Target Baby Registry: A Complete Checklist

No clue what to register for or how to do it? This guide explains how to set up a Target baby registry, plus includes a complete registry checklist.

Creating a Target baby registry is easy and convenient. This step-by-step guide walks you through the process, plus includes a complete registry checklist.

Thinking about creating a Target baby registry? This article contains everything you need to know, including:

Target Baby Registry Checklist


Clothing – Baby Registry pregnancy post by Mama Natural
  • 10 onesies (5 short-sleeve girl and 5 long-sleeve). These adorable five-packs are made of organic cotton and feature lapped necks for easy on and off, plus snaps for diaper changes.
  • 6 Pairs of socks. Two of these three-packs will cover all your needs. The tighter cuffs help them stay put on baby’s kicking feet.
  • 3 Sets of mittens. Made of organic cotton, these sweet baby mitts will keep her from scratching her face.
  • 4 Pairs of pants. Sold in a set of two, these organic cotton pants are perfect for layering over onesies on chilly days.
  • 2 Pairs footie pants. This organic sleeper snaps up the front for easy changing and keeps baby’s feet warm.
  • 5 Pairs of pajamas. This sleeper has a diagonal zip for diaper changes, but a snap flap at the top to protect baby’s soft chin.
  • 3 Swaddles. Don’t forget to add swaddles to your Target baby registry—they comfort baby by reminding her of the womb. The adjustable wings on this one can be wrapped tighter as needed, and the bottom leg pouch folds away for fuss-free diaper changes.
  • 1 Sleep sack. Halo’s sleeveless sleep sack zips up the front, but also has wings to give baby that snug, cozy feeling.


Feeding – Baby Registry pregnancy post by Mama Natural
  • 4 Breastfeeding silicone bottles or glass bottles. It’s extremely important to buy bottles intended for breastfeeding babies. The silicone bottles are BPA-free, are scratch and bacteria-resistant, and dishwasher safe. The other option is made of premium quality glass and has wide, breast-shaped nipples for a natural latch.
  • Medium silicon flow nipples or medium flow glass bottle nipples. You’ll need different nipples for an older baby. These are designed for babies six months and up, and fit the bottles listed above.
  • Bottle brush. The flexible neck on this stainless steel brush ensures that you can clean every crack and crevice of baby’s bottle. It stands upright and comes with a replacement brush head, too.
  • 2 Bibs. Silicone bibs are great—no laundry, just wipe them clean. The pouch on the front catches dropped food and the adjustable neck means that it’ll grow with baby.
  • 5 Burp cloths. It’s a good idea to add burp cloths to your Target baby registry—they’ll protect your clothes when burping baby.
  • Nursing pillow and slip cover. A nursing pillow is essential for supporting your back while you breastfeed. It raises baby to the right height so that you’re not hunched over. The washable slip cover keeps this invaluable item mess-free.
  • Highchair with detachable tray. This lovely wooden highchair has a heavy base to prevent tipping, plus features a BPA-free and dishwasher-safe tray.


Nursery – Baby Registry pregnancy post by Mama Natural

What you’ll need in the early weeks and months:

What you’ll need later:

  • Inexpensive, non-toxic crib. This beautiful wooden crib converts from a crib to a toddler bed to a daybed. It meets all safety standards and is made with sustainable wood.
  • Non-toxic mattress. Put a nontoxic mattress inside your new crib. This organic cotton option wipes clean with a damp cloth—perfect for late-night blowouts.
  • 2 Waterproof liners. You’ll still want waterproof liners, however, to protect the mattress. This one also offers allergy protection, and it zips around the mattress for a secure fit.
  • 2 Crib sheets. Burt’s Bees makes organic, jersey-knit crib sheets that are so soft you’ll wish they came in adult sizes.
  • White noise machine. Look for a white noise machine that can be battery-operated, too. This one has an adjustable tone and volume, so you can create the perfect sleeping environment for your child.
  • Adorable cool mist humidifier. A humidifier helps baby sleep better, and this elephant-shaped humidifier adds a touch of whimsy to baby’s room.
  • Low EMF baby monitor. Add this digital monitor to your Target baby registry. It has a wide range, so you’ll always hear baby’s cries, plus it can be completely hardwired to limit EMF exposure. Follow set-up instructions here.
  • Floor or standing fan. Proper air circulation helps reduce the risk of SIDs, plus keeps baby’s environment at a comfortable temperature.

