull it out & it stretched all the way up over my head, and as I looked up at the long, stretchy, silly sludge strand of mucus, I exclaimed, “Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.” And that’s how I knew I was in labor! I went into transition shortly thereafter, which was intense, but not painful. We spent 45 minutes stuck in a cab getting to the birthing center. When I arrived, I was 8.5cm dilated. I stripped naked, hopped in the birthing tub and started pushing at 10:20am. My son was born at 10:39am.

    The actual labor and birth of my son was painless and beautiful. At times, it was intense and difficult; pushing was very hard.

    Afterward, I had some bleeding from a small hole in my vaginal wall, and it took them 3 hours to find and stitch the source, during which time I was give dozens of unnecessary stitches in my vaginal wall. My perineum was intact. I had declined the local due to – oh the irony – fear of needles because initially they thought I only needed a couple stitches & used topical anesthetic. The stitches were torture, something that I desperately wish to avoid this time around. I wish I could have a home birth, but I can’t afford the midwife. 🙁

  70. This is my second baby. I have been having contractions since my 36th week. Yet the plug is slowly coming out. I have had a bit of bleeding with this one. Could that be a sign she will come earlier than planned? Due date is February 12th.

  71. I am 38 weeks pregnant and I saw mine last night, today I just so happen to have a doctors appointment and was told I was 1cm dilated. This is my first pregnancy and a bit nervous about going into labor before my moms arrival to help out. Can someone share some words of wisdom?

    • Dont stress momma!! I think being nervous is totally normal. I’m a little nervous at 37 weeks with my 3rd and you’d think I’d be more relaxed about everything.
      I am dilated 1 cm already and am just at 37 weeks. Doesn’t necessarily mean baby is coming soon, just our bodies getting ready.
      And try not to stress about your mom coming to help. Her help will be awesome wether she makes it for the birth or even a few weeks after. You are capable of handling anything that comes your way. you ARE strong enough and you will be a great first time mama!
      Have faith in yourself and know you can do anything!!

  72. Im 39 weeks +2 days and I just lost my mucus plug today. Contractions and back pain started right after but still bearable. Water hasn’t broken as yet. What’s next? First time pregnancy.

  73. I’m 33+3 and I think I’m losing my mucus plug, this pregnancy has been rough towards the end with aches and pains I didn’t have with my first. Last night I was also up and down with symptoms I can only relate to the flu. Could that maybe have something to do with some of my plug coming out? Also, didn’t have any on the toilet paper I used but when I looked in the toilet there was basically a clump of it, no blood or anything just the mucus. I have an appointment on Tuesday with my OB, should I wait till then to tell him and see what happens/what he says? Or should I call him and give him a heads up/see if he wants to see me sooner?

  74. Hi I am 40 weeks pregnant I lost my mucus plug 3 days till now I am having pink watery discharge with small dot of blood but no sign of contraction and no pain for labor what I will do?

  75. With my fourth child and three weeks past my due date my MD removed my mucus plug so labor would start. I delivered my son 10 hours later.

  76. Just lost my mucus plug, ? in wipes on tissue after a wee. 0630 on my due date 40 weeks! Whoop. Wee pain in my tummy.

  77. Just lost my mucus plug. This is my second child I didn’t notice it with the 1st. I’m currently 38 weeks and now I guess I’m just waiting to see what happens next!

  78. I’m pretty sure I lost my mucus plug this morning. I’m currently 38 weeks and 1 day. But I haven’t had as much fetal movement as I usually do and my stomach is super hard and tender in some places. Any advice?

  79. Am 40 weeks today, and I lost some mucus plug bloody brown thick mucus, am still waiting if that could be labor.

  80. I am 37 weeks and i just lost my mucas plug at 2:00 pm today my due date is november 18th. This is my 4th child so i know ill be having our daughter probably witjin the next 24 to 48 hours i am having contractions but they are not strong right now and baby is moving like crazy making me feel like shes going to break my water. At first i didnt know for sure if i lost my mucas plug till i wiped for the second time and seen the rest of it with some blood tinge in it. I never lost my mucas plug with my first child and my second child i lost it at 10 am and was in the hospital at 7pm that same night when my water broke. My third child i lost in pieces so it was hard to tell. So i know its only a few days away if not less when my princess will show her pretty face.

