This fun pregnancy time lapse video is literally nine months in the making!

Watch me dance through every week of pregnancy in this fun pregnancy timelapse video.

Dancing Through Pregnancy Time Lapse Video

This is Genevieve Howland aka Mama Natural in a pregnancy week by week video, pregnant with my third child, Faith Valencia. The photos at the end are by the amazing Kansas Pitts Photography.

Of course, Faith isn’t my first baby, so that wasn’t my first pregnancy time lapse video!

Pregnancy Time-Lapse Video

When I was pregnant with our first child, Griffin, we took photos every week during my pregnancy, and what you see in this pregnancy video is the progression from nine weeks to 39 weeks pregnant… and beyond!

It’s nine months of pregnancy in under two minutes.

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(without leaving your couch)

See How

What about my pregnancy with Paloma?!?

When I was pregnant with my second child, Paloma, we didn’t do a pregnancy time lapse video, but we did make weekly video updates that explored the physical, emotional, and spiritual side of pregnancy.

You can see them all in our natural pregnancy week by week series!

How to create a pregnancy time lapse video

Want to create your own pregnancy time lapse video? It’s really a pretty easy process, and it’s such a fun and amazing keepsake to have. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide for you to follow:

  1. Choose a background. These videos work best when you take your photograph in the same place every single time. This creates continuity that helps you focus on the progression of your belly—not anything else in the photo.
  2. Choose an outfit. Similarly, it’s helpful to wear the same plain outfit every day. Go for something like leggings and a tank top, since that can grow with you. It’s also an outfit that shows off your shape, which makes it easier to see that belly—especially earlier in your pregnancy.
  3. Take a photo each month. Wear your chosen outfit and stand sideways in your chosen spot. This positioning gives you the best angle to see your growing belly. Snap a photo. (Consider taking your photo during the day when light is best and keep consistent with this, so the video looks as continuous as possible.) Then, save it in a safe place on your phone’s camera roll or on your computer. Keeping everything in one spot—like a favorites folder—will make it much easier to find all of the photos and put them together once baby is born and time is more limited!
  4. Put it all together. At the end of your pregnancy, gather all of the photos and create a slideshow. You can do this easily in iMovie—or you can use an app that pretty much instantly does it for you.

Did you document your pregnancy journey?

How did you do it? Did you make a pregnancy time lapse video? Tell me all about it in the comments below, and thank you so much for watching my pregnancy timelapse videos!