Quiz: Am I Having a Boy or a Girl? Find Out Now!

It’s one of the most burning questions a pregnant mama has, but one you have to wait on. Take our fun quiz to find out your baby’s sex early.

Am I having a boy or a girl? It's one of the most burning questions a pregnant mama has, but one you have to wait on. Take our fun quiz to find out early.

After finding out you’re pregnant, you might quickly begin to wonder Am I having a boy or a girl (or twins!)? Whether you’re planning to find out with a first trimester test, at the 20-week ultrasound, or on baby’s birth day, the wait can feel unbearable. There’s nothing more exciting than getting to know your baby.

So what’s a mama to do during that nine (almost 10!) month wait? For generations, women have passed the time with old wives’ tales and myths that may (or may not) indicate the sex of the baby. You could spend your time reviewing Chinese gender charts, taking baking soda tests, and dangling a ring over your belly… or you could take our fun quiz to find out the answer to that BIG question:

Am I having a boy or a girl?!

Of course, we can’t really predict the sex of your baby — at least not with 100 percent certainty. But our fun quiz offers an answer to that burning question — Am I having a boy or a girl — based on the old wives’ tales and myths that pregnant women hear all the time.

Take Our Quiz and Find Out Instantly

Find out what our just-for-fun quiz has to say about whether you’re having a boy or a girl!

1. Your morning sickness is:

2. Other people describe my belly as:

3. When pregnancy cravings strike, you reach for:

4. They say you're eating for two when you’re pregnant. For you, that saying is:

5. Those weird pregnancy symptoms keep coming! You’re experiencing:


6. You have to use the bathroom for (what seems like) the millionth time today. Your urine is:

7. Your belly is getting bigger and your linea nigra (the dark line that runs down the belly) is getting more noticeable. Your linea nigra:

8. At your prenatal appointment, baby’s heart rate was:

9. You just know you’re having a:


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Am I Having a Boy or a Girl? Quiz Says Boy!

So our little quiz thinks you’re having a boy? ? Congrats, Mama! If the old wives’ tales are correct, it sounds like you’re enjoying pregnancy sans morning sicknessHooray! Enjoy that long, lustrous hair, too. And don’t forget to stock up on plenty of healthy foodstudies show mamas carrying boys eat 10 percent more calories than mamas carrying girls.

Am I Having a Boy or a Girl? Quiz Says Girl!

It’s a girl! At least we think so, anyway. ? Congrats, Mama! If you’re experiencing morning sickness, hang in there and try these natural remedies for morning sickness. Do know that one study suggests giving birth to girls may be less painful, so you’ve got that going for you!

Quiz Results Are Great, But When Can I Confirm Baby’s Sex?

I know, I know — this quiz is far from scientific and you’re still anxious to know Am I having a boy or a girl?! Some mamas opt for an early test like MaterniT around 11 weeks. But many low-risk mamas won’t find out baby’s sex until much later — at the 20-week ultrasound.

But I’m Having Twins! When Do You Find Out the Sex of Twins?

So you’re having twins? Lucky you: You have double the love to look forward to! The downside? You might have to wait longer than some mamas to find out the sex of your babies. Because tests like MaterniT screen for chromosomal abnormalities, they’ll tell you what chromosomes are present in your blood. If the Y chromosome is present, you’re having a boy. What the test can’t tell you? How many Y chromosomes are present. So if a Y chromosome is detected, the test can only tell you that one of the babies is a boy. The other baby could be a girl or a boy! On the other hand, if there is no Y chromosome present, you’ll know both babies are girls!

Waiting It Out…

If your insurance doesn’t cover early screenings like MaterniT (many won’t, unless you’re over the age of 35 or considered high-risk), you’ll probably have to wait until the mid-point in your pregnancy to find out baby’s sex. And some mamas—whether they’ve decided to forgo ultrasounds or just want to be surprised—will be waiting right up until birth day. Either way, the wait can feel like a loooong time when you’re anxious to get to know baby. While you’re waiting, have fun speculating and try some of these gender predictors to see if they match up with your quiz results.

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Genevieve Howland is a doula and childbirth educator. She is the bestselling author of The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth and creator of the Mama Natural Birth Course. A mother of three, graduate of the University of Colorado, and YouTuber with over 135,000,000 views, she helps mothers and moms-to-be lead healthier and more natural lives.


  1. Not everyone has a linea nigra. I’ve never had one at all with any of my pregnancies but that isn’t even an option on this quiz. I am forced to lie and say that I have one, skewing my results on question 7. You should really add the option to question 7 where you can say you don’t have one.

