Amazon Baby Registry: A Complete Checklist

No clue what to register for or how to do it? This guide explains how to set up an Amazon baby registry, plus includes a complete registry checklist.

Creating an Amazon baby registry is easy and convenient. This step-by-step guide walks you through the process, plus includes a complete registry checklist.

Thinking about creating an Amazon baby registry? This article contains everything you need to know, including:

Amazon Baby Registry Checklist


Clothing – Baby Registry pregnancy post by Mama Natural
  • 10 Onesies (5 short-sleeve and 5 long-sleeve). These inexpensive, organic five-packs feature lapped necklines for easy on and off, plus snap at the crotch for diaper changes.
  • 3 Hats, 3 sets of mittens & 6 pairs of socks. Choose affordable accessories, since these items are easily misplaced.
  • 4 Pairs of pants. Add at least four pairs of pants to your Amazon baby registry. They’re great for layering on top of onesies on chillier days.
  • 2 Pairs of footie pants. Footie pants are perfect if your baby kicks off their socks or tends to get cold feet.
  • 5 Pairs of pajamas. It’s always good to have an assortment of pajamas on hand—diaper leaks happen.
  • 3 Swaddles. Swaddling your baby, particularly newborns, helps them feel safe and secure. Learn how to swaddle a baby the right way.
  • 1 Sleep sack. Once your baby outgrows the swaddle, a sleep sack is a safe alternative to keep them warm and secure at night.


Feeding – Baby Registry pregnancy post by Mama Natural


Nursery – Baby Registry pregnancy post by Mama Natural

What you’ll need in the early week and months:

  • Bassinet that vibrates/swings and uses batteries. If you want to room-share rather than have baby in your bed, you’ll need a bassinet. A battery-powered bassinet emits less EMFs than one that plugs in, and it’s good to have options for either vibrating or swinging—you never know what baby will respond to.
  • Bassinet organic mattress pad and bassinet sheets. This mattress pad is non-allergenic and 100 percent organic. The waterproof coating is food grade and easy to wipe clean, too. The bassinet sheets are made of 100 percent bamboo, which is both sustainable and breathable.

What you’ll need later: 

  • Inexpensive, non-toxic crib or poshy, non-toxic crib. Choosing a crib and putting it together with your partner feels like a rite of passage as you await baby’s arrival. These are two great options for your Amazon baby registry—let your budget guide you.
  • Non-toxic mattress. Unlike a plastic mattress, the organic cotton is breathable and allergy-friendly. It has dual sides, one firm for baby and one softer for a toddler, so you’ll get a lot of life out of it.
  • 2 Waterproof liners. Waterproof liners to go under the crib sheets and protect the mattress are also a must. They won’t need to be washed as often, so you can get away with only buying two.
  • 2 Crib sheets. Put a soft, organic crib sheet over waterproof liners for comfort.
  • White noise machine. I like the “Waterfall” noise the best for drowning out ambient noise and creating a “womb-like” experience for baby.
  • Adorable cool mist humidifier. A humidifier adds moisture to the air for easier breathing while sleeping, and is an essential in the nursery to promote good sleep.
  • Low EMF baby monitor. This baby monitor has night vision and is sound and motion sensitive, plus can be hardwired to limit EMF exposure. Follow set-up instructions here.
  • Floor or standing fan. If you don’t have a ceiling fan in baby’s sleeping room, get a floor or standing fan for air circulation and SIDS risk reduction.