  81. Hi, I lost my mucus plug this morning. I’m 35 weeks pregnant and a little bit worried not sure what to expect. Can anyone help?

    • I am 35 weeks with my 4th and lost mine in yesterday am as well. My Ob office didn’t seem concerned. My c-section is scheduled for 11/30. I have never experienced this but my last 2 my water broke and I went into labor days before my scheduled c-section. Wondering what to expect at this point myself.

  82. I will be exactly 39 weeks tomorrow and I just noticed that I lost my mucus plug it came out as I had to wipe six times to clean it was clear one of them had a blood streaks through it and the rest looks brownish but I only noticed because I had to go to the bathroom and when I wiped items just coming out

  83. I lost mine at work in the afternoon at 35 weeks. Baby was born at 9:15 the next morning. Important note about colour: brown in the mucous could be older blood, but could also be meconium, so get checked out if you are worried!

  84. I lost my mucous plug during active labor. I made it to hospital an hour after losing it, and the nurses told me i was already dilated to 10cm!! It took 8 minutes to push her out, in between a couple contractions of course. Btw it was all natural, there was no time for epidural or anything!!
    This was my 6th pregnancy, 4th vaginal birth. I had 2 csections before this one.

  85. I am currently trying to conceive (I have 3 boys- and have had 3 miscarriages), and my period has been messed up since 2010 (after my second miscarriage). So I would not be able to tell you when my last period was- sometimes it comes every two weeks, sometimes it skips a month, sometimes it lasts 2-3 weeks when it starts- it is all messed up.
    This morning I had gone to the bathroom and when I wiped I passed a VERY thick mucus clot that had just a small tinge of red blood at the end. It looked JUST like the picture to the left in this article. Now I am cramping. The day before yesterday (Monday) I had some brown blood spotting. It lasted the day.
    This is not the eggwhite mucus stuff- this was a thick thick thick rubbery mucus clot. Like I said, it looked EXACTLY like the picture to the left.
    I took a test a test Saturday (Today is Wed) and it was negative.
    What am I experiencing here? Never have passed something that large and thick. Should I see my doctor? Should I take another pregnancy test?
    Thank you,

    • I get that right around time for ovulation when I am tracking. I always notice a mucus plug type deal before I ovulate, I attribute it to the cervix being open and soft during ovulation to let the swimmers in. I know this is about a month late but if you see this start watching for signs of ovulation to come soon or test with an ovulation predictor kit to see if this is the same for you. It doesn’t mean that I am ovulating but that ovulation will occur in the near future. Good luck mama! 🙂

  86. Ahh! I am so excited.
    I am 40+1 today, Wednesday, desperately wishing my little boy would come out.

    Last Monday (about 9 days ago), I noticed that there was mucus on the toilet paper when I went to the bathroom. A small amount, and it only happened twice out of the 15 times I went pee. It was 100% clear and really gelatinous, about the size of the tip of my thumb.
    I proceeded to expell that much or less every day.

    On Friday night (5 days ago), my son dropped. I’ve lost very miniscule amounts of mucus since then and didn’t really know what to expect.

    Buuuuuut… I got up this morning at 5:15 to go pee, and I had lost my full plug!! It was an amber/yellow color with pink mixed in, and definitely the size and consistency described here.

    I had my membranes stripped at my OB’s office yesterday morning (my due date) and she said she was confident that my son would come before the week was over. But if not, we have an induction date set for Monday morning (I will be 40+6).

    Anyway, after reading this, I am so pumped about losing my plug. Labor may be a ton closer than I thought, and I can’t wait to have my baby!!! It’s 6:00am now and I haven’t been able to go back to sleep. Who knows if I will. Lol.