  2. I have no question now I definately have a boy on the way: “I finally decided to name him “Glenn Michael Keyes”; but since I can barely take care of myself; I’m thinking “open adoption”. Also; give me an idea on the “trimester” schedule again so I can save it again to my “Personal folder!” I was in-between the 2nd & semi-3rd stage; but it of course; now has gone up furhter now: maybe 4rth or 5th; (I’m not real sure;) (Let’s just say I’m glad I’m not a doctor!) Beth

    • Beth Keyes, did you have the baby yet? You’ve been pregnant for a LONG time.

      • I was wondering the same thing. Be well, Beth!

    • my friends have been telling me I’M PREGANT YES and it is a girl, thank you for your website it has helped me and my emotion stress go through


  4. It’s hard to say: my pregnancy feels both ways: yesterday; it felt more upper: like I’m having an “Elsie Renata Keyes” other times; the other night: my pregnancy felt lower: like I’m having a boy! (I thought sure I was going having the baby the other night; but not yet;but sure does feel closer every day! Beth

  5. My pregnancy today feels more & more upper; like it might be a girl! Beth

  6. Also: (forgot to add:) I feel like: (though I’m glad I’m a singer; & not a doctor by any stretch:”) sometimes I feel like it’s twins; or maybe even triplets! (course; I’m glad I’m not a doctor; so I’m not one to talk; leave that to Grace; (after a lot of the snow melts much later; of course!) Beth

    • hey i just wanted to let yall know i love yall thank yall for puting this event together like yall dont understand that i always wnated to be a mom thankyall love yall.

  7. Hey guys; me again! Might want to add some to the questions; Mama-Natural! (On the “upper” & “lower” question; in case it goes both ways: (that’s the way I feel like going on with me;) but anyway; last couple days; my pregnacy’s been feeling more & more upper; (like I might be having a girl!) (Just a matter of whether to due one or three names if a girl; (so many good names out there; hard to decide!) But I’m leaning towards: either “Elsie Renata Keyes;” “Renata Elsie Keyes” or T-Mouse (if a girl;) if a boy: “Glenn Lindy Keyes”; (I’m wondering if I either got twins in me: (a boy & a girl;) or a boy; period; (looking at my privates; & judging from the dehydration;) Be A Linus; Beth

  8. Today; my pregnancy feels more upper: like a girl! So it’s hard to say. Beth

  9. You might want to add to some of the questions; Mamanatural. Sometimes my cravings are mainly the “Sour” category; (fettichini; guacamole; wraps; chicken; & cheese; (today was fish & spaghetti;) other times on the sweet sides; lately; (I think I’m having twins: a boy (a Glenn Lindy Keyes & a girl;: An “Elsie Renata Keyes” other times; I wonder if I’m having a boy (I was really dehydrated yesterday; like I’m having a boy! Beth

  10. I feel like my pregnancy’s getting closer every day; (It might even come in tonight!) I thought I was going have the baby this afternoon the way I felt; but not yet! I noticed I was dehydrated when I went out; today; (like I’m having a boy!) Beth

  11. I think I’m dealing more & more: both with implantation & pregnacy: right now: it feels more upper; (like a girl;) (I’m thinking “Elsie Renata Keyes” (if a girl;) This morning; it felt more lower: (like a boy); (Glenn Lindy Keyes; if boy!) today; I munched on spaghetti; (Yesterday; mozzerella sticks & turkey sliders that & oranges! (I think I’m having twins!) Lately; I been doing 5 days instead of the past 6-7 like I do majority of the time. (It really seemed implantation on my 3rd day; getting lighter & lighter; it’s feels like a weird shift!) Beth

  12. Most of the time: last 2 days my pregnancy has definitely felt more & more upper: (like I’m having a “girl;” an “Elsie Renata Keyes!” But at times; it feels like I’m having both: It feels both upper & lower; (like I’m having a boy & girl;) (hard to say;) But lot of the quiz readings I’ve been reading: it seems like a “boy”; (the dehydration I been having every Sunday looking solid yellow; & couple other things: Appetite: I think Mamanatural; you should add to some of the questions! (I had both: sour cravings & fruit cravings! Beth

  13. I can tell my pregnancy’s getting closer all the time; I thought sure I was going have the baby the other night; the way I was feeling; but not yet! Beth