Bathing & grooming

Bathing and Grooming – Baby Registry pregnancy post by Mama Natural
  • Bath tub. This baby bathtub fits in your tub, and is shaped to support and fit baby’s anatomy. Plus, it has places to put soap, sponges, and toys.
  • 3 Wash cloths. This lovely set of washcloths comes in gender neutral colors in a super soft muslin that pampers baby’s skin.
  • Natural sponge. Hypoallergenic, fragrance- and dye-free, this Konjac sponge is 100 percent natural and biodegradable.
  • Baby soap for body & hair. Babies’ skin is more sensitive than an adult’s and can react poorly to harsh fragrances and dyes. When adding soap to your Amazon baby registry, go with this organic option, which comes in a convenient pump bottle and lathers up wonderfully.
  • Hooded organic 100% cotton towel. A hooded towel is great to dry baby post-bath. The hood keeps the towel in place on a squirming baby while you use each side to gently rub her down.
  • Natural hair/scalp brush. The natural goat hair bristles gently brush and massage baby’s scalp. Daily massage with this brush can help prevent cradle cap.
  • Clippers/file. These clippers feature an open design that allows you to see where you’re cutting to avoid nicking baby’s skin.
  • “Lotion” for baby skin and diaper rash. Pure coconut oil is all you need to moisturize and soothe baby’s delicate skin.


Diapering – Baby Registry pregnancy post by Mama Natural
  • 24 Cloth diapers. With a set of 24 diapers, you’ll only have to do laundry every three days. I love this brand, because it’s adjustable to grow with your baby.
  • 1 Pack of disposable diapers. While you get the hang of cloth diapering, you’ll probably want to add some disposable diapers to your Amazon baby registry—but you can still go natural. These eco-friendly, bamboo disposables minimize allergy and diaper rash risk.
  • Wipes or reusable cloth diaper wipes. These water wipes have just a drop of fruit extract and are fragrance- and alcohol-free. Alternatively, add reusable cloth wipes to your Amazon baby registry—you can toss these in the washing machine with your cloth diapers.
  • Changing pad. This pad’s solid, non-toxic surface wipes clean. Plus, water and pee can’t penetrate it and cause mold. Convenient straps keep baby securely in place.
  • Diaper caddy. Keeping things neatly organized helps make changing baby a breeze. This caddy has a spot for wipes, creams, diapers, and more.


Healthcare – Baby Registry pregnancy post by Mama Natural
  • Nasal aspirator. Babies can’t blow their own noses. A nasal aspirator lets you do it for them—by using suction to clear congestion.
  • Digital thermometer. This digital thermometer can be used on its own or with an app. Either way, the easy-to-read format takes the guesswork out of taking baby’s temperature. Use it orally, rectally, or in the armpit.
  • First aid kit. It’s always a good idea to have a first aid kit on hand for the whole family in case of emergency.

Toys and activities

Toys and Activities – Baby Registry pregnancy post by Mama Natural
  • Less expensive, non-toxic activity mat or fancy, more expensive activity mat. The less-expensive option still features sides that fold up to make a play-gym, plenty of pull toys to encourage reaching and grasping, and music. The fancier version grows with your baby, with five development zones to encourage brain and motor development. Both are great options, so let your budget guide you as you think about which one to add to your Amazon baby registry.
  • Newborn swing. A baby swing entertains baby and can help lull them to sleep. This option has two motions (side to side or front to back), different speeds, and songs and nature sounds.
  • Baby chair. An ergonomic baby chair frees up your hands to make dinner or clean up. This option is expensive, but babies love it! It’s also great for constipated babies, as it—ahem—opens things up.
  • Book set. This chunky board book set will stand up to baby’s drool and teeth. Plus, it covers basic vocabulary with bright and colorful pictures and words.
  • Wooden toy. This rattle and teething toy is a popular option—for good reason. Pulling and stretching the thick elastic builds muscle strength, it’s easy for baby to hold, and the paint is nontoxic.


Baby Gear – Baby Registry pregnancy post by Mama Natural
  • Wrap. Baby-wearing promotes bonding through skin-to-skin contact. It’s also a great way to comfort baby. Add this ring sling/wrap to your Amazon baby registry. It comfortably distributes baby’s weight and tucks them close to you. (Learn more about babywearing here.)
  • Baby carrier. An ergonomic baby carrier is a must to support baby’s head, spine, and hip joints. This carrier is safe for baby, plus comes in many colors and patterns.
  • Stroller. Made of eco-friendly fabrics and without any harmful chemicals, the Bumbleride is a top-of-the-line stroller. It’s lightweight and folds in swift movement, making it easy to collapse and stash.
  • Car seat. This car seat has all the safety features you’d want in an infant car seat. An adjustable headrest keeps baby’s head secure in case of a side impact collision, and its fabric is naturally flame-retardant. The fabric is also breathable and washable. (You can learn more about carseats here.)
  • Diaper bag. Stylish, durable, organic, eco-friendly… what more could one ask for in a diaper bag? It features twelve pockets, complete with a laptop sleeve and insulated compartments for bottles and snacks. (Learn more about diapers bags here.)