    I’ll try to remember to come back here and share how long it took for labor and delivery to happen. 🙂

    Good luck to you other mommas!! <3

    • Oops, induction is Monday night at 10:00pm, not morning. Lol

    • Wow – we are almost exactly mirroring each other! I’m at 40w2d, and:
      – saw some mucusy discharge starting last Friday (7 days ago) and a little bit most days since then (thought it was mucus plug, but likely not)
      – had membrane sweep two days ago on my due date of 8/10
      – lost mucus plus last night (day after ob appointment) and this morning, in two big blobs

      Maybe we’ll have babies that share a birthday! Good luck!

    • Honestly, your article has been the most helpful on what is going on in the last few weeks of pregnancy. Monday (38 weeks 3 days) I had an internal with a membrane sweep with the “bloody show” and the next few days brown spotting, light but none the less brown discharge. I just lost my mucus plug this morning. I’ll be 39 weeks tomorrow and honestly have no clue what’s going on with my body haha. But your article helped me kind of figure things out- thank you!!!

      • Sorry I thought I was replying to the whole article not a specific comment.. Ugh, technology!

  87. Hi, I’m currently 40+4 weeks today, I’ve had 3 sweeps & lost my plug 3 times all in 24 hours, all clear with no blood so wouldn’t worry if it keeps coming or if you’ve had one & there’s no sign of labour, they’ve booked me in to be induce when I’m the full 42 weeks it’s horrible waiting ? But hopefully he will be here before then, but not coining on it they will come when there ready. ?

    Good luck everyone x

    • Good luck to YOU Alisha! ? Best wishes for an awesome birth!

    • What day is your induction? I was due August 9, they’re inducing me August 15 if my son doesn’t make an appearance before then.

  88. My ob rupture my mucus plug with my first child and i had a c-section with my second. I am 36wks now and Im wondering if i will even lose my plug at all or can my water break without me losing it

  89. im 29weeks 3 days and just lost my plug. this is my 3rd child and even though i did not see the loss of my plug with my other 2 labor was quick for me once it started. im now nervous i am going into early labor and my anxiety is through the roof. any one else ever experience this?

    • I know a fair amount of women who have lost their plugs early on, multiple times, and everything was fine. The reason being that our bodies can/will regenerate the plug–like the article states 🙂
      Losing it doesn’t mean that you are dilating and effacing, so it isn’t a true indicator of labor. However, it is still possible, it just isn’t extremely likely.

      Sounds like you’d be about 29-30 weeks along now. I hope all is well!

    • I lost my plug early with my first 2 pregnancies at 28/29 weeks. They regenerated and I gave birth at 36 and 37 weeks to each. With the first, I had a marble size glob roll down my leg and I rushed to the hospital to find out all was well. With the second, I found a long gooey rope of my plug hanging between my legs while showering. Since I had no other symptoms, I didn’t worry. Both incidents happened the day after intercourse. It definitely does regenerate!

  90. I remember all too well with my first baby. About two weeks before delivery I was losing globs of it. Tmi maybe but there was one night I got out of the shower and there was a string of it all the way down to my knees and when I tried to wipe it off it was stuck and I literally had to yank it out and felt it clear all the way up to my cervix. It felt so gross. With my second and third babies I lost bits and pieces all third trimester. I’m 30 weeks with #4 and started to find little globs daily already. It really doesn’t seem to be a sign of impending labor for me.

  91. I am pregnant with my 5th child and I have NEVER seen my mucus plug pass until now. I am 38 weeks 3 days. I am already dilated to 3 and after the doctor checked me today I passed part of it and the rest a few minutes ago. I will update and let ya know if labor started! However at this stage in the game I think I’ll be going pretty soon! 🙂

    • You didn’t update!!

    • What happened?

  92. I’m 37 weeks pregnant with my second baby. I’ve had backache since Thursday night and I have lost my mucus plug this morning. Since losing the mucus plug I have tried to give it a kick start by going on a walk, vindeloo curry, sex and sitting on birthing ball etc. With my first baby I didn’t notice any plug and I was 10 days over due. The midwife had to break my waters for me. Will this baby come early? Just want him out now!