  14. I’m a kid but it’s okay quiz but yeah and when I get older and have girl ima be happy!

  15. Looking at my private in the mirror; I think more & more; I’m thinking more of “boy” (a Glenn Lindy Keyes;) But other times; my pregnacy: sometimes it feels more & more upper: like a girl: Elsie Renata Keyes; It feels both ways: sometimes it feels upper (like a girl; other times it indeed feels lower: like a boy. (I wondering if either I got twins: a boy & a girl; or a boy; period. (I’m thinking & wondering if I got twins in me: a boy & a girl! (I feel like it’s getting closer every day; I thought sure I was going have the baby last night! (I was thinking I’m long over-do for an appoiment; anyway; (due to sinuses going back-&-forth; but fust; I may have M. pick up Equate Day-time fust; see if that don’t clear it up fust; Oh; is drainage common with pregnacy? Beth

  16. I feel like my pregnancy’s getting closer every day; I thought sure I was going to have baby this morning; round 3 a.m. (but not yet;) Beth

  17. Last time I checked in the mirror; on my privates; I think it’s looking more like a boy; “A “Glenn Lindy Keyes”; but I’m wondering if I’m having both: (a boy & girl); sometimes my pregnacy feels lower: like a boy; other times; when I walk in the kitchen; it feels upper: like a girl: “An “Elsie Renata Keyes”! Beth

  18. (I also have “raspberry ice cream” cravings. (amoung with the salmon & quesadilla cravings.) Beth

  19. I feel like my pregnancy’s getting closer all the time; (I thought I was going have the baby in-between the last 2 nights; but not yet.) It’s hard to say whether it’s a boy or a girl (might be both); Looking at private in mirror; I think it’s a boy; but other times it feels upper like a girl. How do I know when I’m getting ready to push out? Beth

    • Do you have a midwife or doctor? These are GREAT questions for a medical care provider. You’ll know you’re in labor when you’re having contractions that are less than five minutes apart and more than one minute long for longer than an hour. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to foretell if you’re having a boy or a girl without a diagnostic ultrasound or bloodwork before birth. Hope your surprise baby arrives very soon!

  20. & I also like fettachini! What category would that go under? (only switched to M.’s account (though secretive) cause Dad’s e-mail quit working; (I gotten so used to his account I forget sometimes!) Beth

  21. I feel my pregnacy feels both ways: (last couple weeks; & days; it feels more & more upper; (like a girl); other times it feels directly lower at the belly: (like I’m having a boy); I think I’m having twins. Sometimes my cravings is: salmon & tortillas; other times my cravings is fruit & (occasional slowly getting back into cheese-cake.) A “Glenn Lindy Keyes” & an “Elsie Renata Keyes!” Beth

  22. My implatation seems more & more pink; so I feel more & more pregnant. Beth

  23. The more I look at private in the mirror; I think I’m having a “boy”; My pregnacy feels like it could be either one; sometimes it feels indeed lower; other times it feels upper. Eating wise: mainly tenderloin; spagghetti; & turkey (or salmon) on tortillas; & I also been on smoothie binge. Beth

  24. I think I’ve been dealing with “implantation” for quite some time; (I feel more & more pregnant); (I felt like I was going to have the baby yesterday; but I haven’t yet;) today; I did something weird: red; early this morning; then brown & more normal; & few minutes ago: an orange gel; I read on another link: “Orange gel” usually indacates I’m having a boy; is that true? Beth

  25. It’s hard to say with my pregnacy; last couple weeks; it’s felt lower (like a boy); other times I look in the mirror; it seems upper; (like a girl); so it might be both. Beth

  26. “Is it normal to have itchy breasts on pregnacy? (I know it’s bound to normal to itch on stretch places.) Beth

  27. I have a question for you and that is how much breast milk do you produce a day. I’m six months pregnant with my first baby . I think that is going to be a boy or a girl. Id don’t know the sex of my baby .I’m 25 weeks pregnant right now. Please send me a email message back to me. Jill’

  28. “What’s happening when I have an “orange gel” look? Beth

  29. I’m just wondering bout my deal being “half-red” & “half-pink” lately; is that still an indication of pregnacy? Beth

  30. I’m just wandering if “bout my deal doing a half-&-half lately; half-red & half-pink;” is that an ordeal that I’m still pregnant? Beth

  31. I think I’m having a girl; cause my pregnancy feels more & more upper; the more kicks I feel; but I also feel like I got twins in me; (a boy & girl); feels both upper & lower. While the quiz indicates more like a boy (& dehydration; wise); I also noticed lately; I shifted: more sweet cravings; (like a girl); but I’m also having “quesadilla” cravings; too; (like a boy). Either one’s fine; (an Elsie Renata Keyes or a Glenn Lindy Keyes.) Beth

    • You post this comment every few days. Is everything okay Beth?