For mama

For Mama – Baby Registry pregnancy post by Mama Natural
  • Nursing bras (hands-free and regular). Your breasts will change as baby’s milk demands change, which is why I love this hands-free and adjustable option. With a hands-free nursing bra, you can pump while using your hands to do other things.
  • Breast pump. Even mamas who breastfeed exclusively will need a pump. A breast pump can help boost supply if you’re struggling to produce, or it can keep up supply if you go back to work. Before adding one to your Amazon baby registry, though, check to see if your health insurance company will cover it for free instead.
  • Breast milk storage bags. Medical-grade storage bags for your milk keep it safe and hygienic until your baby needs it.
  • Sitz bath spray. A sitz bath helps you heal in the days and weeks following birth. For busy moms, this spray is a time-saving alternative that helps soothes those sensitive areas.
  • Nursing pads. Nursing pads shield your nipples from your bra and soak up any excess milk.
  • Nipple cream. A lanolin cream is a lifesaver for breastfeeding moms with dry, chapped nipples. Trust me: You’re going to want to have a few tubes lying around.
  • The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth. My guide explains what’s going on in your body, how to naturally manage pregnancy symptoms, and how your baby is growing in an easy-to-read week-by-week format. It’s the only all-natural guide on the market.
  • The Mama Natural Birth Course. What’s the best way to prepare for a natural birth? What can you do for natural pain management? Does breathing help? My natural birth course answers all your questions and prepares you for the natural birth you want.
  • Mama Natural Pregnancy Affirmation Cards. Affirmations can help you relax, ease your fears, and help you accept your body’s wonderful changes. My cards contain inspiring and uplifting messages that affirm your natural pregnancy.

To see all of our favorite Amazon baby registry items in one place, check out this shoppable list

Why Create an Amazon Baby Registry?


Amazon offers free shipping on orders over $50, two-day shipping with Amazon Prime, and a wide selection with low and competitive prices. You won’t have to worry that a baby shower guest doesn’t have a store in their area, or that last minute shoppers won’t be able to get anything.


If you’re a Prime member, once someone—even you—has made $10 in purchases from your Amazon baby registry, the retailer will send your a “Welcome Box” filled with items for baby and parents.

Group gifting

The Amazon baby registry allows registrants to turn on a feature that allows shoppers to split gifts above a pre-selected price point. (Amazon recommends activating this feature for all gifts above $200.)

Universal features

When you create an Amazon baby registry, you can also add items from other websites. This is a great way to include specialty items Amazon doesn’t carry. There is a slight catch: You must install the Amazon assistant to your browser. Once you’ve done this, navigate to the item you want to add to your Amazon baby registry, click on the Amazon assistant button in your tool bar, then click “Add to Baby Registry.”


Once you’ve created your Amazon baby registry, Amazon will send gift alerts and periodic registry updates, so you’re always up to date on the status of your registry.

A completion discount

Amazon offers a 10 percent completion discount (15 percent if you sign up for Amazon Family or Prime)—a discount on any items that remain on your Amazon baby registry 60 days before the baby’s due date.

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How to Set Up an Amazon Baby Registry

  1. Go to the baby registry page. Click “Get Started.”
    Amazon Baby Registry A Complete Checklist post by Mama Natural 1
  2. Fill out the form, which includes details like your baby’s due date, an address where Amazon will send the presents, and privacy controls. Click “Create my Baby Registry.”
    Amazon Baby Registry A Complete Checklist post by Mama Natural 3_1
  3. Begin adding items to your Amazon baby registry.