Bathing & Grooming

Bathing and Grooming – Baby Registry pregnancy post by Mama Natural
  • Bath tub. Fisher Price’s 4-in-1 tub goes from a sling to a seat to accommodate a growing baby.
  • 3 Wash cloths. These super soft, organic washcloths will wipe baby’s skin clean without irritation.
  • Hooded organic 100% cotton towel. Hooded towels don’t just look adorable, they stay in place while you’re trying to rub baby dry.
  • Natural sponge. A natural Konjac sponge exfoliates and softens baby’s skin.
  • Natural hair/scalp brush. Brushing your baby’s hair and scalp helps prevent cradle cap.
  • Clippers/file. Watch what you’re doing through this clipper’s peek-a-boo hole to avoid nicking baby’s skin.
  • Baby soap for body & hair. Pure Castile soap gently cleanses body and hair. This bottle is fair-trade, vegan, and not tested on animals.
  • “Lotion” for baby skin and diaper rash. If you want to add diaper cream to your Target baby registry, opt for this all-natural, herbal salve to help soothe baby’s tushie.


Diapering – Baby Registry pregnancy post by Mama Natural
  • Changing pad. This organic cotton changing pad cradles your baby to keep them safe during changes.
  • 24 Cloth diapers. With two dozen cloth diapers on your Target baby registry, you’ll only have to do laundry every three days.
  • 1 Pack of disposable diapers. You may still want some disposable diapers for those first few weeks home from the hospital. These are absorbent and eco-friendly—the best a natural mama can find in disposables.
  • Wipes or reusable cloth diaper wipes. Sometimes baby wipes have a lot of harsh chemicals in them, chemicals which can lead to rashes. Water wipes are almost 100 percent water, with just a drop of fruit extract. Alternatively, you can buy reusable wipes that can be tossed into the laundry with those cloth diapers.
  • Diaper caddy. This wide caddy can fit a lot. It has eight outside pockets for storage and a removable separator on the inside to form two adjustable compartments.


Healthcare – Baby Registry pregnancy post by Mama Natural
  • Nasal aspirator. Babies can’t clear their sinuses on their own, so you’ll need a nasal aspirator to help. Put one end into their nose and suck on the other to use suction to pull out snot—it may sound gross, but you’ll be singing a different tune once you actually need this handy item.
  • Digital thermometer. No more squinting at tiny numbers in the dark. Add this digital thermometer to your Target baby registry. It has a large display that syncs with an app, and temps can be taken orally, underarm, or rectally.
  • First aid kit. It’s a good idea to keep a first aid kit on hand even if you don’t have a baby. But once they start crawling and walking, you’ll definitely need a good supply of Band-Aid’s and more.

Toys and Activities

Toys and Activities – Baby Registry pregnancy post by Mama Natural
  • Activity mat. What could be better than a play mat and ball pit? The sides on this mat fold up to make a ball pit for fun play. It also has pull toys to encourage motor development and plays 20 minutes of songs.
  • Newborn swing. Newborn swings are great for lulling baby to sleep. This one has six speeds and two slants to the seat. It also vibrates and plays songs or white noise.
  • Baby chair. Though it’s expensive, consider adding this seat to your Target baby registry. The seat’s slant helps relieve constipation by propping baby up at just the right angle.
  • Book set. This sturdy board book will hold up to teething and drool, while teaching baby their first words through bright, fun pictures.
  • Wooden toy. This toy combines different shapes and colors to encourage sensory stimulation and muscle development.