  32. I feel like I got twins in me; a boy & a girl. While the quiz indiacates more readings on a “boy”; at times my pregnacy seems upper; too; (like a girl;) I have both turkey & quesadilla cravings (like a boy) & sweet cravings too; (oranges) like I’m having a girl. Beth

  33. I think I got a “boy” (Glenn Lindy Keyes;) & a girl; “Elsie Renata Keyes” in me; cause it feels both upper & lower; (like I got twins in me); while the quiz readings seem to indicate more on a “boy”; (salty & sour cream & quesadilla cravings; I’ve also had some “fruit” (& lately); sweet cravings; too; (like a girl.) One thing’s for sure I do know now; (even though I’m glad & grateful to God I’m a singer & not a doctor by any stretch); I definately got a girl in me! (It feels more & more upper; but it feels lower in the belly; too; (like twins!) Beth

  34. I’m wondering if I got a “boy” (Glenn Lindy Keyes); & a “girl”; (Elsie Renata Keyes); cause it feels both upper & lower. (while I been eating a great deal of tenderloin; turkey; (or sometimes) chicken patties; I’ve also had fruit cravings; too. Beth

    • Hi ! Just wondering when i know i am
      pregnant doctors can’ t find out anything
      i tested test they didn’t work but, i have
      signs of pregnancy a belly bump. I need advice
      to tell my family that i am having a baby.
      First baby thank you! Shawn

  35. The more I look at my pregnancy last couple days; I think it’s starting look more upper (like I’m having a girl; an “Elsie Renata Keyes”;. (It might still be twins; though: a boy “Glenn Lindy Keyes” & an “Elsie Renata Keyes”; different things I read on the quiz: no nausea; lower belly; & salty cravings: From the quiz; it seems more like a boy; but looking at my pregnancy last couple days; it’s starting to look more upper: like a girl. (I also been having fruit cravings; & that chocolate bar M. bought for me; (she was hoping to get more the fruit ones I like); I never thought I do that again; being into singing. (I sing; Christian rock; to Opera; celtic; & kids shows.) Beth

  36. When I first did the quiz & pay more attention to the readings; I was first thinking “boy”; lower in the belly; no nausea; & salty cravings; but when I looked in the mirror today; it’s starting to look more upper; (like it might be girl); so I’m wondering if I got a boy & a girl in me; twins; (like I might end up with a Glenn Lindy Keyes & an Elsie Renata Keyes). (I also had some fruit cravings.) Beth

  37. I think I agree with this link: that I am having a boy; (different things I’ve been learning (like I haven’t been have nausea at all; (like I’m too sinusy to nauseate;) if it is; I’m thinking Glenn Lindy Keyes. (& different things I’ve read on here; in the quiz); (& the lower ordeal on my belly;) but I also noticed the last couple days; in my pregnancy; looks like it could be either one or maybe even twins; I’ve noticed I’m starting to look like it’s going maybe upper; too; (like I might be getting have a boy & girl: if so: I’m thinking “Elsa Renata Keyes.” Beth

  38. I think I agree with this link: I’m getting ready to have a boy; if it’s a boy; I’m thinking either “Glenn Lindy Keyes” (Glenn’s a minisiter at New Hope & a good friend of mine; Lindy’s my Dad’s middle name;) or Michael if it’s a girl; I’m thinking “Elsie Renata Keyes” or “Kathyrn.” (learning a lot from this link.) (Elsie; from my friend Elsa; & even more so after I learned what it meant from this link oath of God & promise; & Renata; middle name from the “Friar” show I like; (& from link; meaning re-born.) Beth

  39. what am I having

  40. I have to girls, and am expecting the third,I hope it becomes aboy because the tales are lining toward that,also the Chinese calendar,and my instinct say a boy since av always been different with my girls,going for ulta sound in 3 weeks,fingers crossed

  41. Already I Have Baby Boy, Now I Want Sweet Cute Baby Gift.

  42. I’ve had bad morning sickness with all my pregnancies, girls and boy, I actually lost about 20 lbs with my son because of morning sickness. This pregnancy hasn’t been as bad but I attribute that to discovering some articles on the effects of probiotics on morning sickness and all the kefir and Greek yogurt I’ve been having. It has really helped me. Then the belly thing has never worked for me either as I have carried all of my children the same way. The craving thing is wrong for me too. I craved sweet with my son and salty with my daughters. I’ve always been super hungry with all my pregnancies as well. I have had mood swings with all my pregnancies as well. I could keep going but literally none of these have ever worked for me. ? Old wives tales are fun though.

  43. Thanks

    • I’m having a girl I want a boy

      • Be thankful for what you have…

        • Thanks mom….

  44. Enjoying

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