How to Add Items to Your Amazon Baby Registry

  1. When you’re on an item’s page, look to the right for the “Add to cart” button. Underneath it, you’ll see a button that says “Add to Baby Registry.” Click this button.
    Amazon Baby Registry A Complete Checklist post by Mama Natural 5_1
  2. Once you click, you’ll be redirected to a page confirming the addition. This page will also contain information about how many items are currently on your registry, as well as other items you may like.
    Amazon Baby Registry A Complete Checklist post by Mama Natural 4_1

Other Popular Places to Register

There is one big downside to setting up an Amazon baby registry: Many baby shower guests prefer to touch and see their gift—something you can only do when shopping at a brick-and-mortar retailer.

If that’s a big concern, you may prefer to shop around a bit more before choosing a place to create your baby registry. Of course, you can always create more than one baby registry, too.

Here, some other options:

  • Buy Buy Baby: Buy Buy Baby is a common choice, because it’s one of the biggest retailers dedicated to infants and young children. The retailer also has many brick-and-mortar locations for in-person service.
  • Walmart: With both online and in-store options, as well as low prices, many find this retailer extremely convenient. They also have a very extensive inventory.
  • Target: Though extremely convenient and well-priced, Target doesn’t have as many options for natural-minded parents.
  • Babies R Us: Despite its popularity, Babies R Us closed all stores in 2018. There is, however, some speculation that stores could reopen—Tru Kids recently acquired the brand.


Shopping for baby is fun! If it starts to get stressful, pause and take a deep breath. You can even make things easier on yourself by simply adding the must-haves on this already-curated shopping list to your cart. You will never be able to recapture the joy and anticipation of this time leading up to baby’s birth—cherish every moment and try not to sweat the small stuff.

Genevieve Howland

About the Author

Genevieve Howland is a childbirth educator and breastfeeding advocate. She is the bestselling author of The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth and creator of the Mama Natural Birth Course. A mother of three, graduate of the University of Colorado, and YouTuber with over 130,000,000 views, she helps mothers and moms-to-be lead healthier and more natural lives.


  1. is a technology company solely focused on advanced diaper recycling solutions. Our technology is used within hygiene plants (Adult-Baby-Fem) to reclaim pulp & SAP from rejected products.

  2. Thanks so much this is helpful to me

  3. Hi, I am shopping for a good handheld blender to make my own baby food. Which do you recommend. I’ve reviewed so many that say the motor dies easily and you cant blend for more than a minute and I’m pretty much stuck with what to do. I know it’s silly but I want a blender that will last a while since i will be making baby food quite often.

    Thank you in advance


  4. I’m a first time, natural mom-to-be who is particular and likes to be informed, and this was SO helpful (and seemingly comprehensive!) in developing my baby registry. Thank you so much for all you do!

  5. Can I suggest the Spectra pump to be added to your list? The Medela pump is the oldest style, but many, many women do not get out a lot of milk with it, and the Spectra usually works better for many women, especially on the low supply groups.

    And for the bottle: Babies with very small mouths do not do well with the Comotomo at all, and the flow isn’t always slow enough. The nipple of the Lansinoh bottles allow the baby to open their mouth according to their ability, and it gets wider as it goes down. Those are amazing bottles.

  6. Got a few things from this Amazon Baby Registry checklist some of the recommendations are not very good. The Conair Sound Therapy Sound Machine is annoying because it’s on a loop and you can hear it restart every few seconds creating and bothersome stop and start kind of skipping sound. The Maya Wrap Lightly Padded Ring Sling Baby Carrier does not distribute weight evenly because it only straps over one shoulder putting all the weight on one side, pretty instant backache. The Burt’s bees baby Zip-Front Non-Slip Footed Sleeper Pjs are very difficult to get on and off anytime but especially in the middle of the night. The cuffs on wrist are extremely tight making I hard to get baby’s hands through and the elastic to keep the footsies on is so tight that it’s hard to put baby’s feet through.

    • Wow Pilula! I appreciate your comment on this post! I will reconsider adding those items to my registry!

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