Are you having twins? Selecting twin names is the ultimate balancing act. You want them to sound great together and apart, doing justice to both your little one’s own identities and their twin bond. Couple that with the fact that picking out just one name—let alone two!—is a doozy. To help, we’ve scouted the cutest twin name combos for you.

Twin Boy Names

Some of our favorite twin boy names are:

  1. Benjamin and Thomas: These biblical classics are a natural pairing and complement each other beautifully. Thomas also means “twin,” which is more than fitting.
  2. Liam and Noah: They’re current chart toppers that look and sound great together. Both are two syllables and four letters each, giving them an added connection.
  3. Mason and Logan: These are surname picks with similar endings, making them a perfect pair. We adore how adventurous they feel together.
  4. Evan and Owen: They’re a little matchy for some tastes, but we love the sing-songy feel of these two.
  5. Connor and Madden: These handsome picks are close enough to be brothers, but distinct in their own ways.
  6. Joel and Luke: A biblical pair with similar styling, they’re great names for brothers. We especially love that they both have four letters and one syllable.
  7. Miles and Everett: They’re a dashing vintage duo with endless style. Seriously, do they not remind you of the Roaring 20s?
  8. Isaiah and Josiah: These two share a similar ending and a gentle feel. We love how distinct they sound from one another, but they have the benefit of being side-by-side in the alphabet.
  9. Jacob and Jackson: Does it get any cuter than the nicknames Jake and Jax? These two are both popular picks and sound great together. They also start the same, but sound distinct enough.
  10. Daniel and David: Another biblical duo who pair up fabulously. They’re both classics with firm foundations, allowing them to stand tall together and apart.

Twin Girl Names

With so many beautiful options to choose from, we are head over heels in love with twin girl names. Our favorite pairings are:

  1. Willow and Violet: These two nature names aren’t quite as on the nose as Daisy and Rose, but just as adorable! We love that they’re the same amount of letters, but unique in sound.
  2. Zoe and Eva: In addition to both meaning “life,” they are striking together. We love the spunky use of Z and V.
  3. Stella and Luna: They’re a match made in the heavens—literally. Stella means “star,” while Luna means “moon.”
  4. Clara and Lydia: These vintage darlings are two that we can’t get enough of together. Grandma-chic anyone?
  5. Maya and Layla: While Maya means “dream,” Layla means “night.” A perfect pairing, right? We also love the shared inner Y styling.
  6. Sadie and Nora: It doesn’t get much cuter than these two. They’re vintage nickname sweethearts with a 21st century appeal.
  7. Harper and Avery: When it comes to modern style, these two unisex names pack plenty.
  8. Hannah and Grace: Hannah, of course, means “grace.” G and H also appear side by side in the alphabet, giving them an added connection.
  9. Amelia and Audrey: They may start with the same letter, but these vintage beauties have unique sounds. Together, they transport us right back to Old Hollywood.
  10. Mia and Ava: These popular princesses are short and sweet cuties that look and sound great together.

Twin Boy/Girl Names

It can get a little tricky when pairing a boy and girl name together, but we’ve done some digging and created incredible boy/girl twin names, like:

  1. Aidan and Nadia: These two are anagrams of each other, meaning they can be formed using one another’s letters. They also sound adorable together.
  2. Cameron and Peyton: This surname duo works wonderfully as a team. We love the polished feel they share.
  3. Ivy and Axel: With striking use of V and X, these two pack serious style.
  4. Chase and Ruby: They’re both word names with plenty of spunk. We’re loving the energy they share.
  5. Parker and Paisley: We adore that they share a starting letter, especially one that makes them two Ps in a pod.
  6. Ezra and Naomi: They’re an unlikely biblical pairing who sound incredible together.
  7. Leo and Zoe: They’re both vibrant names, despite their tiny size. We love their bold meanings of “lion” and “life” together.
  8. Samuel and Abigail: Abigail is a biblical figure that appears in the Book of Samuel, giving them deep ties to one another that aren’t as obvious as other picks. They sound lovely together, even when shortened to Sam and Abby.
  9. Alexander and Victoria: Alexander means “defender of man,” while Victoria means “victory.” They’re naturals side by side, and both have a power that leaps off the page.
  10. Carter and Chloe: They may share a first letter, but these two sound distinct. The two are also some of today’s hottest picks, so they work well as siblings.

Celebrity Twin Names

You can always look to the stars for inspiration as well—the Hollywood ones, of course—with names like :

  1. Rumi and Sir: Beyonce and Jay-Z welcomed this boy/girl twin duo in 2017 who joined big sister Blue Ivy.
  2. Alexander and Ella: George and Amal Clooney kept it classic with their boy/girl twins in 2017.
  3. Finley and Harper: Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Lockwood rocked the baby name scene with their girl twins born in 2008.
  4. Julian and Aaron: Robert De Niro and Toukie Smith welcomed their boys in 1995 and knocked it out of the park with their names.
  5. Marion and Tabitha: Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick embraced the vintage baby name trend with their daughters born in 2009.
  6. Valentino and Matteo: Ricky Martin turned up the heat with these stylish picks when he welcomed his twin boys in 2008.

Tips for Choosing Twin Names

Still need some help? Choosing twin names is easier than you’d think once you have a vision in mind. There are several ways to find the perfect pair like:

  1. Pick a theme: Two vintage names like Eleanor and Evelyn are naturals together, for instance.
  2. Explore meanings: Search by meaning to find a subtle connection between names. Mina and Esme are a wonderful duo and share the meaning of “love.”
  3. Avoid matchy names: It may be tempting, but it’s best to avoid anything too matchy like Ryan and Riley. It can get to be a mouthful, especially since the names are often said together.
  4. Avoid rhyming names: Phil and Bill might be cute for a little while, but chances are, they’ll get sick of it eventually. Let your little ones have their own name and identity.
  5. Make sure the names flow together: Like the matchy name trap, it’s important that the names flow together because you’ll be saying them together often. Beauregard and Sebastian are lovely names, but together they might be more than a mouthful when you’re calling the kids for dinner.
  6. Pick names that are easy to differentiate: Aubree and Audree are cute as can be, but can easily be mixed up.

Search our archives to find more incredible options for your twin names list. You never know what you’ll find next!