    • I hope he didn’t come shortly after this comment. 37 weeks is far too early for complete development. You are technically full term at 37 weeks, but the full 40 is best due to the number of things your little one is still improving inside of the womb for those last 3 weeks. A lot of infants born shorty after the 37 week mark still have breathing troubles.

      Regardless, I hope labor and delivery went well!!

      • This comment is fear mongering. You can’t stop labor just by wishing it to stop, so even if there is some merit to what you are saying, there is no need to stress the mama to be. Leave this sort of information up to the healthcare provider to relay as appropriate and only comment if you can be supportive and helpful. Plenty of 37 weekers are 100% fine and if that baby is coming out, your comments will only serve as a negative for that mother.

        • Agree! My first baby decided to come at 36w+3d and was totally healthy and had no trouble breathing independently. Labor started with without any assistance; my water broke naturally and unexpectedly. Incidentally, the mucus plug had come out a few days to a week before. I’m not saying it’s ideal, but for goodness sakes, if it’s time then it’s time. I’m 36w now with baby #2, and starting to lose my mucus plug again. Wouldn’t be surprised if this baby also came a little early, but I’m not going to panic if this is my body’s “normal.”

        • My 36 and 37 weekers were born totally fine. They didn’t have any breathing issues and came home with me. They were both spontaneous births. My midwife says this may just be how my body works.

  93. With my first, I lost it 2-3 weeks before labor so 36-37 weeks or so) Went into labor at 39 +6 days

    Second I lost it on Friday. At 32 weeks and 3 days.

  94. I’m on baby #5 and I have never seen any mucus plug. My water has also never broken before labor, it consistently breaks while I’m pushing during delivery. I’m really weird I guess because none of my kids have engaged in my pelvis before labor either

  95. While in early labor, I was in denial it was the real deal. I mean, where was the mucus plug!? As soon as I got into triage in the hospital, my water broke. When I changed into the grown is when I saw a big huge blob of a plug in my underwear. It waited to come out until my waterbroke and 30 minutes later my baby was born!

  96. With my first baby, it came out in the midwife’s hand during an internal exam. I didn’t go into labor for weeks, and even then it was pitocin induced. Never saw it with my second. He said as induced too early in my totally correct opinion. I’m having a home birth this time, so we’ll see.

  97. With my baby I lost my plug on Christmas evening and I went into labor the next morning at 5:30. My plug looked like an off white string of snot with some brown blood in it. I was only 33 weeks along and didn’t know what was happening because it was my first child so I didn’t go to the hospital for 3 hours.

  98. I lost my mucous plug when my water broke with both deliveries. I never got see what it looked like until now!

  99. Do you think that cervical examinations can affect the mucus plug?

    • It is possible, yes, which is why we recommend limiting vaginal exam whenever possible.

    • I lost mine during an exam. Came out in her hand.

    • Good question

  100. I just recently gave birth to my son on March 1st (my first) at 41+2 days. That Sunday, I walked 4 brisk laps around a track, did a few minutes of lunges and vaginally inserted 2 capsules of evening primrose capsules (as recommended by my midwife earlier that day). I started having my first contractions about 10 hours later and lost my mucus plug 5 hours after that. Was in active labor within hours and baby boy arrived! The mucus plug was exactly what you see above and in my case, a definite sign baby was almost here!

  101. Am 38 weeks gone today, lost my plug 3days ago, yet no dilation. Am so eager to meet my baby. I don’t know how much longer I’ll have to wait for active labor to start. Pls does anyone know what I can do about this? Or do I have to hang in there and wait?

  102. with my first son, they broke my water and all of that so i dont remember ever seeing a plug.

    with my daughter, i DEFINITELY had plug – about 11:30 pm the day before she was born – she was born around 8pm something.

    with the baby i just had, i had plug for days. it was such torture! 😛 it was more like piddling around instead of the clump i had with my daughter 😛

  103. With each baby I lost it about three days before I gave birth. My son was six weeks early so that definitely wasn’t fun knowing I was gonna go so early. My daughter was just shy of 37 weeks. It was the only instance of heavy discharge so I knew what it was.

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