Baby Gear – Baby Registry pregnancy post by Mama Natural
  • Wrap. A classic wrap carrier allows is essential for multitasking moms. Bonus: It promotes bonding and soothes fussy babies.
  • Baby carrier. Better designed for longer walks or days at the state fair, this structured carrier allows baby to safely face out and watch the world go by.
  • Stroller. Want to start your baby’s love of the great outdoors early? Add a jogger system to your Target baby registry. This one has seven different options for running or jogging, a sun shield, and a mesh storage basket.
  • Car seat. A lightweight infant car seat with all the safety features saves your arms and back when toting baby but still keeps her safe. Graco’s Snugride is for rear-facing infants up to 30 pounds.
  • Diaper bag. When you’re on the go, you’ll want a diaper bag that fits all the essentials. This stylish quilted backpack comes with an insulated cooler for bottles, cell phone pockets, and a changing pad that wipes clean.

For mama

For Mama – Baby Registry pregnancy post by Mama Natural
  • Nursing bras (hands-free and regular). A regular nursing bra is key to quick feedings. For pumping mamas, a hands-free nursing bra is indispensable in order to multitask.
  • Breast pump. Before buying a breast pump or putting one on your Target baby registry, check with your insurance company. Many cover them for free.
  • Breast milk storage bags. Breast milk has to be carefully stored in medical grade bags. These have a place to write the date and amount before freezing, so you’ll never accidentally use old milk.
  • Nursing pads. Nursing pads can protect chafed nipples from rubbing against your bra, or soak up leaks.
  • Nipple cream. Trust me, your nipples will get sore while breastfeeding. This nipple cream is safe to use while breastfeeding.
  • Sitz bath spray. A sitz bath helps mama heal “down there” during the postpartum period. If you run short on time, this organic, cruelty-free spray is just as effective.
  • The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth. When you’re pregnant, you want to know everything. What’s happening in your body, how baby is developing, and what you can expect next. My guide—the only all-natural weekly guide to pregnancy and childbirth on the market—will provide all the answers you’re looking for.
  • The Mama Natural Birth Course. My natural birth course will give you all the tools you need to deliver your baby naturally.
  • Mama Natural Pregnancy Affirmation Cards. Daily affirmations can improve your mental health, raise your spirits, and put you in the right frame of mind to embrace your pregnancy.

Why Create a Target Baby Registry?


One major perk of creating a Target baby registry is that Target has both brick-and-mortar locations and an easy-to-use online platform. Do you prefer to see everything in person? Head to your local Target to set up your registry, then perfect it from home. Or, if you’d rather not venture out, you can build your Target baby registry from start to finish online.


Target provides many incentives to those who register with them, starting with a welcome gift. The welcome gift includes coupons and samples for both baby and parents. But there’s a slight catch—it has to be picked up in-store.

Target also sends a 15 percent off registry coupon roughly two weeks after creating a registry with them. It’s valid for one in-store transaction or online order.

Group gifting

When you create a Target baby registry, all items over $100 are automatically set up to allow group gifting. This makes it easy for friends and family to split bigger-ticket items, like strollers and cribs.

Free shipping

Your Target baby registry comes with free shipping on orders over $25.

Easy returns

Target allows you to return any items purchased off of your Target baby registry for up to one year after your due date.

Universal features

Like Amazon’s baby registry, Target allows you to add items from other retailers. This is a great way to include specialty items Target doesn’t carry—and it’s especially helpful for naturally-minded mamas, since Target’s selection of organic goods is much slimmer than some other retailers.

To take advantage of this feature, you do have to install a special browser add-on (compatible with Safari, Chrome, and Firefox). Once you’ve installed the browser extension, you can add items to your registry from other websites.

A completion discount

If you have the Target REDCard, Target offers a generous 20 percent completion discount—a discount on any items that remain on your Amazon baby registry eight weeks before the baby’s due date.

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How to Set Up a Target Baby Registry

To set up a Target baby registry online:

  1. Visit Target‘s website. On the right hand side of the screen, just under the red navigation bar, you’ll see an option titled “Registries & Lists.” Click that.
    Target Baby Registry A Complete Checklist post by Mama Natural 1_1
  2. This will take you to the main registry screen, where you can either search for a registry or create your own Target registry for a variety of occasions. Scroll to the middle of the page and click the button that says “Create a baby registry.”
    Target Baby Registry A Complete Checklist post by Mama Natural 2
  3. This will take you to the main Target baby registry page. You’ll see a button that says “create registry” in the middle of the screen. Click this.
    Target Baby Registry A Complete Checklist post by Mama Natural 3
  4. You will be prompted to log into your Target account or create a new account. Note: You must have a free Target account to create a Target baby registry.
    Target Baby Registry A Complete Checklist post by Mama Natural 4
  5. Once you’ve logged in or created an account, you’ll be redirected to a form. Fill out the form, which includes details like your baby’s due date and an address where Target will send presents. Click “Create my Baby Registry.”
    Target Baby Registry A Complete Checklist post by Mama Natural 6
  6. Begin adding items to your Target baby registry.

To set up a Target baby registry in-store

Target stores have special kiosks located by Guest Services dedicated to registry sign-up. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Follow the same steps as above to set up a baby registry at a Target store.
  2. Visit the guest services desk to request a handheld scanner.
  3. Scan away!

How to Add Items to Your Target Baby Registry

How to add items to a Target baby registry online:

  1. Visit Target‘s website. On the right hand side of the screen, just under the red navigation bar, you’ll see an option titled “Registries & Lists.” Click that.
    Target Baby Registry A Complete Checklist post by Mama Natural 1_1
  2. This will take you to the main registry screen. Scroll to the middle of the page and click the text that says “Create a registry or sign in to manage an existing registry or list.”
    Target Baby Registry A Complete Checklist post by Mama Natural 8
  3. This will take you to a sign in page. Enter your credentials.
    Target Baby Registry A Complete Checklist post by Mama Natural 7
  4. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be redirected to your personalized Target baby registry dashboard. In the top navigation bar, you’ll see a button that says “add items.” Click that.
    Target Baby Registry A Complete Checklist post by Mama Natural 9_1
  5. This will take you to a product page where you can browse Target’s curated selection of items or use the search bar to find a particular product.
    Target Baby Registry A Complete Checklist post by Mama Natural 10_1
  6. When you’re on an item’s page, look to the right. Underneath all the pricing details and color options (if applicable), you’ll see a button that says “add to registry.” Click this button.
    Target Baby Registry A Complete Checklist post by Mama Natural 11
  7. Once you click, you’ll see a small popup at the bottom of the screen confirming the addition. If you wish to confirm the addition, simply click the “back to my registry” on the righthand side of the page, underneath all the pricing details and color options (if applicable).
    Target Baby Registry A Complete Checklist post by Mama Natural 12

How to add items to a Target baby registry in-store

  1. Visit the guest services to get a handheld scanner.
  2. Browse the aisles, and use the handheld scanner to scan the barcode on any items you wish to add to your Target baby Registry. (Note: Even if you fill your Target baby registry in-store, it can be helpful to take a second look at it on your computer to verify everything worked and make any necessary adjustments.)

Other Popular Places to Register

There is one big downside to setting up an Target baby registry: Though Target has most baby items in stock, their selection is limited when it comes to organic and eco-friendly options. (Check out this post for baby gifts for the natural mama.)

If that’s a concern for you, shop around a bit more before choosing a place to create your baby registry. Of course, you can always create more than one baby registry, too.

Here, some additional options:

  • AmazonUse this online giant to register for everything you need right from the comfort of your own couch. Other perks include free shipping and one of the largest inventories out there.
  • Buy Buy Baby: Buy Buy Baby is popular, because it’s one of the biggest baby retailers in the country. The brand also has 135 brick-and-mortar locations across the U.S. for in-person service.
  • Walmart: This retailer is extremely convenient, because they have both online and in-store options, as well as low prices on extensive inventory.
  • Babies R Us: Despite its popularity, all Babies R Us stores closed in 2018. There is, however, some speculation that the company may reopen some stores—the brand was recently acquired by a company called Tru Kids.

You’re probably eager to start shopping for baby, but a little work ahead of time is worth it. After all, you want everything to be perfect for the day when baby finally makes her appearance!

Genevieve Howland

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Genevieve Howland is a doula and childbirth educator. She is the bestselling author of The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth and creator of the Mama Natural Birth Course. A mother of three, graduate of the University of Colorado, and YouTuber with over 135,000,000 views, she helps mothers and moms-to-be lead healthier and more natural lives.


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